31 Year Old Female Having a Tummy Tuck with Bbl. Baltimore, MD

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I am not exspecting to leave the hospital like hot...

I am not exspecting to leave the hospital like hot jessica rabbit.I understand it will look worst before better.I am expecting to see a phenomenal change in my figure at the end of this journey. I am a little worried about damaging one procedure while trying to recover from another. I trust my doctor he does this combo procedure often. He explained that I am supposed to lay on my tummy curved on top of a mountain of pillows with my knees bent. This isbto insure the fat survival from the bbl. He explained that this is safe because there is no bone behind the tummy unlike the breast that would be recieving presure from the breast bone and rib cage. It makes sense and sounds logical. It will probably be uncomfortable but not dangerous. I figure it will be a lot less uncomfortable than having to heal from the bbl and then come back for a tt. I had a c section with my child and it was very challaging. If I didn't go bk for another round of that with a beautiful child as my result. I don't think I would come back to fix some extra skin. This is why I am happy I can have them both in one shot. I wouldn't want to go under anesthesia twice.

I think I'm ready

So I went out and purchased everything possible I think I may need to be prepared for the surgery. If I missed anything plz let me know. I have my pillows, my comfortable cloths,my vitamins,protein shakes and bars,lysol peroxide,coco butter lotion, coconut oil shea butter, whips, thermometer, arnica, lipo foam, my belly pillow, NY prescriptions filled, tums, mouthwash, gauge pads, quality tips, which hazel, neosporin, dulcolax, heating pad and dry cold compress. How an I doing. Two week ore opt. Food shopping tomorrow . I will be posting some before pics in a few.

It's getting closer

9 days to go. I'm feeling ready. I went in for my physical Tuesday but won't know if I am clear until Monday due to the holidays. I feel that I will be okay. I went out and picked up some last minute stuff today. My doctor told me he would provide me with a stage 1 and 2 garment but I still went out today and spend $85 on one smh. The worst part is I can't even begin to fit it. So I'm going to return it for a size up tomorrow. I was thinking maybe after the tt I could fit in it, then I thought my tummy anit got nothing to do with my legs and I will have a bigger butt, so I will just exchange it.

It's time

I'm putting my stuff in the car. Tomorrow in leaving ny at 12pm and heading to Baltimore for my 330 pre opt appointment. I'm scheduled for surgery 645 am Tuesday . Trying not to forget anything cuz I have soon much on my mind.

Counting down the hours

I'm leaving to head to my pre opt appointment soon. I figured I will post some of my terrible before pics now so you guys can accurately judge my results and give me some input. So ok rs here I am with no girdle lol.


Drugged write tomorrow thank 4 all the support

Finally done

It was a 10 hour procedure cant see until Monday day will do
Post pics tonite wen perks wear of a bit. In up an down with little assistance thanks to pain pump.doc came to see me this morning at the hotel and was very impressed with my movement. I'm just trying not to overdo it.thanks for all your love support and praying.

2 days post opt

As promised pic in my garment. I will send pics on how in laying on my tummy later

In a little pain today

I went out yesterday with help to cvs and the post office it felt good to get out. Last night I hadyour first BM. I been taking fiber and do docolax so it was good . This morning I found it harder to clean myself after so I thing I pulled something on my side. Man down I'm just laying down now no more movintage for me 4 a few hours. Then I had a 1 minute coughing episode an boy it hurt like hell.I have been working with the pain well but today need to take it ez. I posted some pics of how my doctor asked me to lay on my tummy butt up not to crush the fat. It doesn't hurt but I won't be able to see anything until tomorrow wen he removes the dressings. I will keep you guys posted. Posting with my eyes closed sorry 4 any errors lol I'm really trying.

Feeling a little better

4 days post opt and I legit feel well enough to go to the laundry mat. It feels good to just get out and explore the city of md. Can't wait to see what's under these bandages tomorrow. I will keep yal updated.

My first look

I finally got my shower 5 days post opt.it felt great I got 1 drain removed but the other is still here. I love it can't believe the fat is really gone. I'm very swollen and bruised but I expected that.here are some after shower pics

10 days post opt with alot more energy

I'm soo board I am usually very active but I gotta take it ez not to get hurt or mess up my out come but I want to do soo much in my mind it's making me crazy. I'm not a TV person but I'm learning to be. Cant listen to music cuz then I want to get up and dance and worst of all I can't drive so I'm stuck in the mud. It's OK everyday will get better. I'm walking straighter early in the day then more slumped over by mid day. I like my results more and more each day it's really amazing and the pain is way less than I expected. I have some uncomfortable nights but I make it up with sleeping in the day. Im trying to take just the tylenol and only the percocet if I'm really uncomfortable at night. A little swollen after shower but i think my recovery is going well. Question should I be using medipore tape still on my scar of just gauze pads for air? It's all stabbed now, not open but I worry pealing the tape can open it.

