4 weeks post op! - I still have a ton of swelling in my back and lower stomach - Bal Harbour, FL

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4-15 Woohoo!! I paid off my surgery with Dr...


Woohoo!! I paid off my surgery with Dr.Salzhauer a few days ago. I am so excited and nervous! I've never had any kind of surgery before ( well I guess, I had my wisdom teeth taken out...).
Like a lot of you, I've always wished I could just take fat from where I didn't want it and just move it to my hips and butt! Ugh, I've wanted this for so long. I was so stoked when I found you could actually do this!!!

I carry most my weight in my inner thighs and love handles/belly as you can see in my pics. I've always despised how boxy my thighs are. They just don't have any curves to em! I lift heavy weights and that's helped alot. My body used to be way more mushy and shapeless. Deadlifts and squats have helped out my butt a lot. ( they used to be even MORE flat, lol). You can see in my pictures how my butt will look ok in some pics and horribly flat in others. It depends if I'm flex my muscles or not. My hips, though, ain't nothing I can do to make those fill out!! I have 'dents' where there is little to no fat on my hips. That's why I'm getting the bbl + hip fat grafting.
My stats:
Age: 25
I'm 5'4 , 123-127 lbs. I'm usually somewhere between those numbers.
chest/Right below the boobs-33 inches
Thinnest part of my Waist- 28 inches
Widest part around my butt/hips- 36 inches
Widest part of my inner thigh( right) 20.5 inches
Widest part of my inner thigh (left) 21 inches
I want a big ole upside down heart shape bubble!! Pow! I want nice projection but a sweet slope from my lower back to my butt cheeks.
Originally, Azurin, was going to be my doctor but the dates he had available did not work for me and I wouldn't have been able to do the bbl for another year. Sucks, cuz I loved what I saw!! He can sculpt like crazy!! I saw what he did to Zizi, miamimom and gipsy! Sign me up!!
Dr.Salzhauer was my next in line. I saw soflomints' results and a few other ladies on MMH who had really great results! No drains and he had the date I wanted.

Dr.Ghurani and Dr.Salama were also in the running but I didn't want to deal with the complications of drains. Otherwise, the results they gave were fantastic! I've been browsing realself since november so I saw plenty of ladies with banging results that had me drooling, lol!
Dr.Jimmerson gave some seriously hot results but it would have been easier to have the surgery done in Florida as I have someone close who knows the area and can take care of me. He was also really expensive for only including less areas to lipo and additional for hip fat grafting.

For the vet's who've had their bbls done with their INNER thighs lipo'd, did you get any irregularities? How did your skin retract? Did you notice a big difference? Was it worth it?
I want the doctor to suck all the fat out of my inner thighs but I know it's one of the more dangerous areas to lipo due to the delicate skin there. (Sucks!!! The one place I want smaller the most!!) I'm terrified my inner thighs will get botched or something. I'm only 25!! I don't want to have the thighs of a 60 years old this young!! I'll probably ask Dr.Salz to go extra gentle on the thighs even though I so badly want the fat sucked clean off my inner thighs!
While I think I have pretty elastic skin, I do have some stretch marks on my inner thighs having been heavier in my teens. They've faded out but I've read that stretch marks can mean the skin may not retract as well especially in that area.

It's not worth ending up with botched thighs and then having to spend 30K or more in revisions to correct it. I've researched and seen way too many cases of damaged skin/botched lipo cases of the inner thigh. As much as I hate my inner thighs, I would hate them more if they came out saggy and lumpy.

So far, Dr. Salzhauer has me down for :

full back
full abdomen
love handles
anterior(top) thighs
inner thigh
inner knees
Fat grafting to the hips and butt

I'd do the posterior(back) thighs as well but I've heard there's waaaaay too much risk of creating extra creases and/or a droopy butt( heeeelll naaaw!!!) So I won't touch that!!

I was told gain 5-10 lbs so the doctor has extra fat to work with. I stopped working out about two weeks ago. I've been working on stretching to keep myself flexible. My butt isn't very jiggly because of weight lifting. They're pretty firm. I'm worried my skin will be too tight to get a lot of fat underneath my skin. I know fat cells get bigger versus multiplying so I'm not too concerned with gaining a ton of weight.

