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I'm a mother of 6 beautiful children & have...

I'm a mother of 6 beautiful children & have devoted my entire life to making sure that they have everything that they wanted & needed. Now that they are older, started their own families & lives. It's time for me to refresh mine. I have wanted to enhance my body for years. Unfortunately the priority wasn't me...NOW IT

I have done my research. Websites, videoes, consultation & testimonies... I picked a PS, determined a date & now I wait....tic toc

Tomorrow I meet with the my PS surgeoon for a...

Tomorrow I meet with the my PS surgeoon for a mommy make-over. I initially had consultations about just a breast augmentation. Now, I want it all...I also go get my CBS done in the AM. Excited about what she will say & what she can do...

Date is set, scheduled the time off & now I...

Date is set, scheduled the time off & now I wait... I have to get my CBC done again, hopefully the nurse is a little more experienced then the first nurse who took me I was looking at recliners & started cleaning the house. I'm early I know..I just want to touch up when my date is close & do the major cleaning now...You be surprised about how the time flys & you run out of time...

After reading all the reviews, I noticed that the majority of women are getting silicone. I opted for saline, safe then sorry...I'm curious as to the decision for silicone..Hopefully people can share

Just uploaded some pics of what has shamed me for...

just uploaded some pics of what has shamed me for twenty something years...Even though I see myself everyday, it's still hard & uncomfortable to see myself esp on pics....Soon this will be changed & hoefully the outcome will be much better... The waiting & anticipation is overhwhelming... I find myself looking at alot of different tops, dresses etc wondering how I will look....


Every night I find myself addicted to the reviews...

Every night I find myself addicted to the reviews of so many Woment that I can relate to.. It's encouraging & very supportive...Tomorrow is the day that I will start counting down until my big day arrives 12-13...I'm so anxious & nervous for the day to come..It's to good to be true, I just hope & pray that I don't have to reschedule my surgery again..I have the opportunity to pig out at Thanksgiving & spend time with my family. This year my oldest children will be hosting the event at their home..I will be a guest..WOW that's different. I should mention my children's ages. Their bdays are all coming up Nov & Dec.. So this year they will be 23,22,19,18,17 & 15...Yes, I was 3 girls & 3 boys
They will help me during my recovery along with My Mom, BF & Sister... My youngest daughters said they like my stomach (rubs it all the time like there is something in there...NOT) & will miss it..Oh gesh...But they all understand this is something that I want & have wanted for myself for quite sometime..I find that as a Mom, there arent to many things for us that excite us..But this, for sure does..

I havent started buying anything in preparation of the surgery..I'm definately behind the 8 ball...I have read so many reviews about the different "must haves"...but are they all necessary?

So my time is coming, time for me to be in pain....

So my time is coming, time for me to be in pain..time for me to rest...time for me to see the excitement of the new me...I'm ready... Well emotionally I am.. The only thing I purchsed was a recliner & I love it.. Who knew that you could get so much comfort in a

I scheduled my 2nd CBC for this thursday (12/15) & combined the appt at the same location for a mammogram...My PS game me a brochure to order the garments for my TT & BA, why does it have to be so expensive. Anyone have a website for garments that is a little bit more reasonable? I mean, these items will not be keepers...

I'm lucky to be able to take off work for a month. Hopefully I wont be out of it the entire time.. It's actually perfect time because I will be off for Xmas & New Year... Yah ME!!!!

I had my 2nd CBC & mammogram this morning. I was...

I had my 2nd CBC & mammogram this morning. I was told my results were going to be faxed &/or electonically sent to the PS...Not only do I have to wait for my day, I have to wait to be cleared...The mammogram was interesting & embarassing. I expected for it to be more uncomfortable/painful. It was embarassing how the tecnician just carefully picked up my flat boob & placed it on the machine to be flatten or prove how flat it is..What do the women do who have nothing to be placed or the women who have to much? I'm so looking forward to not ever having that issue. Do I start to buy some of the essentials or what until I'm cleared? A part of me thinks this is to good to be true. Waiting for something or someone to tell me "this MM will not happen". How long does it take to be cleared?

Received my clearance from the PS, bill is paid in...

Received my clearance from the PS, bill is paid in full & the excitement is overwhelming.. In addition to the one a day I have to take an iron supplement. I still need to get the garments to wear post surgery. Decided to wait until my preop appt next thursday to find out the exact size to purchase & also get clarity if a garment will be supplied after or the garmet I purchase is it. It's getting harder to get up & go to work in the morning. I'm really looking forward to the time off around the holidays.

I keep looking at everyone's post op pictures & continue to doubt my decision to go with saline or silicone. I paid for saline. The one thing I'm for certain is that I want min 400 cc's...

