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I've never loved my breast. They've always been on...

I've never loved my breast. They've always been on the droopy side. And, well... after having my daughter and breast feeding, they went from decent to looking like breasts out of National Geographic. I've decided that if I could ever afford it, I would correct my breasts. And, finally the day has come! I met with the first plastic surgeon about a year ago. I must note that I have done so much research on everything that's involved with the procedure that I feel like I could do the surgery myself! Haha.

Anyway, I found one other plastic surgeon online in my area who I thought had great, consistent results that I really liked. So I went to a consultation with her. She wanted almost $2000 more then the first surgeon did, but I really liked her and felt pretty comfortable. So she now has a deposit, and I'm set to have the breast lift and augmentation next month. I'm so nervous though! I've never had surgery for anything before, not even a pulled tooth. So I have a serious fear of the unknown with this. And I'm still slightly nervous if I picked the "right" surgeon to go with. Her credentials and back ground are wonderful, and on top of that she also has an all female staff which I really like. I feel like no matter what you won't really know until you do it, right? Ughh the next few weeks will be long.

Also, I'm nervous about my job. I've been given the okay to take a week off of work. But, I'm a photographer and as a part of my job I have to carry my equipment into and out of location. All together typically I carry 25- 30 pounds. My doctors concerned about the weight, especially since my implants will be sub muscular. I explained that I can take more trips, and not carry all that weight at once. I really enjoy my job and certainly don't want to loose it, but I'm scared if I go back after only a week, even with doing more trips of less weight that I may cause a complication. Does any one have experience with going back to work after surgery and needing to be physically active? All experience/ suggestions will be so greatly appreciated! Thanks ladies!

So tomorrow is my post op appointment!! I've...

So tomorrow is my post op appointment!! I've actually become less nervous and more excited as I get closer to surgery. I must admit, I'm a pack a day smoker. I've tried quitting before and never made it past a month and a half. But alas I'm trying again! Last thing I want is to ruin my new boobs over cigarettes. Ughh just so difficult. But I'm determined. Only had 1 today, and hoping to be done with them for good from here on out. *fingers crossed*

Also have a whole new list of questions for when I go in tomorrow. Just want to be sure we're all on the same page for what will be done, how it'll be done, and why. I'm such a nervous nelly. Thinking I'll try on the sizers one more time too, just to be sure. My stats now, which I forgot to mention before, are:

5' 7"
120 pounds
currently 32 full B/ small C (with slight asymmetry and sagging)

Will get up the courage to post pics soon. Although, I think I'll be much more happy to show my "before" boobs once I get my "after" boobs. haha. But for now I will add a small collage of my dream boobs that I'll be giving to my surgeon.

When I tried the sizers on at my first consultation I decided on somewhere between 375cc and 400cc. I'd like to be a D cup, and have upper pole fullness. The surgeon said she'll have to put more cc's in my right breast because it's a little smaller then the left one. Sounds good to me.

I have to say thank you to all the ladies who have messaged me and commented! What a huge help! I haven't told too many people that I'm doing this, feel like it's a rather personal thing. But the support on this website is so wonderful! =)

18 days and counting till the twins arrive! Time...

18 days and counting till the twins arrive! Time is going by SO SLOW! I have major boob brain. haha. Pre op appointment went well. Everybody's so patient. =) I feel completely comfortable and excited about everything now except for one thing. I chose saline, and now I'm wondering if I should have went with silicone. I picked saline because I like that if it leaks I'll know pretty quickly and that it's a more "natural" substance. Also I hear that it tends to be more firm, which considering I have a lot of loose skin, would be good for me. Hmm, oh well, guess I'll just have to trust my instincts.

Hubby seems to be getting pretty excited too. I think hes been more worried then me about the different risks/ complications involved. He's so funny, he really gets into our conversations on what size and how much different they're going to be ect. So glad I have his support. =D Day of the surgery he's probably going to be a nervous wreck, I kind of feel bad having to put him through that. But it'll be worth it. haha.

I feel like I've been "nesting", doing an early spring cleaning. Making lists, going to freeze meals this weekend so hubby won't have to worry about cooking while I'm recovering. I could probably wait another week to do that, but I'm excited and slightly anxious.

Oh! And I was instructed to stop taking all vitamins! I'm rather bummed about that, I love my vitamins. Just started taking them about two months ago, and after realizing what a huge difference they make wish I would've started taking them years ago. =( Doctors orders though. Think I can live with out them for a little, lol. Also got my four prescriptions: pain killer, anti nausea, anti biotic, and a sleeping med. So glad I'll be getting a sleeping med because I am not a natural back sleeper at all. And got my paper work to get surgical clearance from my primary doctor, and blood work. I'll be doing that this week. Showed her my dream boob collage, and she said it's wonderful & to bring it in day of the surgery as well. Can't waittt! Can't believe it's actually going to happen, yay!

