45 year journey to a more beautiful me (BBL)- Dr. Del Vecchio did it!

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Like many others, I have been looking at reviews...

Like many others, I have been looking at reviews and posts for a while and have been gathering data along the way. I have not yet determined a date since I plan on taking this journey cautiously but I have decided that Dr.Salzhauer is the surgeon for me; after careful consideration of several others via their reviews, patient experiences with the surgeon itself, their staff, facilities, and recoveries. A little about myself, I am 45 years old but I have been told many many times I look 26 so don't let numbers fool you. I'm 5', 5" and my weight fluctuates between 160lbs and 170lbs. I have no children (by choice) and although I am not married, I have a wonderful, supportive man who will help me in this venture. For me, this will be an investment in myself. The only other cosmetic procedure I've done is dental porcelain veneers and those cost me $8,000 for the top 6 front teeth. Well worth it! So I have been compiling a list of items that I will need and have decided to purchase well prior to surgery date. Given the fact that Dr. S is incredibly booked up, I've decided that a year is good enough to gather all my monies and supplies needed. Here's my list, I hope it helps someone: I've researched Recovery Centers and found one that I believe is reasonably priced for all the amenities it offers. Serenity Recovery Retreat offers up to 10 days of 24 hour care and 3 meals/day plus snacks, transportation (from airport to facility and back), 2 massages, med/supplies runs and laundry for $1999 which I believe is a bargain. They have private rooms and shared rooms. Ladies (and gentlemen I've seen a few here) always think safety and investment when it comes to yourself. I've also found a garment specifically designed for BBL called the Fat Transfer Garment. It has compression in the right areas to prevent fluid buildup and no compression in the buttock area to prevent death of transfer cells ($135-$145 depending on size). I suggest ordering well in advance to try on in case you need to exchange for size since they only have a 30 day return policy. On my list as well are the recovery supplements and silicone strips to help in healing, faster recovery and less scarring. Vitamedica recovery kit is on Amazon. I read somewhere about purchasing a piece of foam mattress and cutting out a hole for your butt to sleep on your back which I think is briliant and found that on Amazon as well which will custom cut for you. I hope to hear from ladies who are also on their journey. I don't have wish pics as of yet but my profile pic is so far one I'd like to strive for. What I'd like is a small waist, flat abs and an upside down heart fluffy butt shape. A big donkey is not my style (I'll leave that to the younger ladies) but a nice firm curvy bottom is what I want. I'm not into negativity so any responses deemed inappropiate by me will be ignored. So butterflies, let's spread our wings and soar!


This is what I'm striving for. It's a natural looking booty.


For those who want to splurge, there is a custom-made BBL recovery pillow made to your specifications so your butt can heal in complete luxury lol.

Another wish pic

I can't stop going through all the reviews and before/after pics. Yep I'm addicted. Last night I dreamt I was post surgery at a beach in a bikini and I looked so awesome!!!!! I want this surgery so bad.

Surgery recovery kit

This is the surgery recovery kit I found



The first one was never replied to ????. So hopefully Dr. Salzhauer can take some time to fit a consult into his busy schedule.


In November of This year I wouldve had my surgery money but I'll be helping someone dear to me with a financial situation so I'll have to postpone everything. ???? Maybe it isn't my time but I'll be watching everyone else's journyes and living vicariously through them.


I saw this and was like wow. The M.A.T.: Medical and Therapy Body Positioning System. It got a 5 star review from someone who used it post fat transfer bbl. Find at wwww.allegromedical.com


Available at www.www.bootybuddy.com. Awesome for when returning to work especially if you have a sit down job like I do.


The correct site is www.thebootybuddy.com. The other link is a porn engine lol! Sorry for the confusion.



Found this in a veteran's page and thought I'd share.


Since I can't book an appt due to unexpected financial reasons I decided to exercise. I purchased Hip Hop Abs and workout with my Squeem over my outfit. I need to look decent this summer dammit. So I'll keep looking at all your reviews and pics and keep my dream alive.


