My Mommy Makeover Adventure and Birthday Present - Bal Harbour, FL

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A short bio about it myself:) I'm 36y/o (soon...

A short bio about it myself:)

I'm 36y/o (soon to be 37 y/o in March 5th), married, mother of 2 kiddos(11y/o boy and 21 month old gril), 5'4, 140 lbs. I desire this surgery for 11 years but I had mixed feeling and guilty trip. Eleven long years of reflexion, my ruin temple needs improvement after neglect it. While waiting, I walk and run, will tweak my diet a little to accentuate my legs. I trust myself in this journey, of course it will be a rocky road in some days. The important matter is to arrive to the finish line.

I forgot to add which procedures will be done:) A...

I forgot to add which procedures will be done:) A standard abdominoplasty, and hernia repair, lipo (abdomen, waist, back roll). I choose what will benefit me the most in this procedure. I could have chosen to lipo my tight as well, so I'll tone my legs with aerobics or weight lifting.

Yesterday, I made a payment of the final balance...

Yesterday, I made a payment of the final balance with the patient coordinator. Then I went over the details of the procedure and my questions with the nurse.

She handed me as well my prescriptions that I order the same day but my neighorhood's pharmacy was out of Percocet, I will order it today in another one.

I'm a bit nervous, irritable, and anxious. I can't believe after waiting for so long(11 years), I will do it. My mother isn't aware of it anyway, she leaves so far(7500 miles), no need to worry her already with my decision.

My husband finds me fabulous and accept my body the way it is. I don't love this part about it, I workout this body but this stubborn area won't change a bit especially the tummy area. I hide it well with loose clothes or large pants but at the end when you remove the clothing; this area is still present.

I'll be happy when I meet my TT sisters in flat side too;)

Yesterday, I decided to talk my mother about my...

Yesterday, I decided to talk my mother about my surgery as she wasn't aware.
But only received bad comments and feedback, it didn't believe how she could react this way.

She called me today more calm but asking why do I want to do it? Or you don't want to conceive more children? After a long conversation, she decided to let it go but still disapprove this procedure and risks.

I learnt by my plastic surgeon's registered nurse that my hemoglobine are 12.2 and the rest great too. I will maintain my supplement, folic acid, floradix, homemade beet-carot juice(1 glass in morning), multivitamin, and food containing iron.
I feel so great actually, I hope to keep been this way until my surgery.

D-1 so excited but a bit scare. I presume this...

D-1 so excited but a bit scare. I presume this feeling is only human or animal. We are all afraid of the unknown. The way one is to discover it and conquer of fear. More relax today, confident about the outcome. I shall congratulate myself to come a long road, to lose some bodyfat in 1 year and half after 2 kids, be bless to have a good husband.

Tonight pop up another antibiotic with a meal, no food or drink after 10pm, shower again with Dial soap before sleeping. Wake up early tomorrow, check in at 5.30am in the plastic surgeon's office and swallow an anti nausea pill.

I hope for the best to anyway going in tomorrow or after tomorrow any ladies to their tummy tucks.

Post op Day 1, I made it through but so much...

Post op Day 1, I made it through but so much swollen on my left side. I went to my appointment and he changes bb bandage and around my drain and check my incisions.Top of my meds and food only veggies and fruits. I walk outside for 25 minutes but felt exhausted after. My husband is supportive but he wants me to recover quickly. So I take in easy and hopefully my friend took one week off to help me around my home and kids;) God send me an angel. After my good friend another one will replace her. I'm so bless to surrounding by loving friends.

Po 8 day, I start feel stronger each day. I stop...

Po 8 day, I start feel stronger each day. I stop my pain killer since yesterday as well as the sleeping(took only 2).

