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First, l am 58 y.o. and weigh 250 lbs. Yes, you...

First, l am 58 y.o. and weigh 250 lbs. Yes, you read it right so don't let any doctor tell u it can't be done. Oh, and I'm 5'6'' so l am definitely a big girl. I decided I was finally going to have a body I could be happy with before I turned 60. So at 58 I got serious. I was looking to have a mommy makeover eventhough I've never had a child. Trust me, age does the same thing as childbirth. As with most larger folks I've lost and gained hundreds if not a thousand lbs throughout my life and my body definitely shows the wear and tear.

Finally all paid up! Yay!

I paid the hospital which was $2125.00 for 3 hours. The anesthesiologist was $1070.00, there was a $100.00 consultation fee and a $500.00 nonrefundable deposit. I applied for a 12 month interest free loan from care credit, silly me. It seems the hospital and anesthesiologist offices can't accept care credit BC the card has no expiration date so it cannot be used like a credit card. I had to come out of pocket for all this. I was only able o charge the balance of the surgeon's fee which came to $6610.00. I thank God l could afford to pay or l would've had to forego my dreams. Not good. So fellow contemplators, you have been forewarned.
Now to start working on this list from my surgeon and the one l comprised from reading an excellent profile titled, Living my life like it's Golden. She is very thorough in her updates. I encourage everyone thinking about this procedure to check it out. Until next time.

Stopping all meds

Hello good ppl,
Well, I am stopping all meds today as instructed by my doctor. I tale meloxicam for arthritis Iin my knee but I think that's more out of habit than need. I had gel injections in my knees and they actually worked so I'm sure I'll be fine without them. Now as far as diet goes....I am truly a foodie so with that being said, iI havebeen eating all my favorites b4 the surgery bc that's all done after. I am contemplating posting my before pictures. I might need some liquid courage for that to happen. But I know how much photos helped me so I guess I'll bite the bullet. Stay tuned for photos.

Pre op pics....

Need i say more....


It has been brought to my attention that some may have misinterpreted my blog as being apologetic for my weight. Nothing could be further from the truth. I consider myself a proud, brownie-carrying pioneer for ppl of my size and weigh,t as there aren't any other blogs comparable on this website. With that being said, I'm 5 days away from the big day:) I can say I'm anxiously excited to begin my journey on the "flat-side!" I just received my contour bedmax pillow so I'm all set.
this was recommended by another blogger who didn't want to purchase a recliner, like myself. Hope this helps......


I just realized you can't see the pillow on my previous post so here is the pillow.

One pix with clothes pretty op

Just documenting. ...


I have 3 days b4 my surgery. Today l started taking Bromelain/Quercetin, a natural supplement which helps when your body has gone through physical stress and anxiety. It is also an anti-inflammatory. Check it out, my surgeon recommended it. I got my walker, shelf grabber, to pick up anything l may drop BC we can't bend, a shower chair, a toilet seat extender, bed pads, adult diapers, panty liners (for dressing the wound), also recommended by my surgeon, oh, and l also started bathing with Hibiclens, antibacterial soap. So I'm ready to go. Hope this pre-op list helps someone. Later I'll tell you which of them l actually used:-)


The night before and the worst thing happened

So l get the call to arrive at the hospital at 6 a.m. which was great BC that means l would be the first patient of the day. Half hour later l get a call from my surgeon, not her office, her. She asked me if the hospital called. I said yes l have to be at the hospital at 6 a.m. she said yes it's imperative that you get there at 6 sharp BC you're missing a preoperative test! WITH!!! Apparently l need an EKG! So now l have to rush and get an EKG before surgery tomorrow and pray the results clear me for the surgery. Pray for me....see you on the flat side.

