New Mommy New Body with DR.SALZHAUER :)!!!! -Bal Harbour, FL

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Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be back on RS. ...

Hi everyone!
I am so thrilled to be back on RS. I'm no stranger here, 9 months ago I got a BBL with Dr.Salzhauer in Bal Harbour, Florida. And to say the least I am in love with my results but now I'm going back for a Breast augmentation and a Tummy Tuck after after having my son. I am beyond excited because I know my results will be amazing. Dr.Salzhauer is such a great, great doctor... I dont know where to start. I am 100% comfortable that he and his fabulous team will take great care of me. However, surgery is always a little nerve-wracking and exciting. It's not just a physically change but a huge mental impact too. It's almost 5:00 in the morning and I can't sleep just thinking about it- less than a month away! I chose the wish pic from his gallery of work. These women's breasts are just stunning. I love the fact that they maintain a natural aesthetic, not too fake but just right. I have idolized this picture from his gallery for the past 7 years. I had no idea back then that Dr.Salzhauer would be my doctor all I knew was that his work was beautiful. I remember telling my then boyfriend, now husband- how awesome this doctor was. I guess you can say it was destined :) I'm going crazy looking up post-surgical garments again, supplements and etc.... meanwhile I should be sleeping but I am just too happy!


So today I spoke to the wonderful Rosy of Dr.Salzhauer's office and WOW AM I EXCITED!! ECSTATIC! I love them they're the best! I have my clearance next week Wednesday and to say the least I am thrilled. I am getting closer to this new approach to life which is- be the best me. I am trying to change myself physically, mentally, spiritually... well you get it. I'm trying to be a better, happier person for myself but my son too. And Dr.Salzhauer and his team are definitely propelling me along the way. After the birth of my son I left me feeling so self-concious. My breasts say, the skin is thin and stretched. I no longer fill in my bras. It just feels like my skin sits in my bras. I have decided not to have anymore children so I dont have to worry about another pregnancy interfering with the implants and etc. I cant believe this happening so soon. I am thrilled. Cant wait to tell everyone more about my journey. P.S im getting a little tummy tuck too! :))))))))))))))!!!!!


2 more weeks...

I am two weeks shy of surgery :) I have been stalking everyone here on RS again. Just reading up on everyone's experiences so I know what to expect when I get surgery. I am far from a newbie but nerves and excitement are the norm. I have started taking my vitamins. Iron, Zinc, vitamin b12, k, and drinking lots of pineapple juice. For those who do not know, it is important to reduce swelling and pineapple juice is the way to go no matter which procedure you get. I've been seeing so many great results I cannot wait til' i get to the otherside lol.

I think I forgot a little bit about myself. I am 5'8" Miami native,153 lbs. I had a Brazilian Butt Lift (where they move the fat from midsection, flanks, and other places and move it so you have a fuller, shapely butt) in January of this year. My results are stellar and for those who are curious I wrote about my experience on RS. This is my sanctuary as I know no one else is as excited for this surgery as I am. My husband doesnt understand, my family thinks I dont need it (annoying) and my friends are very nonchalant. I dont know about anyone else but their reactions kind of bring me down so I come here. I have my appointment on Wednesday at 10:15 am with Dr.Salzhauer so I will fill everyone in :)

What Do I need???

My surgery date is rapidly approaching! I am nervous and excited. I was just wondering what some of you bought for a mini-tummy tuck and breast aug????

Surgery was yesterday

Hi everyone surgery was yesterday with Thee amazing Dr.Salzhauer. I'm still pretty groggy, uncomfortable and achy. I had such a sweet patient nurse yesterday her name is Maria. She was amazing as well. I was the biggest baby and she was so kind most patient. I'm can barely sleep but until my stomach wakes up I refuse to take any painkillers. I had a very bad experience before. I was nauseous, dry heaving and couldn't go to the bathroom- worst feeling ever. So never again. I have a high pain tolerance anyway. I've been eating soup, bananas, muffins, and potatoes throughout the whole night. I drank so much water and had to pee so many times. It's a pain but it's helping me move around, and although I'm hunched over and uncomfortable, I am slowly feeling better. My drain is here :/ I've been clearing it out every so often. Dr.Salzhauer sends a nurse to your house to checkup on you the day after. I do not even want to think about anything else but making my recovery quicker. I got 450 cc's silicone, lipo on my tummy and that annoying underarm fat pocket, and a tummy tuck. I'm super tired but I'll keep writing :) later

Day 2 ugh

Today is the second day... I am so achy. On top of that I have an awful cough. Imagine a tummy tuck, breast aug with lipo and a bad cough. NOT FUN. I've been trying my hardest to keep it together. All credit to the genius Dr.Salzhauer! My waist is so small :)))) I HAVE THE BODY IVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF. Eating, drinking, taking meds and sleeping is hard for me to do considering I have an unruly 15 month old son. My husband has been so good. He's taking care of our baby and cleaning. He's really starting to see how hard it is.

