Almost 6 weeks post bbl round 2 (=

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I have had 2 surgeries with Dr. Salzhauer,...

I have had 2 surgeries with Dr. Salzhauer, rhinoplasty, full tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of my hips , back and flanks. Results so far are amazing. Going back for my 3rd surgery getting the Brazilian booty! After careful research I'm very sure I want 1500cc's on each side! I'm struggling with the weight gain as I'm 5 foot 7 and weigh 148 . I am religious with the gym and lifting weights and eating a clean diet. Doc says I have to gain 10 pounds to get the 1500cc's in each cheek. I know I'm shooting high with the cc's but I see the results I'm going for and want to achieve are all well over 1000cc's. I have had three breast augmentations and know all about cc's as I have 1100cc breast implants and it took me 3 rounds to get this and I love my breasts. My measurements are as follows. I am 37 27 37 and I would like to get my bottom measurement to 40 at the least . I have had two children and I'm done with having babies and been on a mission to get my body back to better than it ever was before kids. Hope you lovely ladies can help me out thru my journey, surgery is in 3 weeks! I don't even know where to start but the weight gain right now . What should I buy? I know I need a boppy pillow and I want a good garment for after that has holes in the booty cheeks? Where can I find this stuff?

Some wish pics ,)

This is what i would like to achieve

More wish pics

Freaking out, 9 days left

Ladies, I've had many procedures before and this time around I am so nervous I've been crying and emotional about everything, I never have gone thru this with any of my 4 previous operations . I'm usually very happy and excited. Did any one else go thru this?

Got my surgery clearance today!

Ok , like I've mentioned before, I have had numerous cosmetic surgeries, but this upcoming bbl has had me the most nervous. I have gained about 5 pounds so I'm at 150 now . I hope I have enough fat to gain the results I expect. Dr sal said I would only need 800-1000 to get there since I have a pretty big butt to begin with and as he says it's not huge butt emergency but he understands why I want to do it. I'm going thru like every emotion possible. 5 days left! I need to get my supplies going, booked my plane tickets and rental car already . I think my man is more excited than I am though! Lol . Girls I need some anxiety relief! Help!

Made it to miami tomorrow is the day!

I'm officially in Miami ladies! Tomorrow morning is my surgery at 8am! Wish me luck! Xoxoxo!

SX running on schedule

I'm all dressed and ready for the show! See you in big booty land when I get back!????

800ccs on each side and 200 in each hip 1800ccs total !

Cleared to go home, yay!

Saw the nurse this morning, she said that I am the cleanest patient she's ever seen. No blood, no draining, everything very clean. Took a shower and got cleared to leave. My hubby made me a bed in the back of the expedition we rented to drive back to orlando. I'm super comfy with all my pillows and boppy pillow . I haven't wanted to sit on my bottom at all. Protecting this bad beauty as much as I can. Love my results so far!

Took some more pics with garment off

Healing quickly . Back home thank god

I feel fortunate that I'm healing quickly . I have some bruising on the sides of my legs and swelling all over but I can tell the shape looks great esp when it drops and fluffs . My shelf is huge right now.

Maxi dress holy booty!

Love love my new shape!

Did my measurements today!

My old measurements were 38 28 37 .... New measurements are as follows 38,27,42 . Whoa momma! I gained 5 inches in the booty and lost one in the waist already! So excited! Not sitting on my booty at all. Standing and laying on my tummy . Want to save all the fat grafts I can!

New measurements today

38,26,42 my waist is shrinking! My booty is really top heavy I hope the shelf comes down a bit and it gets rounder all over. Any one else experience this? I need dropping and fluffing ASAP !

My fiancé is the best

Today I broke down from laying on my tummy, my neck hurts, my back hurts . I'm sick on being face down. My sweet clever fiancé got a beach lawn chair cut the center outi places the boppy pillow under my thighs and my butt falls through leaving all support off my butt. Holy relief! I feel semi normal now. Wow. I highly recommend this to any of you ladies! What a life saver

My man is the best!

