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Hello my name's Kay I'm 23 and have had saggy...

Hello my name's Kay I'm 23 and have had saggy breast since puberty. 2016 is my year for change and transformation, and I will have the body I deserve! I'm currently 5'4 218pds 38D My first consultation ever will be with Dr. Cohen, Belcara Plastic Surgery in Baltimore. I'm still deciding on a surgeon, but so far he's the only doctor's work that is acceptable to me in my area. I'm going in with the expectation of: 1. needing to lose at the least 30 pounds before my procedure 2. needing an implant with my breast lift in order to achieve my desired look I'm more concerned with shape, and lift, than I am being big. My goal is to be a 34C. I only want the lift for roundness. I'll keep you guys posted on my 2016 transformation :) feel free to inbox me on any questions or post here.

23yo Breast Lift Consultation Review with Dr. Cohen


After visiting Dr. Cohen at Belcara in Baltimore, MD, I've decided he will be my plastic surgeon.

I initially went into the surgery thinking I would need an implant in addition to my breast lift, but Dr. Cohen did not agree.

He told me I had enough breast tissue to work with to retain volume and shape. He also told be performing a lift and implant at the same time is counterproductive because it puts extra gravity and strain on the new scars and can sometimes lead to a second surgery.

Overall I'll be getting only a breast lift.
It will cost me 7600$
I'm suppose to go back on February 22, 2016 to finalize everything and my surgery date is set for March 16, 2016.

I was also approved through care for a loan for 7500$. It's 0% interest if paid off within 1year so this is perfect because I was going to pay out of pocket, now I don't have to be so tight with my spending :)

Breast lift surgery date pushed back for weightloss goal

I am currently 5'5 and 215lbs size 14 jeans and in the process of losing weight. Ideally I want to be 175 pounds wearing a size 9/10 jeans.

My original surgery date was March 15, 2016, but there is no way I can reach my weightloss goal in a month.
Instead I've pushed my date back to May 5th.

I'll keep you guys posted on my weightloss journey with photos and numbers every few weeks

78 days pre-op

Surgery Date Pushed Back- (Deposit is officially paid!)

Sooooo once again I pushed my surgery date back (for the second time). I'm not sure if I keep doing this because I'm subconsciously afraid, or if I just need to be patient.
At first I was in a hurry to get them done, but now I'm at a point where I just want to ensure when I go through with this big decision that I have time to relax and recovery.

So I put $500 down today and my new surgery date is May 24, 2017-----I only pushed it back 3 weeks, but I feel this is the best possible date for me.

Pre-op appointment

First let me say I've never been more sure about this breast lift (looking at models in the mirror naked all out in the open was very eye opening for me) Secondly, everyone was beyond nice... Like the nicest people I've ever encountered. So my day at my pre-op appointment with Dr. Cohen at Belcara in Baltimore went as followed: They seen me right away, took photos of me naked from the waste up. Then I went to a new room where I met with my actual pre-op nurse Lisa and we went over soooo much paper work and I received five prescriptions. Then the financial person came in, I signed my life away And May 24th at 6:45am my life will change !

9 days til my breast lift

I can't believe my surgery date is only 9 days away and I also can't believe I'm finally going through with it. As of right now it seems surreal and it really hasn't hit me yet.

My biggest concerns are pain, scarring, and will they be proportionate to my body and round enough so I won't need an implant. The doctor said I had enough breast tissue to not need an implant so I'm going to trust his judgement.

I posted some more before pics. I'm also hoping the area around my nipple will darken after he makes it smaller.

The night before my surgery

I'm currently as CVS filling all of my prescriptions last minute (lol what can you say, I'm a true procrastinator)..... Is it weird it hasn't hit me yet and I'm not afraid lol.

The doctor gave me a pill I think called "Ativan" that I'm suppose to take tonight to help my anxiety and get a good nights rest.

Then I have a patch to put on for the after effects of anesthesia causing nausea.

I have Vicodin (I think I'm going to need something stronger but we'll see).

I have two other prescriptions but I forget what they're for lol.

I'll take more pics in the morning! And tell you all EVERYTHING


It's 6am and me and my boyfriend just began our hour drive to Baltimore to see Dr.Cohen at Belcara.

I didn't meet my goal weight loss but I did lose 7pounds (I'm highly considering lipo 360 with a slight bbl if I can hey financed for it in a timely manner)

I didn't sleep at all last night but below you'll find my most recent before pics.

