33 Years Old, 34DD Natural, 113lbs. Breast Lift with Implants. Baltimore,MD

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I have natural 34DD breasta. Unfortunately they...

I have natural 34DD breasta. Unfortunately they have always been hanging and sagging even in my teen years. I've always wanted to do something about that. Yesterday I did it! Cross your fingers for a smooth recovery for me! Day one after the surgery leaves me sore and tired but not overly so. Pain rates a 6 on the 10 scale.

Day 2 Post Op

Today was definitely a bad day for me. Luckily my nurse called and checked on me yesterday and prewarned me that I would be feeling a bit worse. I started a fever, slept most the day, and had the worst headache ever. I couldn't even begin to concentrate enough to watch tv or use my phone. By the late evening I took an Advil. I didn't want to take the pain meds and the Advil really helped kick my headache. BTW, You can't open pill bottles after surgery! I don't have the strength to do so. Having no kids I've left all pill bottles open for easy access.

I made myself eat some veggies then napped some more. I'm feeling SO much better now.

My breast still feel tight with a dull pain where the stitches are. I think I'm scaring myself by looking at all of the bad lift stories though (so no more of that!) I'm incredibly swollen, even under my armpits. Pretty sure my belly is swollen as well. Hopefully I'll feel as good as I do now in the morning.

day 2 post op photos

Images. Looks funny from the side view but I think when the swelling starts to go down and the impants drop it's going to look great.

day 3 Post Op. Full above and well, below!

I feel so full, and tight. My incision is tender but the uncomfortable feeling is from my full tight breasts and the fact that it is Friday and well, I haven't had a bowel movement since Monday! Good lord I'm 9 lbs heavier of just fluids and needing to poop!.

Dinner: triskets, stone weat thins, peanuts, and yes... its time for a stool softener.

This is one heck of an unexpected side effect of surgery. Mission poop is ON!

image update.

They are looking awesome! Every now and then I feel a twittering tingle in my left breast. The bruising is starting to yellow and the tape comes off Monday!

Back pain/ tired/ small temperature. Otherwise ready to start work again!

I had my first follow up appt. It was a little weird as if they weren't prepared for me. The nurse said everything looked ok and to start massaging.

I think I've actually decided to wait another week though. I have some bruising underneath and down my ribs a bit. One boob is itchy, the other is tender and sore along the incision line and bruising.

I just don't want to further irritate anything and most everything I've read says to start the massaging after the strips are removed.

Otherwise I'm dealing with problems sleeping (my back is outright killing me). I'm still incredibly and uncomfortably bloated, and I keep running a small 99.6ish fever every now and then.

Healing looks great but I just feel tired as heck. Today is a bit better with the energy coming back.

I got VitC pills and will start taking 1000mg a day along with multivitamins.

I did spend the day trying on my clothing, good lord my boobies look fantastic in everything!! :)

I'll update again with my next appointment!

love my boobies!

Yay for boobies!

SteriStrips Removed

So I had my second follow up appt today. I once again feel conflicted because my PS left the office and couldn't see me. I really appreciate the help of the girls in the office but I did want my follow up with my DR. They know what potential problems to look out for and can spy beginning issues that could require attention.

Anyhow, we had my strips removed and a few sutures snipped off (ouch!). I had some slight bleeding after. I was told that my nipples are puffed (i don't even know what that means) and to start my scar treatment if I'd like as well as massage around the nipples to help.

I've attached an update image. I'm still so happy that I did this but now I'm afraid of this next healing weeks to come. Lord knows everyone has sutures popping out and holes appearing during weeks 3-6. I'm petrified of that happening. The young nurse told me to clip the sutures if a strand pops out and don't panic if a wound appears, just call or email pictures and they'll help me out.

I just feel different without the strips, almost conflicted. I'm so happy I got this breast lift, but now I suddenly feel so nervous and afraid and I dont know why. I don't know, maybe I'm feeling this way because I haven't had the follow ups I'd expected (no doctor). I feel a bit alone recovering. Or maybe im just pmsing. LOL.

3 Weeks! others negatively and 1st post op sex.

So I'm officially just past my 3 week post date. I cannot express just how much this change has helped me.

I love that no one knows I've had this surgery and that the change is only obvious when undressed. I've had one ex coworker attack me verbally for getting the lift and I shut her down. She stated that me doing this changed how she thought of me. In a negative manner. I did this for me, and it has changed the way I think of myself in an overwhelmingly positive manner. I wouldn't exchange that and certainly don't need to defend my choice at all. Period.

