BBL & BREAST 11/2013...Dr.Miami

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Hello ladies....ok so im almost on year from my...

Hello ladies....ok so im almost on year from my mini tt..and im going for more ..; ) ten days away and looking forward to this other chapter in my life my bag is already packed and I ready!!! this is such a treat to do whatever I want to enhance and feel good....I will keep you posted..happy healing...

9 days and flying to Miami.....

So im not getting much sleep...although I am not new to this...anticipation is killing me...the team has been great with all of my goal is not nice size boobies..nothing big..same with my butt...I want all my focus to go to tummy and waist....then boobies....then butt..cuz I have a dunk.just want it defined....well until my next update...Team far so good.

breast pre

My plan is to get a nice size increased my volumn

breast Pic now

Hi..I am getting a full C...nothing to big...I dont want it to fake looking. .

booty now

Ok so i want the back fat out...and my tummy smoothed out...I had a mini tt 11-2012.

booty now

This is my now pic...just want to enhance the booty a little by taking the fat off the back and even out tummy alittle..I Had a mini tt in 11-2012...

here it is...oppp..dup post

other view now...

5 more days

Ok...not sure how to feel...I cant sleep. I have decided on silicone round moderate plus profile ...full C..( I think).not sure on the size yet..but I do know I dont want big boobs...or a big ol butt....I good with sexy too old for all that. still trying to figure out the sitting thing??? Or not sitting..especially since my surgery is on the 31th...and im back to my desk.job on the 11th...ugh.....with a bunch of nosey chick's. ...well will see...god bless to all and happy healing ;)..

Booty 5 days preop

booty 5 days preop

Just want sculpture. ..and alittle bit more projection. match my new breast..

try it attached




Day one post op

Ok..the pain is real...but omg I am excited I did get a full c...and so swollen and sore..I slept from side to side..everything looks big. ..I have not really ate appetite...but I am drinking a lot of health nurse came today and gave me a shower..ohhhh that felt good..ok going back to at a later date....happy healing!

2nd day

So swollen...but up and walking around....I did go for a walk outside. .I applied arnica to my bruises. just laying down...not in the mood for pics yet. ...will take some soon...dr salzhuuer. .is the best!!!!

Bal harbour...nice experience. .

Wish I came to Dr. Schaluer for my mini tt..last year. .they give you the attention you need.

its been tough....

Pain..nausea. .constipation. .then diarrhea. was a better day..4 day post op...

post op update day 9-Dr. Salzhuer

Wow...!!! What a journey..just to recap I had a mini tt in 11 2012...wasn't happy with the Doc in Connecticut, so i decided to go to Dr. S for breast augh and contouring of my butt..I didn't want a big ol butt. To be able to be satisfied and trust my current Doc is a blessing..Dr.Salzhuer and his team were responsive, giving and made me feel as part of the family...ok so day 1 I don't remember..slept all 2 thru 5, I was miserable I had the runs..sorry keeping it stomach hurt.i think it was because of the meds and perhaps I didn't have much in my tummy it is so important to eat..I stop taking the painkillers around day 5...I did take a xanax to help me go to sleep a couple night One.big mistake I made was I stop taking the iron pill..felt week as h.....
slowly building up now...On the 7th I had my post op all went well, the doc did drain a small amount of fluid that build up (where the bandaids are on the pic). Right after my post op I went to catch my plane which was the worst..delay after delay I was so tired when I reached my home my back was swollen so much and hurt..I quickly showered and ate some good jamaician soup hubby had ready for me..I bruise very easy so I looked like I really got hit by a truck..I am using arnica by mouth and applying it to my skin, along with 100% shea is day 9 I wear my garment that the office provided with epi not buying anymore...been there done that last year..and all those garments after a while collect dust...I have 4 they gave me plus what I already had. ..well ladies im luvin my results already.thank you for all of the well wishes...stayed prayed up and positive. Happy be continued....(see pics)

9 days post op swollen and bruised


pics wont upload...will try later

Tried twice






pics removed

Ok so I removed my pics. ..feel free to pm me for any updates or pics if you wish to see my progress...way to much going on...on this site for me..unfortunate because the info and stories are great!!!! time for nonsense.