Newest progress pics. Swelling is going down!

Swelling is going down and I'm feeling more comfortable just taking Tylenol extra strength . Getting back to my normal mind, not cloudy anymore. Energy and appetite is getting better today 5 days post op! Every day I wake up since I've been religious with fluids and staying in my garment, I get smaller and my butt gets rounder and nicer . I was 151 pounds 2 days post op from extreme swelling and I'm back to 145 and keeping my curves. It's a long tedious process to go thru but totally worth it f done correctly . ????

Getting better as the days go by

Following all directions and my hubby has been helping me massage . Bruising is getting better thank god. Almost one week post op!

Every day it gets better and better

I'm encountering problems I never had before . Lol. Butt hangs out of the top of clothing. Trying to pull my garment back on I had to snap a pic and show the top shelf and projection he gave me! Never had this before!

Progress pics

Feeling great about my results just hoping that I'll get more of a a curve and drop some more. I'm happy with my top shelf but I wish I had more of a crease and bottom shelf. Hoepfully I will drop and fluff more and when I go back to the gym, the bottom of my booty always gets plump. It's always been my top shelf and hips that I couldn't achieve and for that I'm thankful.

I've seen bad reviews lately on my doc and I'm offended, here's some proof in his defense of how amazing he is

I went for my post op today and got my stitches out. Most of my swelling is gone and he said it looks like I'm keeping most of my fat , have a little over 90% of what he put in still, thanks to his careful technique and me following all post op directions. Still haven't sat at all just staying on my sides and tummy, protecting this invastment. I'm attaching pictures of my actual surgery and my right before pics. He really did his thing on me. That will ultimately be my final result . I'm very happy today. At ease.

Update on amount of cc's

I like to be detailed because when I'm looking at others profiles I look for the amount of cc's . Very important. Well I got a phone call from dr sal himself . He explained he injected 15 x 60cc syringes in each side which equal out to 900cc per cheek. I am ecstatic. I thought it was only 780 each side. Now it's all about dropping and fluffing . I've kept most of the volume still looks like 90% of the fat took. So I consider myself lucky. Still have a few more weeks To go till I'm out of the woods completely.

Current update. Top shelf beautiful . Hope I drop I need to see bottom curve, if not I willBe going for a repeat.

Less swollen . Still curvy

Feel like I'm loosing volume today my left cheek looks bigger than the right

Week two is no joke, the emotions and hate for laying on yor stomach begins to eat at you and you become obsessed . I can't wait to be done with the next week so I can focus on living again. It is what it is. Weather it drops and fluffs, gets absorbed back into my body. At least I can say I did it. I don't know if I can ever withstand another round this has been one of the craziest recoveries and has taught me patience. I am so looking forward to having my life back in a week. I feel so down and emotional today :(

Slowly getting back into the swing of life :)

Slowly getting back into the swing of life! :)

Gym clothes fit much nicer now ;)

Used to hate the way these pants looked . Now they look so much better. Still have dropping and fluffing to do. But I noticed a huge difference after I came back from the gym. I did everything light. Slow walking for 15 minutes and the rest upper body strengthening excersizes nothing heavy. Total of life 45 minutes. Slow paced. Feels great. I love the gym, it's my life. Happy woman today!

After the first session at the gym . Feel like my booty fluffed some more

Results are starting to pop a bit more now.

A little dress up

Had done fun trying on clothes and seeing the difference in the back!

3 weeks post op. Thank god!

A lot of the bruising has subsided along with the swelling. Been able to sit on the boppy more now without feeling that pressure. I feel like I've dropped some more, I can't wait to get through this next week so I can resume most of my daily activities at 4 weeks. It's been the longest three weeks of my life!

3.5 weeks post op....

Finally was cleared by dr sal to do some lower body weight training. Wow muscle memory is amazing, spruces up the results that much more!

Every day gets better. Keeping your body healthy and fit does a lot for your results too ladies!

Dr Salzhauer and his team are truly amazing . Everyday every week that passes I get new surprises , body is changing and since I've implemented the gym things look nicer and nicer.