First day post op

Good Googah moogah! I made it over to the flat side but boy oh boy does it hurt. I had to get a EKG the morning of my surgery BC my primary neglected to give me one. Thanks to all the encouragement l received, it really helped put my mind at ease. Now on to what I'm experiencing now. My doctor prescribed 1 hydrocodone acetaminophen 7.5 325 mg every 6 hours. That did not work at all. I set my alarm for 2:30 am as l see in so many posts. Well, after about 45 minutes, no relief. I had to double the subscription and take 2 Tylenol to get my pain to be manageable. I am wearing a diaper and using the waterproof pads. That is working great. I was able t to get up and have my husband wash me up and change my diapers. Then I had scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast and some tea so now I'm back embed and dozing off until it's time for my next medication. So I'm hanging in there.

ran olah!


It is 4:30 a.m. I set my alarm to go off then so l could keep up with my pain management. I wasn't in unbearable pain like yesterday morning thank goodness but l don't want to be either so 1 hydrocodone and 2 extra strength Tylenol. I may not have a functioning liver after this but l won't be in pain either:-)
I have read where some ppl are singing their husbands praises. Well l will say my experience has not been rosy. My husband is a control freak so we have had our moments. But after 23 years l guess l should be used to it:-) oh, l got my valentines day bouquet yesterday so that made me feel better. I'll say he's a good husband but a horrible care giver. LOL. MY contour bed pillow is a godsend. Ive been able to stay in a relatively good position throughout the night which is crucial to getting rest. Oh, I also take benaydryl at night to help me sleep. The OTC kind from the pharmacy. I've been taking that for years so it's nothing new. I also have my sister come in the day while my husbands at work. She has been great. I sleep in a diaper with chucks under me to prevent any leakage on my bed. My drain lid keeps opening up so we had to tape it down. I'm still bleeding on one side but it's lessening. Hope this helps.
I'll post more as l think of different things.



My meds were not allowing me to tolerate my pain without doubling the dose. Now I have zero Roland 10mg and percocet. Now my problem is I can't take NSAIDS bc I had gastric bypass surgery. And yes she is well aware of the surgery. So, do I take the new meds and pepto bismuth or stay with the old ones? I'm going to try the new ones and if the intestinal pain is too great it's back to the old ones. In any event the pain is subsiding day by day so I'm hanging in there.


Sorry typo

Higher oxycodone acetaminophen

Hey folks I think we have a winner! The higher dose of oxycodone is working happy face. All right now I have this start getting up out of bed and walking since I've kind of managed the pain. I had to take the Pepto Bismol because the other men gave me stabbing pains in my stomach the nsaids so no more of that.

Post op pictures

Not good pictures bc my husband took them.

Today was a good day

I was able to move around with ease today. Hubby finally was able to change my bandages because I could tolerate the pain. I am definitely using my Walker the grabber the toilet seat extender the bromelain all the sizes the panty liners so those are definitely essential oh and the Little Dixie Cups to measure the output of your blood from the bulbs. Cell I'm coming along day by day


I'm horrified. What on earth is this? Is it swollen? A bad picture? Ummmm.......I have not see one post op photo that looks this awful. I must lie down and clear my head of this image.

OKay, I'M OKAY!!

I sent my picture to my doctor. She assured me it was from swelling. She asked I'd I was walking.,Which I am, maybe not as much as I should have been but I can now bc the pain is regulated. We getting regulated bc it was awful at 4 a.m. and I haven't pooped yet and that's important. So water, water, water, myrilax, stool softeners, apples, erc. If none of thar does the trick, I see an enema in my very near future. TTFN.....

I'm Running up the art museum steps

With the theme from Rocky playing In the background....that's right....I finally pooped!!!!Yasssss!!! Whew, what a relief!


