27 days post op

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Hello ladies, Well I have been reading all your...

Hello ladies, Well I have been reading all your amazing stories for some time now and it has helped so thought I would share. Im a mom to two amazing children, oldest will be 6 in may and my youngest will be 3 June. Im currently 5'5 154 (although in my eyes I feel a lot heavier). Im going to have tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo of the flanks on April 25. I am a ball of emotions! I thought I would be okay till the day of my tummy tuck but I purchased a hospital bed today (also supplement, cough drops, etc that I found on the April 2013 forum) and it made me want to back out . I feel a tummy tuck is all I think about and I spend most my free time looking at photos and stories on realself. I can't wait till I see what the skinny me looks like. 10 days and nervously counting!! Any advice is appreciated :-)

5 days and few hours left till my TT. I get...

5 days and few hours left till my TT. I get butterfly thinking about it. Worried more of what could go wrong as my two kiddos count on me for everything! My husband is taking Thursday and Friday off from work. So he'll be with me four days than its back to work. It will be my 34 month old daughter and me (that sounds scary)!! I'm a only child and my mother passed in 2010 so I don't really have family close to help. I have only told my aunt about my surgery and all the other family members will stay in the dark. I picked up my prescription this morning and thank goodness my husband has good insurance for us. I have read about some women paying almost $100 for their prescription with insurance. My total was $15 for the three prescriptions. I have had a few messages wondering why I purchased the hospital bed. Guess I really didnt think to write about it before but My home is two story's and I feel it would be best not to climb all my stairs to lay in bed. I do have a recliner and a couch that reclines but I just want to be able to somewhat rest. So my husband and I have moved our china cabinet and parked my bed in our dinning room. Which it bothers me being there as I like things to be in their place! I plan on using the hospital bed for 2 weeks then I selling it. So lady if your in the charlotte lake Norman area, look for it on Criagslist in May. It will be cheap to get it out my house!! Anyways I have rambled enough! Stay strong to all on the flat side and good luck to those of us that are still waiting!

Oh my GoSH!!! That's how I feel lol. Am I really...

Oh my GoSH!!! That's how I feel lol. Am I really going to do this tomorrow or am I going to be a CRAZY women and hide!?! My surgery time is 12:30 have to be there at 11:30 but still waiting on the conformation call that I am supposed to recieve! I have everything lined up and car pack. It feels like im going on a vacation. Suppose being put to sleep for three hours (no interruptions) is a nice vacation for this mommy! I'm praying everything goes smooth with no complications! Although I started my period Tuesday, the nurse said it should be okay to still move forward with the surgery. How embarrassing this is going to be!!! Monday, I started my Botanical kit that my surgeon gave me. It's two pills three times a day three days prior to surgery. The kit includes Arnica that ill take after the surgery. My husband jokes that I have swallowed a bottle of stool softeners but since the birth of my 2nd child, things only move every three or five days. I'm trying not to be one of those that back up and bloat from constipation. BUT I do have milk a magnesia by my hospital bed along with the bottle of stool softeners that I have swallowed lol! I purchased compression socks from target last night and my house about had a fell over when he saw its was $21 for one pair. When my husband get nervous he makes jokes about things and I've gotten used to it after 10 years but I would just like some positive comments from him. I feel I'm going at this alone... My husband won't be able to walk in or sit with me before surgey because he'll have our kids with him. With non of my friends knowing, I haven't been able to talk to anyone but my great realself TT sisters!!! Im very Thankful for you guys!!!!! Flat side.. Here I come!!

Got the call! lol!! Surgery is at 9:45 have to be...

Got the call! lol!! Surgery is at 9:45 have to be there at 9am. Not sure why the time got moved! Thanks for all the support ladies!!! You guys have been a blessing!

I'm on the flat side and doing okay "fingers...

I'm on the flat side and doing okay "fingers crossed"! The nurses had to be the sweetest. I cried and cried some more before surgery. I was able to potty just fine and then I was discharged after a hour of recovery! Anastasia made me a bit dizzy and I still can't look quickly at things without being dizzy. Ride home wasn't to bed. Interstate for 50 or so minutes and the kiddos did fine with the ride! I'm now at home in the hospital bed sitting up and feet high as it will go. I peed again before getting in bed. My husband calls me Ms.independent because I haven't let him help me much. Pain is okay, I did cough on the way home and OUCH! But it went away so quickly I forgot about it. MR has to be the worse and I can't stop burping. My binder is so tight but that's okay with me. Well all you tummy Tucker's waiting, know its not too bed ( I have had to vaginal, medicine free births). Those on the flat side, take it slow and easy! All take care and please say alitte prayer for me! Thanks all TT sisters

One day post op and feel decent "knock on wood"....