Found these on another page. I forget whose but here are zones mapped out and I think it's a good idea to study so you can speak the surgeon's language.


So still doing research and Dr. Delvecchio's pioneering work in BBLs is impressive as well as his photo gallery. He has 3 offices: Boston, NYC and Florida. I'm in NJ so NYC would be very convenient and his Skype consults are complimentary. These are pics of actual clients!

Booked consult with Dr. Del Vecchio!

So excited! August 17th in NYC. So glad I called his office. I had booked the appt in Boston because Zoc Doc said he had no appts in the city. Well his office said the app was incorrect and he did have a slot open in the city. Woo hoo! Now how do I change the doc of choice here? I want to delete Dr. S.


Just for fun, there's a new show on tv premiering on Lifetime called Georgia Plastic. Saw the promo and Omg chicks wanting ps and surgeons saying it's all in the patient's mind. Really? Anyway looks like a fun show lol. Thyell be showing the down and dirty, recovery and final results!


Omg he was horrified at the procedures lol. The show is quite graphic so he decided to come with me to my consult, I'm sure he has questions as well. He's very supportive but is also afraid of what complications can happen. Waiting for the episode where a woman gets a BBL so I can see how it turns out for her. Only thing I don't like us that they show patients 6 wks post op which is not a realistic final result of ps because that will be at 6 months. It's still fun to watch though.


Can't believe it's next Monday, so nervous and excited. And guess what? My cat almost took my eye out while playing with my hair while I slept! I had to go to the ER yesterday morning with a laceration on my eyelid and it was a good one. They wanted to do stitches but I refused and insisted on dermabond to seal the wound. Only a plastic surgeon would touch my eye for stitching not a PA, no offense to the profession but no thanks. So the ER doctor caved and I got the dermabond. For those who don't know, dermabond is like crazy glue for skin, leaves no scars and wears off in time. Can only be used to seal wounds that aren't too deep. So I'll be going to my consult with a wounded eye and a story to tell. Also wondering how much extra will it be to lipo and contour my jawline? I'll be asking next week! Already told my boss I'll be taking time off at the end of the year and he said no problem. Yes!


Ok so I must say how very nice Dr. D. I read bad reviews where some said he was rude but he was not. Friendly and amicablr, he asked questions, I asked questions which he responded to and then it was time to disrobe. He said: "I can work with this!" He didn't ask me to lose weight woohoo! And he said he will definitely take everything (fat) off and make me look gorgeous, I'm so happy! After we spoke he said: "I like a woman who knows what she wants" lol. I'll speak with Joanna tomorrow and we will discuss quote and see if the date I chose is available. While in the waiting room, I spoke to a woman whose daughter had a bbl a few hours prior and was in recovery. She said Dr. D did a great job on her and that her jaw dropped when she saw her lol. I also met Carmel_Barbie! She's so pretty!!!! I hope we can get the same surgery date. I'll post the quote tomorrow. I'm so excited!


Locked in my date for 12/23 so excited!!!! My preoperative appt will be third week in November. The journey has officially begun!


The Pink Room for fajas, ab boards, etc in NJ.
249 Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ


So I found this place on Yelp with great reviews. Most people said that the salon isn't in the best of neighborhoods, but that inside it's a 5 star place and the staff highly skilled. I read all post surgical reviews so I will definitely be checking them out.
Healing Wellness Spa
103 48th Street
Union City, NJ


Surgery will now be in NYC even though it's $1000 more (grrrrr) because it's in the city. I came to the realization that Boston in the winter is not easy and driving in 3 hrs, surgery check in, surgery and check out I was told by the office is around 8 hrs then driving back 3 hrs will not be pleasant for me or my man who is driving and doing all thus on his day off. I'm so grateful for him and his unwavering support. The city will be alot closer and an easier trip so Dec 21 it is. I'll be the second patient of the day. I'll see you there Carmel_Barbie!!!!


I'm 5'5 and weigh 169 lbs.
Chest: 40
Waist: 35
Hips: 42


My sad butt.