4hours out of surgery

I'm still doped up, and don't feel anything just yet. Overall though I had an amazing experience. The nurses and doctors were on point, I mean the only thing they could have done better was feed me grapes on a silver platter lol More pics below... Remind you I was a 38D Not I feel like a large B but who knows I'll continue to update on my pain level but right now I feel nothing :)

Day 2 post surgery update

I'm am so surprised in how much pain I AM NOT IN! I'm sore but it's like a 3/10 and totally bearable. I'm actually currently up doing dishes lol Directly after surgery I had a hard time filling my prescription with multiple pharmacies saying they didn't have Vicodin or percs available (ridiculous), and then some saying "oh we need a hand written prescription from your doctor and not one printed off" WHAT!!! So with that being said I left Dr.Cohen a message explaining my dilemma and even though it was 6pm he called back and was able to get my a handwritten prescription... I appreciated that a lot! As far as meds go I take oxy for pain, an antibacteria drug, vitamin C, E, and a multi. I'm on day 2, and so far so good :) I go tomorrow for my first follow up appointment.

First preop appointment (day 3)

Today I had my first preop appointment with Lisa (Dr. Cohen's nurse), and it only lasted five minutes.

She just checked for symmetry, infection, swelling, etc.

Everything's looking good... My tape comes off June 6th, and I'm allowed to start showering now.

Pain update:
This morning I would say I was my most sore and I'm retaining fluid in my trunk (which sucks). But I'm still okay, it's bearable and I plan to go on a 7 hour road trip this weekend for Memorial Day !

Day 5 has been the WORST!

Today is day 5, the day I planned to take my 7 hour road trip and I am miserable! BUT NOT because of the breast lift but the side effects of the narcos! My breast lift pain is nonexistent besides some bearable nerve pain. My warning to you all is to take PREVENTIVE measures after surgery when taking your narcos. They've made me beyond constipated to the point there's tears in my eyes. It's hard to breath, I'm bloated as a whale, I can't button my pants & more importantly I haven't pooped for 5 days!!! I've taken two laxatives and nothing's happened, so I'm fasting and stopping my pain meds because I fear my intestines are going to busy or I'll develop diverticulitis (it's that bad ladies !!!!)

9 day Photo update

I can't believe my titties are this high with no bra! I love it Cannot wait to buy new dresses, tops, and lingerie !

I was highly considering lipo before the lift

But I'm pretty sure ive changed my mind. Dr.Cohen performed some complimentary lipo on my sides, like where your bra covers... And I cannot believe how sore I am in that area! As well as hard! I read it takes WEEKS TO MONTHS for the fluid/swelling or whatever it is in there causing my sides to be hard, to go back to normal I couldn't imagine having this feeling all over my back and abdomen!!! I guess I'll try hitting the gym first....however I am glad Cohen lipode me and gave me this insight, I had no idea it felt like this.

Dressing is off! (2 weeks out)

I hate my scars BUT I know this was apart of the process and I know I'm in the early beginning stages of healing... I do have high hope and believe I'll heal well though Is it bad I'm researching my next surgery already???? Lol

One month post-op

Still working on my scarring regimen but overall I'm satisfied :) I do feel my nopples aren't identical, and I knew they wouldn't be, but do you think it's noticeable enough to get them fixed?

2 month update

2 month Breast lift update. In the video I'm massaging my scars with oil. My right boob has been slower to heal throughout this whole process and I'm now experiencing a hard lump on the side. I see my surgeon in like two weeks so I'll bring it up then.

Three month update

Scar treatment

So I bought this tiny bottle of scar treatment that was recommended by the doctor. I also posted a current pic of my scars in natural lighting... I'll post another pic of the scars once the bottle runs out ( once doesn't seem like will be long lol)

Microdermabrasion for scar treatment

Today I spent $250 on microdermabrasion to help my scars hill. They told me I'm allowed to start treatment at six months so I jumped on it right away. I pray it helps.

Scar update (6 months out)

I hate my scars.... and I'm also feeling like I want implants now... however if I get anything else done to my boobs it wouldn't be until December 2017! That's the only time I'll have time to take off weeks

I think I need a revision

I look like I'm bottoming out and I have no upper pole fullness. There's definitely more skin that can be removed
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