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When I tell people that I want to get a Mommy...

When I tell people that I want to get a Mommy Makeover (breast augmentation & tummy tuck) I always get that bewildered look followed by "Why? You don't need it!" My response is always the same "You haven't seen me naked!" Padded push up bras (or using two bras at once) and some tape works wonders. I used to be a 32D when I was 160lbs but when I lost all the weight, so did my boobs (not to mention it deflated). Now to avoid looking like a prepubescent 12 year old boy I have to wear padded bras (and two of them at that. I love me some cleavage). As far as my tummy goes, the top part looks like the tummy of a 20-something year old but the bottom part looks like the tummy of an 80 yr old grandma. So to mask that, I use tape. I've tried all sorts of tape but it usually doesn't stay put....except for one. Dr. Salzhauer invented a tape called WunderTape which is used to help lift booties to give it a more round shape look under your clothes (in case one is not ready to commit to a brazilian butt lift or if they just want to see how they look if they have one). When what I do with this WunderTape is start 2 inches or so below my belly button, stretch down until it's all flat and smooth and tape in place. It never comes undone and it makes my belly look flat without excess skin rolling back up and out of my pants. Only thing is that I have to deal with is the hideous looking belly button I have but that's what long shirts are for. lol.

I'm 31 years old 5'7 and 104lbs. I am a single mother of 3 kids who have been wanting this since my body went to crap due to the weight loss. Pregnancy didn't even cause the damage. I was always a naturally thin girl (I always weighed 120lbs). I always wanted a thicker look (because I believe curves are beautiful) and I managed to accomplish that after my third baby and actually keep it. Due to stress years later, the weight just fell off leaving me this droopy sad result.

I was not used to being self conscious of my body (well at least my front side). I always had an issue with having a flat booty and my nose but my boobs and abs were the one thing I loved to show off. I want to go back to that and I know Dr. Salzhauer is the one to make that happen.

I'm so excited about my surgery. It's only 3 weeks away. Once I have this all fixed, I could be myself full force instead of letting my insecurities get the best of me.

Visit To Dr. S office today

So I went today to the office to get some blood work done since I couldn't do my medical clearance just yet (not enough moola). It was great seeing the ladies again from the office. All of them look amazing as usual which is a great representation for Dr. Salzhauer. So now all that is left is my medical clearance and my mammogram which I am going to look into tomorrow. OMG! I can't believe this is actually happening. I don't think it hit me just yet. It's like when I was pregnant. I knew I had a baby in there and I wasn't oblivious to it but when the baby actually came out the first thought that came to mind was "Holy crap! There was really a baby in there and it's mine to keep!" lol. I guess that's what I'm going to be saying when I wake up from the anesthesia and see a new set of tatahs. lol.

Update! Update! Update!

The more things I get done, the more that it is hitting me that I will be getting the body that I have wanted so long by a doctor who I feel is a skillful artist (in his own medical way). How lucky am I?! 7 years ago when I first heard of Dr. Salzhauer, I immediately thought "This man is going to be my surgeon!" I didn't know how it was going to happen, I just had a feeling that it would. Talk about the Law of Attraction!!! Makes me feel like my lottery winnings are just around the corner. lol

Anyway, I had my medical clearance done with Dr. Kirschner instead of Dr. Aquinin like it was originally planned. I must say I was very pleased with my visit at Dr. Kirschner. The staff was friendly, very minimal waiting (I don't think it was even 5 minutes that I was in the waiting room once I finished filling out paperwork) and Dr. Kirschner made me feel very comfortable which is important. So lesson learned here ladies...whoever Dr. Salzhauer recommends to go for a medical clearance (whether it's Dr. Aquinin or Dr. Kirschner) you will be very pleased. They both will make things as easy going as possible.

On Thursday, I went to get my mammogram done. It's a good thing that my boobs are already somewhat pancake flat because a mammogram was a bit uncomfortable. Not too bad. Just think of it like if you were to put your boob on a George Foreman grill (without the heat though of course). Once I was done with that I went to the pharmacy to put in my prescriptions I'm going to need for surgery and bought some iron pills that I started taking.