4 weeks post op measuring 38-26-41

I finally landed some really good stage two garments at Burlington coat factory, I'm very happy about that, after so much searching and buying and returning. Measurements are still strong now at 4 weeks post op, I've kept probably 80% of my fat transfer, things are looking pretty good. I'm still considering a round two, but not for a while. For now it's on to the next chapter in life and stay in the gym!

Can't find pants! Wtf?

Nothing fits! Everyhing fit like the first couple weeks. Now nothing fits that I've dropped. Still considering a redo too. Dr sal will do it in 6 months to fill out the bottom like I wanted I want heart shape top and bottom. I have the top covered but the bottom is a dad heart. I'm glad I spoke with my coordinator and he's willing to revise the bbl. So I'm happy. But still can't find pants lol

Staying in the gym, and going hard on the legs and glutes. Helps a lot!

5 and a half weeks post op

Finally back in the gym like I want, been cleared to lift weights like I usually do. Results are looking better!

Another quick update

Snapped some pictures after the gym this morning . Feeling great!

Finally made it to 6 weeks post op!

2 months post op, feeling back to normal

Quick update. Finally made it to two months, yay! I'm back to doing everything normal, weightlifting is back to normal as well. I feel great. I'm still going back for small revisions, I have a few pockets and smoothing i would like doctor sal to do in the future. but I'm very happy so far. I don't regret any of it!

Still fit a size 3 skinny pants. With a phat a$$ to go with it! Thank you to my diet and the gym!

Feeling 110% recovered , still have some tenderness in my sides of my tummy . But so far so good!

A little more pool time today between my busy life

Things still look the same!

Playing around with new clothes!

Love love love this new skirt!

4 months post op scheduled a touch up for march 23rd

Had some more fluffing in the last month! I scheduled a touch up for march 23rd to add a little more fat and even out some small dents. Otherwise I feel great!

4 months post op

Very happy with my results this far!

5 months !

Still rocking these curves

Some more updated pics

Revision canceled because I need to gain 10 pounds

Whelp! I was supposed to have bbl 2 a week ago, but my doctor said I don't have enough fat. So as soon as I gain 10 pounds he Will re schedule me for my revision if I'm fat enough "merp" I'm goin crazy with not being able to work out and I'm eating like a fool. But hopefully for the best! What's you ladies thoughts about this!? Should I continue gaining weight or go back to the gym and say forget it its not worth gaining the weight and tuning my fit body. But then I'll never have the ultimate booty. Help!!!

Recent pic of weight gain

Yes my booty did grow some but the rest of my body is not on point .i hate gaining weight! Yuck

I'm up to 156.3 pounds, about 4 more to go and I'm setting an appointment to be evaluated

I hope by the time I'm up to 160 I'll have enough fat!!!!

I'm scheduled for a weigh in and evaluation Thursday the 16th!

Ladies I think I'm ready! I have an appointment for this Thursday with my doctor to see if I have gained enough weight. I'm a solid 156 and fluctuate between 156-160 this week. That would put me at a whopping 15 pound weight gain since right after my first bbl in August of 2014 I weighed 142-145... Fingers crossed he will say I have put enough weight on for the surgery! I'm so tired of eating bad and not working out like I used to. But I have made it this far, let's see if doc says I'm ready!

On my way to miami to see doc to get answers about my fatness

Ok ladies! I'm on my way to get answers. I'm up 10 pounds. Let's see what doc says! Fingers crossed!

I got my answers! Doc said yes!

I went to see him yesterday and he said I was fat enough to have surgery ! Only thing is he is slam busy. His regular schedule is booked till May of next year. But he told me to not worry and text him he would make some time for me. I hope I won't have to wait too long! I will text him Sunday night or Monday morning to remind him so I can get an official date ???????????????? I'm pretty excited!

