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I went to Dr. Pratt to exchange my saline breast...

I went to Dr. Pratt to exchange my saline breast implants for silicone and, at the same time, explore the possibility of shaping up a portion of my saddle bag area that seemed out of proportion with the rest of my body. I was very fit and had a great shape (I LOVED my shape, as I asserted to Dr. Pratt, before the surgery!), but there was just an isolated area (that literally fit inside the palm of my tiny hand) that was resistant to exercise that I wanted "refined." Dr. Pratt agreed that I only needed "very little" done there. I was horrified after the swelling went down from my surgery to find that Dr. Pratt had literally lipo'd my hips away, and in areas that I specifically told him I loved and didn't want touched. (Oh, and I ended up with a breast one cup size larger than the other, and one low profile implant and one high-profile implant (even though I told Pratt that I didn't like high profile implants). I was just much more concerned with the botched lipo than my breasts, so I let it go.) I looked like a boy (and a number of reputable, board-certified surgeons have agreed with me). Much worse, though, I was left with an extreme gluteal crease deformity (if you don't know what this is, look it up; it's gross) on both sides, I had a 2'X3" concave area in my lower outer thigh that was literally sucked down to the muscle and burnt into a horrible bruise, a hollow path leading to that concave area (that was obviously where the canula "slipped"), and two completely different thighs in both appearance and size. As if that was not bad enough, Dr. Pratt first pretended like he didn't see the deformities I was pointing out to him (and they were glaringly obvious; others have cried after looking at them) and then circle-talked me in an attempt to believe it wasn't a big deal and that I was overreacting and he could remedy the situation. After I made my complaints to Dr. Pratt and his staff, it was nearly impossible to get a return call from any of them, so that it took me over a month and a half to get my medical records (and I was calling them constantly, only to be told they'd call me back later or they'd have them ready for me "tomorrow"). Once I did get my records and take them to a few different plastic surgeons, I was told that my deformity (and, yes, they actually called it a deformity, and it is listed in my current medical record as a deformity) would never be fully reparable. I was turned away by two doctors (who didn't see how they could possibly fix it), before finding a doctor who specializes in reconstructive surgeries to take my case. Now, $10,000 later (and that's not counting the money I spent on my original surgery with Dr. Pratt), I am much better off, both physically and emotionally, but I know I still have a long way to go. I will never be the same, and I regret the day I chose Broc Pratt to perform my surgery.
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