Microblading - Baltimore, MD

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I found Ladonna and the babe spa on Yelp. I have...

I found Ladonna and the babe spa on Yelp. I have always had eyebrows that didn't grow thick enough at the ends so I decided to do this. I went to her website and booked an appointment. One issue with booking online is you have to pay upfront and the website says cancellations can only be mad within the first 24 hours. This was a little off-putting initially but it kind of ended up serving as an incentive to actually go through with it when the time came because I started getting cold feet at the last minute. I scheduled an appointment for 5:15 pm. I got to the area at around 5 but spent 10 minutes walking around trying to find the place. When I arrived Ladonna was finishing lash extensions on another client. After the client left she gave me her full attention and I told her what kind of look I wanted and she used some eyebrow measuring tools to draw outlines with pencil. I thought they needed to be more arched so she changed them until they looked good to me and looked symmetrical. She then drew dots along the outline with a special marker and put numbing cream on under Saran Wrap for 35mimutes. While I was waiting for the numbing cream to work I signed consent forms and we decided on the ink color. When she started the pain startled me a little but was not unbearable. The numbing cream worked better on my left brow and at the tail ends of my brows. The inner corners didn't take as well so to cope with this I focused on exhaling when she was using the blade. She saw that the numbing cream hadn't worked completely so she applied liquid anesthetic for 2 minutes which did work for a bit. She had to keep reapplying and it stung a little because of the strokes she had already made in my brows. She said next time for the touch up I would sit longer with the numbing cream but I think I may have just needed more initially on my right side. The blade felt like a sharp nail(a metal one) scratching my skin over and over. It was uncomfortable but the end result was honestly better than I expected. We'll see what happens after it heals. After she was done she applied some extra ink on my brows. Then she wiped it off, took photos and applied a&d ointment. She also gave me a small packet of ointment for me to apply while healing.

2 days post

When I left the shop I thought my eyebrows were pretty symmetrical but I forgot that during the appointment when we were deciding on the shape of my brows, I asked her to make my left brow shorter than it was drawn because I felt it was too long but for some reason I thought the right side was ok. She measured them and told me if she shortened the left brow it would be shorter than the right brow but for some reason I didn't ask her to shorten the right brow. It's only the next morning I looked in a mirror and realized that the shape of my left brow (pictured in the first post) is perfect and the right brow (which still looks good btw) needed to also be shorter so I rubbed at the very tip of the right brow and as mall scab came off then I applied hydrogen peroxide. It's turned red and I'm hoping it blends with my skin even if some pigment is left because I am not bothered enough to do anything more. Also I told her to make the "hairs" closer to my nose round at the top because I didn't want them to be straight. Turns out the right side is straighter than the left and I like it better straighter. I will ask her to make the right brow straighter near the nose at the touch up and I think since the brow is shorter the arch may need to be moved inward a little which I think may be possible. It's hard to see the red tip in this photo but you can see the the inner part on this brow is rounder. I'll have to take a folder of the red area later. Like I said this brow looks good too... It's just not as perfect as the left brow imo

3 days post

Looks almost the same as the first night except for the part I rubbed. They've become a little itchy though. Below is a clearer pic of the part I rubbed off.

Day 6

Eyebrows were really itchy over the weekend. My technician warned me not to put too much ointment on at once but I didn't listen. Some of the color came off on my inner right brow. Other areas are mostly the same because they consistently had less ointment although they were still moist most of the time. I'll use less after my touch up. I'm thinking of making the appointment earlier than before since my brow is now partially messed up, but honestly it's not that bad.

Day 11

Some of the scabs started coming off. While the parts of my inner brow didn't take too well. The outer parts did take pretty well. I still have more scabs though. Also it seems like some of my eyebrow hair fell out in one part of my left brow. I saw another post where this happened to someone so I already knew it was a possibility but I still didn't think it would happen to me. I'm also not sure whether hair actually fell out or I only thought I had hair ther because she drew it in and the ink didn't take. It might be possible that the scabs attached to the hair and the hair came off with th scan. Idk. I think in another week the scabs will probably all fall out hopefully.

15 days

Most of not all of my scabs have come off. A lot of the color on the inward parts did not take like I said before. I don't think I actually lost any hair in that part I was talking about before. I think it just contrasted with the surrounding area a lot more at that time after the scab came off. Luckily the corners too wonderfully and it looks very natural. Since the main reason for getting then done was because of those areas I am very satisfied and I think I'll skip the touch up and get it done when they fade instead. The imperfections I mentioned that I wanted fixed at the touch up are minor and I think it's fine that they are slightly different because it is not noticeable and I'm not a perfectionist. Now that I've stopped putting as much ointment on them the skin has gotten a little flakey but nothing major.
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