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I've decided to participate in this medium of...

I've decided to participate in this medium of communication because I would like to share my experience with the tummy tuck process. I am 25 years old. I had my first and only child at the age of 17. Eversince I've dealt with my stomach in a rather negative way. I can honestly say I've never grown to love it or appreciate the sagginess despite a ton of positive self talk. For many years I lingered on the idea of having this procedure done because perhaps I may have more children; but as my son approaches his eight years of age and my stomach is still as saggy as the day I delivered him, I realize it's time to take care of business. Like everone else my fears include recovery, the scar, belly button and the surgery itself. But one of my biggest concerns is the my waist line I would really like to achive a nice small waist. I hope this tummy tuck will help take away the awful appearance of my abdomen and narrow my waist line. Again, I am pretty nervous, yet determined so I would really appreciate support from this community of individuals. I will keep you all posted as we get closer to my surgery date.

Pictures of My Before

Here are a few pictures of myself. This would give you an idea of where I am at right now.

Three week Post-Op

Here are a couple more post op pictures. I am super excited as I am only 3-weeks away from my surgery.

Second Day Post Op

So I have finally built the courage post about this experience. Overall, I am staying positive although I can't lie, I am in a lot of pain. The funny thing is that my back hurts more than anything. I am guessing because that's where I had liposuction. The doctor told me I would be soar, he never lied. I would love to post more pictures for you all to see but I am still a little freaked out and in pain. Here is the only picture I able to bear through.

Two Weeks Post Op

Hello... So today I am two weeks post op. I am happy to say that I feel well. I was able to begin work at 10 days post op. The first day (Monday) back was a little difficult as my back was hurting and I really preferred to be home laying in my bed. However, by Friday I was feeling much better. Still some back pain and some swelling but at least it's getting better. I am happy with the position of the scar. I am not too thrilled with the definition of my waist line; i feel that i look a tad squarish. But i guess that may be due to the swelling. Overall, I am pretty satisfied; simply trying to be patient with the healing process.

Much Love,

3 Week Post Op

Okay so now I am really beginning to feel like all of this torture was worth it. My midsection is starting to take more of a natural shape. I know i still have quite some healing to go but i am very happy with the results so far.

By the way, I'm thinking about getting some lymphatic massages done; do any of you know if this actually work or if i even need massages?? Please help
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