I haven't heard back from my doctor for the revision! I'm so disappointed

Well, if you e been following me, you'll know I gained 10 pounds because of my doctors orders. He assured me he would put me on the schedule, and I text him twice about it .. He claims he will put me on the schedule but perhaps he's just too busy with his new patients, and his snap chat and all those things he has going on for him to become famous right now. It's sad that I've been a patient for over 3 years and get treated this way now. I Feel violated and I can't just sit here with this fat on my body and hope he will remember me and to add me to his long list of people. I feel like I'm now on a combat or belt and that family feel is out the window. I have consulted with DR.Salama to see me on May 20th in hopes for some answers and if all goes well, I will schedule surgery with him. His results are pretty amazing. So we shall see... I'm determined to get some answers that I need.

Finally! I got the answers I need from doctor Sal!

ok ladies, if you have been following along I was so disappointed last week about not getting a date on the surgery schedule. Doctor Sal contacted me and we set the date for June 30th! ???? I had to postpone for a bit because I didn't think it was going to happen for me, therefor I had to plan my life without that in the equation. I have some major classes I have to finish up and they end right before my revision on June 30th! Doc advised me to keep weight lifting and minimal cardio like I have been the past week and a half since I thought surgery wasn't going to happen. I did start working out again. I still have the weight on my body but I feel my muscles toning back up. I feel much better I have an actual plan now and everything is back in order! I felt like Dr sal and I were going trough a breakup, so depressing for these last three weeks! But I wouldn't trade him for any other plastic surgeons! I knew deep down he was just really busy and would get to me and apologize. His loyalty is real. I love him for it! Super excited to get rid of these dents! I will post a pic of how thick I have gotten ! ????????????

Still holding on to the weight, and waiting patiently for June 30th to get here.

I am starting to feel a bit sick of myself with this weight on, but I'm keeping it on for the revision, I hope that everything will turn out the way I expect. I am starting to have a lot of mixed emotions about everything, especially after having to put the weight on, it messes with my head a lot. I have gone back to the gym to weight train, I need to do something with myself! Anywhoo, that's my update, still on that waiting train! I hope these 5 weeks fly!

The weight has really crept up on me all over. my body, 19 days to go !

I'm at 162 pounds, although I see my booty has grown some, I'm disgusted with the rest of my body lol. I would even be happy with just lipo all around my back abdomen flanks and legs, and keep the booty, just fill the small dents. Because this weight gain is no joke! I haven't been this heavy since I was pregnant with my last child 8 years ago! So traumatizing :( but on the bright side I only have 19 days left and dr sal really does great lipo, I'm hoping he will trim down all this excess so I can go back to my fit body with a better booty!

Second round complete! 8 days post op!

Hey ladies, ok so I have two places that I post, which is here and the revision bbl section. So I figured I would update the bbl section as well. I'm 9 days post op and I'm feeling a bit better. I'm very happy so far with my results, I believe Dr.Sal delivered everything I was concerned about. I got an extra 700cc's each side and my first round I got 860cc's each side.. So all in all I have achieved 1500cc's each side with two rounds of bbl... I think had I gained the weight like I should havr the first time around, i would have been able to achieve everything I expected, and could have not had to go through with two recoveries. So ladies if your doctor tells you to gain weight, make sure you gain at the least 10 and most 20 pounds... Don't worry if you know how to gym and eat right. After surgery you can eliminate any excess that your doctor didn't get. But I feel like after gaining 14 pounds, I'm much slimmer in all my problem areas and now I finally have the booty I want. The rest can be achieved in the gym and with diet. I will
Post some
Pics of the update! I'm a very happy woman finally after a year of going back and forth about how it looks, I'm finally at peace..

10 days post op hanging in there ...

Hey ladies I'm now at 10 days post op, still hanging in there and staying off my hips and butt mostly with the exception of toilet time. I'm going to go try and find a floaty to ease the pressure off my neck and back .. The Laying on my tummy is brutal ..

