Finally got my lip lift - Baltimore, MD

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I am the last person to write any reviews of any...

I am the last person to write any reviews of any sort, but this website has helped me so much in taking the correct decisions that I owe this review to all the members of the realself family.
So, I wanted a lip lift badly for the last two years; honestly for the longest time I didn't even realise that I didn't have any tooth show while talking. It was only when I met up with a cosmetic dentist that he pointed out this issue with me !!! And ever since I have been researching on Lip lift techniques and surgeons.
So finally here I am in Baltimore, and scheduled for a pre-op consult on the 27th may and the lip lift on 28th may with Dr Ricardo Rodriguez. Have not yet decided on the corner lift and I wanted Dr. Rodriguez's opinion on it. Btw the corner lip lift would be an additional $ 1000.
I will keep posting my experiences as it all goes along.

My pre op consultation today

I am super excited, my pre op consult is today in a few hours, I have posted two of my current pics.
I don't have any issues around the shape of my lips as such, its only tooth show that i need.
Will post details after I meet the doctor.

Pre Op consultation

So I finally got to meet Dr. Rodriguez, I had so many questions to ask him and he was extremely patient with me. He even answered my questions relating to my previous surgeries ( Chin implant and rhinoplasty).
So the lip lift surgery is tomorrow and I have decided to go for the corner lip lift as well. Dr. R said that I really do not need a corner lift but since I am travelling from so far just for the surgery I might want to get the corners also done as opposed to waiting for a few months.
Plus I feel with age my lips should become more droopy on the sides, so might as well get that issue addressed.
Will post fresh pics tomorrow after the surgery !!!!

Surgery done

Had the surgery, the procedure lasted exactly for two hours, the first two anesthesia injections hurt badly. After that it was all ok. Though initially I did get a little jumpy and felt like my heart is going to pop out, but the nurse said that its the anaesthesia and it will settle.
was listening to music throughout the procedure and talking to the Doctor and the nursing staff. Came back to my hotel and slept off after taking painkillers. Not able to upload pics as my I phone is not getting connected to my laptop. Let me try again tomorrow. I am so swollen right now and its freaky to look at myself in the mirror. I honestly don't even know what its going to look like as the final result. But with any cosmetic procedure i need to give it time and be patient.
Oh by the way, the doctor gave me oxycodone and i slept off after having it but was extremely nauseous when i woke up. So I guess I will try taking a paracetamol for the pain in the night.
Will try uploading pics tomorrow.

Day 1 after surgery

So I came back from the clinic and took an oxy and slept off, the best sleep I had in the longest time. Woke up with severe stomach cramps and nausea, I was worried that I might rip of my stitches if I threw up. So kept on controlling that feeling. Finally called Dr R and he said that its absolutely fine if i threw up and that I should reduce my dose of oxy or maybe just take an advil.
So, it sounds gross but then i threw up, not the best feeling in the world but then felt better afterwards. these are the times you feel that you should have got someone to travel with you !!!! Took a panadol in the night and slept well.
Woke up today morning and the swelling is worse, which Dr R had prepared me for before. But I look awful. I am on a course of steroids for the selling and painkillers as and when needed. Not really doing a cold compress as such. the pain is worse that yesterday, its like a tug under your nose, like someone is stretching your skin down with force. The corners don't hurt at all, so much so that I had pasta last night ( I was sick of eating so much yoghurt).
Took another panadol just now and I am feeling ok, its just the swelling and that awful feeling I get when I see myself in the mirror !!!!! I just hope it will all be worth it.

Feeling Better day 3

Hey all, Day 2 of surgery, feeling better now. The swelling is worse when i wake up but as the day goes by it becomes more and more normal.
Went to the supermarket today as I wanted to cook me some real food, I thought that people would be staring at me as I might be looking like a freak show. But honestly, nothing....nobody made me feel conscious at all. Kelly at the clinic gave me a surgical mask in case I wanted to wear it, but so far I haven't.
Advil pm is like a lifesaver ( I slept for a good ten hours in the night), guess one won't need anything stronger than an ibuprofen or paracetamol. There is no pain as such, just like a little stretchy feeling under the nose which goes away with advil. Yeah and you don't need to really sleep upright, just prop two pillows and as long as the face is at a higher level than the heart, you are fine.

