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I have chosen Dr. Micheal Cohen for my surgery...

I have chosen Dr. Micheal Cohen for my surgery after having three consultations. He and Christina, the patient advisor was so helpful and pleasant from the beginning to the end of my consult. Dr. Cohen helped me decide what implant size and style that would fit my body and my needs. I am feeling super comfortable and nervous at the same time, but I am looking forward to this new change in my life.

Looking for a fuller and lifted breast

More pre op boobs

I am 5'7" 130lbs I am considering going 425 or 450cc's. I do not want to be too big but I want to fill out the sag in my boobs. I am open to opinions on sizes. I am leaning toward 450 but do not want to be top heavy. I am getting super excited b cause my surgery is in two days ????

Surgery time has arrived

My last photo in my old boobs. Next photo will be with my new girls. Here's to out with the old and in with the new.

400 cc's later.

I am surprised I am not feeling as much as I thought I would, which I am completely happy about. Once again the Belecara family was extremely nice and polite to me. From the time I walked into the door procedure up until I was wheeled out of the door post surgery. Dr. Cohen and his wonderful team really relaxed me and made feel like I was igreat handed, and from the look of my after photos I truly believe that I was. I would recommend him to anyone that's in thr market looking for a great Dr with great team of people to help him achieve your dreams and goals.

Day 3 post op

Yesterday and today were very good days. I have had full range of my arms both days and was walking and returning to pretty much my normal life, but without lifting anything heavy or over doing it because I felt so well. I am loving my results so far and even though it is only day 3 I see lefty dropping a little already. That is probably because I am left handed

Day 5 post op

Today I had my very first post op appointment with Dr. Cohen nurses who once again are all extremely nice. The visit took all of fifteen minutes. They took a look at my breast, told me I was healing very well and my bruising was very minimal. I did not have much to say to them because I was feeling great. I am not taking anymore pain medicine, I told them I was showing since day three( with my back towards the water) and when she checked the bandages everything was in good shape. She told me I could start my massaging today twice a day for five to ten minutes each massage. I went out for a drive to the grocery store yesterday and have been driving myself around today to run errands. I think this was a pretty quick recovery for me. Not everyone will heal the same so only do as much as your body will allow you to. I will continue to post my updates and progress.

Stitches are removed

So I am officially 11 days post op today. I went in for my second post op visit to have my stitches removed and to see Dr. Cohen on my progress. After he examined me he told me I was healing perfectly and I agree. No surgery is ever easy but I must say this was a very easy recovery for myself, barely any pain aftwards and I feel almost 100 percent like my old self again, but improved ????. I received the OK to wear sports bars but no underwire for the next three months. But I am so comfortable in the sports bras I do not know if I want to switch back to underwire..lol. I was shown a new massage today to help the implant drop and was told I can do light cardio in another week. Super excited about that. Once again the staff at Belecara were super nice and caring towards me. I do not see them until June so hopefully until then I will continue to have a speedy and uneventful recovery.

Just past one month update

I have been falling in love breast more and more everyday. After all the swelling went down I had a week thinking that the Doctor should have went bigger.( I have 400cc's but orgianally wanted 450) but after they settled more and more I am glad that he gave me only 400, they fit my body perfectly. Can't wait for them to completely settle into place so see what the final outcome will be. Everything so far has been nothing but pleasant. From the healing, to going back to work(I waited three weeks). The scars seem to be healing well as well. I am happy that I am not having any problems with them and I hope to continue on this path of happy healing

Moving and shaking

Showing how they are feeling like my own after one month

Moving and shaking

One moth update on how they are becoming more and more a part of my body. They are feeling so much softer day by day

Three month mark. (well, almost)

I just wanted to write a quick review on my progress. I will officially complete my 3 month mark on June 30th. I haven't any regrets about this surgery. I do sometimes have doubts with the size my doctor gave me. I asked for 450cc but I also told him I wanted to noticed and not stared at when I walked into a room, so in the end he gave me 400cc under thr muscle. I LOVED they way they looked when they were still swollen, but now I LIKE the way they look since the swelling has gone down. All of my friends think I am a little crazy to have wanted to go bigger because they'll fit my body just right, without looking fake, which was not a look I wanted at all. My stats are 5'7" and 135lbs I started off with a 36c/d and now I am a full D. In the end I am still happy with my results though because I didnt have to purchase a brand new wardrobe. All of my pre surgery tops still fit which is great. At the end of the day, I am still happy that I had the surgery. I do not regret it one bit and they feel so soft and natural to the touch, and I am back to comfortably sleeping on my stomach and resuming all of my normal routines like working out and lifting weights. To any and everyone who reads my journal beleive me and others when I say the boob greed is real, but it is not for everyone. I believe that if I would have ended up with the 450 I asked for I may not have been totally happy with that psize either. It may have been to big for me at the end of the day I am hapoy with the size I ended up with. Happy Healing everyone.

One thousand percent happy

Summer season has come and gone. Along with that was bathing suit season. I was completely happy with my first season with my breast. I thought I wanted my doctor to go bigger (asked 450, got 400)but in the end after wearing low dresses,shirts,and bathing suits this past summer I can officially say I am 1000% percent with what Dr.Cohen gave me. It was exactly what I wanted. They look fuller without looking fake. All of my friends who know I have them say they look great and I should not have gone bigger, and the ones who do not know I had the surgery just think I have great looking breast.(in clothes that is). So in the end I just want to praise Dr.Cohen for working his magic on me and giving me exactly what I wanted.

Dr. Cohen and Christina were amazing, after talking to the both of them I wanted to book with him right away. But instead of rushing into anything I slept in it for thr night then called and booked with them the very next day

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