3 wks post op..tommorrow..very pleased

Hello lovely tommorrow I am 3 weeks post op bbl and breast augh...I too was about to shut down but this info is so valuable to so many...I know it has helped me...and I have received a few here it is...Im progressing well..I wish my boobs would soften up but I guess that will happen with time and booty is lovely...not too big..not to small just enough for am itching like crazy...I apply vitamin e...shea butter..arnica...and sometime biotin..all that helps me alot....I have gone for one masage and I have one scheduled for this week...that also back, tummy and side are still swollen and my butt is hard. ..but all of it is tolerable...well gotta get back to work...and remember " who god bless no man curse!!"
Stay beautiful!

vedette 109...omg can I

Ok...hello ladies..I recieved my vedette 109 garment last night. .I tried it on and it felt really good for 1/2 hour...then I was like ugh...give me my garment back...not ready for that yet...although it looks nice...I did get a medium and it fit I was just not ready for the thong part....too much other stuff going on to have that bother me...but I do look forward to wearing it maybe another week or so....ladies any recommendations on another garment you felt was more comfy at the 3 week stage??? Let me know thanks...and happy healing to all....

4 weeks post op bbl and breast..and I wont be wearing this to the office holiday

Hello..ladies..well its 4 weeks post op.
.I am so happy with my result and as the swelling continues to go down and my body gets use to these new boobies..with my butt..I didn't want huge or even bigger just more shape..thats working out fine..Although. ..that seems to be growing good with both. .
sleeping is still tossing and turning because I am still not sitting..nor am i laying on my chest. ..but it is much better than the earlier weeks...still applying arnica and vitamin E..all over my body to keep it nourished and not dry..then itch is intense at times but thats good because that means the skin is retracting and diet is good trying to eat healthy..not much of an appetite.
Although I made up for it on thanksgiving. .yum....well thats it for now...updating with a pic of one of my favorite dresses...was going thru the closet for dresses for the job holiday party...omg. tatas wanna come out and ..god bless and happy healing to all.... op

Hello ladies...I am six weeks feeling great. .still happy with back and flanks are still very still and breast are beautiful. .and im still not not into posting my pictures...because I was browsing on goggle and typed 5 weeks bbl updates and clicked on images...and omg all our pictures are there...I don't like that..I know it open to be exposed to whom ever but the thought that anyone can just google and see are picks. ..Is kinda discouraging to me...ughhhhh. .anyway happy all

6 wks resist to post pic. .

Fluffy out nicely. ..and happy boobies...happy healing all....

pics as requested before..after and current

Hello beatufiful requested attached are some more pics. ..I included a before and after breast pic..I no longer have the steri tapes..I went from a 36b I think?? To a full C...400
just keeping some silicone strips on them help with healing and to make sure all is flat and nice around my nipples...and they healing and settling nicely. ..the red bikini shot one once last year and the other is today...loving the now look!!!..and just a few more shots as I look at all the snow outside today..trying on bathing suits...happy healing to all and god bless......



tech difficulties.

Trying again


6 wks post



pics wont load

Will try again

Pics updates

Ok last night my pics wouldnt update..le5 me try now....

More pictures


before and after...


more pic updates

Ok this is it for now...homage to Dr. S and his team....

10 weeks follow up visit with DR Salzhasuer!!!!..

Well I flew into miami today and soon as I settled in my hotel..I called and went right over to see my doc is weird because they are so cool that.i felt like I.was going to see family I spent hours in there just talking to the friendly follow up.visit was great..luv doc S...he did drain a small amout of fluid from my right side of my waist...mainly because im so anal..and I had a little fluid built up...other than that im good...still itching. .some back stiffness..weight wise no gain just steady...
but my butt is twerking all by its self..big!!! At least to me...but its all good I luv the entire package...well ladies...stay well and happy healing.

Bigger for me not better. . loving my results and size...

Hey there most of us..loving to take pics and update all of progress. .just left miami this past weekend..and omg was nice to wear different outfits with the new pleased..I was give the to sit but im still doing a pillow..just feel natural now and I like many dont want to damage the am wearing a corset just to train alittle..since my waist is still healing..feels good to I wear it...but its not a must...anyway couple pics enjoys...and happy healing and progress to all...



