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So I've been contemplating about having Lipo & BBL...

So I've been contemplating about having Lipo & BBL for awhile. After my first Child I didn't Feel Comfortable in my Own Body. I was struggling to lose the baby fat that eventually never left :( My 1st Choice Doctor was Dr. Gabay I was set To Do My Procedure This coming Thursday but I had some Doubts about him. The pictures that they showed me when I went in for my consultation where not to my liking. So I have this friend who was doing her research and found Dr. Carmen Dimario. I've ready some of the reviews on him and Thought I'd Check him out. The people in the Office was Nice Especially The Owner Janet. She was AMAZING !! It was obvious she didnt want my money. She showed me a lot of amazing pictures of people who have gotten surgery there. I also know people who have gotten surgery there and they looked GREAT. My Pre-op Is Schedule for Tomorrow Apr 30 & My Surgery is May 1st. I'm nervous about the After pain and Everything that follows after the Surgery. If anyone with experience who got their Surgery done from Dr. Dimario can you please Tell me everything in detail lol.

Almost there

So today I'm at work a Nervous wreck. I can't believe my Surgery is tomorrow. I'm excited and scared. I go for my medical clearance today and then after to go see Dr. Dimario for my Pre-op appt. I think I'm more nervous because I have to be at work 5 days after surgery and I have a one year old to take care of. :(

Couple more hours

So Today I had my Pre-Op Appt. with Dr. Dimario He's Such a GREAT guy, down to earth and answer all my questions even personal ones lol. So I asked him how Many CCs do he usually put in each but and he said 1000cc which I was excited about because I've been hearing people complain about them only have 600cc in each butt cheek. I'm hoping he gives me the butt I Want. I'm not looking forward to the recovery stage. Can someone please tell me whats the pain level from 1-10 after surgery. I'm also not excited about not bathing for 2-3 days. I have OCD and I need to shower lol. Anyways My Surgery is set for 8:30am tomorrow.

Today is The Day

So Today is the day I ge my Lipo & BBL done. I'm Soo Nervous and Scared at the same time. Idk what to expect. I think I'm more nervous of the after pain. I asked Dr. dimario if I Can Keep My Nipple Rings and He said yes He'll Just have to tape them down so they wont get caught. Thank God Because I Just got them done 2 months ago and I did not want to go through the whole piercing process again lol. Any ways I'll Keep You Guys Updated and I'll try to write about my day every day until I'm All Healed up.

Day 1 Post Op

Ok So I'm done with day 1 Finally. I was ready for day of 1 to be over. I'll rate the Pain level to be an 8. Having to get up for the bathroom was terrible. Thank god the pain killers worked. Sleeping on my stomach was a pain because my neck hurted. Ugh day 1 was horrible. They tell u to drink a lot of gaterade and although thats good getting up every 1 on the hr to pee sucks.

Day 2 & 3 Post op

Ok Ladies The 2nd & 3rd isnt like the 1st day lol. The pain levels go down and I am able to walk alot more now. I just walked all over target lol. Tomorrow I get my 1st massage which I am dying for. Today I Took a shower and that was awful. I advise to have someone help you. As soon as I took off the faja I got sooo dizzy I couldnt wash myself. Thank god my sister in law was up to help me. Putting back the pads on was a challenge also only because u want to be comfortable and you're not gonna be comfortable. Also my drainage is coming out I've been having this needle stinging pain I taped it back down but thats not doing anything I'm leaking all over my faja. Ugh other than that and eating soup all day which is horrible everything is good.

4 weeks Post Op

Hey Ladies ! Its been awhile since My Last Post The Reason is because Im sooo Busy with Work & Taking care of My son and Trying To Recover. Ok So My Recovery Has Been Great So Far. I've been Driving Since day 5 after my Surgery so Driving isnt an issue with me. I've been bending since Week 1 with no problems. I was Taken off the Drain Early because I wasn't draining anything and My Stomach was already tight so there was no point to keep the drain on. The only thing that Caught me Off Guard was that they Gave me Carboxy Treatment on My 2nd week when they are suppose to wait for me to hit 3 weeks. Im not complaining because I See a BIG DIFFERENCE! I love how the stretch marks are slowly disappearing I just hate how my Stomach is starting to shape out now. Ok So I bought the board because the padding I had in the front was hurting my ribs and I couldnt sleep with that padding they saw I had bruising on my ribs so they took off the padding and gave me the board. I went for my carboxy yesterday and the therapist said she doesnt like how my stomach is healing so she put the padding back on the front plus the board. So last night was very uncomfortable !!! I guess I just have to suck it up and deal with the pain. BEAUTY IS PAIN RIGHT ? Lol other than that Im satisfied. My butt has been getting soft since week 3 and now its getting softer and softer as I go up to the hips which is great because I was hating the Hard Butt lol. I'm going to post of pictures later on the reason why I Havent is because I Have a lot of tattoo and I have to figure out a way to blur my tattoos out. Lol

Finally Pictures

10 Month Post Op

Hey Ladies, I've been gone for awhile but I've been really busy. Ok So a little update on the last 10 months. First off I dont really like how my stomach came out. I use to have an hr glass shape but its slowly disappearing and I'm always working out. My butt did get smaller but thats expected because you lose 30-40% of the Fat they put in. I do hate that if you sit down for periods of a time it does hurt which is awful sometimes lol. But other than that I am some what satisfied with the results. I am going to do a round 2 but not with Dr. Dimario. I've been looking around at other doctors and I've beeb asking people questions about their doctors so I'm undecided now.
Dr. Carmen Dimario

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