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I am 48 y.o, 5’2”, 128 lbs. I am one of those...

I am 48 y.o, 5’2”, 128 lbs. I am one of those skinny fat people. When I wear clothes everyone says that I don’t have any extra weight, but when I am in swimming suit it is a whole different story.
Growing up I was always tinny, but not skinny, so I always had a little pouch below my BB. When I got pregnant I was 94 lbs, after giving birth I was 112 – 115 lbs. and was able to keep that weigh until about I turned 40. After that I started gaining weight slowly, but surly. Since I don’t like deserts I could easily lose weight by just eating little less than usual. Doesn't work anymore, and did I mention that I hate exercising with all my heart.
I am OK with my weight, but want that pouch below my BB and flanks gone.
Before going to PSs I did lots of research (difference between mini TT and full TT, type of lipos).
I posted my pictures on this site and asked doctors if I need full TT or mini. Personally, I didn’t think I have enough skin to have full TT.
I got lots of responses – most of them were mini TT including lipo, but I did get a few with suggestion of full TT.
After that I scheduled 2 appointments with PSs. I didn’t have any references about first doctor I went to beside he is highly ranked on this website. Even that I told him that I don’t plan to do modeling and I want my result look natural (I don’t want to end up with completely flat stomach and saggy everything else :)) he still said full TT. I wasn’t ready for that.
Then I went to the doctor I knew (he did my chin implant and neck liposuction a few years back), also he did full TTs and BAs to quite a few of my friends.
I wasn’t disappointed. He completely understood my goal and said lipo of my waist, flanks, and abdomen combined with mini TT will be sufficient. He didn’t even think I need muscle repair, which I was very happy about since it will make my recovery a bit easier.
I trust him, because as I mentioned before he operated on number of my friends and if he would say I need full TT I would believe him.

Anyway, my surgery is scheduled for 1/5/2016.
IT WILL BE MINI TT (no muscle repair) with LIPO to my ABDOMEN, WAIST, and FLANKS.

Up until now I was very excited and couldn’t wait. Now, I started to have my doubts. My biggest fear is not waking up after surgery.
Another one – I am 48, do I really need to put myself thru this.
I guess it is normal, since I had same feelings before I had my chin implant and blepharoplasty.
I know if I won’t do it, every time I need to ware swim suit or a bit tight clothes I will regret not doing it.
I know when my healing process after above mentioned surgeries was over my only regret was “why I didn’t do it sooner”.

I uploaded my before pictures. My next update will be after the surgery. Any last minutes advises?

And it is today!!!

Should arrive at 10:30, surgery is scheduled for 11 am. For some reason I am not worry about actual surgery, I worry about wake up after it.
Last measurements before surgery:
Weight - 130 lbs (New Year didn't help)
Waist - 32.5"
Where BB - 35.5"
Flanks - 36"
Hips - 38"

Stay tuned! Will report later today or tomorrow.

Day of surgery (later in the day)

It is DONE!!! We got home around 4:30 pm. All details tomorrow, as i am a bit sleepy

1st day post-op (description of the day of surgery)

Guys, finally I found the strength to write.
Day of surgery:
After my husband and I got there I took Zofran (nausea medication). I was instructed to take it 1 hour before surgery.
5 minutes later I was called to the back. I got changed into a gown, disposable panties, long white socks to prevent blood clots and blue socks to keep my feed warm.
Than I was taken to take pictures. Once I came back I met anesthesiologist. He explained what kind of anesthesia I will have and what he will be doing.
After that, my doctor arrived. One more time we went over what will be done. I asked him not to hesitate to do muscle repair if once he opens me he finds it needs to be done.
He assured me that it won’t be necessary as he examined me well, but said he will do it if necessary. AND HE WAS RIGHT – NO MUSCLE repair needed.
I showed him some pictures of scars I don’t want to end up with. ?
He marked all areas for lipo, but didn’t mark the scar, he said he will do it when I will be on the table.
Then I kissed my husband good buy, told him not to re-marry to soon and off I went. Very nice nurse took me into the operating room, washed me with special solution/soap and made me comfortable on the table.
The table was heated as operation room was cold and she covered me with huge paper cover. I was very warm.
Once I was covered anesthesiologist walked into the room to start IV, another nurse was wrapping my legs into something that prevent blood clots.
Once IV was started anesthesiologist asked me to let him know when I feel like I had a few drink. Not a minute later I told him that and next thing I knew he was calling me by my name in the recovery room.

According to my husband he got a phone call from my surgeon in about 3 hours that I was out of the surgery and everything went well.
When I woke up I felt pain, nurse gave me pain medicine, another Zofran, some water and I got more comfortable. My doctor felt that I don’t need an Exparel (even that I asked him about it) because I wasn’t having muscles repair.
I was already dressed in the binder, under the binder I have a foam and 2 drains.
The nurse was talking to my husband explaining him discharge instructions. I was surprised that I had a uterine catheter, but BOY I was happy about it later.
The nurse stressed to me and my husband how it is important to try not to bend to prevent wrinkles and it would be nice if I can sleep on my back from day one.
I was able to sleep in my bed completely stretched, and thanks God to catheter I didn’t have to get up all night.
I had to take another pain medication. I am taking Hydrocodone – it is a miracle drug and helps me much better than Percocet.
I didn’t have a good night sleep because I had to sleep on the back and it is not my favorite position.
I know it is lengthy, but I don’t want to miss any details since they can help other people.

