Finally Decided to Do It! - Rhinoplasty. Baltimore, MD

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Hi Realselfers! Disclaimer: I would like to...

Hi Realselfers!
Disclaimer: I would like to apologize for any mistakes I make in this review. I'm french Canadian so english is my second language.

I'm a 21 year old college student in eastern Canada. I always hated my nose but I never even imagined for a second that I would consider plastic surgery to improve it. But a few months ago, after researching african-american rhinoplasty on the internet, I started considering getting a rhinoplasty. My main goal is to achieve a natural looking nose with an improvement in tip definition and nostrils width.

So far, I have not had any consultation with a plastic surgeon but after reasserting this site, I found 2 surgeons that i'm interested in.
The first one is Dr Jason Hamilton from the Osborne Head & Neck Institute in LA.
The second Is Dr Kofi Boahene in Baltimore, Maryland.
I will set up a consultation with each of them in the weeks to come.
I'm planning to have my surgery done in about a year.
I will update once I have contacted the surgeons for the appointment.

Still no answer from the doctors offices :(


I sent emails to the two doctors I mentioned earlier ( Dr Boahene and Dr Hamilton) exactly a week ago. I did not get any replies. Not sure if thats normal. Should I try to call instead or send another email? Anyone else I heard it's difficult to contact as they are quite busy. I'll wait a few more days to see what happens.Also, I decided I want to do my surgery in late march early may. So it would be in just 3-4 months. In the meantime, I'm posting other pictures of me prep.

Oh and I also think I will get a chin implant to balance my face and improve my profile.

Rhino/Chin augmentation scheduled

My surgery will be in exactly 1 month, april 24 with post-op and chin/augmentation on april 29. If you're travelling out of town, I recommend you use airbnb to book a room or house. It cost me $240 for 1 week to stay in a nice room with a private bathroom.

I had my surgery

Hi guys i was mia for a while because I was travelling in asia and came back just 2 days before my surgery. sorry for those who sent me messages and i did not respond soon. things have been hectic. a lot of things have changed since i last posted. i was so excited to go with dr hamilton unfortunately it was so much trouble getting in contact and setting a date with his assistant that worked with my schedule. i finally got tired and decided to go to boahene and... im starting to regret my decision mainly because I got a message today on here from a girl who said she got horrible results with him. I can not really see how my nose looks like under the cast but i'm just praying it is not deformed. Im feeling a bit miserable because i hate breathing through my mouth. im crazy swollen in the face as well. i did not have the chin implant but i added facial fat contouring. im getting my cast removed in 4 days and im nervous as hell.

1 day post


photos take 2

Cast off

Hi everyone, I got my cast off and i'm honestly feeling so sad right now. I regret everything. I took pictures but it is so hard to look at right now. I should have left my nose alone or chosen another doctor. this might me the biggest mistake of my life. im really sad right now. i'm trying to stay positive and hope that when the swelling goes down things will improve but it is really difficult. i will post pictures later if i find the strength

crooked, uneven, does not fit my face, hate it

im praying once the swelling goes away, it wont look as bad. im so mad at myself for doing this. please tell me your honest opinion or inbox me with your opinion if you dont want it to be public thank you for your support

side view

during consult, he said he would not touch the part between my eyes (arrow). but he added cartilage during the surgery there. now this part looks flat and unappealling. i hope its just the swelling.


sorry to be bothering you guys. im starting to obsess. i cant believe what happened to my face. would give anything to go back at this point. its the upper 1/3rd ie the part between my eyes i hate most. dr b never mentionned any adding projection to the upper part of my nose. and i feel it is giving me a "weird", "unnatural" look. im afraid that i will become depressed over this.



I now what is wrong with my nose and how to correct it

Hi everyone,
I contacted Dr Boahene about my concerns yesterday and got a reply today. First he said that he added cartilage to my radix for a "smooth" transition and that the area between my eyes even though it is swollen will likely stay high. Ughhhhh so that sucks. My hope is that I read a review on here where a girl got an implant on her bridge that made her radix look high and her nose long and she was able to remove the implant only after 3 weeks post op and her results were beautiful. I asked Dr B if he could do the same for me. I'm waiting on his reply. I think if this part is corrected my nose would improve so i'm hopeful. For the crooked part Dr B told me to massage my nose and try to move the cartilage to the midline. I did and it actually helped. The nose is becoming less crooked.


my nose is looking less crooked. i massaged it and it helped. I still cant stand how long it is in the front view and looks short and weird in the side view. I contacted Dr B several times. He tried to reassure me but i've just been too stressed out.I think I am bothering him now. It is true I need to relax so I may leave this website for a few days until my 2 weeks post and stop taking photos. Also my face is still swollen so I think it is contributing to the odd look of my face.It may match my face better once the swelling in my cheeks has gone down and my face looks a little slimmer .


Getting better

Hi everyone
My nose is getting better and I'm starting to feel better. I saw Dr b on Wednesday and had steroid injection. My tip is swollen in person and the radix is still high and he reassured me that it will go down a lot more almost to what it was like pre surgery. Im not in love with it but I think it will improve a lot more. Dr B is a nice man and I recommend him even though I freaked out in my previous post.


I've been really busy sorry for the lack of updates. Heres my nose. The after pictures were taken about a month ago. I do get a lot of compliments (even when im not wearing makeup) from strangers and people I regularly see or havent seen in a long time. No one, not even my family (except my mom I told her) realized I have a nose job. I recently told a girlfriend at uni and she did not believe me at all. I had to show her pictures. Could also be due to the fact that I got my braces removed recently?! Not sure. Anyways I have some issues with my nose. It is not totally straight and have issues breathing through one nostril when I lie down sometimes. It is not too bothersome. I will see Dr B in december. My nose changed a lot so it may continue to improve, we shall see.
Overall I think it's nice.

*** F.A.Q ***
what was done to my nose:
bridge built, nostrils made smaller with external excisions, tip raised and refined.

scars: the scars on the alae are very well hidden and no one noticed.

Price: 9k
Other procedures;
Fat removed from my cheeks (which Im so happy I did, very subtle but brought out my cheekbones, love it, kudos to Dr B for that)

I think Dr B is a really nice person and a skilled surgeon. I'm happy I chose him.

side profile

Will probably be a getting a revision

Just a quick update to say that I will probably be getting a revision at my 1 year post op to straighten my bridge because the graft shifted. I sent an email to Dr B, waiting for a reply to see what my options are. I'm hoping to have the revision surgery in April with Dr B.


Kofi Boahene

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