Good morning all you wonderful flat spiders and wannabes :) Happy Valentine's Day! I'd say that we've given ourselves the best present we could ever wish for, a flatter tummy, etc. That beats flowers in my book any day:) I always set my alarm at 4 a.m., took my last dose at 10:30 p.m. so I'm better bc I had to retake meds @4 hrs previously. I will try for between 5 and 7 hrs today. I was able to have bandages changed and washed this morning b4 meds so that's another first. Although that may account for all the unpleasantness in the bathroom on my part, alright I was downright bitchy. No bueno, especially on Valentine's day. Sorry hubby:) I truly appreciate all the support and words on encouragement you've all shown me. It really motivates me to keep updating as honestly and often as possible:) ur the best! So here's a gift, that's right more pics. Tell me what u think. Oh, still very swollen. My thighs are so tight they feel like leather.

5 day post op pics

Ugh, so swollen, sheesh! Still hard to look at. Oh, put earplugs covered with Silva dine antibiotic cream in navel to start forming and keep it open. Well basically helping it heal. That area is entirely numb.

A must have for smooth bowel movements

Cascara Sagrada bark, a colon cleaner.

Used after physical stress to body

Recommended by my surgeon. Also good for anxiety. Swanson vitamins has it cheapest


I'm 7 days post op. And I had my first doctor's visit. I had one drain removed. Yay!!! And had my measurements taken so i can order my girdle. I was so afraid of having the drain removed. Because I remember the pain from having 1 remove when I had my bypass surgery. Surprisingly enough this one didn't hurt. My doctor said because this one was not as deep as when you get the bypass surgery so I was very happy about that. Take care and keep your head up.

First day flying solo

I spent my first day alone today which was somewhat trying. My husband washed me up, changed bandages, gave me coffee and egg sand and made sure I had some fruit, protein shakes and water to last until her returned around 4 o'clock. This was really a test as to how far I'd come, bc when no one else is around ur forced to do it urself. All was going well until I needed to do a #.2. Remember I ve been wearing adult diapers since the surgery. Oh, my doctor was amazed to see i had on diapers. She asked me what made me think of them. I told her about this website and how we help each other out from our own individual experiences. I didn't have the heart to tell her we also review surgeons and that she has a bad review from a breast reduction. Especially since I told her I would let her reduce and lift my breasts next year. She thought the diapers were an excellent idea and said she's going to add them to her patient prep list. But I digress. Getting to the bathroom, doing ur business and trying to wipe up after is a real chore. By the time I got back in bed I was truly exhausted. Later I ventured downstairs for some ice and got slightly disoriented so up the steps I went. So, it was rough but I survived. My sister in law comes tomorrow so I'll have my caregiver back, thank goodness.
I really wish i had measured myself preop to compare the progress but i did not. Ill have to ask my surgeon if she still has them. Okay, ttfn:)


The discharge from my remaining drain has turned dark red and has a foul odor. My husband noticed it yesterday but I completely forgot to call my doctor. I guess I'll need some more antibiotics. I will keep you posted.


Spoke with my surgeon. She said as long as I didn't have a temperature or leakage at the tube incision, it was okay. She said I could put peroxide in the bulb to control the odor. Thank goodness.


I had been having hills all day and was sleeping alot. I didn't think it was a fever bc I'd taken my temperature about 2 days ago when I expressed my concern about odor in my discharge bulb. Well today it was 101. I called my surgeon and she called in an antibiotic and told me to come into her office so we can figure out where the infection is coming from so I'll keep u guys posted.

I dodged another bullet kind of sort of...

When I got up this morning I no longer had a fever and then fluid in my drainage tube was a cloudy light pink. It was no longer dark red. The doctor examined me and said I was probably had a wound infection. She took the drainage and send it to the lab. She also change the bulb but she did not take out the drain. Now I have to take antibiotics for the next two weeks. I go Monday to have the drain removed if there's no more drainage. The good news Is I can take a shower !!!!:):) bc those bird baths were no longer working 4 me.


My dr. Told me to pin my drainage tube to a pr of pantyhose, tie the hose around my neck and take ashower. II'm doing my happy dance, as best I can, :):):) THIS IS GOING TO BE BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE! I'm off to the showers!


