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Hi, everyone! So, I've been lurking around this...

Hi, everyone! So, I've been lurking around this site since I decided to have rhinoplasty and have found a wealth of info that has been helpful and decided it was time to start my own review. I have shared my decision to have surgery with a lot of people but if anyone sees this then I guess they will know. Like most of you, I have always felt that my nose has dominated my face and wanted to change it. My profile is awful, small hump but very prominent and pointy & from the front my nose is wide and bulbous. Now that I'm 40 I feel like it's time to stop wanting, and go for it. I have done a huge amount of research and been to two consultations, the first of which went ok but I didn't feel like I should make a decision without shopping around some more. Thank goodness I did! After expanding my search area from D.C. to Baltimore, I found some great reviews for Dr. Capone in Baltimore. The consultation with him was a difference from night and day from the first consult. He spent at least an hour with me, talking and asking me what I did and did not like about my nose instead of just telling me what was wrong with it. He is very personable and talked to me as if I was an equal and explained the processes of what he would recommend. He also examined my nose thoroughly and determined that I could benefit from septoplasty as well as just the aesthetic aspect of the surgery ( which by the way he did not gouge up the price). He let me know that his goal as a rhinoplasty surgeon is to have each patient breathe better, or at least as well as they did before surgery. The first surgeon simply asked me how my breathing is, I said ok most of the time, end of conversation.
Next one of his assistants took tons of photos of various angles that Dr. Capone will work with and I will see the results on my visit on the 22nd. This is much more reassuring than the simple side and front photos taken at the previous surgeon who only brought up my frontal photo and squeezed the sides in to make my nose narrower. It didnt even really look any different other than narrower. So, needless to say, I'm excited to see what Dr.C will have to show and discuss with me! I will update soon after.

Pre-op today

Pre-op appointment went well today. I really liked the digital imaging photos. As bulbous as my nose is, for some reason I am even more excited about what my new profile will look like than front view. Maybe it is because you can't always tell when someone is seeing your profile and how awful it is, so you get more sensitive about it??
Anyway, got all of my paperwork, pre and post op instructions, prescriptions etc. Now just need to get my physical and I'm all set for May 13 at 9:30.
Oh, we also discussed the possibility of a small chin implant to balance out my face- which I'm considering. Will have to see about finances before I can make a decision.
Thats all for now, except more and more excitenent and nerves setting in..but mostly excitement!

Side View Imaging

Here is what my profile will look like, hopefully. I've heard that the actual results are "softer" then the digital image. Good riddance pointy nose!

Well This is Just Great..

So I have my pre-op bloodwork and exam scheduled for Monday and now I think I'm getting sick! I have had a scratchy throat all day and felt like I'm losing my voice. Now I am starting to feel generally bad all over. I have a ton of things to do over the weekend so I don't really have the option of lying around/ resting. I'm running out if time to get this pre op done before the 13th. I wonder if I have a cold or flu, will that mess up my bloodwork? I think its just the white blood count they check.

Feeling Better

I have been drinking lots if orange juice and eating well & I am starting to feel better today. Hoping I will be 100% by Monday for my exam. Thanks, guys, for all of the advice and well-wishes :)

One Week Before Surgery!

So, by this time next week I should be in surgery or in the recovery room. I have almost everything I will need ready. I have bought plenty of fruit juice, bottled water, Tylenol, Neosporin, ice packs, etc. I bought some Ensure to drink in case my appetite is bad or it hurts to eat much. Bought a recliner, humidifier and neck pillow.
I still need to pick up a few odds and ends, including a new pair of PJ's with a button up top, which I plan to wear home since I will be riding 1 1/2 to 2 hours home & want to be comfortable. Hey, if people wear them at Walmart, I can wear them home from surgery! Lol.
I had my pre op exam/bloodwork yesterday, they even did an EKG which was good. I have been sick with allergies/ colds, etc on and off for a few months which is unusual for me but I believe it is due to grief from losing my brother unexepectedly back in October. I let myself go a little, health-wise, for a little while. So, I hope everything comes back ok and I will be ready to go!

