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I really just made this decision overnight, I had...

I really just made this decision overnight, I had thought about it before but now I have a little time off so I figured now or never. I am 31 years old. I chose dr carmen dimario in jenkintown pa. His office was so full there no where to sit. The calander was full but they helped me get appt date for surgery exactly when I wanted it. The staff is so nice.

I met girls who said they had to lose weight before the dr will allow surgery. I'm 5'6 and 145 lbs. I am really really nervous of recovery because I have to be at work one month later and my job is extremely physical. Also because I see so much reviews of all this research and I don't even know much except what dr told me.

One thing i will say is the before n after are amazing and realistic. and i saw a few girls walking in out of office with killer bodies. They said they give me compression garmet. I'm on a few vitamins medicines and got script for Vicodin after procedure.

Any advice ladies? I live with my 16 year old son and 15 daughter. Also my surgery is scheduled sept 17th and I have court for something on the 23rd do you think I'll be ok to go to court? Also they said the price includes like 20 post op massages... How are these and how soon can u drive to the appt?

Alotta questions any comments would be appreciated

12 more hours

Im freaking out... this is so intense. my scared level is a ten. Is there any other RS girls who used dimario? Omg 12 more hours away how can I stop freaking out ???

12 hours post op

Can't write too much I'm not tired just lazy. Stomach burning and butt sore but the staff at doctors was seriously the nicest people. Nervous about drain massage tomorrow haven't slept since I woke up from surgery I gonna try now more soon

On way to massage at doctor. How should I sit

Hey vets did u find it comfy to lay in backseat or to sit on towel in front? I'm 24 he post op and the dr office for massage half hour each way thx ????

2days after surgery

I am soooo pleased I chose dr dimario. I didn't realize until I spoke to my friends who went to other dr how critical post op care is!!! This is intense surgery it's no joke! The price included 20 massages which i could never ever do myself. I had my 2nd massage today, I had fluid all thru me that the staff helped drain out. Not comfortable but bearable. I realize that the more aftercare I get now then easier afterwards to recover. And it's true, the lymph draining feels better as soon as you leave. I can't imagine not having this aftercare I would have checked into an ER by now lol seriously
. As for home care I luckily have a girlfriend that last minute came to help. Otherwise I would have hired someone. I took a shower today while she stayed in bathroom the shower felt great n my friend washed my faja which was disgusting. The problem was it was basically impossible to put back on. I have to pad it with maxi pads and we couldn't snap it back on. We scooted me to dr office which like 1/2 hour drive and when I got there they drained me and cleaved me up n I got back in faja. I'm worried about this weekend when I have to shower again and sruggle with garment.
I didn't really sleep the first night and last night slept better. So sick of being on my belly n it's only 2nd day.
On a good note, I was 5'5 with a muffin top belly saggy butt etc and fatty flanks. I saw my body today I can't believe how good looks already!!! My belly looks flat n my butt which I wanted juicy but not fake looking, looks good! Ok so stiff n sore trying to update...

Post op day 2

Day 5 postop

Ummmm well I am really struggling. Took my second shower today but had to pay caregiver I cannot get the faja back on by self. When does this get easier? Everyday pain subsides but my stomach is extremelyyyy sensitive to touch like even air I can feel on it. I hope that sensitivity decreases. I only sleep a Max of two hour increments and the percs don't make me sleepy unfortunately. I go back to dr for my fourth massage tomorrow thank God because as uncomfortable as it is, I know it helps healing process. Trying to do online class homework but I'm so freaking uncomfortable Please vets I've read your blogs. I see talks of boppy pillows, pool noodle, backless camping chairs and cutout recovery chair. The cutout chair looks great but isn't painful around sides of butt? I'm so sad I can't find good position I can't even lie on couch! ????