My surgeon just called and informed me that she had been thinking about my wound and had come to the decision to open, drain and clean the wound. So back under I go. One of our knowledgeable fellow flatsiders already told me it was a possibility bc it happened to her. It's a sarcoma I think. Well, it's a small setback but I will just have to deal with it. Thank God I work at a job where I accrue lots of time.


Okay, breathe, there's a simple fix for this.


Seroma not sarcoma


I'm have surgery tomorrow to have my seroma cleaned and drained. Say a prayer for me. I'll be so happy to get this done an d back on the road to recovery.

I'm back all nice and clean

I had surgery today to clean out my wound. MARSA was found in the lab results. Since nothing ever runs smoothly for me the surgeon cut her finger with the surgical knife so we both had to have HIV and hepatitis blood test. I am going to take all of this and put it behind me and say thanks to the Lord and move along. Thanks to everyone who was concerned you guys are the best.

2nd post op pictures

Now that I'm MRSA free I actually feel much better. I don't know if it's bc the fever has broken or I'm just relieved. Probably a little of both. This is my first set of pictures. I now have metal staples!!! Now THAT doesn't thrill me in the least. I sure hope they're self dissolving staples bc taking them out can, in no way, be pleasant.


I saw my surgeon today for yet another post op visit. She was pleased with my healing process on my uninfected wounds. The infected wound is, let me think, how did she phrase it, oh yes, "it's less angry and no longer warm to the touch" who talks like that? Apparently surgeons:):) She also said I should take the overlay off my nails to ensure no infection is hidden underneath, which I did today. Oh, the best part of the day....drumroll pleeeze......I drove myself around all day. Ofcourse i was accompanied by my sister but still that's a huge come up from this time last week. So, I'm back on the mend. I also have to order another binder thats a full 12 inches lower in waist size than my initial measurement. She had kept my original measurements in my file. I can't wait until I can start working on these hips and buttocks:) but all jokes aside, I'm very pleased with my progress thus far.


I decided to take a chance and bid on a few items from Oprahs closet cleaning auction. Most of the items were size 12 or 14 which Iis smaller than my usual size of 16/18 W. But an expensive 14 is a regular 16. I was the highest bidder the a whole 10 minutes:))) I know it's for charity but it's way out of my league. Hell, I still have a tummy tuck to pay for:(( good luck to all who bid.


I've been taking oxycodone w/acetaminophen about 5 times a day. I also add 2 extra strength acetaminophen with it. I know that's far too much acetaminophen and oxycodone for me. I have to return to work on the 16th so I am cutting back to oxycodone to 3 times a day. Hopefully I will get the lady drain removed at my appt tomorrow and I'll feel more normal.
I plan on switching to tramadol and only using the oxycodone at night as I drive to work. I still don't know about the metal staples. She hasn't commented on them so neither have I. I'll update my review after my Dr's appt. Take care everyone and keep ya head up:)


Well I can happily say I am among the drain less AT LAST:)) what a relief. Now the not so good part. I'm going to need the steel sutures removed. Thank goodness she didn't do it today. I convinced her I was not properly medicated for that kind of pain. Plus I'll need my hubby's hand to break, uh I mean hold onto! She said I can now wear the compression girdle and I must keep it on 20 hrs a day to get rid of the swelling. She also suggested that I try walking at least 500 steps a day. So, I guess I'd better dig my pedometer out of my gym bag and keep it moving. Honk if u see me waddling down the street walking like I'm in a straight jacket with a cane. But seriously, I got this. Onward and upward:))


Wowww, I put on my compression garment for the first time. HOW THE HELL am I supposed to wear this thing 20 hours straight???? I think my legs are going numb and it's a one piece. I think I should've gotten the high cut model.


