30 Year Old Mother Who Breast Fed. I Work out Regularly but I Want Fullness in my Breast, I Have a Little Pouch

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I just went to Dr Ricardo Rodriguez for a...

I just went to Dr Ricardo Rodriguez for a consultation for breast augmentation He was very honest and told me I had borderline ptosis and needed Mastopexy via periareolor I was told implants with no lift would result in a possible double bubble. The Dr was very nice and tell me what I wanted to hear

Want breast augmentation with lift, and lipo.

To lift or to not lift?

Lower abs not responding to diet or exercise!

Wish boobs

Pre-op photos

Photos before! Sad, sad, D's...wondering if 500cc's will be too big!

Perky Breast and a Snatched Waist.

I finally decided to go through with the procedure. I went back and forth for months. No more doubt. I couldn't stop thinking about how much I really wanted this done. I've made up my mind, and I'm going to be a Rodriguez doll. 500cc silicone implants with lift and lipo to the abdomen. I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time.

Less than 30 days!!!

I have 27 days until surgery! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I've started getting my post-op care supplies. If any of you ladies have any recommendations please share.


Has anyone had experience with scar away or any other scar treatment? I follow a lot of reviews and I'm trying to find the best one. I have trouble with scars, so I'm a bit worried about how my scars will heal.

Pre-op was today, and my prescriptions are filled. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

I chose 485 cc's ultra high profile implants, because the next size up is 535 and I'm already a D cup. I just love coming to the office, the staff is nice and pleasant and Dr. Rodriquez is really done to earth. I got a phone call from the nurse after my visit. She wanted to know how I was doing and if I had any questions. I'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with new boobs lol

Surgery today!

I'm on the other side now. I'm not in any severe pain as of now, just a lot of pressure. The nurse called to check up on me. She said it's just pressure from the muscle stretching because of the implants. I'm feeling a little uncomfortable that's all. I will update once I'm feeling better.

Boobs (day 3)

I have 485 uhp silicone breast implants. If I would have went with hp I would have needed a lift. We decided last minute that I didn't. My breast sag sideways and not down like most women who get hp implants. My implants would have sagged in the same direction as my natural breast (sideways) without a lift. I have sensation in my right breast and nipple, but my left is still numb. I also had lipo on my abdomen and flanks. I have zero pain from lipo, and the garments are really comfortable, it has a opening at the bottom so I can use the bathroom. I'm feeling much better today and I'm able to move around more. Tomorrow I go in to see the doctor. Hopefully I can remove the garments and see my lipo results:)


Swelling has gone down. I'm off the meds and I feel a whole lot better. My right breast has dropped some and feels great. My left is still swollen and numb. I got my drains taking out yesterday and that relieved so much pressure (thank goodness) lol. I get my lipo garments removed tomorrow so hopefully I can finally take a shower. Oh how I miss showering! I will be applying ice packs today. Dr. Rodriquez suggested no longer than 15-20 minutes (max). I will definitely follow the doctors orders. Each day gets better, so I'm hanging in there!


Yesterday at my post up my dr told me I could shower and start my massages. I still have to wear my strap, but I can wear sports bras now. I asked about sleeping on my side, he side not yet :(. I've been having trouble sleeping at night so he prescribed me ambien. Last night I slept better than I've had in weeks. My pain is minimal. I had my lipo garments removed, but I have bruising and soreness. I have another garment I must wear for 24 hours. I may post a picture once all the bruising goes away (it's pretty awful).


Massages. I have lots of bruising and soreness.

One week!

It seems like forever since I got my procedure done last week (pain will do that). I guess I'm doing fine? My body aches from the lipo. I'm hoping it won't be so horrible when I return back to work next week. I'm just beat up right now and it's exhausting (to be honest). Pain, pain, go away! I just want to get back to my regular routine, and I miss sleeping on my side :(

Week 2

I still have a lot of swelling & bruising. Monday, I will return to work, so I'm looking for comfy bras to wear and loose fitting tops, hopefully I'll find something this weekend. I can see progress in my lipo, 60% of the swelling is down. My boobs are still sore, but they're dropping and getting squishy. I started taking water pills because I have a lot of swelling in my flanks and lower back. My lipo garment is very loose now, so I put a medium waist cincher I had over it, and a compression band I had from the gym underneath of that. This has kept the swelling done and my belly flat. Your results will not only be based on what your PS does, but also what you do post-op. Wear your garments, and make sure they're tight (lessons I learned from Realself). I also stocked on smart water and vitamin water. I'm hoping I can get rid of this excess fluid and reduce the swelling I have. I'm completely off pain meds and I take my daily vitamins. I want to lose 20-30 lbs by summer, so my diet has been mostly clean. I can't wait to hit the gym.

4 weeks

Yesterday I had my 4 week post op visit. I can sleep on my side (Yay). I'm still experiencing swelling from my lipo (mostly my flanks) Arnicare is my best friend right now. My breast have calmed down some. I still have brushing; especially, the right breast. My incisions are healing well. My cycle is a week late. I'm guessing that is normal? I can't have anymore children (surgery) so I know I'm not pregnant! I still feel beat up, but I've been cleared to start working out again, so I'm pretty excited about that! For some odd reason I thought my breast would get smaller once the swelling went down. NOT!! Lol! The doctor had to explain that my breast were really tight under the muscle, so once that stretches and releases or drop and fluff, my breast would stick out more (I forgot about that part, lol). I definitely don't want them any bigger and now I'm comfortable with this size implants on my frame.
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