Shout out to tawana4372 for posting this pillow. I just ordered it because it's a fantastic deal and I needed this like now lol. Need to train myself to not sleep on my back. It's on Groupon for $59 free shipping!


I decided to start buying supplies now in order not to get financially overwhelmed later. I got most of my supplies from Amazon and Make Me Heal. So far I have:
Vita Medica Recovery Support Program with Bromelain & Quercetin for pre and postop healing.
Arnica cream
Arnica oral supplements
compression socks
abdominal lipo board
Seatz bath seat with dead sea salt for soaking a swollen punani (lol) fits over most toilet seats.
I also keep a well-stocked first-aid kit with thermometer, alcohol swabs, gauze, pads, tape, bandages of all sizes etc.
I live alone so I will be investing in a walker so I can walk to and fro and get up/down from the toilet without help. My man works 2 jobs so he will not be available all day, everyday. Next on my list is silicone strips for my wounds because I have a tendency to keloid so those are a must for me. Also printed all my wish pics for Dr. Del Vecchio to refresh his memory and he can have on day of surgery as well as a list of all areas I want lipo'ed as well as areas he may take fat from in case he needs more. Once under anesthesia, he can't ask me so he will have instructions printed from me. I'm leaving nothing to chance!


Looking for one of these in Used-Like New condition or Used-Good condition at the used pro-rated price. Contact me!


OK so for those of you who would like to get foam that you can cut a hole in and place on your bed or chair, I found a place. You can bring in yiur own custom template and they will custom cut for you. I might make my own bbl pillow! Choose from medium to high density foam both available in sizes up to 60" x 80" x 6". Here's the info:
Paramus Fabric Center
70 Route 17 North
Paramus, NJ 07652


I took it out the box to see if it fit my on my office chair because this was a concern to me. I have a home office because I telecommute. This is not a comfy pillow. It is meant to be sturdy and not sink even under heavy weight. Seems ro be made of heavy duty foam. The site does say not to use for long hours but to take 15 minute breaks often. Other than that, it does keep your butt off the chair. I placed the pillow in various places under my thighs until I found a comfortable spot. My only complaint is the box it's delivered in screams BBL PILLOW in bright white on a black box. I plan to put in a pillow case so I can resell in "used like new" condition to another doll when I no longer need it.


So far this is what I have. The big white thing is the Seatz that goes over your toilet seat to soak a swollen poom poom and or hemorrhoids if you have them. Just fill with hot water, as hot as you can stand and put sea salts and sit. I tried it and it does feel good. You can see what the rest is. Also my walker because I live alone. It's folds, lightweight, made of aluminum and can hold up to 300lbs. I practiced walking it to the bathroom. My doorway is narrow, so I have to enter sideways. I also practiced leaning on it as if I were doing my business and yes it holds very steady which is why I got the one without the wheels. Didn't want any accidents lol.


Today I went to The Pink Room boutique on Morris Avenue in Union County, NJ to buy my triangle flattening back board for $14.99. This place is gorgeous! The 2 ladies were very knowledgeable and helpful. They have all the DePrada fajas as well as all other brands, lingerie, boards, Colombian jeans of many designs ($65), booty-lifting leggings, etc. It's a one-stop shop and there are fitting rooms to try it all on. One of the ladies measured me and put my numbers on a little Pink Room card to keep and told me to come back when I'm ready but she showed me a really cool first stage fajas made in Germany called Annette, has zero seams, front zipper and it felt like it has crazy compression. I will definitely be back!!!! When I got home, I saw that inside my purchase bag was a complimentary Pink Room pen and a pink emery board for my purse. I love it! It's the details that count.


Just got the call to move my preop date from 12/7 to 11/30. It's feeling a little more real now. :-)


Called the Boston office to see if they received my results and they did. Dr. DelVecchio found no contraindications to surgery. So it's a go!


