24 Yr Old, 5'0, 114 Lbs, 34A, No Kids, 330cc, under the muscle

Hello, I'm 24 years old, finally doing this but I...

Hello, I'm 24 years old, finally doing this but I can't decide how many cc do I want, my PS recommends 340-350cc, I really don't wanna go too big so I'm really concern they would end up looking too big for my body, I'm a really short person.. Does anyone have similar stats as I do that can give me some advice? I would really appreciate it.

Actual boobs

Can't wait to see how they going to look

Wish boobs

350cc it is!

I wasn't going to update my review, but for me it was really hard finding girls with similar stats, so I just wanted to let you know what size I've decided to get.. My surgery is this friday and I'll be getting 350cc, under the muscle, under the crease, mentor implants.

I saw my PS 2 days ago and I asked him every doubt I had, how would I get my anesthesia, if I was going to have drainage, which he said it wasn't necessary so Im so happy for that... He said the surgery takes about and hour and a half, no eating before surgey, at least six hours before, not even water and Im staying at the hospital all night for observation.

Hope everything goes well!! :) Good luck to everyone thats getting theirs done soon.


I'm two days post op and I'm so happy with the results already, I'm in a little pain though, yesterday felt worse been in the hospital all day, but I'm glad I'm home with my family and they're taking care of me.

I ended up getting 330cc cuz the 350 were a little too big for my frame, I left it in my PS hands, so I'm really happy and I trust him a lot.

I'll leave you a peek cuz I can't take off my surgically Bra

10 days post op

2 weeks post op

Been feeling pretty good, I'm already able to move my arms and doing normal things. They're still pretty high but I keep doing my massages everyday. My PS told me I have to wear my sports bra for at least 2 more weeks and after that I'll be able to wear a normal bra.

Not liking the scars

Nothing much has change, I'm still doing my massages and wearing my sports bra, I think that in a week I'll be able to wear and underwire bra.. I bought this really cute white one with lace and I can't wait to wear it and go out with it.

My scars, I don't really like how they look but I hope that with time they'll disappear a little, does any one recommend something for me to put in them?

Hope everyone is healing well and that my post are a little help to all the girls that are getting a BA.

Scar update

I still don't like how it looks but I think it's getting a little better day by day :)
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