3/18/16 sx with McAdoo

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Hi I've been wanting this procedure sincd 2011 I'm...

Hi I've been wanting this procedure sincd 2011
I'm new to this site, and now I'm so addicted.
I looking at Dr. Fisher from Vanity or Dr Banks in Bmore.
I'm from Brooklyn, and I would get it done there but I want it done in Feb all the doctors I inquired about in NYC are booked and prices are 10k and above.

Just paid my deposit

Paid my $1k deposit with Dr Macadoo (Vanity)
scheduled for 2/10/2016.
Cant wait ladies.....

On my way date set

Thank you so much for officially becoming a patient of DR JAMES MCADOO ......It was a pleasure assisting you and getting everything started for you. Attached below you will find your invoice, a checklist of things you should bring with you, pre op instructions.

Pre op :FEB 9th

Surgery :FEB 10th

We require patients to come in on Pre-Op between 9 am to 12 pm. We don't provide accurate times,due delay in flights etc. Time of your surgery is provided closer to the date , when the doctors does the schedule .

-If by any chance you want to reschedule , I'll be more than happy to assist .We ask you to stay in Miami 5 days and 4 nights .
Start taking Iron supplements . Daily dosage of naturemade IRON 65mgs & of pure absorb. Your hemoglobin needs to be at 12.0 or higher


Flight booked

Gm Dolls,

Just booked my flight 2/09/2016
Can't wait sx date 2/10/2016.


Booty buddy

Just purchased my Booty Buddy, need this I work at a desk all day...lol

Target Bound

When I get off work, Target bound for the rest of my supplies.

Wish pics

I want the amazing projection
The smallest waist he can give me

Can't sleep

I'm so excited
I can't sleep
Waking up with my bbl on my mind.

Wish pics

Sx date changed to feb 5

Dr McAdoo is out of the office
they don't know when he's coming back
family medical emergency.
Im happy my date is closer now
on the phone with expedia to change my date
of the flight cause I paid for flight insurance
if they cant I will pay the difference any way.

10 more days

Omg, 10 days before I enter bootyland, cant wait,

Who else is getting there BBL

Who else is getting there BBL, and what RH you'll be at.

Can't sleep

Can't sleep
A gorgeous ass is on my mind lol

Ball of emotions lol

I'm excited, scared, nervous, happy all at the same damn time.
8 more days


the refund wait game :-(

Im waiting for my tax refund so I can pay off this last $1k,
was to be today, I guess it will be next week, Lord knows I don't
wanna reschedule....feeling so sad right now.

booty buddy

FedEx package yes
my booty buddy
got everything now.

5 days and counting

Getting so close
I can't wait...soon to be a FisherDoll

Just waiting

I got everything I need now
Just waiting on Thursday to fly out


I'm so ready can't wait to get it over lol
4 days left, and I'll be a fisher doll


My blood work came back and I'm pregnant

Not pregnant

Read it wrong lol
Thank God


no new date as of yet, but will be in feb

new date

My surgery is now 2/10

4 mored days

flying out 2/09
cant wait, sx 2/10
so excited, this is really happening....yessss

Sx 2/10

Who else is having there sx around the same date?

2 days left

I want Fisher to get very aggressive with my waiste....
Put it all in my ass and hips ...2k cc's each, facts...I will be letting him know all this too...

snow coming this way

Im flying out on my sx date.
Supposed to snow tomorrow.

RH change

Changed from Xanadue to New Life..spoke to Yane she is so sweet...
Flying in tomorrow, snowing here

Car Accident 2/9

I was in a accident
It was a school van that hit us

I'm still in the trauma care unit.
The part of my lung that was collapsed is closing, still have me own a breather to monitor how I inhale.
My back,ribs and chest still makes it so its hard for me to move, without excruciating pain.
The orthopedic specialist hasn't looked at my hand yet..(should be today).
The drug that is given to me keeps me sleepy, but you know I fight it lol

Rescheduled with another dr

Cause of my accident I cat have my sx for 6 weeks which is middle of March.
Vanity says Dr. Fisher is all booked up, no news about Hassan so I decided to get my $1k back.. They sent me to refund dept and they said my card was never chargered..so I called my bank and told them my card was lost..
Can't have the try to get an authorization now...

Dr Ayman Shahine

Stay in Ny to get it done

I'm home now

I have 4 Broken ribs,
broken sternum
Collapsed lung
Broken left hand
But I'm alive thank God
Please pray for me

Can't fly

I can't fly cause of my lungs for 5/6 months
The air pressure can cause my lungs to collapsed again

June sx date now

Hello dolls

Saw my orthopedic surgeon and he said 6 to 8 weeks in a cast, tomorrow I go see a pulmonologist about my lung.
They told me on Friday that it might be 3 to 4 months before I can get any type of procedure because it anesthesia and my lungs
I am so upset I cried all day yesterday
I know everything happens for reason
Just keep me in your prayers

Wish pics and cry

As I scroll thru all the dolls pics especially the ones who had there sx around the time I was supposed to, I just cry.

New Sx Date

Hi Dolls
I'm healing well.
My lungs are back at 100%.
I have been cleared for surgery
New date is 3/18/16...so 3 weeks to go

12 days left dolls

Yes I can't wait for my sx 3/18/16
I'm praying that nothing will stop me this time.
I'm healed up except for my broken hand...wearing a brace on my hand til 3/29 then that comes off.
So please keep me in ya prayers..????????????

Count Down

6 days til booty land

Friday dolls

I'm so excited
Can't wait, days are not coming fast enough lol

On my way

On my way to Miami
Catching greyhound bus
Will be there by 3/17

I'm here

I'm now in Miami
Sx set for 5:30 am tomorrow
I'm the first one scheduled for the day

On my way pre op

Pre op today finally get to meet Ana and McAdoo lol

Today the day

Gm Dolls
I'm on my way to my surgery now
Please say a prayer for me


Hey dolls

In the land of ass dolls


Yes I have hips now
McAdoo did his shit in Sculpting
He's the potter I'm the clay

My waist was lot smaller

Swollen now but still mad definition

Side view

Day 3

Up taken my meds
Can't wait to get home and buy a lawn chair,
Cut a hole in the bottom.
Dr McAdoo says this is the best way to air cause of the gravity help the skin stretch.

Side view

1800 cc's


When does the pain subceed??

Lawn chair

My bf bought me this last night

Feeling better

Home since yesterday
Feeling so much better today
I will post more pics soon
He snatched my waist...yesss


I'm walking so much better and finally can have a bm


I can't wait til I start to feel the fluffing cause right now it's hard as a brick


Almost 30 days post

I love my new body

Love it

Love my body

Yes McAdoo did his thing
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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