Areola Reduction/Benelli Type Lift

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I'm a 23 y/o female who has been self conscious of...

I'm a 23 y/o female who has been self conscious of my very large areolas and tubular shaped breasts my whole life. When I decided it was time to have something done about it I went to see a few plastic surgeons thinking about a lift and augmentation because it didn't seem like anyone would do just an areola reduction. When I told surgeons that my number #1 concern was the size of my areolas they often responded with things like "well no one is concerned just about that" "I think all you really need are implants and then the nipples will be an after thought" "you're the only patient who's ever come to me with this concern haha". It was getting REALLY discouraging. But finally one of my consultations went right and when I told them my concerns and list of requirements:
1) the number one thing I hate about my breasts are the size of my areolas. I don't really mind my size.
2) I wanted my breasts to appear rounder and not long
3) I DID NOT want a vertical scar beneath my nipple, otherwise known as a lollipop scar

The right surgeon finally told me he wouldn't mind just reducing the size of my areolas with a peri-areolar scar and it would give me a slight lift as well. I'm now about 1.5 weeks after surgery and I couldn't be happier. I felt like I needed to post my results because not many people get this done, but if there are any ladies like me out there I want them to know it's possible! Right now I only have my before and after from the day of surgery (a little gross). I'll be updating more later.

Pic without steri strips

So it's been 12 days since surgery and my steri strips have fallen off (my skin is yellow because of the Neosporin). One week until I get my stitches out.. I'm hoping when that happens my nipples will start looking more round and even (my surgeon said that will happen over time). Any advice on that? Is that true?


So here's why I waited to post my surgeons name(I need time to type up the full story).. I'm not sure if I would really recommend him. The day of my surgery was so stressful that I had an anxiety attack 30 minutes after I took the anti-anxiety pill. I was given almost no information on what to do before or after surgery before I got there. I had to email his office manager the week of my surgery to make sure it was still happening because I hadn't heard anything from them for weeks. When I did I asked her how I should come for the surgery and what kind of bra I would need. She said "just bring your prescriptions and a comfortable bra". Once I got to the office for my surgery the nurse starts asking me "so you ate a big breakfast this morning right?" I said "I had a protein shake". The nurse then starts getting snippy with me because apparently I was supposed to eat a large solid breakfast before going there, but no one had told me. Then she asks "you didn't drink any caffeine, did you?" And I thought back to before I left my house when I literally just didn't have time to make coffee.. again, no one told me I couldn't have caffeine before the surgery. Then she says "the bra you brought doesn't have underwire, right?" AGAIN thank god I had gone to Victoria's Secret the day before and asked them what bras they would recommend for breast surgery and they told me it couldn't have underwire. Because once again the surgeon's office had failed to tell me this. And on top of all that, the surgeon was running late coming in from a talk in Boston. So he was in a RUSH and he acted like it. I heard him say "we're an hour behind" while he was cutting me open. If you look at the picture of my boobs without the steri strips, the nipple that is an irregular shape was stitched up by him. My nipple that looks more round and nicer was done by a young surgeon in training who was helping him with my surgery. It makes me mad that it seems like the surgeon I paid to do my surgery was in too much of a rush to stitch me up nice.. I hope that nipple will become more round over time. I didn't see my surgeon at all after my surgery. He left the room before they started helping me get up and out of there. The surgeon in training started telling me how to take care of my wounds and I had to ask him to write it down because at that point he was giving me so many directions and I was on a lot of drugs so I knew I wouldn't remember. Anyways, the surgeon I went to was Dr. Paul Glat in Bala Cynwyd, PA. My breasts look pretty good except for the irregular shape he made my one nipple and he was willing to do this surgery.. so that's all good. But I don't like the way I was treated by him and the staff and how unprepared they made me for my surgery. If I decide to get implants later on I'm doubtful I would go back to him.

Just kidding, actually not worth it ):

For anyone wondering, my nipples stretched back out. Now they're pretty much the same size as they were before. Next month I'm going to start scheduling consultations for implants, because if I can't make my areolas smaller then I want to make my boobs bigger. I'm not sure if the surgeons will recommend I get a lift with my implants or not. If so, I've decided I'm open to the vertical scar. Still would like to avoid it, but at the same time I really just want some nice looking perky breasts.
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