I can't believe I've lasted this long without smoking. I know some of you have been wondering "What's the big deal about that?" Well if anybody knew me personally, they would be amazed as well because cigarettes and I have a special bond Not anymore though. I've started using a vapor (e-cigarette) called Clean Smoke. I made sure all the liquids I bought have no nicotine. I realized that I probably wasn't addicted to nicotine but instead just the act of smoking and the fact that I can smoke the vapor ANYWHERE since it's not smoke, it's even more appealing to me. I haven't used it as much lately because I can't find the charger to it but oddly enough I haven't been craving to smoke like I thought I would. Woo hoooo!!!! I have been having nightmares that it's the day of my surgery and I'm talking to someone about getting work done, I throw a cigarette butt on the floor and the person tells me "Aren't you supposed to be smoke-free for your surgery?". I then freak out "Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!" All that waiting and endurance and I was so stupid to subconsciously smoke a cigarette the day of my surgery. I freak out really bad until I wake up and realize it was just a dream. That would be about the dumbest thing I could do right now because I want this so bad. I guess that's why when I'm awake I really don't crave for it....because I crave for something more.

I can't believe in 4 days I'm going to be parting ways with my Victoria Secret extremely padded ultimate push bra. You've done your job setting that false illusion but your services will no longer be needed. Do not pass not collect $200! No more taping down my excess granny skin with my CryptKeeper belly button. No more same angle poses with my pictures because of my nose. Limitations will soon be lowered. My first plan of action once I have my new body is to frolic around naked in Bay Harbor Islands. LoL Jk!!! Maybe I will just start in my own home while my kids are in school. I haven't done that since I was a teenager.


In less than 13 hours I am going to be at Dr. Salzhauer's office getting ready to be a Salzhauer Sensation!!!! I can't believe I have been waiting on this day for so long and it's happening tomorrow. Ruth and Miriam have been such a big help. I must've bugged Ruth like a million times over the phone with all my questions and concerns and yet she talks to me with all the patience in the world easing my mind by providing as much information as she can. Miriam, one of the best nurses that Dr. Salzhauer has, have been giving me advice on post operative care. I love her so much. I'm a bit sad that she's not working tomorrow but just her loving regards that she sends me gives me great comfort. My kids are awesome and a great support system. I'm kind of nervous about being out of commission with my two youngest (ages 9 and 7) acting the fool with each other but hopefully I will get their sympathy card when they see me vulnerable and hopefully they will be on their best behavior....HAHA!!!! Who am I kidding? I'm just kidding. I'm lucky to have my kids because each of them play a crucial role that will help with my recovery. Anthony my oldest makes a great mini-assistant doing the things that I need to do myself that I can't. Gage makes me feel loved, makes me feel beautiful and knows how to make me laugh (which I don't know if that is such a hot idea since I'm going to be recovering from a tummy tuck. lol) Xyleena is such a sweetheart who I know will not leave my side like she did when my sister had her breast reduction. I want to go to sleep but I want to stay up. I think the Xanax needs to start kicking in right about now. Well I am calm, I'm just giddy like a little school girl on her first day of school.

Yaaaaaaay!!!!!! It's finally done! =D

The First 24 Hours....Feeling Great

The First 24 Hours Video

Got My Splint Removed....Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!

So today I went for my one week post op appointment with Dr. Salzhauer. I was so anxious to see my nose. I think my mind drove me crazy trying to figure out how my nose was going to look. There were times when I looked at it with the splint and thought "What if it doesn't look any different?" but when I would look at it again I would think "OMG!!! This is going to look amazing!" When Dr. Salzhauer removed the splint and I saw the medical assistant Yeni's reaction, I immediately had to look and as soon as I did, I fell in looooooooooove.

Can I say I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my new nose! Never in a million years would I think I would ever say I love my nose (the one thing I always wished people never looked at). Since I took off my splint my nose started swelling up a bit (which is normal) but even with the swelling, I love it. And if it looks like this when its swollen, I could imagine when it heals. This is the best choice I ever made. I am forever grateful for Dr. Salzhauer. He is a true artist!!!

How I Learned To Do Breast Massages

Pic updates

Nose Pic Updates

Hey everybody,

So I posted more pictures to update you on how everything is looking. These two pictures in particular is to show you how my nose looks. Though I am equally happy about all three procedures' results, I have to admit the rhinoplasty is the one that has me bouncing off walls with happiness. You don't understand. I used to hate my nose. I mean HATE IT!!!!! Now I can't stop looking at it and I'm falling in love with it more and more each day. I used to be paranoid when someone looked at me too long and now I want them to look at me and I can't stop smiling about it. The rhinoplasty has had the most effect on me. At one point in my life my abdomen and breasts were in good condition but my nose was always an issue. NOT ANYMORE and I love Dr. Salzhauer for that. He has officially bumped my self esteem to a whole other level it's never been to.

Before And After Shots

I just love doing picture comparison with side by side shots. It just makes me go wow and makes me feel truly blessed to have had Dr. Salzhauer as my surgeon to make this all possible.

It's been awhile....