Day 3 more pics

So I took a long shower and feeling so good now. There's glue on the stitches so I don't need to worry about water getting onto my face !!!!!
Cant see too much teeth, :-( but I think after the swelling subsides it will get better. Guess everyone goes through this disappointment of not getting instant results....patience patience patience.
Two more pics I took just now.

One month post op

Ok, so its almost one month post op, and my swelling has gone down considerably. I still cant smile properly and cant purse lips together to put lip balm or lipstick.
I am not showing too much teeth in repose still, dont know if that will improve with time, I have tooth show only from a little downward angle. Am showing teeth while talking though, which I never had in the past.
Also, anyone from a tropical place who is planning on this surgery, please be very very careful with maintaining a cool temperature inside the house and limit stepping out. I infected my wound as its warm and rainy here and that gave me a scare. I had to use anti bacterial ointment for two days and it was gone, but should just have been more careful.
Also I was using too much of the bio corneum gel, for the who;e area one doesn't need to use more than a pea sized amount and just twice a day.
So now I can apply a bit of makeup, though I try and not put too much on the sutures site as I feel I will end up infecting them again. The upper lip is looking puckered and I have been told I am looking much younger, also since the upper lip has moved up, my lower lip is also looking thicker (or so I feel).
All in all I am happy until now as it is a marked improvement from how I used to be before. I would love more tooth show and will wait and see if that improves with time. Will update soon again !!!!!

Close up of corner lip lift

Hi, quickly posting close ups of the corners, the right side is a thin white line now. The left is a bit pink and just a bit raised. The under the nose scars have become way better and are now perfectly healed. I have been religiously applying bio corneum twice a day after cleaning with alcohol swabs.
Will try and post some more pre op pics so that its easier to compare.

6 weeks post op now

Its almost 6 weeks now, I am healing fine. I did feel like I am starting to get an infection on the left again !!!!! I think I am careless, or that's how my skin is !!!! If you look closely, my skin under the left nostril will be reddish, and there was also a small spec of dried blood under the nose which scared me to death. I sent a message to Dr R and he replied as soon as he could saying it was ok. I love the fact that he is so approachable and I can reach out to him whenever its urgent.

I also had a follow up skype with dr R and he asked me to an anti biotic ointment for the time being and a hydrocortisone cream after 7 days to get rid of the redness. on the lip corners I am still using bio corneum. My swelling has drastically gone down, I still can't smile fully well, but I am slowly getting better.

I suggest anyone getting this done or recovering from it, please avoid applying make up as much as possible and leave the skin clean as it will help with the healing.

All in all, I feel great !!!!

nine weeks post op now

I have been awfully busy. These are pics with some lipstick on. I have not applied any makeup on the surgery area at all. The corner lip lift scars are barely visible now. My nose is not swollen anymore and the scars are settling in nicely.

Lip Lift Problem with the sides

Hi, have been awfully busy again. The under nose area was getting infected repeatedly which has now settled thankfully.
I have an issue which I would like to share with anyone who is planning on getting a lip lift done. The skin on both the sides of the nostrils has not joined properly and I now have two deep grooves on either side. The left and right both are equally deep, and I am now a bit scared about them not closing. I have written to Dr RR office and they gave me a phone consultation appointment for this week but I am insisting on a skype instead coz the pictures are not able to completely show the extent of the problem here.
I am unable to take a pic that will show the magnitude of the groove here; but essentially the deeper layers of the skin have attached and the upper layers of the skin are open. None of the pics I took show the depth, may be its bad camera angle !!!!! but the grooves are quite deep on both sides, and whenever i apply something to my face or wash it, soap and other cosmetics get filled in.
If anyone else on this forum has had this problem please let me know the solution that your doctor suggested. I will post a fresh update after speaking with Dr. RR.

Consultation with DR RR for scar

I had a skype consult with Dr RR and he gave me 3 possible solutions:
1. Microdermabrasion to even out skin
2. Fraxel
3. Worst come to worst I can go back to him and have the corners re-stitched. This is my last option and I will try and work with the first two to see if I am able to resolve my issues.
I am just updating problems as I am facing them for the benefit of anyone else out there who is considering the same surgery. However i would like to mention that DR. RR is very talented and he did a great job with my lip lift. I am still very pleased to look at myself in the mirror and i do understand that there is always a possibility of something not going as planned in every surgery.
I will keep you updated on my progress.

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