8 days post op bbl

Hi it's been one week and two days... Guess that's 9 days post op. so glad to be over first week!!!
I can now move alotttt better getting off bed and to bathroom is piece of cake.
I have actually been sleeping a few hours at time thanks to vicAden it's getting better to sleep but when I wake up my body feels soooo tight n stomach feels swollen.
I have only taken my garment off a few times to shower , wash, and when I go for massages.
Pain level-5
My stomach is so sensitive to touch ouch even material like towel is sensetive
My butt has swelling went down a little. FOR THE RECORD my wish butt was like a Jessica beihl kind of butt. Medium size. I told doc I want booty but not too big as it will look stupid on a white girl my size. So can't wait to see DVD result. I do know I like the size now, not sure when ill know its done swelling.
My belly looking great! I have hAd 6 lymph drain massages at dr office.
The staff is soooo experienced with the post care! First the undress you then you get ultrasound which feels relaxing . Then the hard part is Actual massahe. The nurses are soft and sweet but they get the job done right and push a lot of Fluid out.. Yesterday on my 6th session I actually got drained by syringe in my lower back n stomach . It took less than a minute n didn't hurt. Feels good when I leave. The nurses really take thier time on you which is great but results in long waiting room. So that sucks.
I obviously haven't sit. That's the worst part of this whole thing. Is lying on your stomach. My poor neck ok well off to dr for massage #7
My qUESTIOn is "how long is stomach sensetive for?"

2weeks post op carboxy

So today was 2 weeks post op!! Glad hardest part is over my bruises almost totally gone and my incisions are healing well. So far I had 7 massages and today I got something called carboxy treatment which was intense but short so I survived...
I reading other reviews and some great pics but I really am dependent on my frequent visits to dr dimarios office. 20 massages And carboxy treatments are included in the price but I don't know how I would be coping without them... I always have a million questions.
I also had a little seroma below belly button and the nurses at dr office give me syringe, it's quick and I feel better when the fluid is out. My biggest problem is itching ughhhh I feel ur pain ladies. As for my shape I love it. I am slender girl so I asked for natural butt. I got 600 in each cheek I am at two week mark and I have few questions like at what point do you think your butt is what will remain from fat transfer? I like it's size now also I really like the slope/shelf on my butt wonder if it will drop some in coming weeks? Any info appreciated xoxoxo

Last week

Ill take new photos soon. Is there any other RS with 600cc per cheek post op reviews?

Before n after pic

One month post op pictures

I'm one month post op. def able to get around more n pain is gone. Haven't sat on butt at all yet. When Garment is off after few hours I feel sensitive in lipo areas. I hope it stays this size I'm happy with size very natural just want my butt to soften and jiggle does anyone know when that happens? Also I have flattttt stomach but can see some stretch marks around bellybutton that weren't visible when it was fatter. The dr gives carboxy treatments which I had two already hope that helps. Otherwise all is well and hope fluffing is real!!

Stretch marks

Ughh hope carboxy works

Side view

Nice projection, natural still a little hard but def softening up. Dr dimario has great sculpting skills. I have been getting carboxy and ultrasound heat 2X a week. At 6 weeks I can sit n they said they put these pumps on butt to Soften sculpt it. All the postcare is included in the price. I can't imagine not having the office to take care of me. They r so sweet. My stomach is totally flat zero fat. I wear the faja with padding as much as possible but when I take it off after few hours I feel swollen. They said I'm almost ready for a smaller stage 2 garment. I can't imagine getting any smaller!

When will I jiggle

Butt getting rounder wonder how to increase the crease at bottom..!?? I don't think anyone really read my blog so I dunno anyways tried to run for train down steps today n it hurt whrn butt bounced

Five weeks post op Bbl

I'm officially 5 weeks yesterday!!! I haven't been sitting at all. But last week or twoI have been lying in my sides at night. I sit on a rolled up towel under my thigh and thru the last week, I have been putting small amounts of pressure on my butt when sitting with towel, or lying on back with towel under arch and buttcheeks grazing the bed or couch. It doesbt hurt but when I stand up I feel the pressure reverse. It's getting a little more jiggly. But still not back to normal. I'm still on first garment last hooks but it's getting loose. I am going to buy a smaller garment. I'm not great with the tape measure, but I think my measurements are now 34-26-40 but not sure. Maybe 34-24-38. I need to get measured.
My stomach is still hard on lower half but no more fluid.
Stretch marks improving from carboxy and ultra radiation treatments at dr. Dimario but I still have a ways to go. I reallllly love my shape but I been eating terribly and need to stop!!!
Ps. My husband really loves my new shape but still haven't had intimacy yet, I'm not ready.
Dr. Carmen Dimario

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