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I have a 20 year history of crippling migraines. I...

I have a 20 year history of crippling migraines. I would try imitrex and thought I was cured and then would become immuned to it same with zomig, fiornal w/codine, maxalt...the list is long. I went through MAYO for answers..nothing. I might go a month with no migraine....then BOOM everyother day for 2 months. I missed half of every week with either a headache or waking up from demerol/phenergan injections during middle of the night emergency rooms. Many times wished I could remove my head or just not wake up. I look back now and that thought makes me so sad that I felt I had no options but pain. 2years ago our clinic added "esthetico" which is a skin rejuvination/laser peels/facials/ and YES BOTOX. I received 16-22 injections and it cost somewhere around $400-$450 which wasnt covered by insurance no matter how you tried to explain its use....COSMETIC PROCEDURE...END OF STORY.

Oh my was I in a whole new world...3 months went by and no headache of any kind...went in for 2nd treatment (4 per year) and have been pain free up until last week as I couldnt make my appointment and never rescheduled. I took feeling good for granted cuz the migraine showed its ugly face and 2 trips to the ER in 3 days and then slept for 2 days and the next thing I new a week had passed and I kicked myself for not getting in there in time. Do you know what it costs to go to the ER/get iv/stay overnite due to my blood pressure in stroke level & pain meds...$2000 each day without any of my deductible me for the first time in 2 years!!!!! I hate reading on here the ignorant "lucky" people that dont know what head pain, sensitive to any noice or light, vomiting and laying on the bathroom floor til morning cuz you cant see to drive and therefore you wait til your husband comes home and finds you hours later and takes you to hospital. Good for you and your narrow view of botox and it only having a cosmetic use for the priviledged. You just put yourself in a "duh Im stupid" club...but you probably have heard that all your life...right?

All you sufferers...with years of documented migraine treatment and failures...FDA approved Botox as a medically necessary treatment for alot of migraine patients not only for proof of use but also not as cosmetic as it isnt injected in the typical wrinkle areas ...anyway not for me. but I dont care cuz smiling and not scowling in pain added to my looking younger. Do your research to find the qualified botox services and dont go for cheapest. Drop me a note a month after you try it. I pray it works for you too.

I rambled on and on and forgot the best

I rambled on and on and forgot the best insurance is paying for the botox!! I thing about me...I was the biggest pain in their ass each of the 4 times they denied. I had to pay for extensive research back 20 years in my medical a hefty copy fee...get anybody who knew me to write letters in my behalf regarding the migraine miracle I have received. Oh...I also got an estimate of the charges over the last 20 years in the ER/hospital and also what it would cost to have a neurosurgeon perform an operation for $50000+ that may or may not work. THIS WORKS PERIOD!! So explain it to your controller/supervisor of your insurance company who you need to talk to about cost effectiveness or which television station you should visit to tell your story about how they are knowingly contributing to the rise in health care costs/premiums foolishly. Migraine isn't sexy business...but it effects MANY PEOPLE and COSTS ALOT!! Meanwhile the insurance claim adjuster keeps denying the $400 claim 3x per (1600 year) due to COSMETIC procedure and pays the ER trips @$2000 per visit x 25 or more times per year @ $50000 less a deductible of $1000 of course. LOL

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