So I went to my prep and met Javonica who has a fantastic as btw. Filled out all paperwork and received all prep and post op instructions plus prescriptions. I turned down the Percocet and opted for Dilaudid, it's way stronger and he gave me 40 pills law Imma be a junkie lol. I showed him my wish pics and he was very realistic but told me he will get me as close to them as possible. Then he told me he will take all my fat and put I'm my butt and I was like NOOOO I don't want a bubble butt, I want a shapely one, so he said no problem. I will have full back, flanks and abdominal lipo and he said I will have fantastic results. OK Doc, I better lol. We then drove to Times Sq and I got my prescriptions filled, copay was $6.82 for the Dilaudid and Keflex. Sooooo, it was a productive day. Javonica did offer to move up my surgery to the 14th due to a cancellation but I already put in for my time off at work and don't want to mess that up. I did see Denali83 come in for a follow up appt but didn't have time to speak to her because she went in 1 room and I to another. Hey boo, you look so awesome and when u left, a woman pointed to your butt and told her friend that she wants your butt lol! Oh and your lips look amazing girlfriend.


I can't believe I'm spending g this money on myself. Took me 2 years to save it and I feel so guilty. Honestly I came very close to cancelling last week but my man sat me down and told me to do this for myself and for once, to think about myself and not others. He's been very supportive and when I first told him about the surgery he made sure that I wasn't doing this for anyone but myself. That he loved me just as I was. He has been coming with me to my appointments to make sure I'm in good pre-op shape and he makes sure I'm eating right. He will also be driving me home the day of surgery and will be checking in on me post op, since we don't live together. I live alone so it will be a challenge but I've been preparing myself. I've never been a person to rely on others for anything (stubborn) even when I need it and he knows this. So 2 weeks and a wake up.


Yes, in 6 days it will be my turn. I went to the Pink Room today and purchased the last D'Prada they had in my size and model. They didn't have it in the Morris Ave store so they called the other one and brought it over. They also sell organic calendula tea and again, I got the last one. They're so helpful!!!!! I told them when I come in for my stage 2 faja I'll have an ass lol. I also stocked up on food (Amy's organic vegetarian), water with electrolytes, veggie soups, plant-based protein mix for when I dont feel like eating and a bottle of wine to celebrate after recovery ;-p. I was asked if I was nervous and honestly, I'm not. I've had a vaginal hysterectomy for huge fibroid that no longer fit in my uterus accompanied by endless periods that were more like a monthly hemorrhage. That surgery was incredibly painful for weeks. It felt like someone took a metal sceub brush and shoved it up my hoohah several times. I was home for 6 weeks post op and couldn't sit down at all. I don't think this will be as bad.

Calendula Tea from the Pink Room


So now I'm a bit nervous. I'll be taking the 7:04am bus to NYC and my man will be picking me up. Right now I'm nauseous and my stomach is in knots. Although I've had other procedures done, it never gets any easier when you face general anesthesia and possible consequences. I'm staying positive and visualizing great results. I'll update more as I wait for my turn. Time to get on the bus!


Everything this morning started wrong. My bus was late and I got on the wrong train. Walked a bunch of blocks and made it on time. Then it was my turn. When I woke up, I was throwing up clear fluid all over the floor then into a pan. Olga was so nice about it. I was very dehydrated and got 4 pints of IV fluid with nausea medication. I did not leave until 5pm. I'm home now and had crackers, pineapple juice and my meds. Im walking around too. Going to sleep now.

It's 3am...

And I'm drinking calendula tea with pineapple juice. I took my mess and my Vita Medica. The pain is very much bearable, my hysterectomy was definitely way worse. I've peed a million times which in this case is good. I've also slept well between pee sessions, I'm so glad I purchased the back pillow from Amazon. It allows you to sleep on your stomach and aligns your back too. It was worth the investment of $79. I totally recommend. I have no neck pain. My face is a little swollen. I have my first massage today at 5pm, I need to drain the fluid in my poom poom, it's annoying. Dr. D gave me hips which I didn't ask for because he filled in indentations I had and he also lipo'ed some irregularities in my thighs. His idea not mine so it didn't cost me extra. More pics after massage.


