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So far my experience with the office has been...

So far my experience with the office has been great. As far as first consultation, scheduling a date and financing. Monica is very helpful when it came to picking a surgery date. Still upcoming is m is my pre-op appointment and my scheduled surgery is 12/14/16! I'm very confident that everything will continue going smooth.

One more month to go!

Feeling anxious! My physical is this month! Hoping everything comes out perfect! Taking my multivitamins and iron pills daily! 12/14/16 where you at?!

Cleared for surgery!

Ok so I'm all set to go! Passed my physical exams and Dr. Miami's office confirmed that I am cleared for surgery 12/14! I have to admit I haven been feeling very anxious lately! I have my days were I'm excited and other days that I'm scared as hell! Emotional wreck! :(

6 days away!

Still feeling overwhelmed! Trying to get things accomplished for the holidays before the surgery because I know I will not be mobile 100% for a good week. Emotional roller coaster this past week! I just want to get this surgery done and be in recovery mode!! Anxious! And starting to loose sleep. :(

Can't sleep...

4 more days...

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!

Just getting out of work at it's 7:30! So busy today that I barley had time to think about tomorrow!! Tatiana called me this morning to confirm my arrival time!! 7:15 AM! Thank god because I was praying to be the first one! Still have to pack my bag. Not much packing but just like all my meds and whatever I need to wear after surgery that's open in the front! I'm not really sure if I'll sleep tonight because of all the excitement! I have to take my xanax tonight. I guess I'll take it when my kids go to sleep. I have a two and a one year old boys! I promise to keep everyone updated and I'll post dr. Miami's before and after pics! I think I will let them snap me tomorrow! So if you ladies want to watch tune in!

Surgery day!

I hope you guys watched! It's still up now if you follow DR. Miami snaps!

Surgery day!

I will give detailed information later. I'm home now recovery ladies. Thank you for following my story.

More pics hours before my surgery

Can't sleep ladies. I am feeling sooo good! No pain, I've gotten up to you the bathroom a lot. I had chicken soup, an ensure shake. I'm hungry and really thirsty. I have a nurse by my side because my mom and husband are taking care of my two little ones! I really don't know how i would be with my angel a/k/a nurse! Initially I hired her 24 hours but I'm keeping her for 48 instead. So far my experience has been good. The only thing that killer me was the 1 and Half drive back home! It was 5pm! Right at traffic time when people are coming back home from work. I had to seat in my bobby pillow. It was super uncomfortable and of course I was terrified of killing my precious booth fat cells!!! Then at Home when it was time to lay on my side I was painful because my breast lift with implants so I hace lay inclined withe bobby pillow again under my booty! Seriously that last thing I want to do is ruin my butt results. If I could I would hace split the two procedure but really who wanted to go under Twice. I tried again positioning myself on my side just now and it's beginning to be more tolerable. Thank goddess. I'm really praying my butt absorbs the fat well! I told him to put it alllllll in so that the "booty cheese" like he calls it spills out. lol *more details coming up. Ask my whatever you guys like! I want to help you ladies!

Before surgery pics!


Wow! It's been an exciting couple days to say the least! Feels like I'm never going to recover for now. Don't know how some people go through this 2,3,4 times! Cray cray! Sore all over. So hard to get in and out of bed. Doing two procedures front and back is no joke. Sleeping is horrendous. Regardless, sleep comes in intervals because you have to get up to use the bathroom , take pills, stretch out. I'm tired. Can't wait to sleep better. Ok. So I been taking all my pills around the clock. Iron, pain killers, and antibiotics they all have been fine so far except for one last night. My tummy felt pretty full and I wasn't hungry so I decided to take the antibiotics with barely any food . Worst mistake. Felt very nauseas ladies! Eat something when talking all your meds even if it's a shake (ensure) which is what I had to drink to settle my stomach. I also took a zofran because of the nausea. Nausea is the last thing you want to feel when your recovery. I was so scared to vomit! So in order to avoid that feeling always eat something no matter what. Ok. Going back to try to sleeps. I'll keep updating as things pop up .

It's going to be a long recovery ride!

Recovery so far for me. One moment I feel great, energy, I can get in and out of bed nicely, i can walk up and down by myself and I have an appetite . Next moment total opposite. No energy, nausea stiffer, pain. I guess is the power of the Percocet. It's so deceiving so ladies continue to take it extremely slow. Patience is what is going to get us through this rough patch and the support of our loved ones and care takers. I feel sad today cause I'm starting to miss being around my kids. I hear them in the back ground and I wish I was ready to go hang out and plan with them. I have to stay focus on quickly recovery so that I can back not to my regular lifestyle.

So far recovery.

I am so tired of recovering.. just tired. Lol

Recovering shouldn't be compared to the recovery from birth like I have read some ladies post it here. It's 10x worst!

Small children and recovery don't mix well. It's super heartbreaking when the kids miss you and run up to you and you can do anything.

Oh pooping! I can't wait to do so! I took some milk magnesia today see it will help me poop and alleviate with the bloating.

Plain and simple this overall experience is definitely not for the faint of heart! You have to be a strong Mofo! Mentally and emotionally to survive the up and downs of this real life roller coaster!