I went to my 4th post op with Dr Ary Krau. My blood turned dark red between last night and this morning, and was worry about it. My ps reassured me and removed my drain the same day and my sutures in my back from lipo. I hated this weird sensation who didn't last long with the extraction. Then I felt burning in my drain placement, that was a very short feeling;)

My cg should be wear for 2 more weeks too. It's a necessary torture to control the swelling and bruises. Next week, a massage therapist will come over my home, to practice lymphatic massage;)

24 days post op milestone:)

Yesterday, I went to my 3 weeks appointment. Dr Krau asked how I was doing; of course better than the first 4 days of my surgery. He removed my paper tape, checked my scar then my left swollen lower side. He confirmed no fluid was building up. Only a sored muscle waiting to improve nicely. My ps advised me to use Scarguard Md liquid form. Also to keep wearing my compression garment until seen him in two weeks.

Later that day, my scar started to itch a lot around my incision and suddenly stopped. This must be a very good sign of healing on his way. I remarked as well my pubic hair are growing inside my skin:(. Let's wait until a full recovery before to

scheduling my waxing session to my favorite Brazilean waxing salon.

My energy level is almost back to normal but crashed later in evening. Still supplementing with my vitamin C with rose hips and folic acid. This small cocktail worked well for me.

My lymphatic massage session

The masseuse came to my place as usual and she put some oil in my tummy. Then with her hand hold pressure in several place, my lipo area, close to incision, my flanks and back. I was so sore after each movement, I couldn't relax mind. Usually she finishes my session with a warm small towel. Only 2 sessions left to get a glimpse of my soon to be swollen free tummy.

Feel away better 29 days later

I'm able to walk, carry my 23 month old for a short period climbing my stairs, driving (only for an 1h then get stiff after a long drive) cooking but I can't clean up my townhome properly. Nor sleeping normally in a bed still in a recline position. I'll venture to try to lay in my back as the swollen subdue.

Progress with my scar

My scar is healing very nicely and my bb as well. So ready to go back to the gym, also return to the beach;)
But few questions to ask to my ps next week.

Almost ready for this summer

I'm feeling so great actually but fall a sleep do quickly in the evening. My mind and body are ready to return in punctual fitness regimen. I ate crappy food last weekend not so proud of myself actually. My state of mind will as soon as I hit again the gym but my kids are in vacation since last Friday. I better find so activities before to be submerged with complaints all summer long. K

My swelling is acting up again

I'm swelling...oh nooooo. I was fine for a few days and then Kaboum...
My scar is fading slowly, the swelling plays with me in and out. I know it's part of the healing process and sodium intake. So far, I'm glad with my surgery no regret only joy;)

Next week 3 month post op

I haven't been posting for a while. So busy, to taking care if my nephew and niece plus my own children(2).

I went back yesterday to my boxing aerobic then today the lower
abs is swollen:(.

Any activities increase the swelling area, only resting is the solution. But I was in this situation for 1 month and half. Not really motivated to write anything about it. Because no change is happening. It's the normal for the healing process.

I order on Amazon Scaraway for C-section before to leave for my trip. Also Continuing my maintenance regime by moisturizing my scar and supplementing with vitamin C, folate acid.

I'm leaving next week for France to visit relatives and vacationing with my hubby no kids (8 days). Being in the beach will be a challenge too.

10 month post op tummy tuck

I can't believe, it has been already 10 month post op surgery. Still stuck in swell hell mode with any type of activity. Pretty active person, any significant weight gain, semi clean diet, love life w/ hubby great;) Everything is will in place in while.

Find an answer from old question on the forum, about the swollen part. And find it interesting.

The area right above the stitch line in the lower tummy will stay swollen longer, and will seem puffy long after the rest of your tummy is looking great. Expect the area above the stitch line to very slowly improve over 12 -18 months.

I'll check with my ps on my 1 year post op about this swelling going beyond month after the operation.

I wish you a good luck in your tummy tuck planning or recovery.
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I choose Ary Krau, MD, for his years of expertise, clean record, friendly staff, reasonable price, detail oriented plastic surgeon, patience to explain me the procedure and understanding what I wanted from it. The BIG plus as well, it's not far from my home.

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