33 Year Old with Teenage Son - Baltimore, MD

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Hey beautiful ladies, I have always dreamt about...

Hey beautiful ladies, I have always dreamt about having the coke cola shape and now I have the guts to do it...I am nervous and scared but yet excite. I am a 34A and I plan to get 400cc...I have been dreaming of this day for years. I scheduled my surgery for Nov 2 @11am and My pre op appt is Oct 21... any advice

MY beginnings

My goal

Pre op docs -10 days before D-day

So today was very stressful... i went to see my family doctor to get my medical records for my surgery. They did not want to sign the docs because my surgeon is not one of their affiliated doctor ...???????????? there is always a hurdle to jump...

Three days before D-day

I am excited I started taking my antibiotics today as proscribed ... and I am heading to the store to get things i may need after my surgery: bendable straws, extra pillows, 4x4 gauze pads, tylenol and some gentle foods...

D Day

Today is the day... laying across my bed trying not to smile too hard cause I don't have on lotion or lip gloss ( per the Dr orders). I am very excited this is the last day of no boobies. I took my piercing out...

Survey Day

Dr Rod and his staff are great...they laughed and talked with me the whole time, next thing I remember is the nurse is asking me to help put my shoe on. And of course I woke up crying... my overall pain when moving is about a 7 The worse part was the drive home these Baltimore city street are a mess I cried just bout the whole way on and off.

Now that I am home, I ate, put deordant on, and lip gloss I am happy...when laying down there is no pain but when I move there is pressure. I posted a pic with my drain can be replaced in a day or two...

Day 2 Post Surgery

I am feeling pretty good no pain just pressure... taking it easy..I am getting  leg exercise..anything I need I have squat to get it cuz I can't bend over. I am taking my percocets one pill every 4-5 hours... can't open pill bottles tho. So I have to remember if my husband steps out to get me something, I have to make sure he opens them for me first. to can't wait to see my girls

Day 3 of post surgery...

Finally I can get my drains out. Saw the Dr and he took them out... Oh Gawd that was very uncomfortable feeling, but once the drains come out U don't feel as restricted as when the drains are in. On a scale to 1-10 for pressure I am at about a 5. And my pain is barely a 2. I stopped taking the percocets a little over 24 hours ago. I hated the way them made me feel, I was very loopy and over the top emotional. I actually cried cuz I could not wash myself. I will upload so pics soon... time to take a bath so excited ????????????

Day 3 p.s. pics

They are still super swollen. The nipple is pointing down Cuz the tape under the nipple is so tight...I have to wear the white thing to help even then out as they heal.

Day 4 post surgery

No pain but still a lot of pressure... gotta take it easy

Day 5 post surgery

I have not did a #2 since before my surgery. Ewwwww, I am drinking some lemon magnesium now...hope it work!!! Crossing my fingers

Day 5 post surgery

I am loving my Silhouette

Day 6 post surgery

I am not authorized yet to wear a bra but I wanted to see myself in a sports bra. And I love love love it ...happy healing...

Day 7 post surgery...

Overall I feel wonder...still taking it easy and doing a lot of relaxing. Last nite was the first time I could lay on my side. Now I finally got some good sleep!!! My left beast is a lot softer than my right one. And I get those muscle twitches kinda often but it does not hurt just feels weird.

My concern now is I have vaginal dryness... she don't smell funny or taste funny but she feels dry. I am thinking it is all the meds I have been on. I have completed all my medicines, but I was still taking my daily vitamin, tylenol when needed and probiotics...

And suggestions???

Day 7 P's pic

Day 7 ps

1 week post surgery

Today, I did my follow up check up appt with my surgeon. No more meds???????????? I received all good remarks. My boobies are healing evenly, so no more white strap. He stated I can wear a sport bra. I asked can I start back jogging ????????????he said Yes!!!????just wear a good sports bra...I feel so much better with the bra on versus the white strap Cuz now I have the support I needed. I will continue to relax. I will take it slow before I go hard on running because my energy level is still not 100%. My follow up appt is in one month...

Day 10 post surgery

I am loving my results. Had to go to Victoria Secrets and get my new girls sized up. I went from a 34A to a 34 C... #winning ????????????

2weeks post surgery

No pain no pressure... still taking it easy , I don't have my normal upper body strength. Something as small as washing dishes is very tiring...

Week 2 day 5 post surgery

I feel great no pain... I have been back to work for the last four days. Going back to work was a little tiring but not too bad. I feel a little sluggish tho.

One month post surgery

Today was my one month check up and everything went great. I love my new boobs ,surgeon said they're healing well. My left one is still sitting slightly lower than the right one. Doctor said to wear wire bra full time on the left one and no wire on the right side. And he will see me in 4 months...yeahhh...happy healing

2months 2weeks post surgery

I love my new girls. They complete my hour glass figure I have always wanted. I feel just about 100% normal. It only weird when I get cold my muscles twitch in my chest , which feels funny. And yes i got my girls pierced they needed a little bling ????????????

2months 2weeks post surgery

Love my look

Before and after

Before and 4 Months post surgery

Post op 7.5 months

Loving my body

7.5 months post op

Loving my body...super soft

I have met with Dr Richardo twice and I love him and his staff. Very knowledgeable and excellent customer service

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