Last nights progress pics after shower

Hey ladies just wanted to post a few pics for day number 10 post op. I finally put on a pair of underwear in 10 days lol and they look pretty amazing!! I do believe dr Sal did his very best to please me. Of course I'm a perfectionist and although my booty is not prefect , it's damn close! 2and time is a charm .. We will see in the next few weeks how my body flourishes... I know this is just a sneak peak as to what I will end up with ...thanks for following along dolls!

17 days post op finally off pain killers since yesterday

I'm feeling much more clear headed now that I have kicked the pain meds. I will attempt to go to the gym in the morning And walk the treadmill for 15 mins slow, and do moderate upper body exercises. This was the point I went back to the gym when I hady first bbl, 17 days is my mark! Well tomorrow I will be at 18 days. Wish me luck ladies! Finally moving closer to the finish line of recovery!

Post bbl tips to get off your tummy!

Ok so my fiancé and I came up with another great idea to get off my tummy. If you have a couch that separates. seperate your couches to create a space and then slide in the space so your booty has no pressure on it, only your legs and back will feel the pressure. What a huge relief after being on my tummy for 18 days! This is such a great idea, I prefer this method over the lawn chair with the cut out center because I had a lot of hip work done. I'm attaching photos so you can see.

I'm almost 4 weeks! Finally I can lay on my back!

What a long journey ladies, having two bbls is no joke.. But it's totally worth it.. I'm so looking forward to lifting weights and toning everything back up. I love my shape, but I'm not in love with my weight and I'm not a tight as I used to be. In two more weeks I plan to get back to my heavy lifting and consistent diet routine. I have started implementing cardio 4 days a week just walking on an incline, and eating much healthier. But I'm only getting started, I'm prepping my body for what's to come. I need my abs back!!! Thanks for all the lovely comments and support! I'm still on a mission, I'm never done with this body, maintenance is key!

Almost 6 weeks and I feel great!

Hello ladies, I have been gone for a little while, just trying to get back into the swing of life. I feel almost 100% back to normal. I'm back in the gym and in my consistent routine every day. I am eating 100% clean and no cheat meals untill I get to my goal weight. I'm still holding all this booty, everything around it is shrinking so I'm very happy about that! I'm back to 156 pounds I would like to be 150 but it's a slow process of building muscle and burning fat, i just don't want to burn too much fat, so I'm finessing it. I snapped a few pics with jeans on, finally back into my size 4! They are snug but look great!

I'm reaching the 8 week mark! And I am feeling 100=)

Hi ladies, it's been a while since I posted an update. I am feeling just about back to normal and back into my normal routine. I am also back to work, I get complements everywhere I go. This whole year of frustration is so worth the happiness I feel every time I look in the mirror. I know I have said this so many times but Dr Salzhauer is truly God sent and an amazing plastic surgeon. I am forever greatfull he gave me a gift that is priceless!

Almost 3 months post op bbl revision pics update

Hi ladies , I have been missing in action for a few weeks. I have been back on my normal diet and exercise regimen! I really cracked down on my diet and weight training, I have been doing cardio 5 times a week and I haven't lost an inch of my booty, but my waist has gotten smaller and I am getting much more toned and tight, thank god. I am down to 156 from 164 after surgery. I hope everyone is doing well! I definitely am Back into the swing of life, staying very busy as usual!

Pics sorry didn't upload

Sorry uploading pics

5 month post op photos bbl round 2

Hi ladies! It's been a while, I have dedicated so much time to my studies, I'm almost 10 months away from graduating nursing school! , since I last posted I am almost back to my pre op before weight gain weight! I have to say I have been working hard ladies! I'm at 154 pounds, only 5 pounds over my desired weight. Back on all of my normal regimen routines. I have lost some volume but gained some muscle in my booty which I prefer. I hope all is well with everyone I haven't had a chance to catch up with. I love you all ladies and happy holidays!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salzhauer is not only a surgeon he is a compassionate kind hearted warm person, that truly wants the best results and is a true artist. His staff is on point, I love love love Arianny! Monica has been so helpful, Rosy is amazing, yenni so sweet and caring , his post op nurse Miriam truly an angel. They have a patient for life but I feel more like a family member, thank you to everyone!

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