Alot of swelling and bruising going away

I do have swelling in my lower belly but my back and butt swelling and bruising went down a lot my butt went down in size but also feels much softer.

A little swelling in lower belly

10 wks post opt turning out nice

So it's 10 wks I have been to the gym 3x but really only do cardio because I don't know what I should do or not do yet. I don't want to hurt my results I want to enhance them but since I got a bbl and tt im not sure what I should be working out. I am pretty satisfied with the results. I feel I need to wait until the 6 months b4 making a decision to get another fat transfer. I was going to do another 1 the end of April right b4 the summer but I'm worried that I will mess up the results that I'm already 80%happy with and end up with something that looks too unnatral. I really love the natural proportioned results. I love my butt shape but I would like a little more of a cuff and I would like a little more lipo on my stomach to give a flatter even arrearence.My back has drastically been improved I would just like a touch up on my bra roll. I wonder if I will find any of these things necessary if I wait a year to see my final results. I also think by waiting I may have more fat to transfer although I don't think I need anything more than about 300 cc's each. I'm posting some pics to show u guys what it currently looks like. I would also like to add that this surgery was easier than I imagined and gave me results I could 4 see I didn't have a expectation except something better.it but my confidence through the roof I been traveling and in my two price all winter so summer will be crazy 4 me. I never told my husband what I was going to do according to him I just went to the doctor for a hernia repair. He is a guy that wouldn't notice if u dyed your hair Purple. It's like he just put his work down looked up and said dam baby I gotta go to the gym with u cuz u been looking good. I internally laugh cuz it's unbelievable he really has no idea how I got like this. I usually go to the gym alot but haven't really been there the past two months and now he gives the gym all the credit smh.

Back for more!!!???!!!

So I love my body right now. It is a complete transformation from b4 I had my tt and bbl in November.I needed a improvement back then now I want to enhance my body. My butt did strink alot so I'm trying g to get that first after sx pump to be permanent. I want my but to fill my jeans the same way it does with spanks on without them. Is that at all possible I will find out. Is it techniques that make results last or is the bbl a temp fix that will always deflate after all is said and done.I first went with Doctor Ricardo Rodriguez he is a very nice guy and a skilled surgeon he uses a technique that uses a smaller canulas for the lipo. This made it so I ended up with no scars or bruises after the 2nd wk. All I could think was at least if my butt shrinks I would have a flat butt now with marks all over. I discussed doing another bbl with my doctor but every time his end conclusion was I'm not touching your butt the butt is perfect. He offered to do some additional lipo but that is it. He is pleased with his work and doesn't want to do another bbl for me. I want me a bigger juicy bottom. So what do I do? I booked me a appointment with the infamous doctor J.Curves of ATL. It was A rush decision that I hope is a good decision. I love his gallery.His work looks like the booty im tring to achieve. The only thing that scares me is the pics I saw of the after scares. Those were some big holes i hope they close up and heal for me nice so I can be showing off my thong bikini this summer. I will be letting you know the pros and cons of this bbl.there is no reason I shouldn't be able to have the butt I want when doctor curves finishes with me.The one disappointment I have experience with his office so far is I got a consultation but it was not with Doctor curves. I spoke with a knowlegible coordinator but i wanted to chat with the man preforming my sx. I will keep you guys posted to my 2nd round in Atlanta.

Going for a round two with Doctor Andrew Jimerson

My first time around i had a need now i just have a want. I want a flater tummy and a little more of a rounder booty with larger hips and i may have not left out expecting to look like Jessica Rabbit the first time but im most certainty looking forward to it this time.

1 week away

I brought all my after care supplies today i will do some light grocery shopping this weekend and hit the road tuesday night its a 13hr drive and i have a pre op apt wendsday. Surgery date of March 9th 2017. I admitt i currently am some womens wish pic i am very pleased with my results. I will hate myself if i mess up my results being greedy. I know this is now a want not a need but i want a flater more even tummy that doesnt look like i ate a bag of rocks. And i want to try to get ride of that annoying back fat that excercises seem to do nothing for. If im going to do the extra lipo it just seems like it makes sense to make it a bbl to round of my butt and hips a little to make it more even rounder and attractive. I know its last min but im open to a surgery buddy so if anyone from ny is up to a road trip let me know. Better 2017 body here i come.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I am very confident that my doctor can give me the results I am looking for. I wanted a tt from 8 years ago after my c section. The befores and after pics were very discouraging. I often felt like I would rather keep my butterball tummy rather than look like any of thoes pics. You also figure its probably their best work if it made the site. I was drawn to his site because It was the first pics I was impressed with and they were real not 18 year old models. This speak volumes. We then spoke a few time on Skype. I then understood why his pics were better because on so many levels his technique sounds better. I'm impressed and very confident in his capabilities and I am hard to please. I am sure I am going with the best. I went to several consulations and the doctors either wouldn't do the combo or said to sit on the butt. I'm confident his instructions will give me the best results.

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