Interested to hear your opinion ladies..
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Could not really work all day because I was...

Could not really work all day because I was excited about my preop appt. Completed all necessary paperwork, answered questions, discussed after care & povided prescription...The only thing I wanted to do was try on
I went in today wanting 400cc & when I tried them on I thought & felt like they were toooo big for me...Dolly Parton with a backache is not the look or feel that I'm going for... So I decided that 350cc(no bigger than 375) high profile-saline would be the best for me.. I'm even okay if she stays at 350. I heard that you loose cc when it's under the muscle. I forgot to ask her if that was true.. Has anyone else heard this? any truth? Also ladies, I have been racking my eyes looking at pics of high profile vs moderate. what did you ladies get? do you like what you have? what's the difference?

Trust I asked her that question, just looking for feedback..


The days are moving slow...I have viewed a million...

The days are moving slow...I have viewed a million breast (not really) & I'm ready to view my new ones....I received my prescriptions during my preop visit, didn't fill them yet. This doesn't feel real yet. I feel like something or someone is going to say "wake up, it was all a dream"...I'm so ready. I will put the prescriptions in tomorrow, go shopping over the weekend & clean the house. I am working all the way until Wed. I did that to keep me busy. However; I still through it all, I constantly think about the surgery.

I still don't know how many cc's...what if they don't look right? I choose the wrong size? She chooses the wrong size? Gesh!!!

Thanks to all the ladies who shared their experiences & pictures. These reviews has helped me be better prepared..

4 more days....picked up medications and supplies....

4 more days....picked up medications and supplies..washing clothes and cleaning the house. Tomorrow I go food shopping and Mon thru Wed I will eat in anticipation for my surgery Thursday. I don't know how to feel, sort of numb and in disbelief .. I still worry about the size to choose, not too big or too small.. the inlay comfort is knowing that either size will be a huge improvement of what I have now....I even brought a
I'm not even sure if I got the right size...the joy was the dream...

Well it is finally here, the day that I've been...

Well it is finally here, the day that I've been waiting for. I have everything I need, I have done all the major things so that I can have a peaceful recovery & my kids can live suring my I'm working a full day today, I know crazy.. I had to keep my mind off of the clock. I treated myself to a mani/pedi minus the holiday color..

I still need the time of my surgery & was told I would receive a call by 3pm today...I even tried to call the hospital to get the time, no such luck dang I hope they have me scheduled early...

I just have to put my clothes in a bag & then I will be ready for sure...

I will talk to you ladies on the other side, thank you all for sharing your experience

Surgery set for 6am...Had my last drink, snuck a...

Surgery set for 6am...Had my last drink, snuck a barbeque chip & spent some "time" with my baby...sorry-tmi hahahah
I can't sleep, I can sleep during surgery.. I'm so ready for this.. I even take one last look at my body...yeah just for a sec lol

Night ladies/Good luck to the upcoming surgeries....see ya on da other side

Wil update my review later, not a lot of pain just...

Wil update my review later, not a lot of pain just discomfort..appetite is back and very the recliner..back to sleep
Thanks everyone for the well wishes

We made it to the hosp about 5:45, signed in at...

We made it to the hosp about 5:45, signed in at the desk and completed some basic forms..My BF was given a pager to come in the hosp room once I got settled, off I the room is where I changed into the famous hosp gown that also served as a warmer. My blood pressure and temp was checked also. I was asked to come in another room and wait for the ps and surgical team. They all came in seperate to introduce themselves and were personable and friendly..Dr Pollard came in to mark me up and anw some last min questions. They had to draw blood and wait for one more test befire proceeding-a pregnacy test...My BF and I cracked up, there are no more babies here I said...
After the results came back I wad wisked away to the operating room and asked to switch beds. The room was bright and very cold, I was given Warm blankets and asked was this mommy makeover my xmas gift to myself..I don't remember answering and woke up in the recovery room with my BF and Mom, tricky
To be honest I have not been in any pain, just pressure. I did need to cough and that was terrible but other than that I have just been in and out of sleep. The first time I got up on my own I was dizzy but that was to be expected. The nurses took very care of me. I ate brooth when I woke up, cream of wheat for breakfast and grilled cheese for dinner with lots of water.
The pain pump was stippwd because it made me gag, so they gave me pills. I had nausea from the paid pump so I have patches behind my ear. I have on the marvelous post op bra and cg. THE pS was trying to show me my stomach and breast when she changed the gauze, I was too tired and at the moment not
I do see the fullness and volume at the top, anything is better than what I had.. I received 330cc and 380 high profile saline.. I'm 5'2 or 5'3, 135lbs..they will be fine...
I will post pics later, thanks for the well wishes

Postop day 2: woke up this morning to a variety of...

