AA Rhinoplasty Surgeon Needed. Been Wanting This Since Middle School.

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Hey everyone! Im a 19 yo african american female....

Hey everyone! Im a 19 yo african american female. Ever since I was a child I have wanted a rhinoplasty. Dont get me wrong. If I dont get it I can deal but it would definitely be a confidence boost to be able to get the procedure done. I absolutely love the bridge of my nose already. Thats something I got lucky with but I hate my bulbous tip. Imo, it ruins my bridge. I also would like to just make my nose a little less wide since I seem to have nostrils for days. While I want all this I do NOT want a pinched extra small nose. I also do not want my nose to look like any other race's nose. I want a black nose that is just small. I still want a round and wide nose. I'll post my "dream nose" which just so happens to be a girl who looks almost exactly like me with the exact nose I want and I'll post my nose later. Do you guys have any tips for me or any help? At the moment I would like to stay in my location range but I may be willing to travel.
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