My dr told me to order a compression girdle from a store named Veronique online. Their garments are pricier than say a amazon or ebay website but she gave me a code for a 20% discount so I took the bait. She showed me the garment to get which was a high waist all in one. I usually wore a t-shirt binder by yummy and control top panty hose presurgery. Well, my incision is low and long which anyone who is overweight will have so the garment hit my thighs right on my incision thereby cutting off my circulation and causing me pain and numbness in my legs. I had to turn into MacGyver and get a cotton headband and safety pin it to each side of the hook and eye closure straps in the seat of the garment, thereby giving me more torso length. I will sew it later. Then I did some research on this site, and with the help on "my guardian angel" poster (she knows who she is), I ordered a Capri length Faja (compression garment) and a lipo board which decreases the changes of another seroma as it helps flatten everything out much more than the garment alone. I've seen this on most people's reviews who had their surgeries in the D.R. Hope this helps someone in the future. Oh, and do not order ur garments b4 surgery bc u'll inevitably order the wrong size. Live and learn. We'll get there.....oh, the walk went okay. I didn't make it to 500 steps but each day I'll add more and more. I'm determined to get as close to "MY" perfect self as possible:))


Hope this helps.


It was actually yesterday but hey, I'm on narcotics so I'm sure you will let me slide. I felt pretty good today so I decided to cook. I made a mushroom and asparagus frittata, quiche kinda thingy with 4 different cheeses and crumbled bacon. Hey, it's very low carb Atkins-ish:)) and it's my anniversary so there! Anywho, for some reason I wasn't very hungry today. I had my coffee, some belvitra breakfast biscuits and then later I had strawberries, blueberries, a grapefruit and some grapes. I wasn't standing very long, or so I thought, and I had on sneakers. I mean asparagus, bacon and mushrooms are quick dishes. Well, I sat in the living room and waited for the timer to go off. It took about 40 minutes all toll to bake. I went upstairs to lie down and put my legs up. After about 40 min I got up to use the bathroom. My legs FELT LIKE LEAD! I couldn't believe it. I tried to lie back down but my stomach and sides were achy. I went downstairs and nuked a can of mushroom soup. I kept feeling more and more achy. I sat downstairs a while then decided my heating pad would help with the pain. It really did the trick on my knees. Then I laid it on my stomach, then my back. Things were going great. We'll my metal sutures started getting hot, but all in all it gave me some relief. As I prepared for bed my tummy started rumbling. I was on that bowl for a half hour and to be honest I will most likely have to go back, but lawd, What a relief!!! So, that's how I spent my 1 month ann. On the flat side. I'm actually fretting going back to work if I felt that bad doing such a meager task. Hmmm...I'll have to monitor my activity level more closely. My hubby said he doesn't think I'll be ready for work by next Wednesday, especially since I get my sutures out Monday. What do u guys think happened?
I can't blame it on the quiche bc I didn't eat any. Weird....


So, my Faja came today. I was so excited bc it wasn't scheduled to be here until Monday . I ripped it open and our came this very nice compression garment. It was very sturdy so I knew this was going to be great! I eagerly called my hubby upstairs to help me get into it. He couldn't get the legs up. I told him they were Capri length so stop trying to get them above the knees. He said, this is too small. U told him to just get out bc I could do it myself. I can't tolerate quitters. So, I tugged and squeezed and I finally got it up all he had to do was help me fasten the top. So he tried and again he said, it's too small and it doesn't have the elasticity of the other garment. I said if u don't try this one more time I'm going to kill you. So, one last try. All of a sudden I heard someone scream. I quickly realized it was me! The hot damn hook had gotten caught in my METAL SUTURES and I was bleeding!!! WTF!!! %$รท/__$^ he got me unhooked and I could see he was visibly shaken so I calmed down. Got out of the garment, washed off the wound and applied some antibiotic ointment and bandaged it up. I went on to process a return label. Guess what? For some reason I couldn't sign in. Now mind u I just ordered this thing 2 days ago and saved my password but I could not, for the life of me sign in. There was no contact number so I had to Google it. I got an actual person, things were looking up. I explained my dilemma about signing in and unfortunately I could not access the email I'd used bc it was my work email. I work for the government so enuff said. She recognized the anguish in my voice and assured me she would figure something out. She couldnt process an exchange so she processed a return and set up for a truck to come out and pick up ther package. Then she asked if I had access to another email address. I gave it to her and she sent me confirmation of the actions she'd' taken. She told me to re-register under my new email if I wanted to order another garment, which I did. I decided to read ALL the reviews this time and discoverEd there was a unimous complaint of the garments being too small. They said the company was in the Dominican Republic and they were using their sizing chart. I was absolutely livid. The company had to know there's's a problem with the sizing measurements bc of the amount of returns. So, after pondering i decided to order 2 sizes up . Let us pray this one will get the job done. Oh the lipo board came as well, it really works to flatten the stomach. I just checked my incision and the bleeding has stopped.. it was just a few drops. I pray this won't hinder my doctor from taking the metal sutures out Monday.


