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I had my primary consult w Dr Thomas Le in...

I had my primary consult w Dr Thomas Le in Baltimore! Went really good. He is the type of doctor that asks you what you want not what he thinks will look good, very methodical, in asking you questions about what kind of results your looking for, will not promise to give you a nose that is unrealistic,he wants to make sure you are very realistic w you're expectations, I think if someone went to him saying they want Halle Berrys nose for instance he would turn them away! Anyway I left his office very excited w the goal of still looking like myself, just a better version,! (Smaller bridge, and less bulbous tip)!

can't believe surgery is done!

so i had my surgery with Dr Le ! the surgery itself took 7 hours The first night was pretty rough, i did not sleep at all didn't know if it was because of the pain medication or not, the next morning had to wash my hair and face i had iodine sprayed all over it i have curly hair so i guess it was being unruly! but it felt like i had a hard crust all over it, anyway the pain was not to bad just uncomfortable feeling like a very bad cold! i have very little bruising and swelling ( a testament to how talented this doctor is 7 hours of surgery w no bruising ) the only thing is a little seeping of mucous and blood has crusted around my nostrils, it is the second day and not much pain nose is throbbing a little and i have braces so the tube must have rubbed on my lip and tongue so now i have blisters on both ugh! can't tell at all what my nose looks like i have a hard cast on top so cannot tell anything! i will try and put pics up, i know how i like to look at before and afters!

4 days post !

so today is sunday! just woke up sleeping really good! except that my husband came to bed last night and yelled because i was sleeping on my side! i guess i was naturally want to roll on my side, i have very little swelling, under my eyes just a little yellow! i blisters on my lip and tongue are the only thing bothering me! i showered again last night no hair washing but not very hard, we have the handle that u can hold so the water is not spraying all over you! i think I'm gonna shower and wash my hair tonight ill just put a towel over my face when ringing my hair! i have to say i stopped taking the pain pills yesterday on a regular basis i think i may have taken a 1/2 in morning and 1/2 at night! i go home today i have been at my in laws and my husband and kids have been home so tomorrow i go back to our regular schedule! i will drive kids to school but will not go in not with this big cast on! i find it interesting how each doctor dresses every nose differently, i have a tiny piece of tape under the columella, then just this hard splint over the while nose, at t least its flesh colored now I'm starting to itch all over my nose so thats a good sign, very little seepage, just sounds like i have a cold, i just want to blow my nose and itch it all over, i wonder when you can blow your nose?i tried to upload some pics but it didn't go through, ill ask my husband to help when he gets home later

day 2 post op

Day 5!

so I'm not sure I have never had a nose job before really don't know anyone who has, so Im wondering, why, does 7 hours seem like a extra long surgery time? i have very thick skin so he fixed my deviated septum, he put a implant on the bridge, shaved down the nasal bone , debulked the tip not easy that sucker was big! oh and also he said my tip cartilage was twisted? WT... I'm so embarrassed anyway feeling really good! no pain just some stuffiness! i just want to blow and scratch so bad! i do have a lot of crust under my stitches like a lot how is that gonna come off? I'm afraid to get stitches out can't imagine it will feel good! ugh anyway i go back wednesday afternoon to get stitches out! i hope i can take a good enough pic to post i don't like myself in pics so its hard to post them!

cast came off!

i had my post op appointment on wednsday ! stitches were not so bad coming-out i did have a few rupture, he did leave a few in and will remove next week! he took the cast off cleaned me up a little then i noticed he was rubbing and rubbing top of my nose? ugh the ink (pre surgery marks) will not come off in one place so now i have a blue dot on the bridge of my nose i have been scrubbing washing will not come off! so anyway my nose i think I'm a little in shock, at first i started crying i no longer have that big fat tip on my nose, it has taken awhile for me to even want to look in the mirror, I am very swollen, he wants me to start a steroid pack for swelling? but still i love it! i can see how it will look once the swelling goes down! its a strange feeling! I'm not ready to put any pics up! i hope the blue comes off i have a wedding saturday

ink not coming off!

oh my gosh! you guys, I'm not even joking, I've tried alcohol (as did Dr Le, the other marks came off) hair dye remover, finger nail polish remover, steamed my face with hot water, used a soft loofa , have washed my face twice a day for two days, and that dot is still there! it has faded but come on, like i said i have thick skin and it was completely covered by the cast ??? idk just making up excuses i guess! anyway ill start my steroids tomorrow! i hope it helps with the swelling! how long will the tip be numb? also he left a couple of stitches in until next weeks now that my nose is clean u can see them hanging a little bit and i still have a little bit of clear crust in left corner! ugh and i have a wedding tomorrow, i think i might go get my hair straightened , it might distract from the whole blue dot, blue stitches, clear crust, swollen nose thing!!

3 weeks post op!

so i went for my 2 week post op last Wednesday, I have to say Dr Le was really happy with his work, he said swelling went down a lot but still have a ways to go, i was happy to hear that my nose would get smaller and smaller as time goes by! he took out the rest of my stitches the scars look great, my nostrils look really good the right side is a little bit smaller but they r the exact same shape which is a miracle because i did not start off with symmetrical nostrils, he said he spent a lot of time working on them as well as the sutures where he took my nostrils in! like a lot of people on here, I'm liking my nose more and more every day! today i was really swollen and puffy under my eyes so who knows what tomorrow will bring! Dr Le explained to me about the swelling he said its like a shirt thats been hanging on a hanger to long, when u take the shirt off it still has the hanger marks! he changed(made smaller) the structure of my nose but the skin is still the same size so it may take up to 14-16 months for my skin to completely contract around the new structure of my nose!!the reason for me having to take the steroids Dr Le explained was that if I'm really swollen the greater chance scar tissue will form so he wanted to decrease some of the swelling while only temporary I'm sure it helps! while i completely understand I'm like come on! when i say I'm swollen no one can tell except for me i think thats true for a lot of people , u are most critical of yourself!
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