First post op sex, I felt beautiful and curved. I was proud of the scars vs hiding my boobs in a bra. It was such a change not dealing with my hanging breasts. It was such a freeing experience that I've always wanted. The reality was even better. Love, love, love my curved breasts!

Thus far im still sore and careful. I napped on my side and enjoyed every bit of it with a stuffed teddy wedged as support for my breasts. I don't want to get over confident as I know weeks 2-5 generally have sutures working out but thus far everything looks and feels good.

Im already running out of scar guard and bought bio oil today. I might start the silicone strips in a day or two.

????????????? my surgery results!!! It's taking everything in me to NOT go shopping yet. Gotta wait till its all settled!

I'm loving it!

Healing so great!!

I'm still not used to them though. I'll stare in the mirror trying to figure out how they feel and look. I've looked at my before images and it blows my mind how lovely they look now.

This was a fantastic decision. I'm starting to exercise this week. Still havent gone bra shopping. They fit my old bras differently, I guess because I no longer need the extra support and hold up.

I have one pin sized hard spot. Feels like a stitch poking from the inside. Crossing my fingers that it desolves and doesn't work itself out.

String bikinis! My newest love...

Several Months later!

Still loving my boobies.

Scares are still underneath and lightly red but as you can see concealer covers them nicely. When I lift my arms I get an odd coned shape but it's not too bad. I'm not sure if things are still settling or not and if that will go away. Arms down, LOVE the shape and curves of my breasts. With so much real breast tissue on top I still jiggle and pop out of tops as I always did. Still gotta lift and tuck in my bras.

Nipples are super sensitive but feeling is returning. Underneath is still a bit numb.

Hope the update helps!!!!

Feeling unsure

I feel as though they are droopy again. I swear they had more cleavage 2 months ago. Now I feel as though there is no upper fullness and my skin is loose. I guess all of the swekling has officially left.

Made a followup appointment. I opted for larger implants then I recieved. I'm wondering if that is why my top isn't full? I want a nice tight cleavage, not hanging stretch marks and loose skin! My areolas are so large feeling as well. They were always large but never noticeable with soft blended lines. The scars make the edges pronounced and I feel like I have a cartoon animated characters areolas.

I'm feeling incredibly upset. When I made my followup the assistant said "oh, we haven't seen you since surgery." Meanwhile I went to my follow-ups and both times the doctor wasn't available to see me. I saw nurses instead.

Has anyone else felt upset and unsure this far along after recovering?

Implant swap out for upper pole fullness!

Well I had surgery two days ago to help achieve that upper pole fullness I lost. Dr. Cohen was awesome and completely understood my concerns. I didnt come home with the implant tags thistime but I'm pretty sure he said he swapped my 350cc out for 500cc. So far it's nice and full! He removed some extra tissue as well.

6 Days Implant Exchange/Revision

So I'm just under a week and I've had my first post op follow-up. Thus far I have more details. First surgery I opted for 390cc implants and received 300cc/350ccimplants. Everything was great until after the 7th month when I seemed to drop and losse all upper fullness. Month 10 I made a followup and insisted on seeing Dr.Cohen to discuss options and me being unhappy with the lack of fullness. This was the first time he actually saw me after surgery and he really listened and understood how I was feeling.

We planned out our implant exchange and revision.

Cohen covered the revision, I covered the new implants (2700). At this point I want boobs that look like the $13000 I've spent! Understandably so.

Surgery day came and went. I now have 500cc Mentor memory gel HP. I absolutely love how they look! Dr. Cohen said after the surgery that he took more skin away and that they shouldn't change much from where they are. I kinda feel like he did another mini lift and tweaked things to really try and help perfect my final look.

I really hope they don't drop too much but from I'm reading there's nothing to stop them from dropping like normal. I want to love them but I'm so afraid that they wont stay as is! LOL.???? if I get attached will they deflate like last time or is it okay to go ahead and fall in love with my boobies?

The incisions underneath hurt, itch, and feel numb. Theres a bit of a sharp pain when I reach to the left or right, up, or down. The implants already feel soft and pretty though.

My next followup is nxt week but its likely that they just want to take pics and remove the strips.

I'm tired from the whole sleeping on my back thing. I really do love my boobies again though! Crossing my fingers that they wont droop and deflate again. Please, oh please stay with me this time upper pole fullness!!!!

Doctor Cohen was both amazing and knowledgeable. He immediately understood why I wanted a breast lift (with implants to replace what gets removed from the lift) and came up with the best plan of action to achieve the look I wanted. The staff was warm and caring while helping me with the preop procedures and my recovery. Wonderful team as a whole. I wasn't expecting perfection but Dr. Cohen and his team definitely gave me better results then I ever dreamed possible. Definitely Recommend!

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