Never order a faja, raja or any other name for a compression garment from any other company besides one in thegood Ole USA. We may not do everything right here but at least our clothing sizes stay within the realm of reality.
In other news, my wound is still dry but it was throbbing occasionally. I sprayed some Bactine on it as I knew alcohol would hurt like hell. I am happy to report it worked almost instantly :). Oh my new faja, that i reordered in my delerium came today, EEK! I DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO OPEN THE DAMN THING. Im returning it and ordering a long leg version from the company my doctor recommended. I have an appt with my p.s. Monday, hopefully I'll get the staples removed. After that last hurdle I fully expect to have nothing but positive experiences in all my updates. I am looking forward to the day I can truthfully change my status in the "WORTH IT ("
entry to "ABSO FRIGGIN LUTELY!" I also want to thank everyone for their concern, advice and words of encouragement. It really helps more than you know.


Went to my p.s. to have metal sutures removed which I was fretting the pain to no end. I told my doc I was afraid of the pain. She gave me a rubber ball to squeeze, my husband didn't volunteer his hand:). Well I am happy to report it hummed myself right thru it. It was virtually painless. I was so thankful I said a silent thank u lord right there in the office. So we talked a little, I asked about not oxycodone and for some reason she smiled and said, "you're an amazing woman." I didn't ask why, I just thanked her and when on my way. I figured it didn't get any better than that so leave while ur ahead. Of course after I returned home, the little troll in my head said, I wonder if she thinks ur as amazing as Oprah:)) yes, we are our own worst enemies.
So now, no more setbacks, it's upwards and onwards...


I made the Oprah comment bc my surgeon has been on oprahs show twice. She pierced her ears :)


Omg! So genius that I am, I decided to take hydrocodon instead of my normal oxycodone. I also took tramadol with me for later. What the hell wasn't I thinking?? I got to work at 6 am on order to get out at 230. I'd say by about 900 I started feeling some discomfort. I decided maybe I should walk. I went across the top have my oxycodone script filled. Ate half breakfast sandwich. Oh went to dunkin for coffee which for some reason I couldn't drink. Tried to get organized but my overhead cabinet just fell apart in my hands. Guess it got too much use from my dear coworkers stealing, uh, I mean borrowing my gourmet offer and teas while I was gone
Hence the trip to dunkin donuts. I took a nap at 10 o'clock break. Well I tried but my phone kept ringing. I went to cafeterrace for roast turkey salad and by the time I got back to my desk I was in some serious pain. I took a tramadol. It didn't help. I couldn't wait for 230. I left, drove across the street for meds. I had to take one in the car on my way home. Came home, got in bed with heating pad and I'm still in the same exact place. I'm going to have to make some adjustments for tomorrow. I'll need my oxy, heating pad and pillows. Let's hope this helps me have a much easier day.


I'm well rested bc I slept l I keep a log all weekend. I couldn't believe how much I slept. It was like I had narcolepsy or something. I guess those few days back to work hit me harder than I thought. I couldn't get to work today bc my hubby took my car to be serviced and they kept it until today. At least I got some exercise bc I walked to pick up my car instead of having them pick me up. So, I was home trying on clothes to see if I could fit into anything I prevously couldn't . Well, check out the photo. Woo hoo! They're tight but wearable. I'm sure when I get back to the gym my clothes will fit better.


