23 year old. Finally have boobs! Silicone 400cc HP. Miami FL

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For years I have been wanting to do my Breast but...

For years I have been wanting to do my Breast but something always came up. This year I decided it was time. After researching and asking around for recommendations and going to a couple of consultations I chose Dr. S. From when I walked in the vibe from everyone was incredible I felt so comfortable. What got me even more excited was the payment plan they have. I am so excited for my procedure, counting down the days!!!

My stats

To start off with my journey I will put in my current stats.
Height: 5'2.5
Weight: 110 lbs
Bra size: 32A (pretty much nothing)
Diameter: 11 cm (I believe that's what they told me)
Goal: Full C -D (but to still look as natural as possible
Surgery date: December 5
Cc: in between of 375cc or 400 cc (the highest my dr recommended was 400cc)
I think that's all. I'm so excited I can't wait till surgery date!!! >_< 49 days to go!!


Hello beautiful people! 48 days to go!! I am uploading my sizers pic. I only took pictures with 350 and 400. I should of done the 375 cc. I'm mostly leaning into the 400 cc. I would love your opinions. Thanks! =)

Wish boobs

So these are two wish boobs from different views. One is high profile 400 cc the other is mod + 375 cc. Both silicone. Really hope mine can look like theirs or at least close to them

I'm too excited!!!

43 days to go!!! I just can't hold my excitement, especially when I see all of you beautiful ladies posts. I called to see if I can move my appt the week before (that's how excited I am hehe) but unfortunately they are all booked for the day I wanted. So staying with Dec 5. I think all I keep talking about is the surgery, and about this website hehe. Time is flying I can't believe October is almost over! Well have a lovely day.


I would love some feedback on someone who has done it from the aireola. How has the healing process been? How are your nipple sensitivity? Do you think you healed faster than people who has It under the breast? I am getting mine done on the aireola and I would love some input. Thanks bunches.

Messing around

So I found an app that my Dr created. And I decided to see how I will look having boobs. And guys I love how I will look!!! I really can't wait, can it be December already?? 41 days left!!

I keep changing my mind!

At first I was going for 400cc mod+. But now Im not sure if it will look good on me. I'm very petite. And I lost weight due to food poison. :( I am now at 105 lbs!!! I can't afford losing anymore weight. I think I will choose 375cc. I have my dr medical clearance appt tomorrow and then Thursday my 2 week post-up appt. so I guess I shall make my final decision Thursday! I can't believe its almost here!!!!

Pre-op Appt.

So today I had my pre-op appointment. I paid in full. Woop woop. I am now broke :( but it's so worth it. They gave me my proscription and told me all the instructions. They haven't told me the time yet. They will call me the day before with the time. So I was completely wrong before. I thought my dr told me mod+ but he actually wants me to have hp done. So I'm so excited! And happy to announce I have made up my decision and getting 400cc HP. In 22 min it will be exactly 2 weeks until surgery day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this time with your loved ones. And please be safe out on the streets.

A Week to go!!!

OMG I can't believe I'm exactly a week away from surgery day!!!! I have to do laundry this weekend and have everything ready by Monday. My wish is finally coming true. I will finally be able to feel more confident and not look like a 15 year old. I want to thank all of you ladies who have helped me so much. I'm actually not so nervous just excited. Dec 5 here I come!!!

3 Days to go!!!

I am getting butterflies!!! I already have my prescriptions, did laundry, bought soap, straws, pads (That time of month, but so glad it came before). Not sure what else I should buy or have ready, any advice? They told me peas are good to put instead of the ice packs? So if that is the case I might just do that. I do not want to buy any sports bras until I see if I would need a Medium or not. Ive been taking the Arnica Montana pills (I hope I don't have so much swelling or bruising). Well I think that's it. Please again if you have any advice let me know. =)


They just called to confirm my time!!! I have to be there at 10 AM. I still can't believe in less than 24 hrs I will finally have boobs!

It's time!!

So they called me last night to be here at 9 instead. So I'm here hehe. I'm so so so happy can't wait to wake up. I'll keep you guys posted. Here are my good bye pics of my itty bitty lol

I'm alive!

just woke up. And I have boobies!!! Woohoo in pain right now, waiting for my mother in law to pick me up. Can't wait to get home. I'm so so happy.

Feeling good so far!

Im so happy. I can't stop starring at my boobies and touching them haha. I'm actually shocked at how I feel. I was in pain as in pressure. But once I got home ate and took my med and put some corn (aka poor people ice pack) I have felt like I was heaven on earth lol. I have not gone back to sleep. Been laying in bed walk around and currently playing call of duty with my bf. Feeling great! I got 400cc. And loving them.

Still feeling great!