One day post op and feel decent "knock on wood". Getting in and out of bed is the worst!!!! I'm taking one Vicodin every six hours along with my antibiotic and the supplements the doctor gave me. Haven't had any nausea so I haven't took any Phenergan. I've been going to the potty a lot for #1 no #2 yet. My CG is so tight I can hardly Breath but to scared to mess with it. My husband emptied the drains last night. I got really hot almost passed out (broke a sweat). Now I do NOT watch! Hospital bed has came in handy. I couldn't imagine being in a recliner. I'm starting to walk straighter, not sure if I should be. The incisions burn when walking but nothing unbearable. I have no complaints yet except for the CG being so tight, it hurts my ribs. I was so upset and cried from the moment the nurse but the IV in my to all the way to the surgery table.. As soon as I laid down I was out and don't remember anything between then and waking up in recovery. The nurses were so sweet! I just hope my results are great (the scar).

It's been a couple of days but I'm still kicking...

It's been a couple of days but I'm still kicking :) nothing really changed except I have horrible gas. I've been living on water, yogart, toast, stool softeners and MOM. Had my first BM this morning and it was very bad! Happy to relieve some gas that's been knocking around. I haven't attempted my first shower, To nervous to see it all. I have stop the Vicodin and doing 2 ibuprofen every six hours. Pains from the tummy tuck and MR isn't bad. Lipo on the flanks is painful!!! Left me feeling stiff and burning sensation. Hopefully will get pictures up soon

6 day post op: Everything seems to being...

6 day post op:
Everything seems to being going good! No pain meds since day 2 and no nausea at all. Three more antibiotic pills and six Bromelain pills and those are done. I drove on day 4 to pick my son up from school. Big Mistake! Hurt so bad to get in and out the car by myself. Husband picked him up yesterday and I was able to try again today. A little bit better, no so much pulling and pain this time. Did go this morning for my week follow up. Super swollen the nurse said ( dr was in surgery) but everything looked wonderful and I was progressing along fine. Weird thing, I thought I would be down and not able to do much of anything. That's not been the case- knock of wood! Day three I swept down stairs and went upstairs for a shower. I rushed my husband through the shower because being with CG and abdominal belt is tough!!! Feels like all air has been sucked out of me and I start to Panic. Day 4 i was left alone with my almost 3 year old and the day went to. day 5and 6 has gone the same. Now if I can get rid of all the swelling things would be so much brighter! Swelling is only in my lower part of my stomach. Oh and didn't get any drains removed today. My right drain only puts a total of 20cc and left is around 40cc. I've gotten used to them being there. They are just so hard to hide under Clothing! Maybe next week when I see the Dr! As far as results, I'm not sure..... Scar seems a bit high on the sides on my hip. Maybe it will lower over time. Belly button seems in a good place but don't know what I looks like yet (still has strips on). The doctor didn't talk to my husband after surgery, which we thought was somewhat rude. Supposedly she was in another surgery but you don't 'bump' another patient that was there first to make more money.... My opinon anyways. I was sent home with no instructions or not knowing how things went. Well enough venting, just hope her work is wonderful! Today after my appt, I've cleaned a little swept down stairs and picked my son up from school. Hope you guys are having a wonderful week and everyone stays positive!!!

I haven't updated this like I wanted to but...