All I can think of is taking a shower and taking this damn drain out of my body. I cant even think about how it feels when coming out. I can't bare to think about it. I've been moving around, getting my blood flowing, but staying hunched over is so hard. I just cant. There's this uncomfortable burning, aching sensation. By the way Dr.Salzhauer did a periareolar incision for the implants. I am using my arms. Not a lot but a little.

Pics day 3 post-op

Results will be perfect.


I've been sleeping so much I can't even tell you. My body is healing but I feel like a zombie. It feels kinda goods though. I have to figure something out with school, I don't even want to think about it. All I can think about is recovery and results. My Body is better than ever and it feels so good. The pain isn't as bad anymore but it's still there. Today I walked around the house. Walked downstairs to sit on my couch, almost walked the dog (not ready for that yet), made a bottle for my son and ate. Little by little I was back and forth. My compression socks got filthy and I had to put them in the wash.... Does anyone know how long I have to keep those things on? I am not a fan :/ my feet have been elevated but I finally slept without that either. I know I'm probably committing post-surgical sins but I'll be good later on tonight. And if I'm in pain I break a tablet of Vicodin in half so I don't get too groggy and if I haven't eaten enough it won't effect my stomach. Nausea and constipation on an already delicate tummy will do anyone in. By the way, pineapple is your best friend so eat up. All my beautiful Columbian and Brazilian girlfriends swear by eating pineapple before any of their plastic surgeries. It does wonders with the swelling. And they drink lots of chamomile with Manuka honey.

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes and advice. It really means a lot! It's so nice to relate to everyone and take to heart the genuine suggestions. Happy healing to everyone and thank you. Going to eat and then back to bed!

Had to post new pics!

Wow! Dr.Salzhauer has done it once again! This man is so talented Nd amazing. I cannot thank him or his staff enough. He is and they are the best. I love love love my body!

Beautiful breasts and a sexy svelte tummy

Mine! All mine! Lol I'm in disbelief this body is mine! I have only dreamed about having the full package but never thought it was ever possible. For those of you who know I've gotten a BBL (Brazilian butt lift is when they take the fat from your stomach and other areas and place it in the buttocks), but after my son my breasts were limp and sallow, my stomach outstretched and ridden with stretch marks. I have only dreamed about having this body and now all I possible and a reality thanks to Dr.Salzhauer. I can't wait to show everyone how great I look in clothes

Feeling better looking Great!

Day 6 post op and every day that passes I feel better. I just can't wait to get this drain out of me. My results are beautiful and it hasn't even been a full week. I am so blessed to have met Dr.Salzhauer. He is amazing in every sense of the word. I barely have swelling and my breasts are stunning. I was looking at a picture I posted, and I thought, WOW THATS ME. Never would I have ever thought this would
Happen to me. Recovery is difficult but totally worth it in the long run. I have a beautiful body all thanks to Dr.Salzhauer

Officially a week

Today hasn't been so bad. I was able to make myself food. Took a much needed shower. Walking around, with a hunch. I went to the grocery store with the help of my husband. I think I over did it there. I began to get tired and had to drive around in those motorized cart buggies. People feed their curiosity at my expense. They gave the weirdest looks without realizing it. Whatever. Anyway I've been trying so hard to act like I'm back to normal again. Raising my arms, trying to put my hands behind my head have be quick reality checks- my body's not ready and thats clear. My tummy tuck tape as fallen off but the tape on my nipples and belly button haven't. The drain has become a second part of me but hopefully they remove this damn thing tomorrow. Less than 25 mark has been filed so hopefully that enough to have it removed. The breasts are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I posted a pic. wow.