Ok, so its the final countdown! Two days left to...

Ok, so its the final countdown! Two days left to go!!! I'm going to be on the other side on Wendsday! I can't believe it's so soon. I still don't think it has fully set in yet. No fears, just hoping with every fiber of myself that the healing goes well! I've decided after much research that after surgery (since I'm not aloud to take anything now), I'm going to take of course all of my prescription meds that my surgeon gave me plus iron, arnica, co q 10, and omega 3. So, I've stoked up on those. Cleanings done, foods cooked, ice packs are stored, bought extra pillows, and now I'm just waiting.

Oh! And I think I forgot to mention that I'll be getting the lollipop lift. The first consultation I went to (with the doctor that I decided not to go with) I was told I'd need a full anchor lift. But, that surgeon also said that after the lift before the implants I would have so much skin removed from the lift that I'd be an A cup. The surgeon I'm going with, Dr. Beverly Fischer, believes that a lollipop lift will be sufficient and that my size after the lift and before the implant wont be that much different only the shape. So, I'm hoping she's right. I do trust her. It's just so odd how different surgeons will tell you different things.

Not much else to report. Still nervous about going back to work a week after. But, I'll just have to see how everything goes. I will be posting lotsss of pictures after the surgery, and I'll include some before pics too. Wish me luck!!

Today was the big day! I still can't believe I did...

Today was the big day! I still can't believe I did it and it's over! haha. Everything went well, my plastic surgeon was ahead of schedule so I was prepped about a half hour earlier then planned. First I spoke with the two nurses, who explained again what to expect. Then I met again with my surgeon who looked at my pictures and discussed what she'll be able to do, and we spoke about sizing again. I told her I wasn't concerned about the number of ccs or what bra size I'd be after, just that they look similar to my goal pictures and proportionate to my body. She agreed and made me feel sooo calm! She drew her diagram on me, and then in came the anesthesiologist. She was very sweet as well, told me what to expect afterwards and went over my medical history again. Then I went back to the OR! Which is the point I really started to freak out a little, the feel of an OR is very overwhelming to me. The anesthesiologist had trouble finding a vein, and then finally found one and told me she was giving me something to relax. The last thing I remember is telling her about my kids and then waking up! I think she knew I was starting to panic some and just gave me the good stuff asap. lol! Felt like I was only out for a little bit and I'm pretty sure I was actually dreaming haha! For some reason that surprised me. This was the first time in my life I've ever had anesthesia.

Waking up I felt surprisingly aware of what was going on! Right away I began looking at the new twins! My husband came back almost as soon as I was up and he told me right away how beautiful they are. I am already in love with them! I know they're going to change a lot in the next few months but I am sooo pleased! I actually have an hour glass figure now! It's so hard to believe =D

I'm not in a lot of pain, which is another surprise. Feels like a lot of pressure on my chest, but no real pain... yet anyway. lol. I hear the second day's the worst, so I'll see tomorrow. I have been taking my pain meds on schedule which the nurse specifically told me to do for at least the first 2 days. I'm able to use my arms enough to go to the bathroom, and pick up small things. Also, I noticed I seem to feel less pain/ discomfort when I'm moving around. I only sat down for the first half hour since I've been home, and then now. lol. I'm driving my husband nuts! But, my surgeon called me herself tonight (so nice of her) and told me that she actually recommends I move around just not do anything strenuous such as house cleaning. She says it helps to prevent blood clots, and from her experience tends to make the healing process faster and smoother. I haven't iced them yet but will be doing that next. Also got the green light to start taking my vitamins! So I am just so so happy!

I was there all together from 10:15 to 1:45, so it was very fast and apparently went smoothly. I feel so lucky! She did do the lollipop lift and put 300 something in my left and 400 something in my right. She told me exactly how many ccs after the surgery, but I don't remember what she said and my cc's aren't wrote down. =( I'm going to call tomorrow to get the info! I do know that she used moderate profile, over filled, saline. I'll include the ccs in my next update. Also, I put up some before and after pics! I still have gauze over my incisions but was told to go ahead and take that off tomorrow when I get in the shower. Thanks everybody for all the well wishes!!

So today's my second day post op. Over all I'm...