A little bit nauseous but I drank a protein shake, pineapple juice, med and vitamins. I can't even look at food. Still peeing up a storm. My eyes were very puffy so I put 2 cold spoons on them. 95% of puffiness is gone. I bumped a hip when turning a corner, have to get used to this width lol.


Forgot to upload. Lots of bruising here too.


Prior measurements were:
Hips 42. Now 47
Butt is 48 now.
I hope it goes down a bit.


Took my faja off to see what I look like.


Healing Wellness Spa is tiny but so nice! The owner is a trip and I got my first massage. The masseuse could feel all my inflamed points and was gently working the kinks out but I was in pain. She tried her best to not hurt me, I was just so tender. Once the massage was over and I put my garment was too big! I got a free garment but this won't even go up my swollen thighs smh. She said after a few more massages, I'll fit into it. The waist cincher Dr.D gave me fits very awkward because of my high hips and small, shorter waist. I have to fold it and doesn't fit right. The D'Prada also won't go up my thighs pissing me off. But they shall fit eventually. My next massage is this Saturday. Also had my first meal since yesterday.


Woke up in pain and I know it's due to lack of compression. I have 2 garments that don't fit. I'll be going back to the Pink Room today to get another. My thighs are hugely swollen, I hope they have something that fits over them and then over this huge butt. I ordered an Assets garment from Target after texting with Carmel Barbie this morning and after the chat I had with a Target rep assuring me it would be in the store for pick up today. Well, I got an email it won't be in until the 27th. Can't wait that long. Making more calendula tea now.


I was finally able to get a compression garment that fits! Carla was very patient and loved my results. She knew exactly what I needed, a D'Prada 3XL. She then told me that the compression socks were causing all the thigh swelling and got me a full leg garment. She also got me a Leonisa to wear at night. And lol, she said "you look like a Barbie doll! Also gave me a great tip: take D'Prada off at night, put in bag then put in freezer. Shower and then put Leonisa on. Next day, put on cold D'Prada to bring down swelling. And to sip calendula tea all day long. I've been drinking it cold mixed with pineapple juice. My man saw me naked for the first time and was at first shocked by all the bruising but then was like Dayum you got hips and ass for days! Lol. He said after the swelling goes down, I'll be happy with my results. Can't wait for the thigh swelling to go down but right now I feel great in this garment.


Whomever said these have no compression has never had to put one on or take it off. I'm back in the D'Prada and let me tell you! It was a great idea to freeze it!!!!! I slathered on the arnica cream and put this baby on. The coolness feels so good.


I wake up with a full bladder, nausea and a left arm going numb. I change garments after putting on cold arnica cream and take off the compression stockings. The epifoam also got put away, will not fit with the Leonisa and don't need it. I then got lightheaded and checked my temperature and it was normal but my gums and tongue were a pale pink indicating anemia. So I drank cold pressed beet juice for the iron. By now I know this will not be a speedy recovery. :-(


Just like Carmel Barbie warned, you'll know when it's about to happen lol. So I had my walker set up in the bathroom and so glad I did. I stripped everything off quickly and painfully and did not wait a second. TMI: it all slid out. I don't eat meat so that's why it was probably easier. Since the surgery, Ive had rice, veggies and veggie broth and crackers. Afterwards I jumped in the shower and put my garment back on and this time added an epifoam to my abs although it was excruciating getting it stuffed in there. I saw my tummy and it was lumpy so took a deep breath and did it. Then I was lightheaded and breathless but it got done. Drank my calendula/pineapple/beet juice concoction and feel better now.


Needed more compression today so I put on my old Squeem, in a size medium. All hooks on first row except few bottom have on 2nd row.


4:45am: And the nausea is real. So tea and crackers time. Stopped using the Pez and now using a car fluid filter. I can pee standing up and no more pissy fingers, wet garment and awkward positions lol. Had a stalking nightmare with the ex. SMH.


