Initial Consultation for Liposuction. Bal Harbour, FL

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*Treatment results may vary

*lipo: abdomen, flanks, lower/upper back, inner...

*lipo: abdomen, flanks, lower/upper back, inner thighs/knee, and arms*
23 years old
I've been thinking about liposuction for several years now but finally decided to go ahead after many failed attempts achieving the body I wanted through exercise (Which I will continue to exercise and eat better and healthy). I Am 165 and 5'5, I've been 20 lbs less but still had a belly :(
I called Dr. Salzhauer and their earliest appointment was in 15 days, I booked for that day. Then I couldn't wait lol so I called again to see if they had any openings/cancelled apps for an earlier day and so they did for the next day, so of courseee I said YES.
They have parking in the back of the building, the office is nicely decorated, snacks/water available, friendly staff.
My appointment was at 3pm on a Friday but I didn't see the doctor until 3:45pm, but I was too excited to see him and I was with a friend so I didn't care but keep that in mine (busy place).
One of the staff member took me to the room told me to put the gown on and came back to take 360 degree pictures. Then the doctor came in and asked me what do I want to achieve, which is, remove the love handles,flat stomach, remove that "jean" line or whatever you call that and remove stubborn fat from other areas mentioned above. He said he will be able to give me that (lets see!!!)
I booked the same day and FORTUNATELY they had an opening in 3 weeks due to a cancelled procedure because if not I would've had to wait from February until AUGUST (I told ya he is busy). I must admit my heart drop for a little bit because I am so ready to get this done asap.
The total for all those areas of lipo was $6750 (3000 base plus 750 for each additional area and i had 5 additional areas) which is a little towards the higher side but based on the work I've seen and reviews, I think I made the right decision. I have my pre-op visit in 10 days and I must vist my primary doctor 2 weeks before surgery to get blood work done and Clearance for surgery!

Hope this was informative and I will keep updating! For now I will make an effort to lose at least 8 lbs before my procedure in 25 days

Before front view feb 15

2 weeks before surgery....

Tomorrow I have my appointment with my primary doctor to get all my blood work done and for clearance and then later on the day I have my pre-op visit with the surgeon. Will keep you all updated ;)

Also I was given a book the day I booked my surgery stating the do's and dont's 2 and 1 week prior AND for post-op.
I'm also starting to wonder how my results will come out since I tend to store a lot of fat in my belly.

Some before pics

Pre-op appointment

So I had my Pre-op appointment today which basically covered the prescriptions I need to get and what are they for. They also told me what to do before and after surgery.
I had the opportunity to meet with the doctor one more time and asked him allllllll the questions I had and that I asked here in realself such as:
1. What realistic results I should get? He said fantastic!!!!
2. Would my stomach crease go away and why do I have it now? He said I have this crease because fibers that formed in that area and it should go away!
3. Can you give me a curve around my hips? Yes it'll get better but you also have bones so that's why he recommended for me to add some fat there (which I'm not going to)
4. If I wanted to do breast reduction this year, how long should I wait after my first surgery? He said about 2 months from now.(the reason why I'm not getting both surgeries done is because he doesn't accept insurance and I can't afford both and I prefer my lipo even tho I need the breast reduction because it causes back and shoulder/neck pain)
I feel soooo much better after talking to him because he sounds so confident and so does his staff.
2 more weeksssss. Stay tune ;)

Almost time....

So today I went to try on the girdle at this Colombian store and OMG ... I don't know how I squeezed in there lol I didn't buy because it's included but depending on how that one is I might still buy another one.
The one I tried on was a large and I will also purchase a "tabla" aka small board to wear inside the girdle. What I liked about this girdle is that it was smooth so NO ITCHING and no dents. I will come back depending how the one he gives me is.
I was recommended "fajate" with the zipper on the side.
I plan to get lymphatic massages even though dr. Miami said they are not necessary.
P.S. surgery is THIS WEDNESDAY!!!! I bought Arnica which he said I can start taking since my pre-op appointment for the swelling and bruising. I will also take it during recovery as well.
Maybe I'll let him snapchat my procedure let's see :) I've been loving the lipo results from the other chicks he has done. Can't wait!!!

The big day is here.....

Tomorrow is the dayyyyyyy! Thank god I am the first one early morning (have to be there at 7am) This way I have the whole day to recover.

I am not going to lie today it HIT me like I'm really doing this, What if I don't like my results, what if this and that, but overall staying with a positive mind! I'm doing this for me and no one else and I will look damn great :)
Anyways, pray for me thanks!
I will upload pics in a few days and I will let him snapchat my procedure.
P.s. I didn't lose the 8lbs I mentioned in my initial post, lost about 3.

Surgery day (hours later)....