April 30th is my day! Eeek, I'm only two weeks away! I gotta start ordering all my supplies!!! I got my flight set up and I just need to book a place on air bnb for the trip. Anyway, I'm writing this review to help out anyone else who's thinking about getting a bbl. Trying to pay it forward since all the people who've previously written reviews on realself and mmh have helped me a ton!

Updated it with my pics

updated it with my pics

Phew! I did some mad packing. I brought chux,...

Phew! I did some mad packing. I brought chux, arnica pills, arnica gel, probiotics, my antibiotics , bromelian pills, female urinal, baby wipes, emergen-c's.

I brought some maxi dresses , old t shirts and shorts. I think that was it for surgery specific things.

I am onmw to the airport now !!! :D ill update after my pre op with dr.s tomorrow.

See ya then !!!

I landed in ft lauderdale this morning and I'm now...

I landed in ft lauderdale this morning and I'm now in bal harbour. After my appointment at 3 with dr.s, I'm going to costco to pick up some food and supplies. gotta go pick up a yoga mat and boppy pillow.

On a side note,it is gooooorgeous out here!!! Bal harbour is so pretty! ugh lol, i'll be here or two weeks and i can't even touch the water!!! Alright I'll update after my pre op. Later!

Whew. I meant to update yesterday but I was so...

Whew. I meant to update yesterday but I was so damn tired !! The pain sucked but it was the nausea that was killing me. I took the zofran as instructed. I kept throwing up so this morning lol, the nurse prescribed me an anti nausea suppository. I stopped taking pain meds around 2 am last night. Ladies be sure to drink up and stay hydrated. Def eat if you can!!

Ok so as for my butt. I'm super thrilled lol. Right now I'm swollen as f*ck and you can see I have a ton of padding on. I'll update more pics later.

My inner thighs/ knees are definitely smaller even...

My inner thighs/ knees are definitely smaller even tho they have tons of swelling. Dr. S said it could be up to 3 months before swelling is gone there. So far I'm feeling waaaaaay better. I got up n walked around and ate soup.

I'll be sure to update later tonight. So far I am very pleased !!

Just took my measurements ! 40 inches around the...

Just took my measurements ! 40 inches around the biggest part of my butt ! ! Lol I don't want it to go down. Waist is 27 inches . Thighs are 22.5 inches.

I'm on my laptop now so I can finally give a more...

I'm on my laptop now so I can finally give a more detailed review.
During my 3pm pre op appointment, I had to wait an extra two hours because the doctor was in sx . At least the waiting room was private and I got to recline in a nice fancy sofa chair.

When he came in, he was super energetic and friendly. We talked about the procedure and he asked me if I had wish pics. I did. We went over them and I'm glad he's receptive to wish pics because I feel it helps put the doctor and patient on the same page. He can tell me what he can and cannot do.

Anyway so the morning of the surgery, I filled out my paper work and consent forms. I put on my compression socks and they took me to the OR and I laid down on my back. The anethesiologist came in, hooked me up into an iv. Last thing I remember was her telling me she was giving me muscle relaxant. Completely out lol. Next thing I knew I was groggy and nauseated. They gave me some Zofran IV before I left because I felt like I was going to barf.

I also had really bad shakes when I came out of general anesthesia. I got wheeled out and made it into my bed and collapsed lol. I was still feeling really shitty that night and I had to throw up. The morning after sx, the nurse came by and I had just taken my pain pills. I threw up again lol. I couldn't hold a few bites of a bannana and oj for shit. The nurse was really nice ( sorry, I don't remember her name.)

She called in some anti nausea suppositories. That helped alot. It made it so I was able to eat normally and feel soooo much better. Ladies or gents, make sure you get nutrition in you!! If you are nauseated, ask your doctor for a stronger prescription for anti nausea. You neeeeeed to get fluids and food in your body.
Felt a bajillion times better after I ate soup and some bread. Hell, I went on to eat greasy Italian food for dinner lol. Maybe not the best idea but it was delicious. Fuck it haha.