I haven't updated this like I wanted to but nothing's really changed. I have no pain from the tummy tuck, just back pain (from lipo maybe). I am super stiff in the mornings or if I sit for longer than a hour. I have no problem cleaning, doing a load of clothes, or cooking. As long as its not heavy, I'm going to do it. Getting in the car is a challenge. I drive a bmw 5 series, not sure if its to close to the ground or maybe the seats but its such a pain!!! I've read elsewhere that getting in a car was hurtful but for me, it's getting in and out.
Well I walk my neighborhood after the kids are put to bed. Its a Perfect time for me since its some what dark and I dont have to worry about neighbors asking me why I'm walking bent. But my walking is getting alot better. I can finally take my binder and cg off to shower without feeling like the air has been sucked out of me.I still have both my drains although they aren't putting much fluid out (fluid has turned yellow). I go for my 2 week appt Monday and fingers crossed I will get both removed. I am constantly fighting with my CG and binder. CG bothers my drain sites and the binder is always riding up my belly ugh! I'm still puffy toward the bottom of my stomach. That Makes it hard to tell the results so Aggravating!!!! My pre surgery jean will not button but I'm down 5 lbs. I'm stuck wearing black yoga pants and a pretty shirt when I go out. Never had to dress up yoga pants, that's been funny for my husband to watch. I have to say, I live off pineapples and pineapple juice. Not sure if its actually helps. I've read so many TT say it does so I'm giving it a try! Just to update an earlier post- I had pre op lab work done and my insurance did not cover it. I know a few ladies asked about it. I was shocked when I received the bill BUT you win some and lose some... I Lost that one :/
I went back and read some of my other post and i must say.... sorry for the misspelled or wrong words. My 'know it all' iPhone seems to know what I'm thinking or Not!
I will add picture Soon. Most of my tummy pictures are on my husband phone! Stay strong TTers!

20 day post op: Can't say I feel or look like a...

20 day post op:

Can't say I feel or look like a million bucks ;) but I have come to terms.. time heals all. Hoping I see the light soon.
Went to the dr. Monday and had my right drain removed. Didn't hurt and I made sure not to watch!! Go back Friday to get the left removed. She took my strips off and my scar is very thin and flat above the private area. Almost looks like nothing has been done. Dr also said she didn't think I would need any scar therapy but I could use strips, tape, or mederma if I'd like. I also have an appt Tuesday for ultrasonic massage. I have lots of lower stomach swelling and its somewhat hard. She said she went to town on my flanks so hoping there will be no love handles when swelling goes down. Saturday and Sunday I slept in my own bed. Both night I woke up laying flat. I had kicked the pillows under my legs off the bed. I just know that I was going to be in pain but the only part was stiffness on my lower back from lipo. I managed to take my two kiddos to target. We did good but it did feel some pain from the MR when I picked up my three yr old to put her in the buggy. Other than that, I seem to be doing fine with everything. I have my tired days and days I just want to eat (maybe because I can't see my result the way I thought it was going to look) I've started back with my CLA from GNC. It helps curve my appetite some.

Finally pictures day 25

Uploading pictures like I have promised for the past 25 days! Everything health wise is great. Doctor said I could ditch the CG and wear the binder. Haven't done that yet. My son had a birthday party that I didn't wear my CG to and after 3 hours I was rushing to get home to put it on. My back was in so much pain, something like a pulled muscle. Once I got the CG one wrapped my binder real tight and put my feet up, I was one happy lady!!! Tuesday I go for my ultrasonic massage. Hopefully that will relieve this lower stomach swelling. I've started taking Turmeric pills and I'm seeing a big difference! Will keep those going for awhile. Let me know what you all think of my pictures.


25 days post op

Heading to the gym for the first time since my TT. Only trying the treadmill, don't want to push my luck

Morning picture

Had the ultrasonic massage yesterday. Looks like it made some improvement from yesterday. Hoping my 'granny belly' goes down more through out the day! Starting to see the bright side of my TT!

Morning picture

Had the ultrasonic massage yesterday. Looks like it made some improvement from yesterday. Hoping my 'granny belly' goes down more through out the day! Starting to see the bright side of my TT!

Two years later

So ladies, I am currently two years and going strong since my TT. I sure it's been almost two years since my last post (sorry). I have gone from a size 13 juniors to a comfortable 4 juniors. I do have my days when I want to snack or sneak a candy bar, but I've learned that a bite is SomeTimEs okay ????. I would say that my over all experience was okay. My Dr. And I have talked about taking more off my sides or maybe more lipo. She's not convinced that I need it, so I'm waiting it out.. I am also still 'pampering' my scar. Still a bit purple on the outsides with white in the middle of the scar . Well to finish up and get back to the kiddos... For the first time since high school (9th grade), I am comfortable laying out by the pool! Hopefully, it won't be another two years before I post again. I hope all the other TTers that I spoke with are doing great!!! Best of wishes to the new or waiting TTers ????

She seemed excited about what she could do for me. I felt she understood the look I am hoping to achieve.

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