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Hello my name is Marquita originally from...

Hello my name is Marquita originally from Baltimore growing up I never had a weight problem until I turned 20 I had my first child at 33 and I decided a year ago to go for bariatric surgery last year I was 3:25 today 1997 I did that in one year on my own I tried almost everything pills powder shake you name it so I also have been taking high blood pressure pills for two years now no matter what I did my pressure will not go down and it got to the point I felt like I was scared to eat anything about a week ago my primary doctor put me on water pills my pressure was 201 a week ago for the last 4 days my pressure has been down 118 awesome so a friend of mine ask me about considering bariatric surgery I was kind of scared and felt like old I can do it on my own I've done it before and recently I just decided to go for it I've done my research checked out Hospitals and found out that one hospital in my city let's my insurance pay for everything cool huh so I've done the informational session and my assessment when I met the surgeon Dr Rickford is so amazing and very patient and not to mention handsome haha anyway he wants me to do lose 20 pounds prior to the surgery I guess I could do that but of course is hard because now I'm at 297 I'm 5 foot 1 I will be posting pics the first pic is when I was 3:25 and the last pic is the most recent so till then peace

So Far So Good

Hi friends, its been awhile, well i am done with my 5 month nutrition class, and i was told by the nutritionist that i will have my surgery the last week of October 2016, i will be getting it don e by Dr Rickford, have anyone had they're sleeve done by him? please let me kn ow. i go to my pre op class ,,,,9I think that's what it is) next week to get educated on starting my two week liquid diet. i have went to all my appts except three gas,sleep and therapy, got to get it on the roll. I got to my gas appointment today, after that therapy and sleep, although I was told my surgery week, I have yet to know if amerihealth approved yet, im not sure how the nutritonist was able to tell me my surgery week. well anyway it has been a rollercoaster with trying to lose weight. i love the protoen powder i use which is Eas whey protien powder. I mix it with water and stevia for tast3. I keep bouncing between 296-303, i was 325, so I guess with the liquid diet it might help, so thats all for now .

I'm sleeved

March 27 2017 The first week was rough the liquid it's was so hard getting my water intake and I mean it was painful trying to get rid of that guy 3 days after my surgery I was able to pass gas for days after the surgery I took my first it was wonderful haha but I must say that Tom's work very well for me so right now I am on almost three I have been on clear liquids the first week of my surgery and since then I have been on full liquids on the 5th of March I will be on parade food and I am looking forward to it I miss you but all and all I am grateful and I have lost 45 and I feel wonderful the only thing about it is that my size 22 are falling off of me so I am wearing leggings my size 3x shirts are starting to drag a little my stomach has went down I was also given a IVC filter to stop blood clots from forming I have heard bad things about this device but I tell you the surgeon that did my surgery my vsg dr. Marc rickford he is amazing he is at Providence hospital here in DC and I did my research on him my family did my research on him he is most serious about what he does and his staff takes very good care of you I feel wonderful I do not feel like I had surgery almost two weeks ago I feel totally blessed and I thank the good Lord for the strength for my body to withstand the pain because I did hear horror stories so now I am doing wonderful I have learned how to listen to my body I drink slowly I do get full faster even when I feel the most hunger but it is teaching me that I have to listen to my body and that is what I'm doing getting this surgery was a true blessing and I feel wonderful I have been 325 until last year when I got down to 309 that is when I started my journey to get sleeved when I went into surgery I was 288 I am now 264 pounds wonderful I feel just wonderful and my journey just began God bless

4 months post op gastric sleeve

Feeling Great!
I'm 244lbs, fresh from a 2 month stall of 250lbs
Struggled with water intake , but it's getting better, went from wearing 3x down 2 x and 1x
I went from wearing a size 22-26 to sizes 18-20, I've been taking off water pills and the surgeon is thinking about taking me off my pressure pills. I began as 325 lbs I am now 244 lbs, my new goal for the next
30 days is to reach 230lbs????
Washington DC Bariatric Surgeon

Dr Marc Rickford 5****** wonderful Doctor all about what he does very nice since of humor

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