About Post-Op Tip Swelling..

Ok, so I know that I should expect tip swelling for months, does anyone know if occasional cold compress will help with that? I plan to ask the Dr about that but I was wondering if anyone has tried it (or been instructed not to) after the first initial weeks after surgery?


Thought I would add a couple more before pics. 3 more days to go! My surgery has been moved from 9:45 to 11:30 on Tues. Gonna be harder on my poor nerves ;)

Surgery Day!

I am excited and getting pretty nervous. I slept pretty well last night because I was exhausted from a busy day. Usually I don't eat breakfast, but since I can't eat or drink of course I'm starving this morning :) Well, wish me luck! I will post again this evening if I am feeling up to it.

All Done, Feeling Pretty Good, and the Washington Wizards are up by 7!

Hi, everyone. I want to thank everyone who sent positive comments and thoughts :)
Well the surgery went well and I have been home since around 6 p.m. I ended up being much less nervous this morning than I expected to be. In fact, more than anything I was hungry! My boyfrien and imI arrived at the surgical center around 11:15. I paid my bill, filled out a few forms and was brought back to change into my gown. After a few minutes, Dr. Capone came and we went over what he would be doing which was septoplasty, turbinate reduction and of course the cosmetic part of the procedure. He asked me if I was nervous and I could truthfully say only a little. I felt very at ease with him and also all of the nurses and the anesthesiologist ( who's name I cant remember right now but he was very nice).
Finally the nurse walked me to the OR where I was asked to lie down and the nurse put some sick things on my legs for circulation and the anesthesiologist added something to my IV which made me very happy lol. Someone asked me the ages of my kids and thats the last thing I remember until a nurse was waking me up and assuring me that everything was ok.
I'm not going to lie, I felt rough when I first woke, my nose hurt a bit and I generally felt not the best. I felt better after I was given some pain meds and ate a little apple sauce. After an hour or so I was helped to dress and ready to go home. I was a bit nauseous on and off for a couple of hours, and hot flashes but that might have been partly due to riding in the car for so long.
So anyway I feel pretty decent now and hope I have a good night and manage some sleep.
I can already see a diffetence in my nose and I think Im gonna be very happy! I can't tell what it looks like from the side because of the cast but the tip looks cute even though my nostrils look huge from being held open by the internal splints. will update more tomorrow..


Excuse my typos. The nurse actually placed socks on my legs, not sicks lol.

Recovery Room & Ride Home

Day after surgery- so far, so good

I feel pretty good today now that neausea has let up. Very little swelling/ bruising so far but i won't count my chickens yet as they say ;) I have been taking Arnica pellets and also using Arnica gel faithfully so maybe that is the reason. The bleeding has almost stopped so I just have a piece of rolled up Kleenex taped under the incision. My neighbor busted me as I was sweeping my back porch so I came back in and sat down in front of the TV lol. I cant see my profile at all but love what I can see so far, although I can tell the tip is very swolen. Can't wait to get these splints out, they are very uncomfortable in there! But I have had goid airflow and can breath well most of the time. I get a little congested between saline sprays but so far it clears up afterward and pain meds have been working well to keep me comfortable. Looking forward to next Tues and cast removal!

Day 3

WelI guess things get worse before they get better. Got the bruises after all. Had a sore throat yesterday from drainage and nothing seemed to help much. Its hard because the splints prevent me from getting any mucus/ bloody drainage out so it go to my throat. After hours of throat pain I kind of choked out a hard little ball of something black that must have been lodged in my nasal passages or whatever and it felt better, but still a little sore. Sorry, gross!
Bruises gradually got worse as the day progressed but I thought they would because I bruise easily and it didnt make sense that I didnt get any.
I am so looking forward to getting these splints out, they are the worst part and are extremely uncomfortable!
Otherwise I am still doing pretty well. I feel like my nose is huge, but I know it is very swollen and will get better.