So today's my second day post op. Over all I'm feeling pretty good. I woke up with a lot of energy today. Yesterday was the most difficult so far. I was just super swollen, and stiff. It's so hard to sit up from a lying down position without help! lol I feel like a fish out of water. I took a shower yesterday, actually two. That felt incredible! The warm water and steam really make my chest relax. It's heaven. Yesterday I was throwing up for the first time since the surgery. I think it may have been a reaction to the pain meds and maybe not eating enough. So, I've stopped taking them every 4 hours and have started taking them every 5 hours or as late as I can tolerate. And also I make a point to eat a decent amount of food about a half hour before I take another does. This seems to have helped a lot. I find it still feels like a lot of pressure and stiffness. The only real pain I get is on the outter side of my boobs. They feel sooo big there!! Almost like they're in my arm pit. I check on them a couple times a day because after awhile I could swear they're migrating. lol! I dont think they actually are though, I'm just not used to it.

I have very little upper pole bulge on my left side, but do have it on my right. Which I know is normal, and today the right does seem to be gradually getting lower or maybe just less swollen I'm not sure. Which is good. Can't wait to get out of the frankenboob stage! Doing my best to be patient. My hubby saw them unwrapped for the first time yesterday, he was very nervous. I pretty much had to force him to look at them! lol! But he loves them! We're both very impressed with the work the surgeon did. I'm not sure why but for some reason I think we were both expecting them to look very gruesome. They're swollen and slightly "smooshed" looking, there's a little bit of dried blood around the incision sites, and not a single bruise yet. Hopefully it'll only be uphill from here! My neck and back hurt from the way I've been sleeping on my back, that's a little aggravating. And I've been bored. lol! So obviously I don't have any real complaints. I don't know why I was so nervous before, it's not anywhere as bad as I thought it was going to be. I don't go back to my doctor for my post op until my 2 week mark. I was given two surgical bras and I've been wearing both of them at the same time. I find the extra pressure on my breasts to actually feel good. My surgeon didn't give me the strap, but I was told to start massaging them on day 4. So I'll see how that goes, hopefully that'll really get my right to drop more.

Also! I found out my surgeon put 325 cc in my left breast and 375 cc in my right breast. At first I was a little upset that she used those sizes, because when we discussed sizes we agreed on between 375 cc and 400 cc. I even told her she could go bigger if she thought it would look better. But I think she made the right call because they're certainly big! I even tried on my old favorite victoria secrets push up bra size c today over top of my surgical bra and it looks so tiny now! And it was always a little too big on me, I couldn't believe it! So I know it's too early to tell but I think I'll probably be a D cup, maybe even DD. Have to wait and see! Not too much else to report. Have a great day ladies!

I'm at 5 days post op. And I have to be honest and...

I'm at 5 days post op. And I have to be honest and say that I have had a bad case of blues for the past two days. I keep looking at my boobs and feeling disappointed that my right is so high and my left is so low and I feel like my left still slightly saggy. Also, I feel like I could've went bigger. I know it's so early and they're going to change so much. I guess I just worry that I spent sooo much money on them and to think they may not be what I had envisioned and wanted is very upsetting. But, I do also think I maybe feeling this way from the meds and just being all around frustrated with not being able to physically do all the things that I was able to do before surgery. Ughh. I also havent spoke to my wonderful man about any of this because I dont want him to think I'm ungrateful, especially since he was the one who paid for them. =/ Has anyone else felt like this??

Today I've made it a point to take it extra easy, and just really relax. As of yesterday I realized that I have slight bruising now just above both of my nipples, but it's a light yellow color. So not too bad. I uploaded two new pics. I'm still icing them through out the day, and will try driving for the first time tomorrow. So I'll see how that goes. Also, I was told to start massages yesterday. And I actually like doing them! I feel like I'm getting more acquainted with my new chest lol! I have been itchy as heck lately! Mostly on my cleavage and right nipple, which I guess is a good thing? Does any one know if it's true that that's a sign of the body healing? Muscle spasms have started as well, seems like it's mostly when I sit/ lay down after being on my feet for awhile. Icing seems to help that. Last night was the first time that I slept through the night, yay! Hmm not much else to report. Excited to hear other ladies experiences. =)

Day 11- Emotionally I'm feeling a lot better....

Day 11- Emotionally I'm feeling a lot better. Basic moving has gotten much easier, such as getting out of bed. Also I did a little bra shopping, although I know I probably should wait I just couldnt help it. And I'm so glad I did because it was such a self esteem booster! I'm fitting right now into a 32DD and 34 D! And actually filling it! lol yay! Hopefully they won't get smaller, and now I'm glad I didn't go bigger! lol Boobie greed is gone.