I thought taking pictures now to mimic my before pics would be a better way to see my progress. I am pleased with the results but I'd be more pleased if I'd lost more weight:( I probably lost about 10 lbs. I plan on getting back in the gym as soon as I get my gel shots in my knees for my arthritis. I must say my knees are much better since the surgery but I need the shot every 6 months and my last series of shots was in August so I'm past due.


Hello RS friends,
It's amazing how big business works. Those who have read my profile know I had MRSA and had to endure another operation during which the surgeon pricked her finger and I had to agree to a blood test. Well, low and behold WTH came in the mail Today? No, really, guess!!!! A BILL FROM THE HOSPITAL FOR THE BLOOD TEST!???? Needless to say I couldn't call fast enough to get this situation recodified. Silly me. The billing dept asked me if I filed a complaint the day of my surgery regarding blood test. I was floored. I said helllooooo, I was coming out of anaesthesia, I probably would've agree to donating a damn lung! Now bear in mind my insurance already paid $18K for this surgery which was not my own doing. They referred me to a patient advocate who informed me that some ppl have the MRSA virus living in them already and the only way to know is a test thru the nasal cavity. I could not believe my ears. Anyhow, I go to my surgeon Thurs. I'm going to ask for my medical records, I'll think of some reason, then send them to my insurance company so they can get their 18k back for a surgery caused by a staff infection and then give a copy to my attorney and start a lawsuit, on a contingency basis of course, and sit back and watch the bureauocratic bullshit fly.


I told them I was not paying a dime for anything I had to endure after February 9th, which was the satellite of my initial surgery which was paid in full. Notice I said endure, not request, not approve, not cause, wanted, nothing!! Needless to say, I'M FINALLY PASSED! My positive attitude has reached it's limit!


Now for the good news???? I couldn't let you think I'd completely gone over to the dark side. I have lost 17 lbs and that's without exercise. I somehow find that I ve cut out red meat, just haven't had a taste for it. I can say that my stamina is still nowhere near where it was before the surgery but I'm hoping I can build it up with exercise. I'm basically off the heavy painkillers, just tylenol or tramadol as needed. Clothing size is hiring or miss, most things need altering to accommodate my hips and tuckis????
Hope this helps someone.


Well I had my visit with my plastic surgeon and we were so busy kee-kee-ing that I completely forgot to ask her about the damn bill from the hospital ???? anywho, I got a clean bill of health and I'm progressing very well. So we'll that on my next visit I will be getting the final part of the procedure which is endocryotherapy or something like that. It's a procedure to add collagen to the scar area to help reduce the visibility. It's all included in the price so I told her I'd need a vat of it and just dip me in???? so she said wear pretty panties and she will take the after picture. Hopefully, I'll be happy to share that!looks with Mt r.s. pals. I'must hoping the next thing I get from the hospital will be a zero balance. Stay tuned.....


On stretch marks that is....I have been down for going on the 2nd week with a bad cold so no exercising. Still swollen and numbness. Not as numb but still a good attitude. I still wear my binder, I just don't feel right without it. However, I no longer sleep with it. No compare these stretch marks to my initial stretch marks, big difference right?


I use BioGel not BioOil. Here's a few updated pics. I'm so happy ????


It's BioOil dammit! And I'm sticking to it! It works, go get it b4 I change my post again????????????
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

My doctor happens to be the doctor that Oprah chose to pierce her ears and she's been on her show for another show about plastic surgery so I figured, if she was good enuff 4 the big O, she's good enuff for the big M. Of rouse I also thought the fact that she'd appeared on Oprah probably added another grand to her prices. Wrong, her prices are in line with my area. She is Chief of plastic surgery at Lankenau hospital. What more could I ask for. I love her. BTW, we're the same age so she could definitely relate.

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