Day 4

Feeling well today, just a bit if a headache- similar to a head cold. Stitches are a little sore but otherwise can't complain. So, what do you guys think of what my prifile might look like? My nose doesn't look small but didn't expect it to. I think the side view is greatly improved already, not so pointy! I'm getting really really excited about cast removal on Tues :)))

3 Days Until Cast Removal/ question..

I am feeling more like myself today. There is less discomfort in my nose because the incisions are healing and not feeling as if they are pulling so much. The incision itself looks great and I don't think it will be noticeable at all when it is completely healed. I haven't had any significant drainage from my nose for a couple of days, so other than the darn splints my nose feels ok.
On the other hand, my bruises are pretty unsightly today) but most of the swelling in my face is gone. Does anyone know if the splints make the nostrils seemed to look more flared? I know my nose is swollen and the tip is hard and stiff but I'm wondering if it will look any different when the splints are pulled out?


Couple of photos to show the difference so far. I'm so excited :)

Bottom view comparison

Cast came off..

I had a maddening itch around 2 a.m. so I was sort of twitching my nose and I could feel my cast start sliding down. It was just sitting there so of course i took it off. I felt like a naughty child, but really it wasn't attatched at all.
When I first saw my nose, I just stared for about a minute wondering if I liked it or not. Like everyone has told me, I wasn't impressed at first. It was shapeless and swollen but the more I looked I could see the changes under the swelling. And I loved it! My nose is still me, only better! I didn't ask for or want a small nose- just my own nose that had a nicer tip and better profile and that is just what I see when I look past the swelling. I'm so pleased so far :))
I called the PS office and was instructed to ice my face a bit and try to use my cast if I can until tomorrow when I get these darn splints and stitches taken out. I value unbiased opinions, so what do you guys think? I know it looks a little funny yet, and I have to be patient.


Does anyone know if its ok to wear make up one week out? I know I cant get it near my incisions but my skin is ugggghhh

One week Post-op

Got my stitches and splints out- what a relief! It wasn't bad at all and only took a minute. Finally I can taste food and have my sense of smell back. We stopped at Five Guys and I inhaled a huge burger on the way home :)
I was right, the splints were making my nose look wider from bridge to nostrils. My nose is slimmer without them and I already feel better about the way I look and am very grateful that I was able to do this, and grateful to Dr. Capone for making my nose look better without over-doing it. Here are a few photos.

Bruises go away!

I am still so bruised. They have settled into crescents under my eyes mostly and seem to not have faded any in days. Make-up doesn't really cover them. I have given up waiting and been out shopping, etc since it looks like they are here to stay for a little while. Does anyone have any suggestions on whether there is something I can do to speed up the fading, or even a good product to cover them up?

11 Days Post-Op

I didn't feel very well yesterday. I had some congestion, especially on one side. Felt like a sinus infection but I know its normal to still get stuffy since my sinuses aren't healed yet. It was awful for most of the evening. I had some mucus (felt like a gob) stuck in there- too far up to flush out and not far enough to sort of sniff in to spit out. Sorry, I know that's gross but I guess we have all had some gross moments lately lol. I had a headache most of the day from it.
Feeling better today, although my nose looks and feels pretty swollen, especially the front/tip. It's funny how one minute my nose seems great and the next its bulbous and huge lol. I know it is going to take time to settle. My stubborn bruises do look slightly lighter this morning which is good.

Is it just me, or..

Why is it that I think my nose looks so much larger in photos? In the mirror it looks so much smaller and cuter but when I take a photo, it lookes bigger and I can't see the definition in the tip nearly as well? Am I crazy or has anyone else noticed this? Maybe I am just looking at it too much lol.

