The Big Question.....lift or No Lift?! - Baltimore, MD

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I have two consults scheduled in April with hopes...

I have two consults scheduled in April with hopes of having surgery the end of June. I was once a full C / small D. After two kids and some weight loss, I'm left with deflated small B's, maybe a small C. I do have some sagging but I feel like my breasts have always been on the lower side even before kids. My main goal is to have FULLER breasts and slightly perkier but also natural looking. For reference, I'm almost 32, about 5' and 120 lbs. I'd love to hear from anyone who has or had a case similar to mine. What procedure did you choose? What type of implant? (Saline, silicone, cc's, profile) Were you happy with the results?

Ok so I've had my two consults: Consult #1:...

Ok so I've had my two consults:

Consult #1: This surgeon wanted to do a periareolar lift with a silicone implant. Office was okay. Staff was a little standoffish and snobby. Doctor was again, okay. He would perform the procedure at a nearby hospital. I found him by word of mouth.
Cost - $9,970

Consult #2: This doctor said I'm a borderline candidate for a lift but he doesn't like periaerolar lifts and doesn't think I warrant an anchor or lollipop style. He suggested silicone gel implant and subglandular since he says I have enough breast tissue to cover the implant sufficiently. This procedure would be performed in his on site surgi-center which has a 100% safety record (I checked) with IV sedation. I was referred to him by a friend who had her BA done last June.
Cost - $6,400

Has anyone ever received two completely different opinions like this? I was expecting them to agree 100% on the best course of action.

3rd consult and more confused.....

Hi ladies! Okay so I've now had my 3rd and FINAL consult. I have to make a decision about this.

The 3rd PS suggested under the muscle saline without a lift. He said my measurements were only CM's from where I would be if he did a lift so at this point, he wouldn't advise it. He then suggested something that neither of the other two PS's suggested. He said he would do saline and only because I have so much breast tissue to cover the implant that you weren't going to feel the implant anyway so why spend the extra money? He said he only pushes the silicone gels when someone comes in with very little breast tissue because he said to the touch, you will feel the implant versus breast tissue.
I'm inclined to agree with him because it does make sense.

However, I'm now stuck on the over versus under thing. He said he doesn't like doing overs because capsular contracture is more common and the difficulty with mammograms. I liked the idea of overs because of the easier recovery but I don't know if I could do saline overs and still get a natural look....


FINALLY have a surgery date!

After a year of putting it off, re-evaluating and thinking way too much, I'm scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, July 23rd. I will be having a breast augmentation using high profile silicone gel implants. I'm excited AND nervous!
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