Mini TT and Lipo of Flanks - Baltimore, MD

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My surgery is booked for tomorrow, and I am so...

My surgery is booked for tomorrow, and I am so nervous! It has been a long few months of research and getting things arranged so it would be possible. I am 4'11 105lbs. I had a baby over a year ago ; so being as tiny as I am my skin on my lower stomach never snapped back. So excited to be on the flat side.

Surgery was today !

I had my surgery today which included muscle repair, mini qtummy tuck, and lipo of the flanks. I'm in a good amount of pain but I blame that on nurses. They let me cry in pain for an hour until they brought me pain meds. I guess they thought I was some druggie trying to get more. Other than that, I'm super pleased. I've been peeking a little ;) and everything looks awesome already! So ready to be confident again.

2 days post op

Sleeping last night wasn't as bad as I thought. I had to get up several times to go to the bathroom. Anesthesia has causedy bladder to forget how to work lol. Feel pretty good this morning. Havent taken any pain meds today. No need to , plus I want to save as much of them as possible for when I get my daughter back.


I'm becoming extremely discouraged in the lipo my surgeon did. Obviously I am not expecting immediate results because of swelling. But surprisingly I am not swollen where all the bruising is. One of the areas we discussed removing (the main are I was worried about) doesn't even seem to have been touched. I feel no pain, there isn't any bruising. It doesn't make any sense because we had discussed it and I even still have the markings for where he said he would do it. Apparently he only removed 250cc. He didn't tell me that, but told my husband. I'm slowly becoming sad about my results from lipo. ):

Feeling much better today.

I think yesterday I decided to look way too late In the day when my swelling had peeked. Today everything looks great. The swelling in my abdomen just keeps falling off. I took my garment off today to take a peek and I'm so happy.

Drain removed / 1 week follow up

Had my one week follow up today. Surgeon was extremely surprised at how little swelling I have considering how much lipo they did. He removed the drain. It wasn't painful, but it definitely felt weird. The tube was a lot longer inside than I would've expected.

Amazing results (9 days post op)

I am completely shocked at the way I look already. I've been taking progress pics to compare and it's incredible. My surgeon couldnt believe it , and neither can I. I feel bad posting these pictures because I don't want other women to expect to see these type of results as soon as I did. I don't mean that in a cruel or bragging manner. But my surgeon said not to see any results until at least a month. So I'm ecstatic.

Dog ears

So my glue has started to fall off and I'm extremely sad to say I have dog ears. The skin sticks out. They are super small , but I'm getting them removed as soon as possible. One at each end of the main incision, and then one at the top of my belly button incision. I have an appt with the surgeon April 7th. So let's hope it's an easy fix!

2 weeks post op

Feeling great, looking great. I'm extremely happy. I have one dog ear above my belly button. But I go to see my surgeon on April 7th. Hopefully he can fill me in and remove it in the same day. That would be awesome. Swelling keeps going down more and more everyday. It's not as much as a drastic change as in the beginning. But I'm happy right where I am.

3 week post kp

I saw the surgeon yesterday about the dog earn on my belly button. He said to call back in a month if there hasn't been any reduction of swelling. I don't think there will be considering how little swelling I have. He also said a lot more fat could have been taken. Which I completely agree with. Extremely disappointed with that. Unfortunately more lipo will probably cost a ton for me. So I'll just lose the weight naturally. No big deal to me. Just disappointed that I paid for something that didn't get done. Other than that everything is going well.

1 month post op

One month post op and feeling good. Scar looks awesome. It still puckers out but I don't expect that that to go away any time soon. Also dieting , and it's making a huge difference.

1 month post

This isn't really a tummy picture. But first time wearing a pencil skirt out in a long time. No more pudge :)

Irritated. Thinking I need a revision.

So no that all my swelling and hardness has gone away, it's really looking to the doctor didn't take enough skin at all. I still have to hike my pants up so skin doesn't bulge over. Extremely disappointed. He also didn't do ANY of the lipo I wanted. Spent all of last night crying because I paid all I could for something I didn't get. Contacted the office manager last week, and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. Obviously they're residents and not experienced. But there was a board certified surgeon helping him. The resident who did my surgery made me feel uncomfortable from the get go. But the first surgeon I saw said he was awesome. I have vacation in June that I'm thinking about canceling because I'm so insecure about how my stomach looks.

Almost a year post surgery

Almost a year post surgery. I don't really feel anymore confident than I did before the surgery. Probably going to have it redone in a few years when the funds are available again.
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