Extended Tummy Tuck with Lipo to the Midsection, Back, Flanks, Abdomin = Unsightly Results

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I was very unhappy with the results, the cost, and...

I was very unhappy with the results, the cost, and the emotional toll it has taken on me. It was not worth it, I didnt get what i paid for, from the definition for porcedure preformed explains what your reward would be.

My flanks were not corrected during surgery,i have a very uneven shape front and back. i didnt lose a single jean size. i have a overlapping of skin(muffin top) on the front of my left side from assemthry being almost two inches higher on my right side.

I ask for revisions at 6months, again at 12 months, REFUSED by my plastic surgeon and his excuse was i needed a butt lift to correct my problems, that there not a result of the procedure he preformed. Leaving me broke, an saving money to find someone to correct me. Trully miserable an i feel robbed of the confidence i was suppose to gain,not including the feeling of being complete from the inside out.

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this doctor was highly recommended,years of experience , but patients wasnt his priority, money must have been. i was assured that the procedure would improve my shape,a smoother contour,i trully fill that the procedure didnt fail me with my poor results, the surgeon did. i was told after this ,, a reliable plastic surgeon would offer revision procedures at his cost, to resolve or meet the patients desire results. my plastic surgeon hasnt offered to correct anything.

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