Purchased online via

another corset view

3 months update. Dr.Salzhauer...amazing hands and happy camper update

Hello beautiful ladles. .well I recently hit my 3 month mark...been suffering with the flu and some residual. .swelling on my per my previous update I did have some fluid build up on my right side so that side is taking longer to settle then the left side...and yes it hurts...I am scheduled to go back first week of April. .just in case its still an issue and doc will do whatever he has to do..because he is that kind of doc.....but I think it will be fine. .im just inpatient..and with these procedures..we are our worst enemy...looking in the mirror...daily looking for instant gratification, you have to have patients and heal with time ...other than that..I'm so blessed and happy with this secrets has a sale and I went to get sized and I am a 36d or of course I loaded was fun...and felt good to be perked up in a nice bra!! far as the bbl..I'm still not sitting..or laying on my work if I have a meeting I do but not for more than an hour..just paranoid since I do still feel some discomfort. ...anyway ladies thanks for all the positive pm..and I am here for support if needed....happy healing until the next post...xoxox

BBL & Breast at the same time..Dr.Salzhauer

Hello ladies...lots of questions about doing both procedures at the same time..well is it tough?? it doable ???.yes especially if your not doing your hips because you will have to sleep on your sides for at least 6 weeks..till this day i still do sleep on my sides.. looking forward to my next visit for alittle flank touch up due to fluid build up and some fibrosis. .that sucks but it happens. ...well heres another pick in the flesh..muaahh xoxox ladies enjoy your journies...its tough but worth it.

Almost 5 months....Going Back 4/7/2014...Dr. Salzhauer

Hello All of you lovely ladies! So nice to see all of the Dr.S patients updates...all the others all well.

Well, this has certainly been a journey....but I do not regret it one bit! I still feel tightness in my back (no pain), and I am still very carefull sitting :)..... I am going back next month just to have my waist snatched alittle bit more, removed some fibrous tissues...and whatever else my doc and I sees fit to do....which not much is needed. I luv going to Miami, so this trip for me is serving more that one purpose....I am prepared for this secound (minor) round..I hope!!. I am not interested in a larger booty at all, just more waist definition, and everything needs to be even. I am loving these breast...big adjustment for me, I never had larger breast and I went in telling the doc I wanted a large C, yikes when I saw them I was about to cry...they looked huge, just like my butt...but most of it was swelling, and the breast looked like bullets...OMG I couldnt wait for everything to calm down I felt like spong bob ugh...AND IT DID FINALLY CALM DOWN :))) !, now I keep a sports bra on to sleep (not every night) just because I dont want them to get to relaxed and body needs to get use to them...looking forward to the last round for me and to continue to enjoy my body. Will keep you all posted, remember the most important part of the healing process is to be patient and stay was hard for me to do both...but I realize we can be are worst enemy if we are not. xoxox to all! Keep sending me PM if you have questions Im here....Best wishes to all! This is me now, no wish pic...all me!

5 months PO...All me :))))) my own wish pic



Typo above- Nice to see updates from all Doc S patients...AND ALL OTHERS AS WELL!!

You all are making wise and carefull decicions....:)

booty overage....forgot to

Lol...forgot to mention...dont think about trying to get into your prior jeans..omg it was work...ass everywhere. ..drunkin

I made it once again..Thank god

Hello ladies. .Im done.and feeling fine right now..doc went ahead and fix the lump on my right of my ab where I had fibrosis tissue and residual fluid we also realized after he examined that my hernia came back so he fixed that and my belly button. not feeling pain..very relaxed .I found a cargiver that is pampering me right now..she went and got me a excellent Jamaicain just resting..will post pics doc did once I can take this garment off...xoxox thanks for the well wishes. ...Doc S and his team the best!

pre op pic of lump 4 7 14

Preop pic 4 7 14

Day 2 Post op..

Hello dolls.
Im ok just have been resting..sleeping..yesterday I dared to take a walk was ok but I didnt want to over do it to soon. I slowed down on the pain meds..just taking my antibiotics and bm yet..hate that part..I guess it will happen soon :)..
I like where I'm staying very convenient a supermarket across the street.. pharmacy etc. ..we spend a lot of money on these procedures for me as long as the place is clean and decent services I'm good..well my body is looking good..I bruise very bad so that's going on I'm already rubbing my arnica and of course swollen..and hubby is flying in today to give me my massage..all is well
Happy cant wait to be me again...will post new pic soon.

xoxoxo..happy healing to all and best wishes to the newbies.

1 week POST OP..