I'm going back to school tomorrow. I've tried to keep up with my work but who knows how much I've missed by now. But resting was the best thing I could've possibly done for myself. My one year old has tried to climb up on me, even YANKING on my drain (OUCH!) but my husband has been doing a great job with him. I cant wait to post more pictures. This is such an exciting time in my life right now. I'm back in school, looking to open a new business and I've gotten an awesome new body :) Tomorrow is my post-op one week appointment. I get to see the man who made it possible, Dr.Salzhauer. For those who are healing and with upcoming surgeries-Happy healing and God bless!


Day After 1 week post op appointment!

Yesterday I had my post-op appointment. Meet with Dr.Salzhauer and his nurse,Yeni-love her. I was so scared I was SWEATING! LOL My husband came with me to the appointment- he was even nervous. They took out off the belly button bandage, i was scared for nothing- didnt feel a thing. Then when I can time to remove the drain, OMG, the very thought almost had me running out of the room! Dr.Salzhauer carefully removed the stitch that held the drain and had me count from 10.... it only took 2 seconds to get it out and the rest was nerves o_0
I didn't feel anything lol. My nerves made the process more painful than what it actually was. I thought I would be in blood-curdling pain lmao NOPE, didnt feel a thing lol.

I'm back at school catching up on readings, etc. Sure feels nice to return to some normalcy. Recovery from my breast aug is great. Other than a little bit of soreness I feel great, so do the girls :)! My TT is healing, the scabs are falling off already, no longer hunching over, I'm back to normal... a little. Still eating pineapple, drinking water, you know, the usual to stay healthy. Hardly any sweets. I know my body's still healing but I was even thinking of doing sumo squats just to keep my legs a little toned..... maybe ill just wait. I can't wait to get back into the gym. I literally have a perfect body, now I just have to tone it.

I tried on this beautiful I got when I was a teenager, it looks great on. Then went to ask my husband something.... not once did he look at my face lol! ;)

A few days shy of 3 weeks Post-Op

Hello to everyone! Happy healing to all of your recovering and good luck to those getting surgery in the near future. This journey has been amazing, personally speaking. Although there is pain and sacrifice for the moment- I am glad to say that I would do it all over again with Dr.Salzhauer. I have that perfect hourglass shape I used to envy, now everyone else looks in envy lol. Well here's the scoop;
Dr.Salzhauer did a 450cc silicone textured implant, he lipoed that annoying armpit fat I've hated since I've been cursed since puberty, He also did a full tummy-tuck and did additional lipo on my flanks. LADIES! MY WAIST IS SO TINY! I am only 3 weeks post op and if someone told I would look like this I would've said YEAH RIGHT!

I am currently wearing my garment. Its an XXSmall and I am wearing my side flank boards. My message therapist is working the hell out of my body with the combination of messages she does on me. I am so happy I cannot even explain what Dr.Salzhauer has done for me. He has changed my life forever. I am grateful to be a live example to his brilliance.

I am still on my pineapple and chamomile tea routine. It helps me with swelling. I do however need to work on my water intake. I have been eating really healthy. I refuse to get this for nothing.

If anyone has any questions please let me know. I am so glad to help. RealSelf is a great way to talk about these things without feeling judged :)


More pics

Doing GREAT!

Officially reached the 3 week mark! My boobs are still sore but I've heard that it takes a while to recover and my tummy tuck looks great. Overall I am excited to burn this garment and show off my final results. Pineapples been my best friend. Anything to keep the swelling away. I still have the steri-strips on the bottom halves of my nipples. I want to take them off so bad. I've been doing well so far. I hate this garment UGH!!!! so uncomfortable :(

Anyway I've come to terms that I'm "plastic". According my sister I'm plastic, lol. Guess she's right but I look damn good so I'll accept it anyday. I know I was thinking about a Round2 BBL but my butt is big enough, I still have to look presentable, not vulgar. Those video modeling days are over. By the way the flank boards and foam pads are great. They dont leave an impression on freshly lipoed areas and add much needed compression.

Results are looking great girls!