So it's done!!!!!
If you watched snapchat today, I was the first case bright and early!
So everything went smoothly. He said I had more fat than he thought because it didn't look like it lol
So afterwArds (which brings me to the point of a recent negative review about post-op), they did ask me to stay longer and not leave right away but I was still under anesthesia and was like "I want to go home, I want to home, I'm ok, don't want to stay here" lol basically a little b*tch ( I apologize to anyone I was rude, I was not myself lol but that's what happened) so with that said, they didn't kick me out, I chose to my mom and sis where there telling me to stay and everyone else. So don't blame their staff because you probably won't remember you chose to. Andddd I felt reallllly cold (Its not cold at all in Miami and my home is room temperature so I put on 3 comforters) then when I got home I was not necessarily in "pain," but more uncomfortable from the lower/upper back, my thighs and arms feel sore like a intense workout and my abdomen and back feel like a realllllly intense workout (can barely move) but now 7 hours later after sleeping and drink Gatorade and ensure I feel a little better enough to type alllll of this.
Now I had people tell me they felt like hell, but I dont, BUT is not a breeze :) anyways it's only temporary.
Remember ladies, beauty is pain! So don't get discourage but I wanted to be as real as possible.

Post pic

Day after surgery...

The nurse stopped by to check up on me, help me change my girdle, and answer any questions.

Im swollen, feel very uncomfortable and my back hurts especially when I try to get up but it's only momentarily.
When I get up I feel dizzy, so I've been drinking Gatorade, water, ensure and eating pineapples.

3 days after surgery.....

Feeling alottttttt better :) for sure the hardest days were the day of and the day after (I could barely move and was super uncomfortable).
Now I'm still bruised and, of course, swollen. Now for a couple TMI (too much info) moments, I know it might be disgusting but today I took a real shower since surgery and Took off the compression garment for a few hours and I'm no longer bleeding. Also I was peeing in a bucket because my body felt so weak. But feels good to be lazy and sleep all day lol. Also I had my first real meal today because I've been drinking Gatorade, water, and Ensure vanilla flavor. I plan to start my massages on Mondays and Will update with some pics in a couple of days. Will see Dr. Miami on Wednesday for my first follow up visit.

8 days post-op pictures!

19 days post-op pictures

23 days post-op update

So 3 weeks post op and I feel and look great. The best part is that i will continue to see improvements over the next couple of weeks. So I just want to share a few tips...
1. You'll need at least 7 days before going back to work (a few extra days is ideal and trust me every extra day makes a difference)
2. The first 5 days are tough because you can't do anything, you will be uncomfortable, and you won't look too good because of swelling.
3. One side will have more swelling than another side.
4. You're skin will feel soft and no so tight
5. You're pubic area will get super swollen
6. At this point I'm still not 100% like it's uncomfortable to bend over and I feel a little sore
7. I use my compression garment all day. For those in Miami go and try on at "Mundo de Fajas" in Miami lake. I recommend you try them before you buy as a lot of places don't refund or exchange.
I'm sure I left out info, ask me...

2 months post op!!! Loving it

Hi beautiful people, so I'm loving my results. All I have to say it's so worth it!!! I wear my compression garment all day everyday still and will continue to wear it for ever lol (I'm use to it now). My stomach feels soft and I have ZERO bumps. Any questions let me know

3 month update

Hi ladies and gents,
I definitely feel it was the best decision ever. My body looks amazing and i feel good, so if you are thinking about it too much STOP and book!!!! My waist to hip ratio is like bammm lol and i love it but I didn't get a bbl people even ask me if i got my butt done since my waist was SNATCHED, my bottom looks even better.
Now, I'm not 100% happy and a couple of people including the doctor said skin tightening and healing can take 6+ months. I would say i'm like 80% happy but then again this could be MY skin, yours might be different. I'm not completely happy because my skin is a little soft and my stomach does not look like flat flat flat like i wanted. The area right above my belly button is the most annoying part to me because i feel he might have left a little bit of fat there or it could be skin. I have a follow up appointment next week and i'll see what he says because i'm willing to do a correction on this. Regardless, it looks good the pictures speak for itself, way better than before. Don't get discourage because you might not achieve 100% satisfaction, but i'm just being honest.

Ready for round 2 COLOMBIAN STYLE

Looking for a very sculpted waist !!

Doctors I've researched in CAli, Colombia:

Dr Pedro DueƱas (friend referral)

Dr Leonardo Buritica

Dr Fernando Ortega (friend referral)

Comment your recommendation in Cali Colombia only!!!

After reading reviews and checking out his Consistent great work on realself and Instagram. I didn't think about it twice! I feel he does a good job but could've sculpted me more. After going to my follow ups through the year, he refused to do a touch up.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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