2 Wks. Post-op

Thought I would post a few photos to show the progression of my swelling getting better. It might help anyone who is freaking out right after cast removal to see that it does get better! I still have swelling but it is going down gradually.

Well, trying to get photos to upload..

One more try :/

18 Days Post-Op

Just wanted to do a quick update now that I am almost 3 weeks post op. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! I feel great in general- only occasional congestion that still comes and goes but I know that my sinuses aren't healed yet and that's normal. Most of the time, I breath so much better than ever before, it feels like 100% out of BOTH nostrils for a change! My nose still has some swelling, mainly the tip, but I can see a positive change almost daily and I know that I don't have a "perfect" nose but it is greatly improved and I am loving it :)
I wanted to upload a few photos that would show my progress because I think it is helpful for people to see how much their nose will change as the days pass, but I still can't get more than one photo to upload at a time, not sure why?? Here is one that I took this morning.

2 months

So, in a few days I will be two months post-op already. I am noticing that the changes in my nose are happening slower now and everything is still going well. Some days my nose is more swollen than others since it is still pretty early in the healing stages. Now I am mainly waiting for the "shrink-wrap" phase so that my nose will get more defined- the tip is still a little tender and bigger than I expect for the final result. In a month I will have my first "after" photos taken in the Dr.'s office. I still haven't had anyone notice that I have had my nose done, except for the ones I have told. At least, nobody has asked and I haven't noticed any strange looks or confused stares :) Dr. Capone was true to his word that the change would be subtle, yet to me it makes a world of difference. I went out and bought a nice pair of sunglasses yesterday (something I have always avoided because I felt like it brought too much attention to my nose).
I no longer have any congestion or stuffiness in my nose/sinuses which is great. Overall- so glad I finally did this!

3 month update

It's been 3 months since my surgery and I am happy with my nose and breathing wonderfully. I still think my nose looks better in person than in photos, but I have never been very photogenic in general. My profile is much nicer and I don't feel like I have a big beak on my face anymore. No regrets at all :) I am still having a problem uploading photos (jpeg files so I have no idea why), so I will ask the an administrator to add them to this update asap.

7 months update

Well it has been 7 months since my rhinoplasty and I feel great about my decision to do it for myself. I no longer feel insecure about my profile, especially. Do I have a tiny button nose? No... but what I do have is a very nice improvement, a nose that fits my face- and more confidence. Thank you, Dr. Capone!

One Year Update

So I haven't updated in quite a while but in a week it will be a full year since my surgery. Still doing great and happy with my results. My left side is slightly less defined than the right but I don't believe it is noticeable to anyone except for me- and considering my "before" nose, I am extremely satisfied. The only remnant left of surgery is a slight tingly feeling at the bottom which I only notice if I happen to rub the area. I have been doing Botox for my 11's because now that I like my nose, I wanted to improve a few other things about myself :) I haven't done a review for that but I have had pretty good results although it is expensive.
Anyway, I'm doing well and hope you all are too!

Two Years Post surgery

I can't believe that next month will be two years since my surgery! I don't think about my nose much these days and feel totally comfortable with my face. I love that I no longer feel insecure about my nose, especially my profile. My nose is closer to my face so my profile and 3/4 angle are so much nicer than before! No one has asked me if I have had surgery, although Im sure some have wondered. I have had no problems breathing other than when I have my usual allergies. Still very happy with this decision and also with my choice of surgeon. Thanks, Dr. Randolph Capone!
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon

I couldn't be happier about choosing Dr. Capone for my rhinoplasty. He is thorough, personable, and professional. He took plenty of time to explain and discuss with me the procedure and was honest about what would be reasonable expectations for the results. The surgery itself was low-stress and he took the time to personally check on me after I was home. I am thrilled about my new nose! It looks very natural and finally fits my face. Dr. Capone is a top- notch surgeon. Also, the office is very nice and his staff is very friendly and helpful. Wonderful experience overall!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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