29 Yrs Female- Lip Lift. Baltimore, MD

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I have a very long upper lip, I always have. After...

I have a very long upper lip, I always have. After a septum surgery 2 years ago I became very dissatisfied with my nose. It had been straight facing forward, and had a slight inward curve from a profile view. I also noticed my philtrum looked even longer, but thought it was just me until my sister mentioned it. I was always teased about having a monkey face and duck lips. This didn't bother me much until recently. Up until the nose surgery I have been battling hormonal melasma with no success. It has severely hurt myself esteem. I cannot leave the house with concealing the dark patches on my cheeks, nose and upper lip, which looks like a mustache. Concealing the patches rarely looks nice as it looks gray and dirty under makeup. Anyway with the nose surgery, the surgeon told me it would not change the appearance of my nose, but it did. It's crooked and I have a slight dorsal hump where it used to be curved inward. Between the melasma and nose, I wanted to fix something and the melasma has been a very expensive 5 year struggle. I started looking at rhinoplasties, but was afraid my corrected breathing issues could return. When I saw a lip lift, it seemed like it may help improve my appearance more than the nose job and it was less invasive. I did two virtual consultations with dr. Rodriguez and he thought the lip lift would most improve my look. I didn't want to look different so we went conservative. I hope gives me some satisfaction in my appearance and I can enjoy dressing and going out again like I used to.

Day 1 after surgery

I took a Valium and Vicodin prior to the procedure as directed by Dr. R. After the pain med wore off I took an Advil every 4 hours and was comfortable. I iced 6 times for 15 min and took arnica and bromelain and a prescribed antibiotic and steroid. I slept in a recliner. The day after I was even more swollen and my upper lip became tender, dry and peeled.

Day 3 (third day after the procedure)

The swelling is slowly subsiding. Yawning hurts as my mouth pulls and nostrils flare. I hope it doesn't disrupt the incision. I have stopped taking Advil. I still Ice 6 times a day. I
Am starting to develop a yellowish bruise. I have taken baths and washed my face avoiding the incision/glue area.

Day 6

The swelling has continued to improve and the glue over the incision is starting to peel.

Day 9

The glue came off one side only, so far. The incision is red but appears to be smooth. The swelling came down considerably, though I am still swollen in the morning for an hour or so. I look like myself for the first time. I have a follow up with dr. R on Monday. I have no problem eating or moving my mouth, the only discomfort I experience is when I laugh.

Day 10

The glue has fallen off completely today to reveal a fresh scar. Here are close up photos of the scar.

Before profile

Day 11

I am keeping medihoney on my incision. As soon as the glue fell off, I started with the honey. Although the doc says I don't need it, I am terrified of an infection. I go tomorrow for a check up, so I'll see what he says. Today is the first day I wore makeup (def not on the incision, but on my face) going to the grocery store without a bandage. I have goopy honey on my incision and my nose is still a little swollen, but I think it looks presentable enough.

Two weeks

I had my checkup with dr. R. He told me I didn't need the antibiotic ointment (honey) he said I won't get an infection. He said everything looks great and he removed a few dissolvable stitches that were broken and have dissolved. He told me to pick up to hydrocortisone cream to take away the redness and have me a scar gel with SPF 30. I am to keep the scar gel on the incision 24 hours. I do not have an discomfort anymore when I smile, but I still have tightness.

2 weeks

More photos

Day 14

It is very difficult to get a good close photo of the scar, but here is my best shot at 2 weeks. I also had to try a red lip! I have always loved the look of red lipstick but my long philtrum made it look odd. I am posting full face photos so you can see the total result but I will crop them later.

Requested before and after shots

As you can see my nose is still slightly swollen and the lip may drop a little more. I will take down full face shots after a bit.

Day 17

Hi everyone,
The lip has lowered/settled a little more in the last few days. It is not as pouty, but I am happier with it this way. Although it was probably more attractive to strangers, I was having a little weirdness about it. I am feeling really good about it now. The tightness around my nose is already starting to loosen and I haven't started massage yet. I am using concealer on my incision now, and it's basically invisible. The worst part for me with concealing are all the whiteheads around the incision. I am acne prone and usually get whiteheads in the creases of my nose because they are deep creases (great for hiding scars! But also great for forming whiteheads) I feel the concealing looks bumpy because of the whiteheads, but no one who ever know I had a procedure. I found that mineral concealer works very well over scar gel. It takes the shininess and tackiness away. Colorescience concealer palette is amazing! Here is a photo of the more settled lip and the concealing. I'll post any changes. Thanks for all your support!

3 weeks

The scar is healing nicely. It is smooth, but very red. Any suggestions on redness removal? I
Am doing hydrocortisone and of course the scar gel. The lip dropped a little more and the nose swelling has improved. It's still swollen in the morning but dissapted after an hour. I have no nostril distortion that I can tell.

6 Weeks

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay I was away for a few weeks.
The lip has dropped more, but has retained a light pouty look. There is slight tightness when I make exaggerated expressions. However I rarely notice it, it feels completely the same as before. The incision is still red and is tender to massage but it seems to be healing slowly. I have to wear makeup to cover the redness or it would be visible, yet it is smooth. My smile now feels and looks completely natural. It actually did not change at all with this surgery.

Two months

I love the shape, distance and appearance of my lip. I still have what would be considered a "long" upper lip but is is greatly reduced and still looks natural. The small scar that used to be flat at it was initially healing is actually bigger and slightly raised now, which is disappointing. I will wait until I am fully healed to assess the scar as I know it goes through a process, I hope it flattens down again! I use scar gel everyday and night. It is still reddish around the scar and I use cosmetics to conceal. The right side is more smooth than the left as I have some bumps under my left nostril (not too bad though). Those of you asking about my smile, my smile looks and feels the same at this point, just with very slightly more tooth show.

Dr. R has been helpful and direct so far. The staff has answered all my questions.

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