Happy healing to all


So today has been a much better day! I am healing nicely and having a much better day. I actually ate o_O and have been taking vitamins. I am glad I've been so helpful to so many people. I never thought I would be able to help so many. My phone is currently broken to those who have text me so please PM me :)



Hello All!!! Almost reaching the 4 week mark. It's so crazy how time has passed by! I never thought I'd get this far. I just remember lying down in pain never expecting it to go away. Lately I've been so stressed out and I have so many changes in my life pending my health and healing has taken a backseat. I still have to remember to eat properly, relax and heal. I'm taking care of a rambunctious little 15 month old who likes to grab, small and run away- I find myself constantly trying to pick him up... Trust me I'm not but its hard. I'm trying so hard to wait til I reach my 4-week mark before I do any thing like that. It's rough. I've been so stressed. ugh. I have a lot to be thankful for. Good health for me and my loved ones, family, a few good friends, and Dr.Salzhauer. I was thinking about it the other day. He has really changed my life. I am so thankful I came across him and his team. They're all wonderful and I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart.


I remember laying in bed the day after surgery wondering if I would ever be able to feel normal again. Waiting for the days to pass. And in a flash I am 1 month post op and feeling wonderful. My breasts look amazing. Dr.Salzhauer has given me something I could never and would have never been able to give myself. Confidence and a beautiful body. My tummy tuck is healing beautifully without any complications and they scar is beautiful... hardly anything there. Sometimes after surgery my skin gets thick and keloids a little but so far so good. My body is heavenly and I cannot tell you how many bras I've tried on lol or how many dresses I can confidently wear without worrying about the flabby mommy apron of skin after my son. Taking care of myself is more important than anything right now. I cannot ruin Dr.Salzhauer's work by eating whatever I want and treating my body like it doesn't matter. Looking forward to going to the gym! But I've heard from other realself-er's that I should be careful with a fresh tummy tuck that I could possibly get a hernia if I over do it and I still cannot fully extend my arms. My breasts are soft and fluffed. They feel real and look gorgeous. My waist is slim and tiny, my stomach is finally smooth. I am so happy I actually look at my body in every mirror now rather than avoid it :) It's amazing what confidence can do for someone.

I just want to put it out there for anyone who needs support or advice or just general questions please PM me. There's nothing like having someone in your corner when everyone else thinks your crazy for doing what you want to do.



Beautiful Results
24 Nov 2013
Hi Everyone!

It's been some time... I know! I've been healing up and my results are great. I had my last visit with Dr.Salzhauer on October 30th. Everything went great. Seeing the doctor and his beautiful staff is always a pleasure. They always manage to make my day. Yenni and Rosy are the best :)

I still keep my garment on for half the day. If not the entire night than the entire day. Not because I completely believe that in someway the garment is shaping my body but the pressure feels so good against my belly button area. I was recent really sick with a stomach flu last week and all that throwing up hurt my abdominals for days. I've learned that the garment is great for reducing swelling however it is not necessarily what shapes one's body. And with that being said I am so lucky to have a great doctor who has sculpted my body beautifully.

And while I still keep the garment on for a sense of comfort it's not necessary. I found the messages helpful too but it is not necessary to be excessive either. I do acknowledge that it moved around built up liquids the first couple of weeks but now there's no need for it. By the way I finally got the steri strips taken off my nipples on my last visit. The scar is non-existant. LOL it's like I never had a breast aug. The results are so natural and beautiful. I dont know if its just me but I always want to show off the goods now lol. I'm just kidding. However, my breasts are so perfect in everyway. I have no idea how Dr.Salzhauer does it- but he does :)
The tummy tuck is healing great. I was so scared of developing an infection or necrosis but luckily that hasn't happened. That was a very big concern of mine. I was aware of all the risks especially since a tummy tuck is such a huge surgery. When I wear clothes I am pleased to say I no longer have to worry about that extra pouchy apron of loose skin that accumulated at the bottom of my jeans. UGH IT WAS SO UGLY LOL! I really don't know what to say or how to thank Dr.Salzhauer for changing my life other than telling you ladies how wonderful he is.

I am here for anyone who needs an extra push of support. Trust me, I know how bothersome it can be when loved ones say, "you dont need it" or "I think you look great the way you are" I dont think they understand at all. Keep in touch!



For so many of you who have left comments or PM-d me I am so sorry I've been incredibly busy my life has done a complete 180 (for the better). My results are healing up and I am so excited to say that my body is beautiful and now I can perfect what I have by going to the gym and eating clean. I wouldnt want a sloppy thick body (NOT cute) especially in Miami. For many of you looking for a great doctor I would recommend going to Dr.Salzhauer even if its just for a consultation. I recently referred a few friends to him and they all fell in love with him and his staff. You dont have to follow they hype on RealSelf you have to follow your heart and what you feel is best. Because it doesn't matter matter what Dr.(X) did for a previous patient because no one's results are the same. This goes for any doctor you choose.