And the recovery continues!

So today I go back for my post-op!!! Yay! And today is the day they take off these drains! Super excited. Yesterday's recovery day was really really good. I had a great day. I was on my feet a lot of the time. Had three full meals so my appetite stayed up, bathed and no nausea. Praying that it just continues to improve from here on out. Will post more pics soon. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes!

Strong team!

To get back on your feet ladies, especially from a multiple procedure surgery, you have to have a strong team behind you! Initially, i hired a nurse for "24" hours, then extending it to "48"
Hours , then a week! Claudia is my angel! She was heaven sent! I don't have the words to describe her dedication and professionalism. I am so happy she was my nurse. She did everything for me from A-Z. Since I have two babies 2 and 1, I have my mom and a nanny helping with them. Initially, I thought that one of them could help me in between taking care of the kids but we soon saw that was not going to work. My hubby would be working and helping with kids after work as well plus he couldn't handle blood and tubes freaked him out so he was out of the question. lol I didn't know that I was going to be completely immobile, and being that I have drains it made more difficult to go in and out of bed. She provided round the clock care. I had her sleep next to me so every single 1 or 2 hours that needed i to use the bathroom, switch sleeping positions, or just stand up to take a break from laying she was up. She would cook and clean after me. She helped me bathed. She fed me in bed if I didn't have the energy. She worried about scheduling out my pills. I mean she did everything! My family was more of my emotional support and of course keeping up with my very active 2 young children and she was the one who got me back on my feet. She also , made sure my sheets were fresh, bathroom was cleaned! Man I can just keep going! I told my family I wanted to keep her forever! But of course since that can't happen I would love for you ladies do contact me directly so I can share her contact information with you. She travels outside of miami as well!

That's really the only one thing I think Dr. Miami's office failed to emphasis. How important it is to have someone by your side 24/7 those first few days!

Day 2 pictures

Life after surgery

It hasn't been an easy ride. I am off the pain medication and it's a whole different ball game. I've had the worst two days with pain but it's due to all the swelling I have. The swelling and stiffness kills me. The arnica tablets do not work for the amount of swelling I have. What's the most swollen is my stomach, and back. It's so comfortable! I look pregnant! Tomorrow i get my first lymphatic massage! I am praying to god gives me the relief I'm looking for. Feeling hopeless these days. I see the doctor next week.

Almost 3 weeks!!!

Feeling much better!! I am doing a lot more than before as far as cooking, feeding my kids . Light activity only!! I am very much still stiff and a bit swollen still. I have received two lymphatic massages. I am still resting as much as possible. Sleeping is tiring because I switch sides all night long. Getting out of bed is the hardest because of the stiffness. No more meds for a week now!

Results!! So far so good! I am happy and satisfied! I know that my body will keep improving! Once all the swelling is gone and booty fat settles! My booty volume has gone down a lot but I'm still happy with what it looks like right now!! I pray it doesn't go down anymore though!! Either way it's much improvement of what I had before! I love my breast!! I can't wait to heal 100%! I love what Dr. Miami has done for me!
I see him for a follow-up this Thursday again!

Back to work

I'm back to work this week! It's Wednesday and I'm feeling better. Still very stiff , a little sore and a swollen. I'm using a bobby and I get up and take breaks from sitting! Tomorrow I get my tape removed from my breast! Super excited! One month post op this Saturday!!! I can't wait for the months to keep passing! I want to feel 100% already! Loving my shape each day more and more .

Breast tape removal surprise...

Today I went in to remove my tape from my breast. Everything seemed fine but I had a small leakage on my right breast. The doctor saw me and cleaned the area where the leakage was coming from. Unfortunately , I had what he called a cavity. A small hole that hasn't healed up well. He treated the area, covered it up with gauze and tape, I got a shot of antibiotics and more antibiotics to take by mouth for the next couple of days! I go back to see him tomorrow. I'm a little saddened because my recovery was going great! Although tiresome but i felt good overall. I've had no pain whatsoever on my breast, no redness, no fever. I'm a little sad because of this little set back . I pray that by giving the wound proper care and the antibiotics it will get better soon! I'm scared but hopeful that everything will be alright.


Feeling drained. Second week back at work down! Today I'm feeling extra tired. I'm tired of recovering :( wish i could fast forward a couple of months from now where I won't feel my breast incisions so tender , my mid section won't be stiff anymore, my back won't hurt. When I could walk normal, not like an old lady. I really don't know how I make it through the days. But, I'm doing it, and I'm very slowly making process. It's a tiring process. People need to account for a very long recovery process. I just want to be myself again. I also miss carrying and caring for my kids like I normally do. Ugh! Just one of them days...

Feeling great these day!

Almost at my two months mark! I have to express how happy I am with Dr. Miami and staff! For all the ladies that are unsure about where to get surgery or if you should wait to have surgery with him I can honestly say he is worth the wait.

Recovery is getting better and better. My mid section is still hard and it still uncomfortable at times. My breast are healing slowly but surely. I can't wait to hit the 6 months mark! #beautywarriorsrock


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