Going back to work was hard, even after a week off! And I'm sure it will be for a little while. My job just demands A LOT of energy with no brakes. So by the end of my work day I'm completely exhausted. Not in a lot of pain, just uncomfortable stiff and wore out in general. So that's very frustrating, but I'm trying to stay positive. I know once I heal more it'll get easier on me.

I see my surgeon for a follow up tomorrow for the first time since the surgery! So excited to have her look at them and tell me what she thinks. I think I might also be getting my stitches taken out, but I'm not sure. My steri strips have started to come off! Well actually only 1 of them came off, but it's been the first time I've had a real look at my incision. To my surprise, it actually looks really good! I can't believe how well its seemed to heal! There's a few little areas with scabs, and my skin around the healed incision seems to be peeling. But I hear this is normal, so I'm thrilled! They're still uneven. My right one seems to be coming down a little more each day, but still not as much as the left. I'm looking forward to seeing what my surgeon has to say about it. My bruises are gone, and no new ones have showed up. I've been getting random shooting pain at my vertical incision site. Doesn't last long though. My left boob gets this "swishy" type feeling, if that makes sense. lol. It's very odd. Also started driving again. Which isnt bad, I just keep my arms/ hands low on the steering wheel. Putting my seat belt on and off is tough and a little painful, but over all it's not bad. =) Nothing else new to report. Have a wonderful day ladies!

Day 18- My first post op appointment went pretty...

Day 18- My first post op appointment went pretty well. My doctor was very pleased with the results. She did say the right one should continue to drop, and to think of it as 2 different surgeries. She explained that each breast tends to heal differently. So that makes me feel better. I'm almost 3 weeks post op now and the right has come down more but still not matching the left. The nurse showed me two different messages to do, pushing them together from the outer side of the breasts, and squeezing from the bottom to move the implant up and down. The nurse removed the rest of my steri strips and again I'm so pleased at how my scars are looking! I'll post updated pics later today. Apparently most of my stitches are dissolvable, but she did take out 3 of them, not sure why. That was uncomfortable lol. I've never had stitches before this.

The "swishy" feeling in my left boob has gotten slightly more intense. I can also feel the implant move around whenever I bend over. Is this normal, have any of you ladies experienced this?? It's not painful just very strange and unnatural feeling. Like there's something in my breast rolling around. =/

The sharp shooting pains have almost completely stopped, but they still do get itchy. I've fallen asleep on my side a few times now by accident, and it feels ok until I try to roll over, then it hurts for a bit. So, still trying to sleep on back. How long did it take you ladies who have healed to be able to sleep on your side or tummy again?

I've "out grown" the 32DD bras I bought! lol! Now fitting better into 34DD. Hoping they don't fluff too much more only because I feel like finding bras might become difficult. lol Have a boobieful day!

1 year later & FURIOUS

So this weeks my one year anniversary & I'm pissed. At 6 months my doctor noticed slight rippling on the sides, and offered to replace them for free (I'd only have to pay the anistegiologist). I wanted time to think about it, and today now at my 1 year mark told her I would like to switch them. She said ok and she also offered to basically do another lift because they're still slightly saggy- especially the left. All sounded like a great plan to me. I was very happy that my doctor was so honest and willing to correct the issues, until I got the estimated bill. $6,000.

I almost fell over. I was expecting about $2,000 give or take a little for the anistegiologist fees. I paid nearly $8,000 to begin with. Now another $6,000 to fix her and the implants mistake?! I had to walk out of the office without saying much because I started crying. I feel taken advantage of.

If I would've known it would cost me nearly $14k for my boobs I never would've done it. I feel devastated and am dreading telling the hubby. He's not going to be happy either. :,(

I made an appointment for a second opinion with another doctor who I almost went with insted. He was going to charge me $6,500 the first time for the same procedure. Feeling like I should've went with him.

Has this happened to anyone else?! Was I just totally nieve to the cost of a revision (even though none of it's my fault)?

I don't hate my boobs. I know they could be worse, and look much better then they did. But, I don't feel like I got what I paid for, and neither does my surgeon... But her wallets saying different... -_-


Sooo met with my doctor again to discuss pricing. She really understood my concerns, and was willing to adjust some of the prices. We've decided to keep the saline implants that I already have, and will switch them out down the road if the rippling becomes more visible (hopefully that won't happen). We've also discussed the possibility of using local anesthesia instead of general to save on cost as well. So now that that's all said and done it'll be under $2000 for the revision. I feel SO much better. My confidence and trust is still a little shaken, but over all I'm very pleased. =)

I think I'm going to schedule a date for the surgery tomorrow. I'll post some updated pictures soon!
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