42 yo, 10 years with 325cc silicone, submuscular - IMPLANT REMOVAL w/ Lift - AHH...the relief!

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Like many of the reviews I've read, let's just say...

Like many of the reviews I've read, let's just say that I was "inspired" to have BA surgery at the ("silent") encouragement of a gentleman at the time. I was 31 years old and a small 34B. I was never concerned with my breast size until meeting this man. Regardless of the "why" I did it, it's done and over. For the last 10 years, I have regretted more than appreciated it. Five years ago I went back to the original PS for a consult on removal. He gave me my options, but I did not proceed. I love the work my PS did initially, so my resentment towards my breasts is only in my decision with getting them in the first place. This summer after going on vacation and having to wear a bathing, suit sealed my decision. I was so self conscious of my breasts that it compromised my enjoyment. I can't wait to have these toxic, heavy, foreign objects out! I am set to have them removed and a lift in a few weeks. The PS says that I am about 50% natural breast tissue and 50% implant. I had 350cc, silicone, submuscular implants. The PS said I had a slight tubular deformity, so the implants would give my breasts a more round appearance. Over the 10 years, I feel as though my native breast tissue has fallen over the implants, and the implants are in the same spot they were originally placed. Regardless, they are coming out. I am nervous, but feel liberated to know that I am convicted to my decision. It is so comforting to read all of the testimonials of all of the women and their liberation. My screen name of "exhale" is purposeful; I can't wait to finally exhale and breathe in a sigh of relief after these things are out. I believe it will be worth it in the end!

Picture pre BA, 2001

Is it normal to be consumed?

The closer it gets to my explant date, the more I think about it! Every time I get dressed, or if I'm working out and feel my muscle pull away from my implant, or if I think what I'm wearing may reveal the unnatural shape of my breasts, I'm thinking about my surgery. I'm also feeling a little scared about the lift and the pain I may feel after. Any advice?

AM bigger, PM smaller

I guess since I am 10 days pre explant (YEAH!), I am more aware of my breasts than ever before. As of recent, I've noticed (or at least think ) that my breasts are bigger in the evening than in the morning. Can anyone speak to feeling this same way?

3, 2, 1...EXPLANT! Mission accomplished!

It's been a little over 12 hours since my explant. To be nervous prior to the surgery is an understatement. The nurses were very considerate of that, and eased my fear every step. I had a hard time in recovery because I am very sensitive to pain medicine which was necessary to give me (for obvious reasons). I was in recovery for 5 hours with super groggy head and dizziness, but no nausea. I had a catheter during surgery which was removed prior to recovery. I am only left with mild burning during urination, which becomes less intense with each void. Just to recap, I had a lift which is why I was in surgery for 3.5-4 hours. When my PS told me it was all over, I reached out to hug him, just out of sheer appreciation. He is so kind and gentle, I was probably being influenced by the anesthesia; everyone laughed. I have no drains, and knew that prior to surgery. My implant were intact and I had no CC. My pain is tolerable, still taking the Percocet, and will probably switch to Tylenol for fear of the "great backup" with pain meds. (I know, TMI). I am not sure of the result, but that is the least of my concern. I know they are "small and perky". I am probably about half of the size I was at most (34D pre). Despite the ache of the incisions, the relief I feel from the heaviness of the implants is gone! I could not have made a better decision. I have more pics of pre explant that I will upload later and take post explant as soon as I can. For those of you that are on the fence, know it is and individualized decision, but without a doubt, I am 100% pleased with mine! Overall, I was prepared for all of aspects of my surgery, with the exception of my the 5 hours in recovery. With previous surgeries, I tolerated pain meds much better. Thank you to all for your kind words of encouragement. This site has been a real blessing!

4 Days Post - Feeling good and much lighter!

Hi all from the other side. I'm finally off all pain meds. Still really tender, but moving around much more. I did have to force myself to stay sedentary until today, but I definitely think that helped. I'm slightly bruised, but only yellow (none of the deep purple and black). My incisions and tape itch, but that is to be expected. I saw my PS yesterday who said everything is healing fine and the surgery went well. He did not have to remove any breasts tissue when he performed the lift, but did have to raise my Inframammary fold because my natural fold was very low in comparison to my chest/torso. He attributed this to the implant my natural anatomy. He said that my internal stitches will dissolve in 6-8 months and the tenderness at my chest wall is due to the raising of the fold. My breasts are somewhat square and swollen. He said they will round out when the swelling decreases and become smaller. While the aesthetic part of this surgery is never a gaurentee, it is not as important as the relief I feel that comes with having the implants out. I am also so happy that I do not have foreign objects in my body. I know implant/explant is a very personal decision. I am not judging anyone who decides what they want. It is most important for a woman to be mentally and physically satisfied with their body. I can tell you that I am VERY happy I explanted. I am having a hard time attaching photos, but will make some adjustments. I hope all this information is helpful and comforts those that are in the decision making stage.



So I may not be the most savy tech person. Here are some photos.

18 days post and follow up with PS

I saw my PS today for my second follow up. Things are good. He removed my dissolvable stitches around my nipples (OUCH!) because they looked like they wouldn't be dissolving soon. I have sensation around my nipple, but have noticed one nipple will harden and the other won't. Don't really mind being a Popeye since I have sensation. I remember this happening with my initial BA. It will eventually dissipate. Since the incisions have closed, he decided to take them out because he said they would eventually begin to itch and become uncomfortable. I'm "ahead" of schedule as far as healing goes...good genes and clean living, I guess. I won't see him again for two months. My left breast has a little fluid in it (hence my slightly larger breasts) which will eventually be absorbed into my body. There is no need to drain it, and frankly since I'm not exposing myself anytime soon, that is not a concern. I'm loving my natural self and thanking all the women who take time to post. It had truly made my journey a more positive one!!

Fluid in breast...how long until it is absorbed?

In my previous post, I mentioned that my left breast has a tad of fluid in it. My PS was not concerned and said it was not necessary to drain it. It is not unsightly, but feels odd enough that when I wear my sports bra/garment some of my skin bubbles out near my armpit, leaving me with a fatty/swollen feeling. I have no pain. It just feels odd. Does/did anyone have a similar experience? If so, how long did it take for your body to absorb the fluid? This week will be three weeks post explant and lift.

4 weeks post op

Today makes four weeks I explanted and still loving my new/old self. Ladies who are awaiting explant, you will not be disappointed. I have not had a migraine since the morning of my surgery. I'm still in disbelief. My complete feeling of exhaustion is gone as well. I'm still tired from a day's work, but nothing like before my explant. While my physical aliments mentioned above have subsided, I'm still sore and gotta love the sharp shocks to my breast; at least I know they are healing. I've also read where some women are massaging their breasts/incisions. My PS did not recommend this at all, even when I asked him point blank. For those of you that are massaging, what was your PS's rational?
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