So I woke up today at 6 AM not because of pain but because my alarm rang to take my antibiotic. If it wasn't for that I would of continued sleeping. I waited half an hour and then took my pain med and started with my corn bags 30 min on and on. Then I went to sleep for another 2 hours woke up because I was hungry. Bf cooked me breakfast. We went to target got some Taco Bell went back home and took another nap. My nurse came says I'm looking good swollen but they will look great. They will be closer together creating the cleavage. Well here are some pics! Thanks lovely ladies. Happy healing to all. Xoxo

Yesterday pic


Hello beautiful ladies. I just finished showering. Wasn't bad, just needed help drying myself. I haven't taken any pain med since last night at 11pm. And I have to say I'm still feeling great. Been eating drinking my fluids napping and icing. :)

Went to work

I'm so grateful that I have had such a smooth recovery so far. Yesterday I only took Tylenol extra strength at 4PM. And rested all day. Today I drove to work. I had the day off but I rather take christmas off so I went in for 4 hrs. The drive was not bad at all. Only thing is I didn't feel comfy using the seatbelt so I didn't wear it. I work at a desk so work wasn't bad at all. I took Tylenol at 6pm and now I'm relaxing at home. Here are some pics of today after my shower. :)

Hey loves!

Today I went to work for my full 8hr shift. Since I got there I just wanted to be back home snuddled in bed haha. I was so sleepy couldn't stop yawning. But at least I had no pain what so ever. I have noticed today that I am feeling like if the implant shakes. It's like a millisecond of a minor vibration. I have no idea how to explain this. But the office called me today to check up on me and said that is normal that it's most likely spasms. I only took Tylenol today around 2pm. Was able to drive good again. And getting easier to put my hair up in a bun. I'm loving my twins so far. Can't wait until they start dropping and fluffing. :). Happy healing xoxo


Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was out allllll day and just knocked out when I got home. Yesterday went to work didn't feel the spasms at all. Didn't take any Tylenol what so ever. I Did go shopping yesterday. Wow what a mission it is to try on clothes.felt like I did a workout. I only tried on 1 bra whch was a 34C but I was so scared to even move them so I just put the bra on took the pic and took it off haha. Was such a great feeling being able to have a C cup! Here are some pics from yesterday. :)


Nothing much has happened today. No pain nothing. I'm already getting used to them. Soooo... I know they said to wait at least 2 weeks for sex. But I couldn't wait haha. A girl has needs. I just hope nothing happens now and ruins my recovery. I kept the surgical bra on. So I hope everything is good.

Happy 1 week to me!!!!

Hello ladies! So today I make 1 week with my boobs. And loving every second of it. I went to my follow up today. Says I am looking great. My left is healing faster than my right, but it's normal since I am a righty. My left is already starting to drop. But I still have swelling on the sides and middle. They showed me how to massage. So I will start that today. I have attached a comparison pic from before till now.

Loving how my fave pj looks now!

So nothing much to update. I have been able to sleep on my sides. Can't wait until I can sleep on my tummy Ive been massaging as indicated. I do notice them starting to drop (not a lot but compared to day one yes) and I can now move them close together. :) I don't have to wear bras now so when I'm at home I don't wear one. But when I go out and to sleep I wear the surgical bra. I need to go this week to buy 1 sports bra and 1 regular no wire bra. I am uploading pics of how my fave pj looks on me now that I have boobs!!! In love. :)

My first bra!!!

2 week anniversary!

Hello everyone. So I am 90% back to normal. I am able to lift and stretch my arms. They feel part of me already. I am just scared to sleep on my tummy. So I'll wait until my next appt to ask about that. My left has been dropping a little more than my right. And I'm starting to get boob greed. :( don't get me wrong I love my boobs they look so natural! But I guess I thougt they would look bigger than how they are now. I really hope they get a little bigger when they are d&f. Its mostly in clothes that I feel like they are small. Well happy healing everyone. Xoxo

3 week anniversary!

Hey beautiful ladies. So nothing much to say. The are getting softer than before. I can push them together. Still having the boob greed lol. Oh yes happy holidays to everyone. Have been busy. So I'll prob try to update at least once a week. Here are my pics. Happy healing xoxo.

Thinking about rhinoplasty.

Hi ladies. So I'm loving my girls more and more. Today my little sister said how she loves how natural they look. :) A little change of topic though... I now want to get my nose done. I've never really liked it since its so long. :( but I don't want to be super fake. You know boobs now nose... And I'm so scared about that surgery boobs I wast that scared since we can easily hide. But the nose you can't hide that and the brusining uhg. So idk what to do. Should I do my nose or not. If you have done them did it hurt more than BA? How long was the bruising? Are you happier? Here are some pics of me.

Got measured!!

