29 Yrs Old, No Kids, 300cc, Mentor Memory Gel, High Profile, Under the Muscle - Baltimore, MD

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So I'll start off with my stats: 5'5" 125lbs. My...

So I'll start off with my stats: 5'5" 125lbs. My PS is Dr. Cohen at Belecara. I've already had my pre-op and went over everything. The staff there is amazing and very thorough. I was first going to go with 250cc cause I wanted something natural but "noticeable and not noticeable" at the same time. We did the 3D image and I decided to go with the 275cc. When I went to my pre-op I was able to get resized again and finally decided on 300cc. I'm really hoping I have enough breast tissue to support this size. I could probably go bigger but I don't want to be greedy and I want to look proportionate :)

Finally crossed over to boobieland!!

So my surgery is done. Went in at 7:45, got vitals taken, pregnancy test and all that jazz. The nurse placed my IV, I met with Dr. Cohen to finalize things one last time, and then the anesthesiologist. The staff was great and treated me wonderfully. When I went into the operating we were laughing and joking around, then next think you know, I was in recovery! I left around 11:30am.

Went with 300cc, mentor gel, round/smooth, high profile, under the muscle

Weight: 125lbs
Height: 5'5"

Post-Op Day 3

Recovery has been a breeze thus far. Soreness where the incisions are. Instead of actually laughing...I just repeat LOL over and over when I find something funny. I was able to drive yesterday so that's a plus. Only taking pain meds at night and today I will attempt taking a shower. There is one thing though...I haven't had a bowel movement yet. I don't feel bloated or anything...but I feel like I should've had one by now.

Post-op day 4

Feeling even better today. Went and got a bralette to switch out with because the one they gave me was getting annoying.

Bloating and Heartburn

I'm aware that a lot of people experience bloating...but has anybody experienced any heartburn? I have some serious heartburn going on right now!!

Post-Op Day 8

So I've already been to my first post-op appt. The nurse said I'm healing great and look good so far. I was instructed to start massaging my breast and next week I will get my sutures taken out. I did inform her that my left breast (your right) is still really tight and hasn't been dropping as fast as the my right breast. She said that's normal and there's usually one stubborn breast. I'm hoping she's right!!

I've also been back to work these past 3 days. I work as a vet tech...so my job is very physically demanding. I've only been handling small dogs and cats...and sticking to blood draws...etc. the first day I was really tired and getting winded easily...but it has gotten better.

Post-Op Day 20

So things are still going great. Had my sutures taken out last week and went back to the gym today. Feels weird doing chest exercises, had to go super light, which I'm not use to doing. And I have to wear a band cause they're still sitting high.

Post Op 1 month 18 days

Not much to say...but everything has been going great!! They're dropping and fluffing, moving around more and looking nice!! Go in for my 3rd post op appt on the July 8th. So I'll find out what size I actually am.

A little over 3 months

So everything is still great. I really LOVE them!! Back in the gym...upper body strength is practically back. Me and my friend took it upon ourselves (with the help of YouTube) to size me. We ended up getting a 32 DD...which didn't sound right to me. Well...went to Nordstrom to get sized...and I'm a 32 DDD but can for a 32 DD comfortably.

This just makes me think that women around the world are wearing the wrong bra size...lol
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