1st day post-op

I am on pain killers. I take it every 4-6 hours to make sure I don’t go into too much pain. What I have it is a pain with some burning sensation. It is bearable. I can get up and get into bed by myself, but I am definitely uncomfortable. When I lay down in the bed on my back I am most comfortable.
My drains don’t have a lot of fluid, but on my right side I have some blood coming thru my binder. I was warned it can happen and it is completely normal.
My urine catheter came out this morning. Did I mention what a life savior it was?
Tomorrow, I should be able to remove my binder to change it to a new one and shower.This is the first time I will see my scar and new figure.
I will try to make some pictures. Please feel free to ask any questions. Forgot to mentioned that I am on antibiotics.

2nd day - post - op

I am uncomfortable, but can leave without pain meds. I just felt headach that I usually get when I have a fever. Sure enough i have 37.8. Called doctor's office, they said below 101 is normal, and asked me if I see any redness around drains and incision. I wasn't planning to change binder until this evening after my husband comes home. My mom just came, maybe she can help me

2nd post-op day (later in the day)

I finally got a chance to look at my stomach. Considering it is a second day I think it looks not too bad. While I was changing my binder I examined all sites and didn't see any redness or anything suspecious. I think my fever (37.6) is due to the trauma. Without binder I felt much better, no discomfort at all, but had to put it back on. And here some pics

4th post - op day

This is my 4th day after the surgery. Right now I am laying in bed without my binder, what a great feeling. I decided to give my skin a break for a few hours. Yesterday I took a shower - it felt really great, but by the end of this whole procedure including putting binder back on, taking care of drains I was tired and in some pain. And it's all considering that my husband was helping my every step of the way. I had to take pain pill. Today, I feel a bit better. Today, without binder I have a chance to listen to my body and describe some feelings I have. Everywhere I touch it hurts a little like it is a bruse, which it is. I don't feel any pain around my incision, but the whole stomach area feels tough, hard and almost like not mine, almost like I didn't remove my binder. I do have some feelings in my skin, I don't feel if I touch it, but I do feel cold hands. I still produce quite a bit of fluid (about 50cc per day). I hope doctor will decide to remove drains on Monday. I think without them life will be much easier. Any way now it is time to just wait while body heals.
I want to pay my respect to ladies who go thru all this with kids in the house. I have one, but he is 21 and self sustained (almost ????). I can't imagine going thru this with small kids, and I didn't have MR done.

6th post-op day - 1st post-op doctor's visit

I went to see my PS today. First time after my surgery. My drains are GONE! Yay!!! He said I was doing great!!! He said I still need to wear binder, but it doesn't have to be the one they gave me. That one was too tight. I asked him how much fat was removed and he said 2.5 liters. Wow!
I got a bit tired after my appointment and once got home had to lay down for a bit. I wasn't in pain, just discomfort. Anyway, now it is just heal and wait to see the result. I will post some pics tomorrow.

1 week post op

I can't believe it had been a week since surgery. Yesterday, doctor's office removed my drains. Droctor's assistant assured me it was time because of the color even that I was still producing around 50 cc. When I got home and started to do research on what to expect next, I came across apparently common problem- seroma. Great, one more thing to worry about! Now, I can't stop thinking about it and read hundreds of answers from doctors on this site. At least now I know if it God forbid happen it is not awful and can be treated simply. I am not in pain, but definitely uncomfortable from swelling. Swelling doesn't look bad (the stomach still looks 100% better than before surgery), it just the feeling. I feel like I have tight binder around me even When I don't. I know it is normal, but does anyone else have this feeling? I read on this site that the worst of swelling comes 5-7 days after surgery and than very very slowly start going away. Can't wait!!!

1 week post op with pics

Here are some pics I took before going to bed. So far I like the result, but it is way too early to say what will be at the end. I really start hating that swelling; tight, hard as a rock feeling in the stomach. I sincerely hope it will be getting better and better every day

10th day post-op

Today, is not a very good day. It was my first day back to work. I work from home, but may be because I was sitting behind my desk, mid day I started feeling pulling sensation from my BB down little bit to the right. Maybe swelling? Same feeling above BB to the right all the way to ribs. Nothing painfull, just something that was not there yesterday. Another worry i have is fluid bellow my BB. I don't know if this is fluid or just swelling is playing tricks with me. I looked at some movies on youtube how to diagnose seroma, but even if I have it it it is so small that can be just swelling. Anyway, I have my appointment with PS this coming Monday. Will see what he says. I hope it was just me sitting for a long time and everything will be gone tomorrow.