Hello ladies...:)))
Well today is one week post op..and let me start by wasn't that bad but I didn't expect all that was my recovery thought process definitely was not planned out..went back to work was ok..just sore..cant getting up and walking helped, although I took a pain pill so nothing really to recap..I was soooo pleased with my initial results but a couple things happened since my initial surgery and thing that bothered me apperance wise that I needed to address and correct. 1. I always had a small indentation on my left cheek so the 1st round didn't fill it I wanted a shot of fat to fill that out. 2. I had a lump on my right hip/ab..fluid after surgery..needed to addressed that..I tried everything massage wouldn't go down I hated to see it...3. I had a small hernia for years apparently when I went for surgery doc said as he was marking me the small lump over my belly button appeared to have been that the hernia I asked him to correct that as well since I'm already there..4. He couldn't find the fat on my belly to fill the indentation on my butt check so he lipoed the back on my legs..ouch!!!!
didn't expect that...omg..more than what I expected...but im good!!!!..done with surgery. I am so happy... today I went for a lymphatic massage to move the fluids to avoid any future build up I hope....... and surprisingly enough it didn't hurt..I told him to go what a beast...I am using tea tree and mint shower gels because is cooling to the body all natural and helps me feel so good...and I am applying arnica gel and taking the tablets..I am also applying vitamin e on my skin.
My bruises are going away quickly. I am wearing my garment faithfully with lipo foam and my binder..well this is my update...hopefully I will be good to go for the summer.....many blessings to you all hope some of this helps. Xoxox. Attached a few pic taken today 1 week po.muah!

garment...lipo foam and binder

try again with the pics

more pics. .


Ughhh..I suck at uploading these hopefully this works.

I give up will try later

Ready to throw the phone. .

1 week po front.......






ok....pic uploaded finally....whew!!!!!.all 1 week PO



Hellllooooo…..Salz Dolls! And all of the Real Self Queens! ?

Well this is my one year PO update, I do not have much to say other then this experience has been life altering on many levels. I am forever GRATEFULL for the expertise and kindness to the BAL HARBOR TEAM, especially Dr. Salzhauzer, ARI, Yenni…..they are all great to deal with and I am glad I made that choice, for my BBL & Breast Augh.
I am doing just fine, eating healthy…somewhere along the line I stop eating meat…I excersise, and make it my business to get monthly massages just for pampering.
My Breast are lovely, it took me a while to get use to them, and at times, they feel and look bigger than they are…but I love them. My Booty is holding strong, it goes where I go…LOL….
I went back on 10/23/2014 to see Dr. Salz, he didn’t recommend much is needed, but of course I wanted some touch up’s here and there…but there certanily isn’t any urgency for me to do so, and it is not anything he did wrong, I just would like to see my waist alittle smaller (if possible) and a couple areas evened out….I am still not sure if I want to go thru this at this stage in my life, it is all up in the air, in fact if I stayed just like this I would be just as HAPPY!

Well, for all of you newbies, best wishes…..I am very busy and its not that some of us vets don’t care, but life does go on, you can always PM I will respond
Many Blessing to all….XOXOX

Removed a few pic

I am reading pics are not being used for what they are intended for some point i will take all mine down...SMH

Dr.Salhauzer posted 1 yr 2 months

Hello all :).
Best wishes to all the newbies..and my seasoned vets.
I'm doing well..
Glad I went conservative on the cc's only about 500cc the weight gain goes straight to the booty for me at least...I still have a dent on my left cheek that I had long before surgery. .which doc wants to give it one more try to correct..I'm not sure I wanna go thru any of that at this point in boonies are great also....bigger then I expected or even thought I'd ever have.. but I'm having fun with them...
The healing process for any of these surgeries is long...and I been on a real health I will see in a few months if I decide to enhance further...other then that I'm happy..trying to keep my workout regular....I still get regular massages...I even had a few bodywraps..
Just doing me...well best of luck to all..xoxoxox

dent bueno! !!!

Know when to stop!! still on his "A" game...just not pleased with my last and final spell..went back 4/2015...will posy pics soon .

One of Dr. Miami's original vets....:)))))))

Heyyyyyy's been 2.5 years...still hanging... last stop with doc was 4/15...dent correction (I had for many yrs)...
Not much to say other then, do your homework..take your time..know what to expect....and be 1st doc was a total jerk...I was blessed to have had doctor salzhauer in my path, up until this day...xoxox be wishes to all who are just at starting....

Awesome...knowledgeable responsive. The staff is great and makes you feel like they have known you for years. ...I have no regrets..just the ultimate respect for this surgeon and his work and his team.

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