44 Year Old Not Happy with Distance Btw. Lip and Nose - Baltimore, MD

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Was not happy with distance btw. lip and nose. ...

Was not happy with distance btw. lip and nose. Did the classic....tried fillers initially....was great for marionette lines, but made lips duckish. I was 90% sure I was going to chose Dr. Rodriguez after viewing his videos on realself regarding lip lift surgery. After meeting with him and his staff and seeing the many before and after photos of patients who have had this done....it was a go. Had sx on may 14th. No problems at all. Was awake for the procedure. The only thing that bothered me was the epinephrine in the local caused my heart to race some. was in the office a total of 2 hours. The pain is completely manageable. Taking the usual antibiotic, prednisone, pain med, and valium only at night to help with sleeping upright. Day 2 was very swollen, even eyes puffy, and nose huge. Using frozen peas for swelling. I will have to get my before pictures at my follow up appt., as I forgot to get any close up shots. I will also find out what the beginning distance was and how much was removed. Dr. Rodriguez decided to end with 1.3 mm rather then 1.1. He thought 1.1 would leave to much teeth show and therefore did not recommend going shorter. He believes in being more conservative with lip lifts since you can always do a revision if needed. I was told not to use any scar creams or the Bio oil that I purchased until after my 1 week follow-up. So far very happy. More to follow.

Day 3

Absolutely no pain morning of day 3. No more pain Med. I did start to bleed some because I didn't follow direction and I pulled up some weeds in the garden. Put it cleared up as soon as I rested.

Wedge for sleeping

Purchased at Brookstone. Really helps to sleep upright those first few days

Day 4

Slight yellow bruising. I started drinking organic pineapple juice and eating fresh pineapple about 2 weeks prior. It helps with bruising like Arnica does. I also do this prior to any restylane injections. I prefer the Arnica tabs that dissolve under tongue. I have been using theose as well

Day 4

As you can see, I have a wrinkle from the corner of my mouth to the side of nostril. I have had this for a few years and my mom has it as well. Its a deep wrinkle and I believe that sleeping on side exacerbates this. I always fill this area with restylane, but I made sure I was filler free for 10 months prior to the surgery as I didn't want it to effect the end results of the lip lift. To make it clear, the last injection I got was 2 syringes July 2014. This annoying line will be filled in on May 28th.

Day 5

No big changes. But I think it looks great.

Day 6 Glue Peeling

I want to pick so badly at the peeling glue. I will not though. BTW Dr. Rodriguez uses dissolvable stitches. "The sutures are tied to the underside of the lip skin. The sutures do not tie muscle, and do not tie nerves. There is no cutting of any structure once we cut skin." This is what Dr. Rodriguez said.


I had Dr. Rodriguez's office email me my before pics. WOW what a difference. And BTW next May I am getting a anatomical chin implant, neck lift and possible platysmal tightening! of course by Dr. Rodriguez.

Day 8

Had follow-up Appt. Dr. Rodriguez took stitches out. I thought they were the kind that dissolved, but I guess I was wrong. Or maybe he just decided to take out since I was there.

Day 13

Went back to work today. Some people stared at my nose but didn't say anything. The ladies that I told said it looked "cute" Two people used that expression. I think It looks better without makeup. Still some numbness and stiffness.


My starting distance was 1.8
After surgery 1.3
Initially, Dr. Rodriguez and I discussed final measurement at 1.1......I am glad he talked me out of that. I feel that would have been to short. So Basically, he removed .5 total. Also, Dr. Rodriguez STRESSED- "Its not how much I remove, but rather how much I leave" ! And I think it probably varies patient to patient. Thanks for all the support out there. I had a syringe of restylane injected 2 weeks after the surgery. In the deep wrinkle that was noticeable in some previous pictures. I confirmed with Dr. that this was OK. When the swelling and bruising is gone from the restylane, I will post a final result picture.

Out in Public

I went back to work on day 13. Went to a wedding on day 12. They say you can go back sooner, but I don't recommend it. When I picked my daughter up from school on Day 5, people were horrified. I had to tell them the truth...that I opted to have selective surgery done. Was thinking about lying and saying that I fell on my nose, but just couldn't do it. At that point I really didn't care because I was so pleased with the results. I could have tactfully said, " mind your business" but I just told the truth. I'm single mom so the softball games,etc., life goes on. I couldn't stay hidden for long. But I most definitely could NOT have gone back to work. I deal with the public.

Dr. Rodriguez is great. Very thorough when explaining procedure. Made me fell comfortable. Will be a repeat costumer.

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