Had my second massage yesterday and they got a lot of fluid out of me. Torrents came out twice before leaving. My 3rd one will be next Saturday because it was the only day I could get a ride. My nausea comes and goes and drinking ginger for it. My appetite has definitely changed. I was a serious sugar junkie and now I can't stand to look at it. Before I was the greediest person at the table (lol) now a few bites fills me up. I have several ates of unfinished food in the fridge. I still have lots of inflammation on my thighs, knees, legs and ankles. I walk, elevate, drink tea and water and it's still there. Also have fluid buildup in my lower back and lower abs. Still very tender as well but more tolerable. Started with taking Dilaudid every 4 hours to every 12. I can see my curves even though I'm still inflamed so this is going to heal up and I know I'm going to be very happy I went through all this. So far for me, it's worth it. I want to thank Carmel Barbie for being there for me at all hours of the morning, evening and night. Xoxo!


I didn't think it would happen to me but today I completely broke down. I was in tears due to frustration and lack of sleep. The inflammation on my legs was getting worse and so was my nausea. I had 3 BMs, can't keep anything in. Hadnt slept in 12 hours. I told my boyfriend in between sobs, how much I regret this and should've never done it. He soothed me and made me feel better. I spoke to Dr. DelVecchio who even though he was off today, listened to me and advised me on what to do. He said I needed better compression socks and told me where to order from and which level of compression to get. I obviously did not have enough thus the swelling. He was patient and understanding, I'm so glad that he was. Please keep in mind that this recovery is not easy no matter what some dolls say. Never think it won't happen to you but plan ahead for any what ifs that can happen.


Took a long shower and washed my hair. Big mistake. When I got to the room and was putting on lotion, everything went black and luckily I ran to the bed before I fainted on the floor. I laid naked on my bed until it all cleared. Glad I wasn't in the shower when it happened. Just had a little food and I'm laying down. Didn't think this could happen a week post op but I guess I'm still healing.


Because I've been miserable for the last 9. My leg edema is finally gone, thank you Jesus! I've been able to wear my D'Prada more comfortably. Everyday I switch between that during the day and the Leonisa at night. My nights are still restless, can't get enough sleep and I'm short-tempered and irritable, it's a good thing I live alone lol. Taking Tylenol for my headaches. Also using the bbl pillow to sit down when I want to eat. I modified it with memory foam to make it more comfy. Like I literally cut memory foam and taped it to the bbl pillow then wrapped a pillow case around it. I'm at 75-80% better. Also the bruising is alot better. My arms are sore from all the upper body usage, idk how anyone gets bbl and arms done together. Haven't tried anything on because I'm so over this lol and can't wait for week 3 to feel even better. This coming Monday is post op appointment #1.


This is the outfit I wore the day of surgery.


Today she used the big ultrasound machine to get more aggressive with the hard knots. And then she used her hands. When I say she worked me, I mean she WORKED me lol. I was biting my teeth down but afterwards I was able to go from my 2XL D' Prada to the XL so yay! Love this place and they're very accommodating. They're also opening a second location in Hackensack soon. Healing Wellness Spa, Union City, NJ.


I got there 1 hour early and they saw me right away. Dr.D examined me, said I was healing well and that my abdominal area was tighter than he thought I'd heal so he was surprised. Said my butt was healing well, inspected me all around and said to continue wearing the cg for another month, then stop wearing it. My next appt is in 2 months. Can't wait to stop wearing these cgs!!!!


Bruising and swelling is better. I asked for a heart shaped booty and Dr. DelVecchio delivered. He is the best!


I still can't sleep through the night and wake up with lower back pain every 4 hours. Still peeing every 2 hours. My leg swelling returned and had to put my compression socks back on. Is it just me? I was going to hold off on sitting and sleeping on my back for another 2 weeks but that's looking dismal. I might just do it at week 5. I tried sleeping on my side because Dr.D said it was ok but the pain from my new hips prevented me from doing that with the quickness. My body was like hell no, not yet! Anyone else going through this or is it just me? :-(


Wearing the Leonisa, tank top, 2 pairs of tights and Squeem.


