32 Y/o Mom of 2. "HELP MY KIDS ATE MY BOOBS!" - Getting BA After 30 Months of Breastfeeding!~ - Baltimore, MD

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I a petite 32 year old mom of a 7 year old and a...

I a petite 32 year old mom of a 7 year old and a 21 month old. Before kids I had perky full B cups and was very happy with what I had. But after getting pregnant with baby #1 I ballooned up to a D cup with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Needless to say the bigger they are the harder they fall! after nursing #1 for 14 months, I shrunk down to a shriveled A cup. Now 7 years later and one more kid, I just have skin hanging off my chest! It makes me so sad! I struggled with this decision, but I am young and need to do this for me! So off I go (next week) to consult with 3 PS. I will post a pre surgery pics later...when I get the nerve.


So I met with three different doctors... 1.) I was impressed with.. Top technology, good bedside manner, very knowledgeable and impressive before/afters 2.) NOT impressed, shared a doctors office with a lung doc, small office with nothing up to date and NO before and afters to look at?! 3.) nice, but not as up to date as I'd like. To my relief, none said I will need a breast lift, but all agreed that silicone was the best bet for me. after trying some on, choose 350cc high profiles. I am really excited! when I tried them on, they look only slightly larger then the doubly padded bra made me look,( I use Victoria's secret 3 pillow push up + inserts..trust me...I don't look normal without it!) overall #1.) quoted me the highest $7,000 2.# lowest- $6300 3.# 6800. I went with Doctor #1- Michael D.Cohen. Even though it cost more, I think he will provide the best results. I am booked for Dec 19th!! I think Christmas is coming early this year~!

I did it!!

Just got 350cc silicone mentor unders today! Pain is only half as bad as I anticipated. I can't wait to be pain free and to see how the will turn out .

Day 2

So, they are really high and look funny. I hope they even out .


So, they took off the steri strips and stiches... I have to say.. my Boobs still hurt.. they are so sore and feel like they are about to bust out of my chest! is that normal? The skin itches and it's tender to the touch

1 month post op

So it's been more like 1 and 1/2 months .. But who's counting...right? One of my implants is dropping (righty) the other is still high. They look mishapen.. I hope they even out and round out... Anyone else not so happy at one month about shape?

8th month post op

It took FOREVER for them to even out. But the left one finally dropped. They look and feel very,very natural...almost too natural.. I think if I had to do it again . I would use saline for a more firmer feel:)

1 1/2 years later

1 year and 4 months later... no sure if i am totally satisfied. maybe I am unrealistic and also not 18 or twenty.. but I wish these were perky-ier and lifted... I shoulda' had a lift :(
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