So I am happy to announce that so far I am a 32D from Victoria Secret bras!!!! Holy moly never in a million years could I imagine myself getting bras that size! I'm in love lol. I did get my New Years outfit so excited! I didn't buy any bras yet waiting for the semi annual sale this weekend.

Laying down.

So I decided to take pics of how they look laying down. Do they always stay like that later on when they finished healing so far apart? Lol

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all you beautiful ladies! Please be safe! Helllooooo 2015 with boobies haha.

Forgot to post a pic.

Happy 1 month to me and my twins!!

I can't believe I make a month today with my twins!!! They have been getting softer by the day. Been sleeping on my sides.
I have a question. I am going to NC next week and we are going snowboarding. Does anyone know if 5 weeks is good to do that? I have my follow up this monday so I will ask to make sure. I how they say it's fine.
I am attaching my pic. Comparison is day 3. Week 2 and today. I have attached pics of today from different views. Happy healing xoxo


I went to the beach today and enjoyed my twins lol. I never felt so confident at the beach before. Loveing them! I actually look like a women at the beach haha. Don't worry I did not go in the water just soaked my feet in an sunbathed the max 30 min. :)

1 month follow up

So I would like to apologize. I got to excited and said I was at 1 month. But I just realized today is my 1 month hehe. That post was my 4 weeks. Sorry for the confusion. Anyhow, I asked about snowboarding they said it's fine just to be very very very careful. And to wear a good support sports bra. And I asked about roller coaster rides since I will be going to Orlando the following weekend and that I am good to go for that. i got my strips removed here are some pics! Happy healing lovelys xoxo

5.5 weeks!

Hey everyone. So I am back from my trip. I had a blast. Except for the fact that 1. I now have a cold. And 2 I fell nasty snowboarding. I didn't land on the boobs but getting up I guess I put to much pressure my left hurt like if it was bruised. But that feeling is gone. I do want to get checked just to make sure everything is ok next week after my Orlando trip. I finally received my AE bralettes idk which size to keep the S or M. I also got my VS strapless and my first bikini!! Well here are some pics. Happy healing xoxo.

6 weeks!

Hey pretty ladies. Been busy with work and school. And went to Orlando this past weekend. Nothing much has been happening they seem the same to me. I received my new packages which was on Monday and I took the pics that day. So, I guess the surgery messed with my period cycle. I was 2 weeks late and when I got it was just spitting until now 3 days later. Other than that everything is normal. Well happy healing. Here are some of the pics at 6 weeks with my new items.

2 Month Anni!

Hey beautiful ladies, today makes my 2 months with the twins! Holy moly how time flies! Let me start off with my stats:
Height: 5'2.5
Weight: 110 lbs (yay got my weight back from the food poison.)
Bra size: I started off with a 32A. Now I am at 32D (VS size)
Cc: I got 400CC Mentor Smooth Round HP Gel
Incision: Areola
How I am feeling: Like I never had surgery done! I am 100% back to normal. They feel part of me like if I was born with these amazing boobs lol. I started the gym, I am sooooo out of shape so sore lol. I am mostly focusing on working out my abs and legs / butt. I have snowboarded and road roller coasters and they are perfectly fine. I will be going to Orlando again this weekend, the bf doesn't know. It is a surprise for his birthday with a group of our friends we leave tomorrow woohoo. So excited to see his reaction! =)
Sleeping: I am able to sleep normal. I am back sleeping on my tummy yayyy!!!! I alternate from tummy and sides.
Feel: My boobs feel natural and squishy! I am loving them! I massage them 10x10. Sometimes I do more because I lose count.
Greed Monster: It is still lurking around lol. There are days I don't even think about it. But then other days that I still wish I could of gone a little bigger. BUT I still love how they look on me, very proportionate and natural =)
Incisions: I am not putting anything on. But I think it is healing wonderfully.
I think that is all. I will be uploading the pics in a bit I hope it doesn't freeze my phone. ( I had tried to do my review last week, but wouldn't upload) Sorry for all this blabbing. Have a wonderful day xoxo

2 Month Pics

Sorry for the super late post! My phone is acting up. So I finally got a chance to upload my pics on my computer. These are all from 2 months. The ones with the shirt I am wearing my fave bra so far, which is the one I posted int he post from the VS package. I LOVE How my boobs look in it.
My weekend was great, my bf was so surprised! He thought we were driving to Sonics which is like a 40 min drive. After passing the exit he is like "guys, wasn't that th exit...?" SO we told him we were going to orlando he was so confused haha. Then the following morning was his second surprise. I had invited his best friend so he met up with us while having breakfast. And last surprise was what park we where going to which was both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We all had a blast. =) Well happy healing lovely ladies xoxox