Postop day 2: woke up this morning to a variety of breakfast items and drinks from my BF. He saud better bring everything, hoping you would eat something.. Not much of an appetite, but I ate pancakes and oj..Took my first series of pills and let him play Dr. While changing my gauge..
Taking the tape of was soooo painful, I added an extra sound or two of ouch, ahh for my own inside he did good..
I didn't want to sit for a sponge bath, so we went to the sink and I stood and brushed my teeth, washed my face and felt good to be able to stand, my bottom has been taking all the weight lately..
I didn't feel dizzy, I just felt heavy pressure on my breast when I get up and sit tt has caused me no pain..weird? ? Has anyone else felt this?

I have been sleeping on and off all day..taking it easy. My meals have been brought to me by my children or phone calls, text messages or visitors just relaxation..M BF has been keeping everyone updated via text so that I don't get any pop in visitors...

I took some photos cant upload it from my phone, will post as soon as I get more energy..the incision is low, the girls are high and I'm on cloud 9

Post op day 3: I had the pleasure of just wearing...

post op day 3: I had the pleasure of just wearing a bra & robe...Sitting in my recliner having food, drinks, & beverages brought to me..I feel like a queen..Haven't really been on the computer, watching tv or communicating with anyone. Just enjoying the peace & quiet and catching up on sleep.. Again, I have not experienced any pain, just pressure when I get up to go to the bathroom. I did notice that my stomach was swollen today after I was trying to organize my room. swell hell as I heard - to me it was a message to get my azz back in the

I have my postop appt tomorrow, maybe I will get the drains out, they are draining like .5 or .7cc, nothing...I also want to take a long shower, but can continue to wait if thats what needs to happen. I just got finished trying ona ton of shirts & none of them fit with the new girls.. My BF brought me an XL jogging suit to wear. I refuse to get in that, I normally wear a small/medium.. I'm fine going to the Dr. in my PJ.. Her & I are on another level, she saw me naked, viewed my insides I don't think she cares about my wardrobe...

Today I drank plenty of water & a bottle of ginger ale, I had cereal, bacon/egg sandwich, fruit, yogurt & crackers in between meals. I def have an appetite.. My breast are not that swollen today.. I love them & can't wait to use scar treatment..What are you ladies using before the scar treatment if anything?

Happy Healing!!

Post op day 4: the girls are swollen causing...

Post op day 4: the girls are swollen causing discomfort when I stand or bend over...I thought I was going to fall in the shower when I teied to wash my legs..too funny..My first shower after surgery was interesting and long...the ultimate goal of being clean was accomplished. I was determined to wash and dress myself, I needed some normancy in my life.
My Dr. Appt went well, we discussed the surgery and the decisions made on my behalf. I told her I was pleased what I coild see thus far and will appreciate the upcoming changes.
Taking the drain out was the worst feeling that I had so far..I need to keep the other one in for a couple more days just to be sure..
I'm back in my recliner waiting for my tuna sandwich and then off to a nap...
Today I used coco butter cream with vitamin e on my breast and stomach. I will continue to use it until I can use scar. Treatment. She also said its to early for massages. Time and rest are my two new bf..
What are you ladies doing to past the time besides sleep? Any good books?

Postop day 5 thru 7 I have been seriously...

Postop day 5 thru 7

I have been seriously resting, eating & drinking plenty of water. I have exhausted social media, texted so much my fingers hurt and been very obedient with my Dr orderes.. I'm so ready for adult contact and to move

My BF surprised me and offered to take me out for lunch to Red Lobster.. Adult food!!!!! He helped me shower, not that I needed it-probably more for his benefit. Trust me I love the attention. He put my gauze on, massaged the girls with coco butter and dressed me, and off we went.

Getting in and out of his suv was a challenge but I mamaged.. the aroma in the restaurant was amazing..Ii was like a kid in the candy store.
Unfortunately my experience turned south quickly, I was able to get thru the appetizers, salad and bisquits. MY food had heavy seasoning that brought about a cough. It was not just one cough but an attack, I felt like my stiches would split..
It drew unwanted attention from the other patrons and embarrassment.

My BF offered to wrap our food up to go, I was a trooper. I didn't want to ruin. The experience aftet 2 glasses of water and breathing as if i was in labor I was fine. we stayed for dessert and he had coffee. We just talked and laughed and I really enjoyed myself. Next time I go out, I will take my "hug me pillow". Its a firm pillow that when pressed againt your stomach during a cough, sneeze or laughter can soften the pain.

