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Hello my fellow BBL ladies! First and foremost I...

Hello my fellow BBL ladies!

First and foremost I would like to say I love Real Self, how great is it to read reviews on surgeries to get you prepared for your own!

I am 22 years old and I have a BBL operation scheduled with Dr.Miami in approximately 122 days (September 2015).
I am pretty confident but have always battled with fat around my abdomen (that would never go even if I went to the gym 7 days a week) and an ass that never seemed to grow regardless of all the fat I pile on (ironic).

I decided to take matters into surgical hands and looked at Nya''s lee surgeon in new York but then I read too many horror stories, decided on dr jimmerson in atl but thought he was too expensive and then on one blessed day I came across Dr.Miami's instagram page which only had a 25k following (compared to his 100k+ following now) and knew straight away he would be the guy to change my body around.

His work looks impeccable and through heavy use of social mediat he has made me feel really comfortable with this surgery.

So here I am, four months and counting, does anyone have any tips as to what I should prepare towards the surgery?

My biggest fear is my butt not being big enough so I'm tempted to ask him to give me an XXL BBL but scared of the same time if it comes out too big - Thoughts ladies?

I would love to hear about some of your expriences or any advice you may have for me, I also promise to document my experience leading up to my surgery and post surger! Xx

my wish list pictures


Hello to my BBL ladies, I need your help! As my surgery is drawing close, I want to start arranging aftercare I. E. a nurse. My surgery is being conducted by Dr.MiamI who has a list of aftercare but I would love to still have options, so can anone recomend a nurse they used or will be using? Alongside their rates and also lastly for those who have had the surgery how many days would you suggest a nurse?

less that three months to go...excited!

Hay guys,true to the title I have less than three months to go to the big day and the pressure is starting to hit but in a positive way.

I had my first over the phone consultation with Dr.Miami today and it did not go as great as I had envisioned. Dr.Miami came across very rushed and seeing as I am an international patient, I thought he would be a bit more patient and considerate but I guess he's extremely busy, but I still did not appreciate the way he was coming across. I mean do not get me wrong he was the funny, charismatic guy we all see and love on snapchat but I waited months for this consultation and was hugely disappointed.

He did promise to make me look as great as possible and I said I am holding him to that promise lol.

I have started taking iron & vitamin C to ensure that I am healthy for this surgery, I am also looking into buying make me heal tablets nearer to my surgery, has anyone tried and what was there thoughts on the product I would love to know as ordering it from the UK makes it extremely expensive (£80 to be exact including pp) so I would like to make sure they are worth it.

I have also found a nurse called Mary from Elite Nursing who will be taking care of me, so I am making the right moves and steps for this surgery.

98 days to go & counting!!!!!!

Under 60 days to go :)

Literally this surgery needs to hurry up and come, it's all I think about it and has become my excuse to look like a mess everywhere I go because I know I am about to be reborn Chile!!!

I had a blood test three weeks ago and my haemo is at 12,which is good as that's what Dr.Miami asks for but it's not good enough so now I'm drinking beetroot shakes & taking iron,vitamin C, B12 & multimineral vitamins and praying to my faithful Lord that it rises before my next blood test!

I've ordered maxi dresses, sports bra, bought a few toiletries and sorted out a recovery home which I promise to rate as soon as this experience is over!

Surgery is addictive and I haven't even started yet, I am already contemplating my R2 and potentially in Colombia if doesn't deliver and I've decided I'm going to get a breast lift, no point me sorting out one half of my body!!

Any other things I should be buying aside from boppy pillow, lipo foam etc. Or does anyone have a sensible list or seen a sensible list they can point me in the direction or?

Words cannot describe how excited I am, it's so funny because I had a personal trainer last year and I told him if he couldn't get me in shape I would be getting this surgery and even then I didn't believe I would have the courage to do so and here I am only a few long but few weeks to go ahhh!!!!

20 days and counting.....

Well the countdown is real, It feels like the other day, I was counting down 160 days, then 90 then 60 so to be so close it is starting to feel unreal.

I swear I think about this surgery every day and how its going to change my life but at the back of the mind I do always think about the huge cost. When I total this whole thing up its costing me just under £7,000 not dollars but pounds and I always think is this worth it, I could be using this money to sort other things in my life, putting this in savings or using it for my mortage, I have now started to feel guilty but I know this must be a normal feeling.

My prayer is that it honestly goes well and that I am satisfied with my results and I am not left with regret

Aside from that I am super excited, I have completed my medical clearance and my hemo came back as 11.5 which is super strange as I did a blood test two months ago just to see what my blood levels were and it was a 12 and that was without taking much vitamins, I was still smoking at the time and drinking lots of coffee, so to do the test two months later and I have stopped smoking and stopped drinking coffee alongside taking four vitamins a day and for it to have dropped I was pissed.

I have spoken to BalBody who have said they can still complete the surgery and my doctor has prescribed me extra strength iron tablets and I am drinking nasty beetroot juice so I am hopeful it will increase before my big day, but if you have any extra tips then please do let me know.

I have also basically bought everything for SX, and I created a spreadsheet so if anyone would like it I would be more than happy to post it or email it.

Can anyone recommend a really good masseuse in Miami and please feel free to give me any tips for my big day!