11 Weeks

Hello ladies. I hope everyone is doing well. Not much change has been happening, so I am just going to post my I'm bored let me take a pic of my boobs while I lay on my side lol.
Off topic: Valentines was so nice. The bf surprised me with my fave flowers =) Sunflowers at my job, and then on the actual day took me to eat at Texas De Brazil and on Sunday he made BBQ for me and my family =)
Sooooooo I went a little crazy today and bought some more items online from VS. I can't wait until they arrive so I can show you guys!! I bought 3 swim bottoms 2 are to match the previous bathing suit tops I had bought (The leopard, and the teal with gold) The other bottom I bought is to match the new top I bought hehe which is purple. And a really adorable bandeau swim top with a gold V in the cleavage area. Super sexy can't wait. The reason why I bought all this is because..... My bf and I already booked our anniversary trip!!!! We are so excited! We are going to Puerto Rico!!! I can't wait to wear my new bathing suits!! Counting down the days!! Sorry for this long post hehe. Happy healing xoxo

Happy 3 months

Pics only. Will write review separately.

Happy 3 month Boobversary!

Sorry I made the review and pics separate, I was testing out to see if my phone will upload which is did yay! So ladies I made the 3 month mark woohoo!!! AND my VS shipment arrived. I need to apologize but I took the pics literally right after I ate and I got my period soooooo I look bloated lol. I LOVE the purple bikini set =D And the teal one! Unfortunately the bottoms I got to match the leopard was completely different lol. But I am still keeping it and hopefully will look good with the black bandeau which should be shipped next month. I am so ready for PR!!!!! I also bought a bra but bf says it looks tight on me I also wore a cami on top so you guys can see how it looks under a tight shirt. So I need you ladies opinions should I return it haha. And I bought the sports bra and some undies hehe. My scars are healing so good in my opinion, I am still not using anything for it. I have my follow up next week, can't wait to see what they say! Happy healing to all you ladies, and good luck to everyone starting their journey!! XOXO

3 month follow up.

Hey ladies. So I got a little upset today at my follow up. My appt was scheduled for 12:30. They didn't see me until 1:40! At first they said the dr was in surgery so I thought I was meeting with him. Which is why I stayed. When they finally took me in he didn't even see me it was the assistant. They could of simply told me it would take long and I wouldn't mind rescheduling the office is literally 10 min from my job I rather reschedule than waste 1 of my work time. Sorry I just had to vent. Anyway.... The twins are great. I am allowed to do my normal activities. Exercise, pool, beach woohoo!!! hope everyone is doing great. Xoxo

14 weeks and some days

Hello ladies. So I finally went to the pool and used the teal swim suit. Let's just say not a good bathing suit to tan in haha. Gave me the worst tan lines. Well sunburn lines since I don't tan. I have 1 complain about my boobs that I do not like at all which is when I lay down I feel like they go wayyyy to much on my side like I feel them on my armpits. And I look extremely flat. Other than that I love them. And it wasn't period boobs. I think they did fluff a little yay!! Xoxo

So late!

Hey beautiful ladies. Sorry for the super late post been so busy lately. I'm just posting the pic with the V bandeau. I'll try to post an update at my 5 month mark. Everything is normal, I don't see any changes lately. They are super soft and my boob greed has gone down. :) happy healing xoxo

Happy 5 de mayo! And happy 5 months to me!

Everything so far is the same. I bought 2 more bras from VS. And our anniversary trip is right around the corner so excited!!! Here are some updated pics from today with my new bras. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mothers on here. If you are a mother, grandmother, stepmother or even a furmother this is your day. :)

Happy 6 months!

Hello ladies! So I made 6 months on the 5th and had my 6 month follow op yesterday. Everything looks amazing and feels perfect says the nurse. :) she also showed me my before pics oh wow I had nothing! I love my body!! I also had my anniversary trip at the end of May. Oh wow if you have not been to Puerto Rico I definetly reccomend it. It is on our top vacation trips so far. I'm loving my twins! I do have one complaint, last night my bf noticed stretch marks! I am getting a little bit of stretch marks which I have attached a pic. It's not so bad but now I see it since he pointed it out lol. But I still love my girls. Glad I don't go bigger ;)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am so happy I chose Dr. Salzhauer! Since the first day I got there for my consult I felt so comfortable and loved my patient cordinator Arianny. She is so upbeat and amazing. She was able to work with me and scheduled me in for the perfect day. Dr. Salzhauer was very informative. But best part is he has made me fall in love with my breast! He is a true artist! I am only at 1 week and have gotten so many compliments especially how natural and proportionate I look. The whole staff are just so awesome. I had a nurse come to my house the day after surgery. And Yeni has been calling me making sure everything is going well. I can't stop bragging about my breast and Dr Salzhauer. Thanks so much!

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