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Like all “cellulaze” candidates my...

Like all “cellulaze” candidates my story will sound familiar and I’m sure like yours! I have worked out 5 days a week for the past 25 years primarily a runner mixed in personal training and “insanity” workouts. I’m 42 years of age, 5”4,110-115 lbs. Because I have always been considered thin and in shape people would never believe me when I would tell them how bad my cellulite was until they saw it. Simply put I’ve been cursed with the unsightly ripples and dimples known as cellulite. I looked into Velashape and Accent laser but never convinced to spend the money (which by the way is more expensive then cellulaze and required going every week for 8 weeks plus ongoing maintenance forever to keep any results achieved). I have complained to my husband for years. Ironically he was the one who was at the gym back in February and saw something about cellulaze being FDA approved. After doing as much available research as I could on the procedure I realized this could make sense and so I decided to go for it.

Procedure itself was not painful at all. As others have stated worse part is the numbing needles. The procedure took about 2 hours. I had back/ side thighs and buttocks area. I wore the compression garment for 2 weeks. I am 3 weeks post procedure and definitely still bruised and swollen but everyday I see slight improvements. I was told you really have to be patient. I am still numb in back and sides of legs but it’s no big deal. After 2 weeks I was told I could ease back into my workouts. I’m not sure an “insanity” workout was the right choice to ease back, ha! I quickly realized I have to wear my compression garment to work out. I am back to running 4-5 days and feel totally fine with garment on, thinking I’ll probably need it for another week.
I’m not one to post pictures although ironically I allowed the local station to tape my procedure and air it on the news! I would be more then happy to answer any questions. I absolutely looked for info from people who have gone through the procedure so totally get what you’re looking for. Keep you posted on results every few weeks. Best of luck to you I truly believe it’s the best thing out there today.

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Everyone at Dr. Glat's office was so great! Ellen and Cheryl made me feel so comfortable. I felt like they were my girlfriends and they were as excited as I was about the procedure itself and seeing results. Dr. Glat was so professional and totally put me at ease. He is the only one performing this procedure in the Philly area currently and if you do your own research on him you will learn how reputable he is as a plastic surgeon.

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