So peeing was totally fine until my labia swelled up. At this point they looked like I had a ball sack. Wtf right?
I was using a go-girl urinal funnel and it worked perfectly until swelling. Now I just squat over the damn toilet and clean up the mess afterwards.

Haven't had a bowel movement yet so I took some dulcolax. Recovery is tough, it's annoying not having full range of movement. Mad props to my bf for helping me out. He ran all kinds of errands, picked everything up for me, ran out and got me food and smoothies.
Whoever you bring with you to this surgery, make sure they're up to it because it's a pain in the ass.
I get up and walk around every once in awhile to help keep circulation going in my body.

I have so much damn swelling even with arnica pills, bromelain, and arnica gel. I can't wait to see my final results. Right now I'm pretty lumpy but that's to be expected. Dr.S was aggressive in his lipo hence the bumps. So far I am doing well. I think I will set up lymphatic massages just to get rid of the swelling faster.

For now I'll put ice on my junk to keep the swelling down. lol.

Day 4 post op Haven't been getting really good...

Day 4 post op
Haven't been getting really good sleep because it's so uncomfortable to lay on my stomach for long. I'm a side sleeper. Swelling is definitely going down and I'll have to get a new garment soon. I'm currently wearing a size small for the garment. Finally took a poop today. Looks like I didn't need a dulcolax and the pro biotics I took were doing their job. I'm feeling a lot better and I now have a wider range of motion. I can carefully pick stuff off the ground and bend my knees a lot more easily.
I still have a lot of bruising!! grr! Swelling in my upper back has gone down a bit. I can still feel a ton of fluid in my lower back.It feels so weird when I touch it because I can just squish it around. Samething deal going on with my stomach. Very much stilll swollen and tons of fluid underneath. My Legs look like they are starting to even out more. I'm happy about that. I think I actually feel good enough to walk outside.
things are much better now. the swelling around my knees is starting to come down. man i hate how these antibiotics make pooping terrible. i had my post op appointment and the doctor said everything looks good and i had all my stitches taken out .i asked the doctor how many cc's i got and he said 1100 per cheek! thats alot! not sure if that includes hips, i think it does. so probably 100 per hip and 950 per cheek. I started covering my scabs in vitamin e oil.
day 11
i've been eating so much fried chicken down here lol. i know i shouldn't but i did it anyway. everything gets better after day 7. i felt way better! week one was pretty tough for me. i couldn't sleep with my neck hurting due to lying tummy down all the time. I couldn't shift to my sides because of fat grafting to the hips. im currently 27 in the waist still, ( really hope this goes down more) and my hips/butt is at38.5 inches. I hope it doesnt shrink anymore!!! i got booty greed and i want more!!! my ass was flat so it needs more fat lol. you'd think 1100 would do it but i want more. my ass is definitely rounder and my hips are no longer square. I'm reaaaally happy with the lipo done to my inner thighs n knees!! they are smoothing out nicely. I am happy with my results so far and I am impressed by dr.S's skills in lipo n fat grafting. He took a total of 2200 out of me and put it ALL back in.

4 weeks post op!

Hey Ladies!

I'm now sitting and sleeping on my back ( finalllly!!). No changes in volume . I go back and forth between 38.5 to 39 inches. I still have a ton of swelling in my back and lower stomach. My legs are also still really swollen lol. I took a picture of myself earlier today and my left leg was bigger than my right lol, it looked so funny. Can't wait till all this swelling goes away.

I definitely think the massages help the swelling go away faster. I don't think they alter your outcome but they get you there faster. I went to a thai massage therapist who did deep tissue and oooohhh it hurt so bad even after 3+ weeks had gone by. It burned when she was massage me. Afterwards I was pretty sore from that but my body seemed less swollen and some of the lumps had softened significantly.

I've got booty greed on my mind lol. I want to do round 2. Dr. Salzhauer did a great job with my body and he took all the fat he could and put it back in. If I do round two, I know i have to put on 15-20 lbs though. :/ I'm not sure if I am going back to Dr.S because I don't want to travel that far again. I'm looking to doctors in the southern california for a shorter flight. flying back from surgery was a 7 hour long flight so I'm looking to really cut that down.

Anyway, I'll check back in another few weeks :)


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