This morning when I woke up-1 week post op my 2nd drain was out...strange, not sure how that happen. Luckily I wasnt puting out more than 10cc. I called the coordinator and she said this is normal, clean the area with cream and watch for leaking fluids.

Im now wearing the compression garmet and binder until I get my fancy onenpiece that I ordered.

My left breast dropped a little, the right one is not far behind it. My TT incision is almost a straight linr, just has a little valley peak, however she also did a little verticlal line. All incisions are below the panty line but curious to that decision. I wiill ask at my next appt.
Beliw my belly button is a little gathering that is puckering with visible stretch marks. She did say we would be doing revisions in her offiice months down the line on that if it did not cotrect itself.

In the morning my breast feel like bowling balls..does anyone else experience this? When I first stand up I have pain on the sides of my belly button? Is this normal?

I like to know any weekly post op pains that anyone can share?

Lastly, im using my phobe and apologize for any typos or words that my phone felt compelled to change on my

Physical I'm walking upright (at times my body...

I'm walking upright (at times my body hunches over)
Coughs/sneezing don't hurt anymore
Still taking showers, with my back to water
BF & I tested the plumbing.. works great!! lol
Wear CG during the day..nothing at night
Wear sports bras during the day...nothing at night
The girls are Perfect! ! Both are dropped however left is softer than righty
Had F/U appt..stiches/scabs removed
I can drive
I can sleep on my side with lots of pillows
Stomach still feels funny..when on my side, it feels like weight ia shifting in thw direction I'm laying
Haven't taken any medication since week 1
Can't wear any jeans yet..just yoga or tights
Haven't experienced recovery blues. .too excited about the final outcome
Eating habits are great
Drinking only water
I think this is it, my next appt is 6weeks..PS said I can take walks, light exercise

Happy healing everyone!!!

So much to talk about, so little room to share....

So much to talk about, so little room to When I scheduled my surgery I took a month off from work. I figured this would be more than enough time to go thru the unexpected recovery. My experience has been different from so many others. I expected the worse & received the okay. Since my last post I have increased plumbing exercises. It's funny how this surgery has increased my confidence with the way I look in clothes. I have not gone out & purchased the more riska outfits, Yet!!! I did go back to work at 3weeks po. THe first day was okay, I was able to utilize that time to catch up with my staff on what I mised with them personally & professionally. Even though I did not do any heavy lifting I still managed to have a swollen belly when I got home. I wear the cg 24/7. I'm not able to wear, correction I dont like how my suits look with the binder on, it makes me look boxie, if that makes since.

I'm still not able to sleep on my stomach & can't wait for the moment that I can, When I shift from side to side, my stomach feels like pudding oozing to the side that I'm trying to lay on. I'm starting to regain the feeling in my stomach. Before when I touched it there was no feeling. It's not 100% there but I do have feeling. All of my scabs are now off from my incision & BB. Cleaning the scabs out of my BB was gross. I still have 2 stiches on both of my breast, it prevents me or reminds me not to lift my hands all the way up. THe PS stated they would disolve, I'm going to call the coordinator if it's not disolved by next week. It's more of an annoyance than anything.

I had this tube that ran from my BB to the begging of my breast, when I stood up it felt like it was pulling me back into a hunched position. This happened when I stood up from sitting, I can feel it & brought it to my PS attention, she said it to would disolve. It bothered me so much because the elastic from the CG was right where the tube ended, weird

I absolutely love the girls, today anyway,,lol I say that because I still experience the morning boobs. THis is a tight pressured feeling in the morning. WHen I get up & feel that pressure, I massage them & they go away. DOes anyone with saline or even silicone experience this? Some days the girls look swollen & then the other days they are soft & jiggly like the real deal. I'm ready for consistency. I also noticed that at the bottom of the girls, it feels like golg balls are in my breast.what is that feeling? When I came home today & felt them it was gone in 1 breast but still in the other?????

I mentioned before that I have to get a revision apparantly, I did not have enough skin to pull down the BB so she created a vertical scar. There is puckering skin near the top of the vertical scar & my BB looks like a small outie. SHe shaid she would remove the excess skin & make my BB a inie, all outpatient at the 6 month mark. When wearing a bikini, I probably need to wear boy shorts or a high bikini bottom until this is done.

I love the way I look in my old clothes, I'm still wearing sports bras & they are quite comforting. I want to wait until these stiches disolve before I go to VS, I don't want anything to irrate them causing them to open anything.

I feel like my sleeping pattern is off, it takes me awhile to drift off, I feel tired but can't get that right position to sleep peacefully. The only medicine I take is vitamin C, multi vitamins & Iron (I'm anemic). I stopped taking the pain pill probably at the end of week 1 or 2. I didn't like the loopy feeling & wanted to get some independence back.

