Brazilian Butt Lift Rhinoplasty Combination with Dr. Salzhauer - Bal Harbour, FL

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I'm 5 weeks post op. Looks good so far, but...

I'm 5 weeks post op. Looks good so far, but waiting to see final results before confirming that the results are great. I will post details of my experience periodically (when I have some downtime). At first i ddnt think i had the results i wanted, but i hve received good feedback so far. My sister says I look like I'm wearing double butt pads, my daughter says its big like niki minaj, my coworker is convinced I'm wearing butt pads and compared me to j lo, and my BF says I have a donkey ass (which is a term used for big bootiesin the hood lol). So I guess it's pretty good so far. Results are basics on a couple of factors: an experience doctor, how well you take care Of yourself during the recovery time, and your body type.

My decision I was looking into going to Dr....

My decision
I was looking into going to Dr. Campos, but I didn't want to travel outside of the country. I didn't want to take a chance of something going wrong and my family going through the hassle of dealing with a bad situation internationally. I decided to go with Dr. Salzhauer due to the good reviews, price, and the convenience of doing a free online consultation. And most importantly, his before/after photos which speaks for themselves.

The staff
Arianny was my PC. Very sweet and helpful in the beggining. I did not like how the contract was written, so we worked together and revised the contract to something we both agreed on. We both have to cover our backs. Once the contract was signed, her attitude changed a bit. She seemed impatient. The last 2 emails I sent her, she didn't respond. I had a question regarding my medical clearance and I was getting different answers from different people in the office. The nurse that helped me after I woke up from surgery was so nice and caring. She helped me in my car, put the seatbelt on and kissed me on the cheeck. She was so nurturing; it was nice to have that family feeling. Monica called every day to follow up and see how we were doing, he was very nice, but once she called and rushed off the Phone while I was in the middle of a question.
Please never take medical advice from the receptionist; they are usually wrong. I never took their advice and always asked to speak to a nurse. The nurse Yeny is very sweet, patient, and understanding. She's great! However, after I came back to NY, I left the nurse 2 voicemails about 1-2 weeks apart each other and have not received a call.
I'm just glad I was patient enough to deal with some of these things. I think the Dr. Is great.

Laying down / sitting Since I got a BBL and...

Laying down / sitting
Since I got a BBL and rhinoplasty, the doctor suggests I lay on my back (on a boppy pillow) with my head elevated to reduce the swelling. He gave me the okay to lay on my side, so I only used this position. Just need to be very careful not to bump my nose in my sleep. I think laying on my sides made me loose my hips a bit (he injected fat on my hips). We are instructed not to sit directly on the buttocks, only on a boppy pillow for 3 weeks. I didn't trust the boppy pillow; I only used it on the plane and about 3 times in the car. After three weeks, I went back to work, and started using the boppy pillow for driving. At work, I sit on my thighs on a pillow. I do not want to sit directly on it until the 6th week. I noticed girls get better results this way.

Rhinoplasty This procedure was not painful....


This procedure was not painful.  They do break the bone, but since you don't have any use of this bone, it will not cause any pain.  What was uncomfortable was having a very stuffy nose for several days.   If you sneeze, you have to sneeze through your mouth and not your nose.  You should also not blow your nose.  You can clean your nose GENTLY with a qtip and hydrogen peroxide.  I did wear a splint which was removed after a week.  Some of my stitches were removed 7 days later and the rest were taken out 10 days after surgery since not all of them were ready to be taken out after a week.  I had dissolvable stitches inside my nose that would fall off on their own.  I was happy that nose packing was not used; just a pad under the nose instead.  I removed it after the 2nd day when I no longer needed.  The skin does become VERY oily.  If you decide to step out, expect  lots of stares.  People will wonder what happened to you.  I had bruising On both eyes in which went away in 2 weeks.  I thought I looked funny when the splint was removed.  I kept in mind that I was still swollen.  I was instructed to hold my checks when I smile for a couple of weeks, which kind of freaked me out.  I wondered... Will it fall off if I don't lol I'm now almost 6 weeks post op and it's looking good so far. The dissolvable stitches inside my nose have not fallen out yet.   The tip is still swollen and I finally got most of the feeling back.  The Dr. Gave me a very natural look.  I had a coworker who told me that I look so pretty, but couldn't figure out what was different on my face (she thought it was the shape of my eyebrows or the makeup).   I'm happy that it makes a difference but it's not a dramatic change.

It's been about 2.5 months since surgery. I'm...

It's been about 2.5 months since surgery. I'm feeling great, very close to normal. Still a bit Of numbness on my lower back, and still slightly swollen. My butt has gone down a bit. I wish it was bigger and more bubblely, but It's still an improvement to hat I was. I feel like a different person. :) Stitches that were in my nose are gone. Didn't realize when they fell off. I think the tip of my nose is still swollen. I'm impatiently waiting for the final results :)

It's been 3 months since surgery. I'm feeling...

It's been 3 months since surgery. I'm feeling better each month. I finally dropped a few lbs, and fill into my regular pants nicely! My butt got a little smaller, but still have a nice shape. Although i think the opening of the garment left dents on my butt. I'm hoping that goes away. The tip of my nose is still a bit numb. I have a dent on each side of my stomach from the lipo. It's noticeable when I wear tight clothes. I'm hoping it goes away when I fully heal. Im also hoping my mid section gets smaller, as I understand, I may still be a little swollen.

2 years later

Wish my butt was rounder, but I still have a good shape compare to my natural look. Seeing how unnatural some of these other girls look, I'm glad I didn't g et it too big.
He didn't lipo everything on my back, and waist. I was hoping back then that it was just swollen, but it never went away. I'm having another surgery soon that will correct this (with a different doctor in NY, my home state).
My nose looks great and natural. I specifically told him I didn't like how my nose points down. Although he did fix the majority of the problem, i wish he fixed it completely. I wish it the tip was slimmer too. But again, its still an improvement from my natural nose.
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The doctor is great. I had a few minor issues with the staff. So far, I look great. Just waiting to see the final results.

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