Medically cleared....7 days to go

Just received an email from Tati at Bal Body that Dr.Miami has officially cleared me for surgery, great news as I was starting to get anxious about my results.

So just to clarify, I was told by one co-ordinator (unsure of her name) that I would be able to undergo surgery with a hemo of 11.5 but then was told days later by Tati that I would have to do a blood test again and if it was not a 12 or above then I would be unable to get my BBL.

You can only imagine how stressed I was about this, so for the ten days leading up to my blood test I drank beetroot smoothies with molasses, orange juice, red peppers and lemon (yuck), ate loads of spinach and kale whilst obviously staying away from caffeine and smoking and my hemo rose to a 12.4 (hooray). Now a tip would be to do your blood test a day or two before your period is meant to start as apparently that's when your blood is at its heaviest (hay it worked for me).

I have packed and just need to sort out a few bits and bobs but all in all, I am so ready to go. The weird thing is that I am super excited but not as excited as I have been over the past couple of months maybe because I know shit is about to get super real ha...I am going to save my next post till I am in Miami but feel free to ask me any questions but until then.....

My Surgery list

A few people have requested to see the list I created for SX, I am quite organised so I prepared an excel spread sheet, those highlighted in red have been bought, hope this helps!

made it out....

Thanks for all the support, I am officially out of surgery and feeling well.

Will post pics later x

Sorry for being so MIA

Hello girls, I guess I have become that person who becomes post op and disappears but post surgery is hard and sometimes you just want to focus on getting back to normality but still I should keep you guys updated because my experience could help others as so many of yours helped me preop.

So today I am officially 10 days post op (wow) and honestly I feel amazing, I've been dressing up and doing my makeup for the past three days, I feel like myself 70% the hardest bit is going out and trying to sit, that's been a challenge especially when you meet friends who don't know who you've had surgery lol.

My recovery has been pretty smooth but my hardest day was day 2 and 3, the moment your body comes off the anesthesia I swear that's when the shit starts to kick in and you start to realise exactly what you've done to yourself, I've cried and vomited in pain lol but I've also got through it. The recovery is truly mind over matter I am telling you, it's bearable and only you determine how better you want to get. I wanted to get better so I could go out, go for walks and experience my new body so I prepared myself for that and didn't try to let the pain or the state of my body get me down.

Another hard part for me was having three drains in my body because sometimes they can be painful and there extremely hard to disguise like basically impossible, drains make recovery harder but I wouldn't trade them in for the world even though I hate them lol. Having three lowered a chance of me getting a sermon down dramatically and it really helps with the fluid drainage and yesterday I went for my first massage and the woman looked at me and said your body is good, still swollen but good so don't be discouraged by the drains.

My tips for surgery

1. Do not over pack so cliché but true, I packed 27kg worth of clothes and have only worn like 5 things, you literally stay in your faja for about 5 days lol.
5 (and that's being generous) maxi dresses, socks, a blanket, slider slippers, house coat, 3 vests, baby wipes, large period pads (they really help with the drains), really good baby wipes, antiseptic soap and really that's it up but il be more precise when I get home. You will really regret having so much luggage as I currently have an overweight suitcase and overweight mini luggage, DRAMA.

2. Recovery homes - I loved mine, my nurse was personable and we got along even though she had a lot of lip. My only criticism was that on my first three days I wish I had literally 24 hour watch, it would have been nice to have someone extremely attentive because in actual fact for the first three days that's what you need, you basically need someone whose going to wait on you hand and foot so think about this when considering a recovery home. I stayed at Elite Nursing her name is 305_postop and she's hilarious, I would def stay with her again.
Recovery homes are great and made me realise I could do this surgery on my own because you meet some exceptional girls in these homes and the bond you all share is like no other so if you can stay, I would recommend to stay in one.
3.Be Strong! Surgery is not for the weak, unstable or faint hearted.
I know I keep saying this but I will repeat this until people get this into there brains lol. SURGERY IS NOT MAGIC, YOUR DOCTOR IS NOT A MAGICIAN! your doctor can only do so much without putting your health at risk, I walked into office as if I was going for a dental checkup but that's how at ease I felt and how at ease the environment was, I 100% believed and trusted my doctor because I know for him it's safety first and results second and alot of the dolls we desire to look like have decided to use surgeons who do things the other way round (no shade but I'm keeping it real), going into surgery healthy and dying in surgery is real and that's one thing all of us post op dolls need to be thankful for way before we start to judge our results, as I signed my paperwork at his office, it said you know there's a chance of death and I was like damn but here I am, 10 days post op, healthy and forever grateful to God and Dr.Miami.

It's mind over matter, things do get better over time, if you want to get better quickly you will and if you don't you won't simple lol.

I do want a round 2 and this is of no discredit to because I knew he couldn't achieve the look I wanted first time and if we look at all our wish pics they are 2,3,4,5 rounds in and don't fall into the hype of those with exceptional round 1 results, that's great for them but everyone's journey is different, focus on your own and remember what you came into the OR looking like and if you forget, I'm sure your doctor can send them over to you lol and I need mine burned.

If you need any tips or advice I'm more than happy to help or follow my sx instagram page: missinawaiss
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I will be having my first consultation with Dr Miami in a couple weeks!

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