25 Year Old, Much-needed Breast Reduction - Baltimore, MD

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I am considering a Breast Reduction in June. I am...

I am considering a Breast Reduction in June. I am currently a 42DDD and they are starting to wear me down. I literally went to 4 different stores to find the right size bra for me. I eventually gave up and started to order them online. I started getting scars on my shoulders from my bra cutting into my skin. At this point, my Physician thought it was time for a reduction. I put it off for too long!!! I am also having pain in my upper back with walking or standing for a long time. I decided to go with Dr. Brendan Collins at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. I am a bit nervous but enough is enough. It's definitely time!!!!


Here's a pic of my breasts now! Praying for relief!

Consultation Done! Procedure scheduled!

I ended up changing my surgeon! Dr Ajay Kumar will be performing my procedure at St Agnes Hospital. Everyone else was booked up until fall. My consultation went well and I actually had to watch a video educating me about this procedure. Dr Kumar was really nice! Believe it or not the office scheduled my surgery for next Friday June 6th!!! I'm soooo nervous and scared! All of this week I'll be running around trying to get my pre-op and things I'll need to prepare!! My anxiety is at an all time high.. I just want to get through this lol! I'll keep you Posted!

Had to do another Preop/Bloodwork Done!

I'm just leaving my PCP's office for medical clearance! I can't believe it's finally happening and it's happening on Friday. I went to Labcorp to get my blood work done. I hate NEEDLES! The phlebotomist was fresh out of school. The poor girl was so nervous. She stuck me 3 times before another lady came in to assist. I am now on my way home to pay bills and spend time with my little girl!! As always, I'll keep you posted!

My Surgeon is Dr. Ajay Kumar not Dr. Collins

CORRECTION: My profile states that Dr. Brendan Collins is doing my procedure. He didn't have any time available until September. I didn't want to wait that long so I went with Dr. Kumar. Everyone speaks so highly of him, so I decided to schedule a consultation.

Today is the day!!

Im up and on my way to the pharmacy to fill my pain medication. The hospital had to move my surgery down to 1130a. I am super nervous and super hungry lol! I just want to get this over with because I am terrified of anesthesia. TERRIFIED! Say a prayer for me guys!

5 hours post op!

It's done I got through it!! Dr. Kumar and staff were great! I think I drank too much Coke after the procedure because I vomited when I got home. My stomach is a little upset. I ate noodles and were able to keep them down for now! Overall, I'm not in any pain thanks to my pain meds! Trust me ladies, this procedure was a easy. The only thing I hate is coming down from this anesthesia! I want to thank all of you for wishing me well and your prayers! Sorry if this post is all over place I'm still all drugged up lol!

48 hours post op!!

I feel great! I had to exchange my sports bra because I picked up the wrong size.. This procedure was soooo worth it! Today's the day I got a chance to see them! I'm in love!

6 days post op/ post op appt

Hey!!! Today I went to see Dr. Kumar for my post op. I ended up getting a yeast infection from loads of antibiotics I've been on to prevent infection. Also, he said that he took about 2.5 lbs out of each breast! Woooooow! He also took the steri strips off and now my incision hurts like hell!!!! I was fine up until today lol! I'm glad he removed them because the collection of old blood, dirt, and other fluids were starting to make me itch under there. Tomorrow I'll post pics.

Breasts without the steri strip/7 days post op

Without the strips my boobs look hideous lol! I want them to heal fast. And my tattoo is jacked up now! Have to visit the tattoo parlor soon
Brendan Collins, M.D

My consultation is May 28th at 9:45a.. I'll keep you posted!!!

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