I can stand, or atleast I feel like I'm standing at 100% after the initial pull that I was talking about. My PS told me to use coco butter on the scars, I feel like that wont be enough. was anyone else told this? I will wait to purchase anything until I see her again in Feb. I think I covered everything. I will post some more pics with clothes on the weekend. I have them on my phone (on my computer now) but need to email them to myself & then uploan & make sure they are the correct way before I upload..pain in the ass.

Hope all the ladies that are on the other side are having a non event recovery & they ladies about to emark on this journey, good luck.

Hi All- I haven't updated my review in a minute...

Hi All- I haven't updated my review in a minute but I have been reading all the comments & reviews from the new ladies about to embark on the other side. I so remember spending hours on this site reading, researching & asking questions. Amazed about the transformations & couldn't imagine that this would be me. I feel great, never better. I absolutely love my results & like so many other women wish I would have done this earlier. I'm still wearing sports bras because they are the most comfortable.

I did go get measured from VS & am a 34ddd or 36dd. Unfortunatey VS did not have any bras in my size to purchase at the store. The salesgirl told me to come back in Feb, around the 2nd week. Thats when the ddd & dd would be in. My breast have settled & lost alot of the upper fullness I experienced during swelling. Sometimes they look small & other times they look big. I now understand the whole play up & play down phrase. I no longer wake up to the stiffness or morning boobs. they feel soft, squishy & natural. They bounce, jiggle & move like my original breast. I go see my PS this week & the only concern I have is a littel hardness under my breast. I had a lift, so I'm thinking this feeling is from the tension of the lollpop lift. I'm sure it's nothing but want to bring it to her attention. Has anyone experienced this? or is it bc I have saline implants? idk

My stomach has experienced occasional swelling but nothing major. I still wear my binder, havent worn my cg is 2 weeks. My scar looks dark around the incision. I have been using coco butter with vitamin e. The vertical scar from my breast lift is fading so the coco butter does a body good. THe incision from my tt doesnt seem to have changed. It is flat, I cannot feel the raised feeling like before. I will also find out when we will do the revision, correcting the puffiness I have around the vertical scar. This scar I do not like. It can be concealed with boy shorts bit peaks out with the average underwear. I=in certain bikinis it's covered as well. I have decised to get a TT tattoo to hide the scar. I guess you can say that I'm not patient. anyone else thought about a tattoo?

I so want to sleep on my stomach bu don't feel comfortable yet. I am now a side & back sleeper. lol The plumbing activity has resumed back to it's pre op frequency. probably a little more. My confidence has definetly changed & I'm excited about going shopping for myself. I use to buy a large top for the extra room. I did not like the way the clothe clinged to me showing my stomach or my sagging breast. Now depending on the shirt, I can wear a small or medium. My suits are a 6 & feel loose in the waist, I tried on size 4 & they were great.

I will update after my appt, hope everyone that has gone thru this experience are recovering well & for those about will be sooooo worth it..

8 months postop

Hi All-
It has been quite awhile since I updated you all on my progress. Life is great!!!! The confidence I have gained is remarkable. My BF says I walk and dress different.
My clothes definitely look better and I'm able to wear more risky outfits..

My stomach gets swollen every now and again but nothing to write about. My girls are fabulous, perky, full and I love them. I fit a 34DDD, the sister size 36C is the worse. I had to spend some money at VS and it was worth it... If any other place caries my size it makes my breast look smaller, it's uncomfortable or the bra is not flattering.
My TT scar is taking it's time to heal. I had to get 2 steroid shots in the scar to help reduce the size.. I wear silicone strips and massage it with coco butter with vitamin E.
I don't see the color fadding..

I can wear a bikini with a cover up bc I still have stretch marks..I could get away with boy shorts and a bikini top. We shall see..I purchased several

my sex life has resumed to normal however it never I think we were back like rabbits within a month..I know tmi..just trying to be helpful to someone.

The only weird thing is I sweat alot more on my chest when I'm intimate. Not sure it's pre menapause or the implants. .anyone else experience this?
If anyone found another great place besides VS let me know...

here's another 1

Summer fun

New PICS 8 M /PO


Where did the time go???

Hi Everyone, as the saying goes..Time flys when your having fun...Life has been great with the new me...check out my pics

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I choose my plastic surgeon because she was qualified, understanding, patient & trustworthy. I met with her three times over the course of 6 years along with other PS. My heart just kept leading me back to her. It felt right...This is a major surgery, life changing... I needed to take the time & choose wisely...

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