Hello ladies,

It's been awhile since I updated my blog. So much have been going on all at once in my life while recovering from the surgery. Good thing the recovery wasn't bad at all where I was incapable of doing things because I would've been screwed. Well after a couple weeks into my recovery, my two boys came down with a cold. I would tell them to stay away from me because I couldn't afford to get sick but of course being a bunch of clowns they would cough on me on purpose trying to be funny. Sure enough I got sick and it was bad. My body was extremely achy, I got a fever, horrible cough, the works. My poor boys felt bad because of the bad condition I was in. (Normally when anyone in my home gets sick, they would pass it down to each other but I would never get sick which is why they didn't think something bad would come out of it). I'm feeling better now but I just have this bad cough that won't go away and I've been sleeping a lot more. Also I ended up moving out of Miami (which is why I was glad I was able to get around). I'm now staying with family in Kissimmee but I miss Miami dearly. I will be back there soon because that is where I belong. As far as my results, can I say I LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!! My nose is still a bit swollen but I notice it's going away more and more each day. The scar from my tummy tuck is barely visible (like it was from the c-section) and I can't even see the ones on my nipples which is awesome. Dr. Salzhauer sure did his thing!!!

Before and after pictures of my nose

Ugh....let's just say the ONLY reason why I am posting these before pics of my nose (unedited) online is because I no longer possess that nose thanks to Dr. Salzhauer. Looking at these pictures and seeing my new nose lets me know I made the right move with a rhinoplasty. Seeing these pictures makes me feel blessed and even happier with the new me. =)

Plastic Surgery Didn't Change My Life For The Better….Michael Salzhauer Did!!!

Hey everybody!

So I'm 6 weeks and 3 days post-op. There's not much to report as far as physical changes. I'm healing great and my results are still looking fabulous. Emotionally speaking I have seen such a major difference in myself. Now that I'm looking the way I always wanted to, my confidence has been blossoming more and more each day. Not in a conceited way where I feel I'm too good for most people but my personality shines a lot more to others. Before I would look like a nervous tweaker when someone would be looking at my face too much because I didn't want them staring at my nose too long. When I would smile, I would either hide my face or do a half smile because I didn't like how my nose would look huge when I smiled from ear to ear. I ended up having to move back to Central Florida to go live with family due to financial hardships in Miami. I was shopping for clothes with my sisters for Christmas and we were at a store where they didn't have a changing room. I wanted to know how an outfit was going to look on me and I asked the sales guy if I could try it on. He didn't know how to respond but I didn't wait long for a reply so I just started changing right there. After the third outfit, the sales guy had a smile on his face and my sisters couldn't stop laughing at how glued his eyes were on me. This would never had happened if this was pre-surgery because I would've been too embarrassed to reveal that my boobs look nice and plump due to wearing two push up bras.

I don't know if it's because of the surgery procedures or my new boost of confidence or a mixture of both but I have been receiving a lot more compliments from both men and women. I have no shame in telling people that I had work done and when I tell them, they are even more amazed because they tell me that it looks so natural. Mission accomplished but I still have to give credit to Dr. Salzhauer.

I would say that plastic surgery changed my life for the better but I don't think that was the case. I really owe this new way of life to my Higher Power for putting Dr. Salzhauer in my path. While working for Dr. Salzhauer, he gave me countless valuable advice about life and being a better person despite whatever challenges were in front of me. I strongly believe this prepared me for my new body because it has kept me humble. Not many people have the opportunity or guts to make such a bold decision to make a change with plastic surgery regardless of how bad they have a problem with a certain part of their body and they live their entire life being inhibited by it. I am extremely blessed that I was able to make this change and it was one of the best choices I ever made for myself. I am even more blessed that I was in the hands of one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami because there are people who do make the bold decision to get surgery and end up getting results they are not happy with or their experience wasn't the greatest.

I never doubted one bit that I was making the right move by getting surgery with Dr. Salzhauer. From researching him on the Internet for 7 years here and there and then having the opportunity to work for him and get to know him and how he is as a person, I knew that I was in good hands. A man who has the biggest heart, gives his all in everything he does and has a true genuine care for anyone he comes across there really wasn't nothing to fear or doubt.

2013 has become a true year of transformation for me because of Dr. Salzhauer. That man has changed me for the better both inside and out. Because of him, not only do I look a lot better in my eyes but I have become a much better person as well. Thank you Dr. Salzhauer. You will forever be one of the top influential people in my life. I wish all of you ladies feel the same way towards your surgeon because trusting them with your body is basically trusting them with your life.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have been researching Dr. Salzhauer for 7 years and I even worked for him at one point. There is no other doctor I would trust with my body to give me the results I would be more than happy with than him. He truly cares for patients not just because they are his patients but because that is his way of being with anyone.

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