I had Chinese food 2 days ago and my legs swelled up like balloons. Put compression socks back on and got a diuretic. Took second dosage today since I was peeing every 2 minutes. Today I drove for the first time with the bbl pillow. I have a Honda Civic so it was like getting into a clown car but I managed and it felt so good to be independent again. FREEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!


Get this cream!!!!! I went to Whole Foods looking for a cream made with natural ingredients and found this. Thus is a miracle! Got rid of my itch overnight and the inflammation is about 90% gone. I've used 2 tubes of arnica cream to no avail and was going nuts. This retails at WF for $24.99 but I found it on Amazon for $15.98. I needed it ASAP so I paid a premium. I give it 5 stars and highly recommend.


A doll recommended these and I got them today at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The sizes run Small/Med (that's a size) and L-XL. I got the Small-Med. They fit like a glove and you put them on like pantyhose. Must get another pair!!!!! These are super comfy and feels like I'm naked lol. I couldn't take a good back pic. I'll post when I have my man take it for me.


Sorry I've been away but it's almost 6 weeks and life is almost back to normal. Didn't think I'd ever sleep through the night again lol. I'm back to using the body pillow for sleeping. I'm sitting more and driving without the bbl pillow but I'm using a kitty bed. Yes a kitty bed lol. I refuse to buy a boppy so I got a plush kitty bed and once I'm done, I'll give it to my cat. I've started walking on my treadmill too, to tighten my thighs. Running is still out of the question. Butt is holding at a steady 43 inches, so I'm happy. I'm now wearing the Leonisa size XS/S and it's comfortably compressive. Also still wearing the D'Prada XL but need to get it taken in now.


So yesterday I decided to go through a bunch of clothes I had put away years ago hoping to one day fit into again. I found 2 pairs of Ann Taylor dress slacks that now fit better than they used to! I'm so glad I did this BBL lol. Here is a pic of one pair of slacks. You can lol at my photo edit, I did! I'm donating 2 garbage bags full of clothes to Goodwill this weekend. This ass and hips no longer fit into a lot of my clothes.


Went to Ska Studio at Woodbridge mall today and got the blue jeans and the jumpsuit. Love this store but might be getting some other jeans on Amazon because of price and convenience. These are a size 7! Prior to surgery, I was a size 11/12.


What exactly is it and when does it happen? Just wondering :-p


I had just taken it out the delivery bag and tried it on over the Leonisa.


LOL. Feeling good about my new body.


I have a little loose skin in my abs but Dr.D warned me I would due to the amount of fat removed and because of my age, I have loss of elasticity. Also, I had a previous surgery where the laparoscope was placed through my belly button and the scar in there pulls my belly button tissue to the side. This has nothing to do with Dr.D. But anyway, here's the pic.


So it's been 13 weeks? And I still don't sleep on my back because it bothers my butt. Loving my new shape and so is everyone else else lol. I went to this wedding and had as I danced with each groom (gay wedding) they each told me what a great body I have. I love it! When a gay man compliments you, you know it's real. My sister in love was like : "Girl you have a coca cola bottle shape." And one of the groom's sister told me I had a great ass. So, thank you again Dr.DelVecchio!!!!!


And no volume lost. Been slacking on my diet but getting back on track. It's like I'm always starving, smh. Anyway, still have some numbness on my lower back and stiffness on my flanks which I have to stretch out every day. Other than that, I feel great and still love my results.


It's finally 6 months post op. This has been quite the journey. The boot is still here so thank God the money was worth it. BUT it isn't all rosy. I still have numbness on my back. Dr. D was very aggressive and took out all that fat but there is numbness. My stomach has small lumps and I wish he would've lipoed just a little more from my lower abs. Other than that I'm loving my results. My hips are perfect for me. Ladies, the attention is definitely real. I get looks and questions from women everywhere and men have loudly said DAAAAYUM!!! I just smile and keep it moving. I'm loving my new body every day.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Del Vecchio is a great surgeon and has great staff. His NYC surgical center is posh and small world, I knew his anesthesiologist from when we both worked at Lenox Hill Hospital. He put me at ease and wanted nothing but the best results for me. And he delivered.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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