2 weeks post-op

it is 2 weeks without 1 day. Today, I had my appointment with PS. I was right, I did have some fluid.
It wasn't a lot - about 20cc. Doctor drained it right during my appointment. It wasn't painful at all. Doctor said it is nothing to worry about. It happened about 20% of the time. He said it is possible that I won't need to drain it again, but usually it takes 2 or 3 times to resolve it. Other than that I feel good. I still have some bruising, swelling of course, some pulling here and there, but nothing bad. And it's getting better and better every day.

Got a bit of fluid again

I was really hopping that I am special and 1 time drainage of the fluid will be enough. Nope. I see a little bit of fluid collecting again. Going back to doctor on Monday. :(


I suppose to have my appointment on Monday to drain my seroma second time, but because of this huge snow storm in Maryland I don't know if office will be open. First time in my life I don't enjoy snow. Grrr!

3 weeks post-up

Really, it is 3 weeks and 2 days. Tomorrow, I have appointment with my PS to check on my seroma. I really hope he will tell me it is resolved. On Tuesday he was able to drain only 12 cc and only with second attempt. Now, I still have it but it is so small that I don't think he will be draining it. Last time he said if it becomes very small we need to stop, otherwise we may do more bad than good. He doesn't want to prick my muscles with needle to cause bleeding. Any way I am very hopeful. I feel OK, but definitely not as good as some people that had surgeries at the same time. I still have some pulling from BB down when I get up, but after a minute or 2 it goes away. I still have some soreness when I touch my lipo places. My scar is closed, but still red and raised. I think age is a factor, plus I am a very slow healer. Last year I had upper and lower blephoroplasty and it took me about 6 months to get completely back to normal (usually month or two). OK, enough complaining. I know at the end everything will be fine. I just know that in the morning when I am not swollen I have a stomach that I never had.
O! and another thing I wanted to mention (it is for people who would like to know what to expect) when I sleep on my right side (and I do LOVE to sleep on my right side) I have the feeling that my whole stomach pulls to the right. I don't have it when I am on my left side, but I am sure it is one of those individual things during healing time that one experiences and another one doesn't. On my questions list to PS. Tomorrow, I will put updates on my seroma after my PS visit and some pictures.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Had my appointment with doc today. He examined my seroma and said he won't drain it because it is too small. He said it is may be one tablespoon of fluid, and It is smaller than when doc drained 12 cc last time. Yay!!! Doc said to watch it for about 2 weeks, if it won't get bigger, I can breath easier and even start exercising. He said I don't need to come back until one month from now, but if I have any questions or concerns I shouldn't hesitate to call and ask. He said he completely wouldn't mind to see me, examine and answer any of my questions. Also, I had a concern about one area above my BB. I wasn't sure if it was another seroma or just swelling. I had mini tt, but I did have lipo above my BB. He examined the area, asked to strain my muscles and said it is just swelling. Yay again! One less thing to worry about. I still have lots of symptoms (when I get up pulling sensation from BB down, which goes away in about a minute; sensation of fullness in my stomach; my flanks are still sore to the touch after lipo), but I think little by little I am getting better.

4 weeks post-op

I can't believe how time flys. It seems like I just had a surgery and yet it had been 4 weeks.
I feel much better. I still have a bit of pulling sensation when I get up after siting. it is to the the right of my BB. I still have my seroma, it is so small that sometime I think it is just a swelling. Wishful thinking :). I wear my binder that put pressure on it and the whole stomach, waiting until it goes away. According to my doctor and this website if it it < 10cc it should be just absorbed by the body. Last time it was drained on 1/26. It was about 12 cc. On 1/29 I was reexamined by my PS and he said it is too small to drain. Any way I will see how it goes. If everything goes well, my next appointment is on 2/25

4.5 weeks post-op

I took these pictures few days ago

8 weeks post-op

I think it is a time for some updates. Last time I saw my doctor on 2/ 15. Day before my friend who is ultrasound technician did an ultrasound to see if I still have some fluid left from my seroma.
There still was about 2mm of fluid very very little.
When on 2/15 I saw my doctor he told me THERE IS NOTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. He asked to trust him. He said “You trusted me to do your surgery, trust me with this as well”.
Make sense ?. As of right now I don’t think I have any fluid left, at least I can’t see it and I can’t feel it. It is still a bit hard right above my scar where seroma was, but I read somewhere on this site that it is normal. I still wear my binder as much as I can. If I go out I don’t and if I am out for a long time I get a bit swollen by the end of the day.
My next appointment with my PS is scheduled for 4/11.

My measurements:
Weight – 130 Weight – 125.5
Waist - 32.5" Waist – 30”
Where BB - 35.5" Where BB – 31.5”
Flanks - 36" Flanks – 33”
Hips - 38" Hips – 37”

My biggest problems: flanks and pouch under BB are gone. I still have a lot of healing to do (I am very slow healer), but overall I am very, very happy.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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