24 Yr Old, 5'0, 114 Lbs, 34A, No Kids, 330cc, under the muscle

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Hello, I'm 24 years old, finally doing this but I...

Hello, I'm 24 years old, finally doing this but I can't decide how many cc do I want, my PS recommends 340-350cc, I really don't wanna go too big so I'm really concern they would end up looking too big for my body, I'm a really short person.. Does anyone have similar stats as I do that can give me some advice? I would really appreciate it.

Actual boobs

Can't wait to see how they going to look

Wish boobs

350cc it is!

I wasn't going to update my review, but for me it was really hard finding girls with similar stats, so I just wanted to let you know what size I've decided to get.. My surgery is this friday and I'll be getting 350cc, under the muscle, under the crease, mentor implants.

I saw my PS 2 days ago and I asked him every doubt I had, how would I get my anesthesia, if I was going to have drainage, which he said it wasn't necessary so Im so happy for that... He said the surgery takes about and hour and a half, no eating before surgey, at least six hours before, not even water and Im staying at the hospital all night for observation.

Hope everything goes well!! :) Good luck to everyone thats getting theirs done soon.


I'm two days post op and I'm so happy with the results already, I'm in a little pain though, yesterday felt worse been in the hospital all day, but I'm glad I'm home with my family and they're taking care of me.

I ended up getting 330cc cuz the 350 were a little too big for my frame, I left it in my PS hands, so I'm really happy and I trust him a lot.

I'll leave you a peek cuz I can't take off my surgically Bra

10 days post op

2 weeks post op

Been feeling pretty good, I'm already able to move my arms and doing normal things. They're still pretty high but I keep doing my massages everyday. My PS told me I have to wear my sports bra for at least 2 more weeks and after that I'll be able to wear a normal bra.

Not liking the scars

Nothing much has change, I'm still doing my massages and wearing my sports bra, I think that in a week I'll be able to wear and underwire bra.. I bought this really cute white one with lace and I can't wait to wear it and go out with it.

My scars, I don't really like how they look but I hope that with time they'll disappear a little, does any one recommend something for me to put in them?

Hope everyone is healing well and that my post are a little help to all the girls that are getting a BA.

Scar update

I still don't like how it looks but I think it's getting a little better day by day :)

3 Months Post Op

Hello there! Just leaving an update, I think they haven't change much they look almost the same but I'm still very happy.. if anyone is thinking on getting them done you should go for it, everything was worth it. :)
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