My BBL EXPERIENCE with THE Dr Salzhauer !! 06/03/14

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So my full payment is due in about a week and that...

so my full payment is due in about a week and that means my 2 week pre op appointment is almost here. I just got off the phone with the doctors office and i requested my pre op instructions to be emailed to me early so i can get my body ready sooner than suggested. Honestly I have serious pre surgery jitters and im sooo excited and nervous, i can hardly focus on finals!! I just read a few recent updates from salzgirls that claim that they have been having uneveness on there abdomen from the lipo and an increased amount of cellulite on there butt which has me worried because i am desperate for perfect results. I know the recovery process is going to be a tough one but i am hoping if i start gettin in shape now and eating right I will recover fast. I have a little 7 year old boy to be healthy for so that is #1 above everything else. Ill continue to update and provide an HONEST review for all the ladies out there who want to know how the process goes with Dr Salz!
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Posted: Saturday, May 10, 2014 8:26 PM

counting down!

So im starting my clean eating regimen today & no smoking. 1000mg of vitamin c daily as well as iron with orange juice. I was to be healthy healthy healthy for a speedy recovery. Does anyone have any suggestions on how or where to purchase after surgery garments? Im also going to put up more pre op pics tonight!

more pre-op pics.

I wanted to put up an ample amount of preoperative pictures so everyone can get a good review from me. Some girls only put up post op pics. For me that wasn't helpful at all.

Paid the rest of my deposit

Im completely paid off and surgery is in two weeks exactly from today! ill b getting my preop call today at 3 :) Ill be sure to check in again soon

what not to eat?!?

I am getting a little over the top with the "what not to eat list" do I really have to stop eating garlic, strawberries, tomatoes... etc. I wanna follow the rules and I wonder what effect these things have on your body that you shouldn't be taking it. I am more focused on what I SHOULD eat right now, what things should I be taking to prepare my body for what is about to happen :/ I am sooo damn nervous guys! I feel like a little baby Bit*h SERIOUSLY. All of you ladies that have done this procedure are G's! LOL

tomorrow is the big day

So i just wanted to check in and let everyone know that tomorrow is the big day and i am nervous as shit! I went to the office today for my pre op appointment and met Dr Salz and he was great. he spent at least 10 minutes with me and answered my questions. I feel like i can trust him. I had to sign a group of papers that was the assumption of risks of liposuction procedure and it scared the he** out of me. This is a really serious procedure and i cant stress enough how important it is for every person out there getting this done to understand how serious it is before making a decision. None-the-less I am glad i chose Dr. Salz and i hope that my result are amazing and my review will show others how talented he is. I go in tomorrow at 7am. No eating for me tonight after12am.......... I will update with pics as soon as im on the other side !!! Send prayers up for me everyone!! :)

post op pics

I'm still very very sore from just going to briefly upload some post up pictures

before n afters

so today is day 6 p.o and this whole experience has been terrible. terrible recovery, not necessarily dr salzhauer. today was the first day i was able to get out of the house and go to the beach and i am a little worn out. SOOO dr salz gave me hips. HIPS. my but is rounder and fuller but i hope i get the "fluff" that everyone talks about because i wanted more roundness, other than that he is a great doc and i love my stomach so far. garment is a BITCH. i despise it, makes my blood pressure do some things and i cant wait until we are seperated. ill check in soon ladies :)

more pics, and my honest/final review!! :)

so sorry I haven't updated in a while, tomorrow is the 5 week mark for me, so I can say that I am officially thru the worst and extremely excited to start enjoying my benefits of this procedure. Just bought my first two piece bathing suit, I love it ! so I still have a lot of soreness where I got lipo, and I have a lot of lumps and hard spots on my stomach, which ive heard is normal and will eventually go back to normal (hopefully soon) .. as far as Dr Salz... YES ID RECOMEND HIM! I was really unsure about him, im not gunna lie. I would lie to myself so I would feel more confident about getting the procedure but deep down inside I was very unsure about everything. I can say that despite the horrible recovery, I am extremely happy with my results and it was definitely bang for the buck. My procedure cost a total of 7900 and I promise he did just as good a job as any of the other surgeons around if not better and he charges a lot less, but don't believe for one second you will be forgotten about or treated worse because of this. Me and my mom were able to call him personally, on his CELL PHONE late at night to get advice from him when I was in pain and scared. He answered and kept me calm. he is personable and down to earth. As far as my results, I do love it, I do wish I had a little more roundness in the middle of my butt but for the most part I am completely satisfied. if any of u ladies have questions for me just hit me up n I would love to help u guys out in anyway to make sure u know what to expect thru this whole procedure. Would I do it again, HELL NO, Was it worth it, HELL YES!! xoxox bye yall! :)

Since the Bbl

I've lost a lot of weight but the roundness seems there still. Hips are almost completely gone. Looking to get round two soon!
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