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So its about 6 days before my big day, i'm full...

So its about 6 days before my big day, i'm full of excitement and nerves, my biggest fear is the pain, and lack f movement, oh and to thnk i cant sit on my butt for 6 weeks!! im looking forward to wearing a dress without sucking my belly in!!! ill jeep you guys posted on my results!!!! any advice comment below!!! Super Happy count down is on

Night Before

So i go in tomorrow (sorry for all the typos in my first review) cant sleep nerves super bad but im excited. Been online all night looking at results and butts (for me wish pic see some below) ill see you ladies on the other side prayers up... i will try to be as honest as possible with me whole experience

"The best day of my life"

"This is gonna be the best day of my life" Thats the song that was playing in the or when i went in for surgery the needle went into my arm and i dont really remember going to sleep, i went in about 830 am came out of recovery around 1pm, (day 1) my body was sore i was able to get into the car and back to my hotel (i decided to stay close by since i needed aftercare immediately following surgery and i live about a hour and a half away) they want you to walk and i was able to walk around the hotel for 30 min or so my butt felt numb and my stomach was very tight the pain was coming fast . I took pain meds and was able to sleep a little bit the Hardest part was getting up after layiing and getting in and out the car. (day 2) it was time for my first massage Ouch !! the pressure is intense but the treatment is needed to help your skin contract and smooth out lumps and bumps i had two massages one in the am the other in the after noon pain level at about a 7. i made thru day two my female urinal was the best thing i could have brought i think i got up to pee 20times the first few days... by day 2 im able to move around more and getting up and down isnt as bad as day one.. its now (day3) im feeling much better able to get out of bed a lot easier still had the double treatment today and I showered today it felt good to wash off but i wasnt able to remove much of the marker from surgery day. i have a leaky drain so that's not a pretty site i removed and washed my garment today as well, wasnt able to put it back on properly so i went back to the office to get help the padding helps a lot with the pain and discomfort i feel ok not 100% i cant wait to look at my butt in a few weeks everybody keeps saying its big (hopefully) ill keep u ladies posted on my recovery

2 long weeks

its been a few weeks and my recovery is up and down, i feel great ( no pain meds ) but im still draining and i'm really uncomfortable in my garment. Sleeping on my stomach sucks, i wake up in the worst pain, but once i get up and walk around a little im good, im also driving myself around now, i haven't been really active out doors because i have the extra padding in my garment which makes me look fat and odd shaped its hard to hide so im basically staying in the house other than running errands for my kids or going to my appointments. I'm hoping the the fluid build up is less this week i have to get outside and get some fresh air not to mention work stuff has to be done. My butt is ok, some days it looks nice some days it looks flat i hope its big when its all said and done, i ordered some other garments cant wait for them to come this one is hot and no matter how much i wash it it looks dirty. my stomach was a lot flatter (monday) today is wed ill go back for my treatment tomorrow hopefully ill see a flatter less bruised tummy. Overall I guess im ok, not happy not mad, but i really want to see my full results, i guess this is the part nobody ever tells you recover sucks!!!
Dr Carmen DiMario

SO Far so good great staff!!

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