For all those dealing with the nay-sayers....Dont listen to em'. You know what you want and chances are you've wanted this for a really long time. I know I've wanted my body transformation since I was 13. YES 13! I knew I would inherit my paternal genes of being bad bodied lol. Love-handles, armpit fat, flat butt, no-boobs :( Not very fun in a city where you've got sexy biking clad women walking around everywhere. During this whole transformation I've realized that no matter how beautiful you look on the outside, the inside has to match or else you've got nothing but a shell. An empty (sexy) shell lol. Even though I'm all done with my surgeries I want you lovely ladies to know how awesome Dr.Salzhauer and his wonderful team are. And regardless of who you see if there's anything I can help with please let me know.

Happy New Year and New You ;)


I got a BA and TT

Silicone Strips

Happy healing to many who just underwent surgery with my favorite surgeon, Dr.Salzhauer :)
I've started a new recovery regimen. Silicon Strips over all incision sites. I almost feel like they are dead give aways that scream-I GOT A BBL! And a BBL is just common in these parts of Miami its expected. I've also started carboxyl therapy so I see how that goes and I'll let you know :) Hope to be there for anyone who needs someone to lend an ear. XOXOXO

5 months post op :)

Hello Everyone!
I am at approaching my 6 month post op mark :) I have to say everything is perfect. Dr.Salzhauer is remarkable. His work speaks for itself. I love my body and the way it looks. I have a very good friend awaiting the same procedure within the next month or so. As I know it is a very exciting and nerve wrecking time. It is so exciting to start shopping for garments, taking care of the necessities before your transformation takes place. I never forget how I used to look. EVER. I am so appreciative of what he and his team has done for me. It's pretty incredible. I have a wonderful hourglass shape. I am so open when women ask me if I've done anything and I will often tell them who my doctor is. Let's face it- I live in South Florida and chances are 1 out of 2 women have gotten some form of cosmetic surgery. lol thats not actual fact obviously but many people do get some type of "work done". I am trying to keep up with my new body and work out accordingly. Trust me when you gain weight it goes to all the right places BUT you have to be careful :) I'd rather look tight and firm than sloppy with a big ole' butt. I no longer use the garments, I do not need to. The doctor is who shaped my body not the garment, although it did help with swelling. Messages were helpful for the first couple of weeks. I am incredibly grateful for Dr.Salzhauer. Anyone coming to Miami looking for a great surgeon- LOOK NO FURTHER. I would definitely say do not fall into the hype of which surgeon is popular because everyone is different and no one is the same. In other words, don't expect the same results as someone who went to the same doc. I would encourage everyone to explore your options and just because it's a deal doesn't mean that should be the deciding factor. I wish happy healing to all!



Hi ladies!

I havent posted in a while but here's a great pic of Dr.Salzhauers work. I know there probably arent a lot of pics of girls who post. But what some of you might not know is that Dr.S has worked on some of the very bodies you idolize e.g. Claudia Sampredro, Stephanie Santiago.... but if you ask them they'll claim it all "natural" lol. A lot of people do not know that. He is incredibly talented and I always get praise for his work, my body. All of my family and friends know that Dr.Salzhauer performed a TummyTuck, Breast Aug and Brazilian Butt lift. He did an amazing job and there's no other doctor I would recommend. I know I have not been very present on realself but please forward any of your questions to me about Dr.Salzhauer. I am beyond ecstatic and short of words when I say how awesome he is :)

Posted Before and After pic


Years later my results are holding up and I still contact Dr.Salzhauer aka Dr.Miami just for the heck of it. Just kidding- to see if I need a little refresher which I never do but it's always nice to see him.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Salzhauer is a wonderful and very talented plastic surgeon. He is such a caring, warm-hearted and genuinely kind doctor. And from a previous experience I can honestly say I will never go to another plastic surgeon after seeing him. He cares about his patients on every degree imaginable and his work is that of gifted sculptor. His team is just as charismatic, warm and caring as him. They swiftly responded and catered to all of my concerns and were like friends in times of need of moral support. Awesome doctor and team to match.

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